June 12, 2019

The cost of stopping Dax Lopez appointment? “Close friend” of the illegal alien lobby (GALEO) with zero insurance experience to be named Georgia Insurance Commissioner

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GALEO’s Jerry Gonzalez and “friend of GALEO” John King/ Photo: AJC.

Sigh – earlier this month GALEO’s Dax Lopez was passed over for an appointment to DeKalb Superior Court by Governor Kemp. Today we hear that Kemp has appointed Doraville police chief John King, a “close friend” of the corporate-funded illegal alien lobby to be Insurance Commissioner. King has no experience in insurance.

Below is a screen shot from the GALEO facebook page with King and corporate-funded GALEO leader Jerry Gonzalez.

–> UPDATE: November 8, 2020:It looks like the AJC has removed the June 12, 2019 page with the report and subject of our screen shot of GALEO’s Twitter post. And after less than two years!

No worries we found it here from the Wayback Machine.

More detailed write up here.

May 14, 2019

Conservative Republican Women of North Atlanta send a letter to Gov. Kemp opposing appointment of GALEO’s Dax Lopez to Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit – Superior Court

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The below letter was copied to us today.


May 9, 2019

Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren’s letter to Governor Kemp on GALEO’s Dax Lopez and DeKalb Superior Court: “Georgians deserve better”

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The below letter was sent here today.


May 8, 2019

Say “no” to Dax Lopez for Superior Court says Kennesaw small business owner Bill Buckler in a letter to Governor Kemp #GALEO

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Mr Buckler sent us the below copy of his letter to Governor Kemp


May 7, 2019

Dear Governor Kemp,

I have learned that Dax Lopez is a possible appointee to Superior Court in DeKalb County and that you have final say on that choice.

We urge you to reject Lopez for any promotion in the court system. As we hope you know, he spent more than a decade as a proud member of the board at the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO) while that far-left outfit lobbied under the Gold Dome against enforcement of our immigration laws.

Dax Lopez has already been rejected by both of our U.S. Senators for federal court. We hope for that same outcome in your consideration for his current and quite unbelievable nomination for the empty seat in DeKalb County.

Like lots of conservatives all over the state who voted for you, we are watching this very closely.

Thank you,

Bill Buckler…

Kennesaw, GA

Retired Senior Agent, U.S. Immigration Service, Robert Trent, sends a letter to Governor Kemp against appointing GALEO’s Dax Lopez to DeKalb Superior Court

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The below letter was copied to us yesterday.


May 7, 2019

Dear Governor Kemp,

I was recently informed that Dax Lopez is being considered for a seat on the Georgia Supreme Court, if this is true, it is truly unfortunate for all Georgians. Mr. Lopez has served on the Board of GALEO, a radical activist organization that supports illegal immigration and strongly opposes immigration law enforcement. They also support open borders and illegal aliens.

GALEO currently supports the hiring of non-U.S. Citizens to be police officers, a dangerous and unnecessary thing to do during these trying times where we have global terrorism. We need to be tightening up on our security and safety, not providing the keys to the kingdom to those that haven’t taken an oath to serve, protect Americans, and defend our constitution.

Mr. Lopez with GALEO has:

-Organized and participated in marches in the streets of Atlanta demanding and end to any enforcement of American immigration laws;

-Lobbied against Georgia sheriffs cooperation with federal immigration law enforcement authorities and congratulated sheriffs for refusing to honor ICE detainers served on criminal deportable aliens;

-And lobbied against any state laws that inhibit the crimes of illegal
immigration and illegal employment.

Dax Lopez harbors these radical views, which would serve to influence his judicial decisions to the detriment of all Georgians. I hope the commission can find other nominees that don’t have an agenda such as the one displayed by Mr. Lopez.


Robert M. Trent
(St. Mary’s, Georgia)
Senior Special Agent (Ret.)
U.S. Immigration Service

CC: Judicial Nomination Commission

May 7, 2019

Letter to Governor Brian Kemp from Union County Sheriff Mack Mason in opposition to GALEO’s Dax Lopez as Superior Court Judge

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The below letter was copied to us today.


May 6, 2019

Georgia Senator David Perdue on GALEO’s Dax Lopez in 2016

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Georgia Senator David Perdue. Image: Twitter

“After a thorough review of the professional and judicial record of DeKalb County Judge Dax Lopez, I have become uncomfortable with his long-standing participation in a controversial organization, including his service on its board of directors,” Perdue wrote in a statement. “I believe similar concerns would be raised by many of my colleagues, making Judge Lopez’s final confirmation unattainable.”

Read more here: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/politics-government/article61366457.html#storylink=cpy

Conservative Republican activist Judy Craft sends Governor Kemp a letter of opposition to appointment of GALEO’s Dax Lopez to Superior Court

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The below letter was forwarded to us today. I included two hyperlinks to educate readers. – dak

May 5, 2019

Dear Governor Kemp,

It has come to my attention that there is a vacancy for the Stone Mountain Judicial Court. I saw that Dax Lopez is on the short list as a judge for the State Court of DeKalb County.

While I am not familiar with the other names, there is one that stands out that I would not like to represent our courts in any capacity. That is Dax Lopez.

