June 28, 2016

D.A. King on Insider Advantage Georgia:Anti-borders mob in Atlanta demands ICE be dismantled – SPLC here

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Added July 21, 2016 – Only four of the street screamers were arrested, all but one of them had charges dismissed and most were released the same day.

Insider Advantage Georgia

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Anti-borders mob in Atlanta demands ICE be dismantled

Yesterday, a coalition of about 70 anti-borders leftists calling itself the “Georgia Not1More coalition” staged a downtown Atlanta protest/street-scream/march that began at the Georgia Capitol and eventually took-over an entire intersection adjacent to Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE ) offices on Ted Turner Drive. They illegally blocked traffic from about 11:00 AM to around 12:30 PM.

According to the ‘Not1More’ group, they are “calling on the Obama Administration to dismantle ICE and put a moratorium on deportations now.”

This writer and others watched as Atlanta police seemingly aided the mob by using a police cruiser to stop public vehicle access to the blocked intersection. The Atlanta Police Department did nothing to interfere with the chaos for about 90 minutes, until they finally broke up the mob scene. We hear there were some arrests, as some chained themselves to ladders in the middle of the street and apparently refused to migrate down and off the asphalt.
Uniformed U.S Department of Homeland Security officers watching from the sidewalk volunteered that they had no jurisdiction on the street blockage. Left unsaid was the fact that illegal aliens were angrily and defiantly shouting their illegal alien status literally in the federal officer’s faces. “ We aren’t leaving!” “Stop Separating Families!” “No justice, no peace! – “Dismantle ICE!” And “Un-documented and Unafraid!” and “NOT ONE MORE DEPORTATION!” they screamed.

Many in the MSM describe this as “hiding in the shadows.”

One can only imagine the bargaining between the leftist organizers and the mayor’s office: ”We demand to protest for three hours with out any of your pigs oppressing us!…” Mayor’s staff: “No, too long, but we will give you an hour and a half, then release any arrestees after four hours. No charges, no court date. No fine…”

All the usual suspects

From their website we can see a list of the members of the ‘Georgia Not1More coalition’: Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights ( GLAHR ), Southerners On New Ground (SONG), Project South, Atlanta Jobs with Justice, US Human Rights Network, Southern Poverty Law Center ( SPLC ), Georgia WAND, Racial Action Justice Center, Coalicion de Lideres Latinos-CLILA, National Day Laborer Organizing Network ( NDLON ), Southeastern Immigrant Rights Network (SEIRN), Women Watch Afrika, Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America, Georgia Detention Watch, GA Moral Mondays, and American Friends Service Committee, Atlanta.

As usual for such occasions, two representatives from the communist National Lawyers Guild were there monitoring and taking copious notes. One of them can be seen in the day-glow-green ball cap.

The hateful, anti-American shrieking and the anti-borders victimhood was nothing new, but I did learn a couple of things yesterday. If you want to try to get a comment from Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed’s office, you must be on a pre-approved email list. And that even if there are at least two pro-enforcement Americans present, some reporters only interview the illegal alien handlers and show only one side of the “immigration debate.”

In case it doesn’t make the “news,” Georgia has more illegal aliens than Arizona and ranks number seven in the nation among states in that population. And as at today’s anti-borders rally, English is an optional language in the Peach State.

Seeing pro-enforcement Americans at their carefully choreographed events enrages the illegal aliens and sometimes results in amusing moments. This writer received an unintentional “endorsement” of sorts yesterday; one of the street screamer’s handlers used her bullhorn to shout to the crowd “No More Deportations! No More D.A. Kings’!” And “D.A. King is the face of ICE in Georgia!…”

This shout out is no doubt a reference to this writer’s position as president of the pro-enforcement Dustin Inman Society.

They are organized and funded well-enough to have pre-arranged an online viewing tool and sent out an email link to the live video about ten minutes after having arrived at the intersection where the ICE offices are located. So, if you were on the illegal alien lobby’s email list, you could have watched the entire street-screamer event from the air-conditioned comfort of your own home or office.

D.A. King is president of the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society. Twitter: @DAKDIS

Original report HERE.

June 14, 2016

Dustin Inman Society statement for the sixteenth anniversary of Dustin Inman’s death

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Dustin Inman – forever sixteen, a victim of “cheap labor”and political correctness

“Americans last…”

Dustin Inman Society statement for the sixteenth anniversary of Dustin Inman’s death – June 16, 2016

Who was Dustin Inman?

Billy and Kathy Inman have endured the unendurable for sixteen years – the exact length of their only child’s short life – while even now our government continues the lawless anti-enforcement policies that led to Dustin Inman’s death at the hands of an illegal alien. The Inman’s are just one of the hundreds of thousands of American families who have paid the ultimate price for our unsecured borders and the immigration laws that are ignored in the name of “cheap labor” and disgusting political correctness.

Billy and Kathy are two of the strongest people I know, but no one could bear the latest news contained in the recent letter from the U.S. Department of Justice to Billy Inman. The same government that refuses to enforce our laws or to protect us from invasion has sent a letter telling Billy there “is no legal remedy” to bring Dustin’s killer back from Mexico to answer for his crimes. While we see endless news stories about the hardships of being “undocumented” in Georgia and the victimized howls from the powerful illegal alien lobby that deportation of illegals would “separate immigrant families,” we all should pledge to never forget the real victims of illegal immigration. We must protect American families first.

The United States Department of Justice is telling the Inman family to be comforted by their long and unsuccessful struggle for justice and to accept the reality that allowing Dustin’s killer to remain an unpunished fugitive is due to laws that will be enforced.

