June 12, 2019

The cost of stopping Dax Lopez appointment? “Close friend” of the illegal alien lobby (GALEO) with zero insurance experience to be named Georgia Insurance Commissioner

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GALEO’s Jerry Gonzalez and “friend of GALEO” John King/ Photo: AJC.

Sigh – earlier this month GALEO’s Dax Lopez was passed over for an appointment to DeKalb Superior Court by Governor Kemp. Today we hear that Kemp has appointed Doraville police chief John King, a “close friend” of the corporate-funded illegal alien lobby to be Insurance Commissioner. King has no experience in insurance.

Below is a screen shot from the GALEO facebook page with King and corporate-funded GALEO leader Jerry Gonzalez.

–> UPDATE: November 8, 2020:It looks like the AJC has removed the June 12, 2019 page with the report and subject of our screen shot of GALEO’s Twitter post. And after less than two years!

No worries we found it here from the Wayback Machine.

More detailed write up here.