February 29, 2020

Letters to the editor Savannah Morning News: Georgia on its way to becoming New York…

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Feb 28, 2020

Savannah Morning News

Electing progressives would transform Georgia

I’m writing to address Georgia “immigration.” No, I don’t mean the illegal immigrants from other countries but the legal immigrants who come to Georgia from states like New York, Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, etc.

Just for the record, I spend six months a year in New York and six months in Savannah. Weather is obviously a factor, but let me remind you of some the things that I have to continue to put up with in New York that you left behind when you became Georgia residents.

They include high taxes; high gas prices; billions in state budget deficits; crippling government regulations; sanctuary cities; massive welfare programs; severe restrictions on owning a firearm; abortion on demand up to the moment of birth, no bail required release for criminals; and in New York the inability to get a “Trusted Traveler” pass because the governor thinks it’s more important to protect illegal aliens than the people who elected him

As the saying goes, “stupid is as stupid does.” If you voted for progressive Democrats at your previous address, by all means do it in Georgia. it may take a couple of elections, but you’ll eventually get Georgia to look — and cost — like the place you left.

Robert Dotton, Savannah



February 28, 2020

Gwinnett BOC rejects Marlene Fosque ethics recommendation & my entire response to GDP reporter

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The below is the entire response I sent to the GDP reporter.

“The Rule of Law is dead in Gwinnett County. Handing a rather dim SPLC-bot commissioner a victory after she smears a conservative from the official microphone and the ethics board recommends sanction says a lot more about the race-based politics there than it does me or the pro-enforcement work we do at the Dustin Inman Society.

We see more proof of who is most equal in the sewer that is the Gwinnett County commission.

In her apology letter to him, Chairwoman Charlotte Nash told John Lewis that “hurtrful words should not have a place in governing.” So much for her principles. Nash is a transparent fraud and the fact that she lacked the courage to stand behind the ethics rules and procedure she helped set up has been duly noted. I’ll be surprised if by this time next year Gwinnett commissioners are not required to spead the anti-borders hate oozing out from the SPLC. Welcome to ‘Gwinnettafornia.’ ”


Gwinnett Daily Post

Gwinnett BOC rejects Marlene Fosque ethics recommendation

Feb 26, 2020

Curt yeomans

Gwinnett County commissioners rejected an ethics board recommendation to issue a warning against Commissioner Marlene Fosque on Wednesday for comments she made last year about controversial Dustin Inman Society founder D.A. King’s participation in a 287(g) forum that she hosted.

The ethics board sustained two of six points King laid out against Fosque in a complaint he filed last August. The commissioner had condemned Sheriff Butch Conway earlier in the month for inviting King to be one of his three representatives at Fosque’s 287(g) forum. In the process, she cited an assessment by the Southern Poverty Law Center — which King and his supporters have denounced as illegitimate — that classified the Dustin Inman Society as a hate group.

Gwinnett County Commissioner Marlene Fosque. Image Gwinnett County website

The public hearing and vote held on the matter Wednesday night brought a seven-month public battle between Fosque and King to an end. That end came with several residents, ranging from elected officials to everyday citizens, standing up and proclaiming their support for the commissioner.

“I’ve learned to really work together with people more and to be open to work with everyone, but I really learned that I’ve got to know who to trust and who not to because our motives have all got to be the same if we’re working on a project together,” Fosque said after the public hearing ended.

King, however, decried the decision in a statement — in which he called the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners a “sewer” — on Thursday.

The Rule of Law is dead in Gwinnett County,” King said. “Handing a rather dim SPLC-bot commissioner a victory after she smears a conservative from the official microphone and the ethics board recommends sanction says a lot more about the race-based politics there than it does me or the pro-enforcement work we do at the Dustin Inman Society.

“We see more proof of who is most equal in the sewer that is the Gwinnett County commission.”

Several people who spoke against issuing any sanctions against Fosque spoke favorably about her and their opinion of the job she has done as a commissioner. For her part, Fosque abstained from participating in the hearing and sat in the audience, listening to people speak for and against her.

Fosque said she was appreciative of the people who voiced support for her during the meeting.

“I’m just thankful to all of the citizens who came out in support,” Fosque said after the hearing ended. “My original intention was to create a space where our residents in Gwinnett County can come and voice their concerns, and I stayed neutral the entire time during the 287(g) forum.”

There were supporters of King in the audience as well, however.

Two supporters of King stood up and spoke during time allotted for people in favor in approval of the ethics recommendation. Read the rest Here.