Mr. Lopez has a history of being an activist and board member in the advocacy organization GALEO. This organization has lobbied against enforcement of our immigration laws, 287g, and tightening our voter identification process, just to name a few things. While I am fairly certain you would not appoint someone with his history, I felt compelled enough to send you this letter.

As you may know or recall, our two Georgia senators would not recommend him for a federal court judge.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Judy Craft

Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

September 14, 2016

Dax Lopez 2016 – D.A. King in the AJC: Lopez not in tune with most Georgians

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Atlanta Journal Constitution

Letters to the editor,

September 9, 2016

Lopez not in tune with most Georgians

We are proud to have easily organized the opposition to Dax Lopez for the state Supreme Court and the letter-writing campaign to the governor. Contrary to reports, our objections have nothing to do with Lopez’s ethnicity.

Dax Lopez spent more than a decade as a board member of the anti-enforcement immigration corporation GALEO, which is funded by big business. Lopez acted as keynote speaker at a GALEO funder after becoming a state court judge.

Lopez’s declaration that he “agrees with their mission” must always be viewed with the knowledge that the Jane Fonda – supported GALEO has smeared law enforcement officers who dare to help enforce immigration laws. GALEO has marched against immigration enforcement, lobbied against E-verify laws designed to protect legal workers, against local jails honoring Immigration and Customs Enforcement holds for criminal aliens, and vehemently opposed voter ID. And they lobby against English as our official language.

Neither GALEO or Lopez are in the Georgia mainstream.



September 7, 2016

Dax Lopez 2016 – AJC laments (again) that GALEO’s Dax Lopez will not be a state supreme court justice…

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Atlanta Journal Constitution

Sept 6, 2016

Latino judge faced stiff opposition to seat on Georgia’s top court

Greg Bluestein reporting

More than 130 lawyers were nominated for the three open Georgia Supreme Court slots, but there was only one who provoked a storm of letters to Gov. Nathan Deal’s office.

Two county sheriffs urged Deal not to appoint State Court Judge Dax Lopez to Georgia’s highest bench. A conservative Atlanta group said his history should “disqualify” him from the seat. And a string of voters added their objections, using the words “frightening” and “stupid” to describe his potential candidacy.

The judge’s offense? His past membership in the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, a bipartisan advocacy group that supports a path to citizenship for people in the U.S. illegally and fought tougher state laws on immigration.

For Lopez, a Hispanic Republican who decided last month not to seek appointment to the state’s top bench, it is a familiar line of attack.

The same criticism led U.S. Sen. David Perdue to scuttle Lopez’s nomination in January after President Barack Obama sought to make him the state’s first lifetime-appointed Latino federal judge. And a Republican challenger in a failed May campaign to oust Lopez from the DeKalb County bench labeled him a “rejected politician.”

The pushback against him illustrates the GOP’s hard-line tilt over immigration that fueled Donald Trump’s presidential nomination — and why it can be difficult for the party to attract Latinos.

Deal has three slots to fill on the Georgia Supreme Court because state lawmakers went along with his plan this year to add two positions to the court. Another long-serving justice is set to retire in January.

Lopez, who declined to comment Tuesday, stepped down from GALEO in September 2015, shortly after his nomination to the federal bench. But he has said he was frustrated he did not get a chance to tell his side of the story during the federal nomination process. Latino advocates say it’s symptomatic of deeper problems.

“Anti-immigrant activists are extremists and not in the mainstream, and GALEO has Latino community members from both sides of the aisle,” said Jerry Gonzalez, GALEO’s executive director. “The current political environment has stoked many xenophobic and racist ideas that, polls show, are repulsed by many Americans.”

‘History should disqualify him’

When Obama tapped Lopez for the seat in July 2015 it seemed to many to be a foregone conclusion. State Republican Party counsel Anne Lewis, former state House Majority Whip Ed Lindsey and other prominent GOP attorneys signed a letter to the senators in support of Lopez a few months later.

But a groundswell of conservative blowback quickly slowed the momentum as critics highlighted his past membership on GALEO’s board. It dovetailed with a hardening GOP immigration stance that featured Trump’s tough-talking call for mass deportations of millions of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally and construction of a wall on the border with Mexico.

That opposition continues to haunt Lopez, a member of the conservative Federalist Society who was first appointed to the Georgia bench by then-Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue. Under pressure to increase diversity on the state’s top bench, Lopez was considered by some observers a serious contender for an open seat.

But The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found that Deal had received a string of anti-Lopez letters that revealed just how divisive his nomination would have been. The Lopez critiques were the only ones sent to Deal’s office in recent months singling out a potential judicial candidate.

The executive board of the Conservative Republican Women of North Atlanta wrote Deal that Lopez’s “history should disqualify” him. Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway said Lopez “closely aligned himself with a radical organization,” and Union County Sheriff Mark Mason said Lopez’s ties to GALEO were a deal-breaker.

“Say it ain’t so!” added a voter, Ernest Wade of Loganville. “If you appoint Dax Lopez to Georgia’s Supreme Court, then we all know that you have been deceiving us.”

Much of the opposition was marshaled by D.A. King, an activist who casts himself as a defender of immigration law and an opponent of GALEO. King cheered Perdue’s decision to block the Lopez nomination earlier this year, and urged his supporters to dial Deal’s office last month to oppose an “anti-enforcement judge from the illegal alien lobby.”… READ THE REST HERE

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