Anti-enforcement opposition to anti-sanctuary legislation from Azadeh Shahshahanni-led Project South Institute for Elimination of Poverty and Genocide – HB915

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February 27, 2020

The liberal AJC – again. Correction request posted on ImmigrationPolicsGA.com today Amanda Coyne

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AJC inventing “facts” on state legislation again – HB960 and “illegal alien”

Photo: Poynter’s job online

UPDATE: We have been looking everyday for a correction that has not been made. SMH. March 11, 2020.

A Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020 AJC print version blurb (Removal of “illegal alien” language from state law sought” – page B7- Metro) on pending legislation in Georgia tells readers that HB960 “would replace the term with “unauthorized immigrant.” Actually reading the bill tells a different story.

The bill is another attempt to erase the all-too-accurate “illegal alien” and substitute the mindless “undocumented…” In this case the hope is to strike “illegal alien” from state law and substitute “undocumented person.”

We can’t find the term “unauthorized immigrant” anywhere in the bill.

AJC reporter Amanda Coyne should be asked to explain why she got it so wrong. Why? Because this is not the first time the AJC has run false goop about illegal immigration legislation and because people, including this writer, will never again believe anything Coyne is allowed to put in print without verifying it themselves.

Neither is the AJC piece complete. The bill also has language that eliminates the word “alien” from the code and inserts “person.” As in “we’re all just people…why do we need immigration laws…?” And it changes “illegal” to “undocumented.”

Here is a snippet from HB 960, lines 19-23:

“19  (b) A person who, while committing another criminal offense, knowingly and intentionally

20  transports or moves an illegal alien undocumented person in a motor vehicle for the

21  purpose of furthering the illegal undocumented presence of the alien person in the United

22  States shall be guilty of the offense of transporting or moving an illegal alien

23  undocumented person.”

We’ll take the time to review other Amanda Coyne yarns later. For now, we are sending a request for a correction to the AJC leadership. But we are not holding our breath.

I don’t see the story online. See photo below. You can see the text of the bill for yourself here. 

AJC story in print version, Feb 25, 2020.. Correction request posted on IPG today, here.
*This was originally posted on ImmigrationPoliticsGA.com

AJC: Gwinnett commissioners drop ethics complaint against Marlene Fosque

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Image: AJC

February 26, 2020

Gwinnett commissioners drop ethics complaint against Marlene Fosque

Gwinnett County commissioners have dropped an ethics complaint filed last summer against Commissioner Marlene Fosque.

Gwinnett County Commissioner Marlene Fosque. Image Gwinnett County website

The Wednesday decision came after the county’s ethics board recommended last month that Fosque receive a written warning for what it said were violations of county policy.

The board upheld two of six ethics complaints against Fosque made last summer by D.A. King, an anti-illegal immigration activist who complained after Fosque called him “someone known for spewing hatred and bigotry and racism.”“It is a very difficult thing that we have in front of us tonight,” Commission Chairman Charlotte Nash told more than 50 people gathered in Lawrenceville for a public hearing, before making a motion not to take action on the ethics board’s recommended punishment. “I believe Commissioner Fosque learned something about how things work in the political world.”

Nash’s statement garnered applause and Fosque, who recused herself from the board and sat in the audience for the public hearing, said she thought it was “a great decision, of course.”Fosque said in renouncing King, she thought it was important to make sure all the county’s residents felt welcomed by her after controversy surrounded his participation in a panel discussion she organized.“I will always create a space for people of all walks of life,” Fosque said.

More than 20 people spoke Wednesday in support of Fosque, while seven came to the microphone to say they thought she should be punished. Fosque said she was “pleasantly pleased” by the level of support. Resident after resident commended her for her integrity and bravery in speaking up against King. Her supporters included Sen. Sheikh Rahman, D-Lawrenceville, a Bangladeshi immigrant and the state’s first Muslim elected official in the General Assembly and Rep. Brenda Lopez Romero, D-Norcross, who said after spending 12 years as an undocumented immigrant, she wanted to support Fosque for speaking on behalf of those who were most marginalized.

Read the rest here, with the AJC links.

February 25, 2020

Former ICE Director Tom Homan condemns Gov. Brian Kemp

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Former ICE Director Tom Homan and D.A. King at Dustin Inman Society immigration forum. Photo: FetchYourNews.com



February 12, 2020

Former ICE Director Tom Homan condemns Gov. Kemp

ATLANTA, Ga – Gov. Brian Kemp received the proverbial earful from former ICE Director Tom Homan over his broken campaign promise to deal with illegal immigration in Georgia.

Homan was the keynote speaker at an event held by the Dustin Inman Society, titled “Honoring Immigrants: An Expert, Pro-Enforcement Conversation on Immigration.”

“Georgia’s the next California. You’ve got a governor over here that made promises to his constituents, whose been missing in action on that issue,” Homan told the room. “Keep your word and do the right thing. We’re not asking you to do anything out of the ordinary. We’re asking you to support the enforcement of the nation’s laws.”

Homan told the room he spoke with a special agent about Kemp, who agreed that Georgia’s governor isn’t following through with his promise to curb illegal immigration.

Kemp’s campaign platform took a tough stance on immigration. He even released a “Track and Deport Plan,” where he promised to “create a comprehensive database to track criminal aliens in Georgia. He will also update Georgia law to streamline deportations from our jails and prisons.”

In 2019, Kemp dissolved a controversial Immigration Enforcement Review Board, which civil rights groups viewed as a harassment tool for anti-immigration groups.

“They talk the talk during the campaign, but they won’t walk the walk,” claimed Homan about most politicians. The only exception being President Donald Trump, who has taken decisive action to prevent illegal immigration in the states.

Homan encouraged attendees to call the governor and hold him accountable for his campaign promises.

Border crossings by the numbers
Trump declared a national emergency at the Southern Border on Feb. 15, 2019, because close to $1 million illegal crossings were occurring.

“72 percent of the crossings were either family units or children by themselves. Children under the age of 18 because of that humanitarian crisis, 50 to 60 percent of border patrol agents were no longer on the lines. They were changing diapers, making formula, making hospital runs,” said Homan.

According to the former ICE Director, the lack of agents on the border contributed to the 68,000 opioid deaths of Americans.

“Border is unprotected; drugs are going to flow. Many investigations clearly show criminal cartels in Mexico manage the entire northern Mexican border…They will get 100 to 150 family units, push them through one sector at one time and tie up all the border patrol assets in that area. Meanwhile, they’re moving the bad guys. The guys that don’t want to turn themselves in and claim asylum. [The cartels are] moving MS13 members and drugs over here,” Homan stated.

Doctors Without Borders reported that 31 percent of women crossing the border experienced some form of sexual assault during their journey.

“Children are dying. The cartel is making millions of dollars a year,” asserted Homan.

He also mentioned the decrease in illegal crossings, which are down 72 percent from the high in May 2019. Homan attributes this reduction directly to Trump and the actions that he has taken, including forcing Mexico to enforce its laws.

14,00 children were in American government custody because a criminal organization haul smuggled them across the border. 2,500 families have been separated. Also, the border patrol has saved 4,000 immigrant lives.

Mexico has reportedly removed 86,000 Central Americans this year.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol published online records pertaining to illegal immigration.

“In Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 To Date (TD), during the month of January, a total of 29,200 individuals were apprehended between ports of entry on our Southwest Border, compared to 32,857 in December and 33,514 in November. In FY19, a total of 851,508 individuals were apprehended between ports of entry on [the] Southwest Border.”

Current numbers for 2020.

ICE Effectiveness
In an effort to clear up misunderstandings about ICE’s role in immigration and arrests, Homan said, “no one ripped a child out of their mother’s arms. It was zero tolerance, not family separation.”

ICE wanted to prosecute people who broke the law, and with zero tolerance, numbers dropped 26 percent in two weeks in the Rio Grande Valley. However, the president stopped the policy after receiving political push back.

Zero Tolerance did result in the separation of families because a child can’t go to the U.S. Marshall if the parent committed a crime.

Homan brought up sanctuary cities and how the policies put ICE agents in danger due to a false narrative that they arrest victims and witnesses.

“89.8 percent of ICE arrests were illegal in the United States and had a criminal conviction or pending criminal charges when arrested because they were locked up in a jail cell,” Homan asserted. “Victims and witnesses shouldn’t be afraid because we’re not looking for them, and we’re not arresting them. Criminal aliens are going to re-offend in the very community in which they live. The immigrant community.” Read the rest here.

Chuck Payne file version: Letter to the editor Dalton Daily Citizen, Jan 14, 2020

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Ga state Senator Chuck Payne, Photo: Georgia senate.

Letter: Remembering Kemp’s promises on illegal immigration

“Georgians should realize most illegal immigration is a direct result of illegal employment and must be recognized as the organized crime that it is. Kemp is silent on the entire issue.

“Business friendly” is a term that is counter to “pro-enforcement” on immigration. Dalton conservatives have their own problems in that Republican state Sen. Chuck Payne has pledged his allegiance to the billionaire-funded, anti-enforcement group FWD.us that lobbies in Washington, D.C., and the state Capitol. Payne has described his work with the group as “a moral imperative and a political obligation to my constituents and the health of our country and economy,” according to Georgia Recorder.”

Entire letter as published here.


Georgia state Rep Philip Singleton on Fox & Friends today: HB915, Anti-sanctuary Act

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GA state Rep Philip Singleton
Photo: Georgia General Assembly

Video here.

Breitbart News: GOP Rep. Pushes Anti-Sanctuary Cities Bill in Georgia – *Rep Philip Singleton

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Dustin Inman Society


Breitbart News
February 24, 2020

Neil Munro


GA state Rep Philip Singleton
Photo: Georgia General Assembly

GOP Rep. Pushes Anti-Sanctuary Cities Bill in Georgia

A GOP legislator and 19 co-sponsors are pushing legislation to bar sanctuary cities in Georgia.

“I’m very hopeful,” said state Rep. Philip Singleton, who flew AH-64 attack helicopters in Afghanistan and Iraq. He continued

This legislation is directly in line with President Donald Trump’s agenda and the agenda that Governor Brian Kemp ran on, and the Republicans across the state have talked about for years.  I’m very hopeful that they will decide to legislate the way that they campaigned.

This is extremely important for Georgia, not only for the safety of the immigrant community but also for the safety of every Georgian. And it’s important, especially in a major election year, that the voters see that the conservatives that they’ve elected will actually get legislation improving their lives like the [candidates] promised.

A July 2018 report by the left-wing Georgia Budget and Policy Institute said the roughly one-third of all immigrants in the state are  “unauthorized immigrants.” The estimated population of 377,000 illegals outnumbered the resident population of 260,000 green card holders and was close to the population of 427,000 immigrant citizens.

The population of illegals nudges up crime rates, pushes down Americans’ wages, and boosts housing prices. But business groups welcome the extra population because it provides more workers, customers, and renters to businesses.

The “Georgia Anti-Sanctuary Act” is being co-sponsored by GOP Reps. Steve Tarvin, Scot Turner, Ken Pullin, Kevin Cook, Michael Caldwell, and Sheri Gilligan. They are backed up by additional sponsors, including Marc Morris, Mitchell Scoggins, Mathew Gambill, Steven Sainz, Emory Dunahoo, Joseph Gullett, Jeff Jones, David Clark, Rick Williams, and Danny Mathis, said D.A. King, a pro-American immigration-reform activist in the state, and the founder of the Dustin Inman Society.

Their HB 915 bill would require the state to support federal immigration enforcement efforts and prevent any local obstruction. A statement at InsiderAdvantage.com from Singleton said:

State entities and agencies would be required to comply with federal immigration detainers and would be prohibited from withholding information or records from federal immigration enforcement efforts regarding an immigrant’s status. Additionally, the bill would encourage a seamless transfer process regarding illegal aliens who are held in a state’s correctional facility to be transferred into federal custody. Under this bill, it would also be illegal for state or local law enforcement officers who have custody of an illegal to deny or knowingly fail to comply with an alien’s detainer’s requests.

My bill is carefully modeled from the 2017 Texas SB-4 and 2019 Florida SB-168 bills. They have both been signed into law in their respective states and have both been upheld in federal court rulings.

However, Singleton and the cosponsors need the support of top GOP leaders for the bill to become law, said King.

“What’s required for this bill to pass is [first] a hearing in a subcommittee, then a full committee hearing at the Judiciary Committee, and then it has to go from [the] judiciary [committee] to [the] rules [committee], and then from rules to the House floor before legislative day 28,” he said… Read the rest here.




AJC letters to the editor today: Trump is doing the job Brian Kemp will not do on sanctuary cities

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photo: AJC

February 25, 2020
Readers write

Trump is doing job Kemp promised to do

President Trump is (reportedly) sending special operations agents of the Border Patrol to assist Immigration Customs and Enforcement in sanctuary cities — including Atlanta. This move by Washington brilliantly illustrates a failure to launch by Gov. Brian Kemp.

Kemp, of the “big truck in case I need it to round up criminal illegals” fame of the 2018 campaign also promised to end sanctuary cities, and to “track and deport” with creation of a database of criminal aliens.

The Dustin Inman Society is offering a reward for information leading to the discovery of any quote, quip, remark, utterance, legislation or order from Kemp on illegal immigration since he won the election.

Trump is doing the job Kemp will not do in Georgia. His record shows Kemp is merely another business-first politician who has turned his back on pro-enforcement voters who trusted him on illegal immigration.

It was the “Big Truck Trick.” And it will be long remembered.



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