Speaking from long, close-up experience I can sadly report that this “Americans last” attitude reaches to the highest levels of government on the local, state and national levels. Americans lost to the crime of illegal immigration are merely viewed as the cost of doing business, when they are considered at all. We urge Georgians to honor and remember the Inman’s suffering by refusing to allow any elected official at any level to avoid the immigration issue. Ever.

Please remember Dustin Inman and God bless Billy and Kathy.

Please see our request to support Billy and Kathy Inman HERE.

D.A. King
The Dustin Inman Society
Marietta, Georgia

Please reach out to Billy and Kathy Inman – their 16-year-old son, Dustin, was killed by an illegal alien 16 years ago

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Forever sixteen: Dustin Inman was killed by an illegal alien sixteen years ago

Dustin, Kathy and Billy Inman circa 2000. Inman family photo

Please help us comfort and support Billy and Kathy Inman?

We are asking you to take a few minutes out of your busy day to remember Dustin Inman and to send a short email of encouragement to Billy and Kathy Inman. 

Billy’s email address is   binman1@BELLSOUTH.NET  .

Thursday, June 16, 2016 is the sixteenth anniversary of the tragic death of forever sixteen year-old Dustin Inman who lived with his parents in Woodstock, Georgia. An illegal alien named Gonzalo Harrell Gonzelez killed Dustin Inman. Gonzalez, sometimes referred to as “Harrell” escaped capture and to this day remains a fugitive. You can see the FBI “Wanted Poster” here.

Billy and Kathy Inman, Dustin’s parents still live in the same house where they were raising Dustin. Kathy is confined to a wheelchair and will be for the rest of her life as a result of the crash that killed her son. If you are unfamiliar with this sad story, you can read more here .

Make no mistake. Dustin Inman was killed because our federal government refuses to secure our border, or to enforce our immigration and employment laws. And because somebody gave Gonzalo Harrell Gonzalez a job and because the state of North Carolina gave him a valid drivers license.

I asked Billy Inman what he would like people to know about the nightmare of losing his son, seeing his wife Kathy suffer in agony while permanently confined to her wheelchair and all that has transpired since that horrible day in 2000. “It ain’t right!” he shot back. “This is justice denied. Kathy just had another procedure on her leg. I have a stack of medical bills two inches thick just from that. If the bills were in Gonzalo’s name, I bet they would bring him back pretty quick” said Billy. Billy feels abandoned. “We feel like American outcasts” he says.

My friend Billy Inman tells me that law enforcement in Georgia has told him the exact whereabouts of the fugitive responsible for his son’s death. “I even have the phone number…he is in Mexico” Billy told me.

Billy Inman’s friends know that he has spent every moment of the last sixteen years caring for his wife Kathy and doing everything humanly possible to find his son’s killer. He has left no stone un-turned and done literally everything imaginable to press authorities for justice.

Recently, the United States Department of Justice sent Billy Inman a letter explaining that the laws in place do not provide for Gonzalo Harrell Gonzalez, Dustin’s killer, to be returned to the United States. We hope you will read that letter here – and please consider reaching out to Billy and Kathy.

Thank you,

D.A. King

President, The Dustin Inman Society

Please see the statement from the Dustin Inman Society marking the anniversary of Dustin’s death HERE.

ACLU, SPLC, other anti-borders groups and illegal aliens stage a protest in Atlanta, Georgia, January, 2016

June 10, 2016

Letter to Billy Inman from DOJ

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Letter DOJ

All the right enemies: Georgia state Senator Josh McKoon replies to a band of anti-borders, anti-English delinquents calling themselves “Better Georgia” – and cracks us up

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Insider Advantage Georgia

My answer to attacks — and exposing liberal version of “progress”
by State Sen. Josh McKoon | Jun 9, 2016 | The Forum

In politics it is good to have all the right enemies.

I want to thank the gang over at Better Georgia for constantly illustrating their extreme leftist politics and Saul Alinsky smear tactics in their ongoing, hate-filled personal attacks on me. Although I lack the time or inclination to indulge these characters very often, I will share a few observations on their entry into immigration enforcement-related assaults.

Take a look at a recent Better Georgia blog ( Undocumented and Unwelcomed ) railing against the premise of official English in Georgia and the related Senate legislation I offered in the 2016 session.

A rather angry and bitter young Better Georgia writer, Crystal Munoz, includes the usual and tired false premise that America is awash in “xenophobia” which she claims is manifested in immigration-related laws designed to protect American jobs, benefits and services for people with legal immigration status. Note that in the first paragraph, the victims of this “xenophobia” are “undocumented immigrants.” Then, in the second paragraph they become “immigrants” and, finally, using her Alinsky race-baiting training, a sentence later the topic is skin color.

Munoz also expresses Better Georgia’s opposition to my bill, SB6, which in its final form would have required DDS to alter the drivers licenses Georgia is issuing to illegal aliens with clear notation of their illegal status. In March, SB6 passed the Senate with a two-thirds majority. And it had the votes to pass the House had it been allowed a hearing there.

Munoz also hopes to perpetuate the oft-told lie that my official English legislation was an effort at “English only” in Georgia. In fact, SR675 – which passed the Senate with a two-thirds majority and had the votes to pass the House – was aimed at constitutionally codifying English as Georgia’s official language of government while providing common-sense constitutional protections for non-English speakers in public safety, medical treatment, education, law enforcement, courtroom situations, to promote diplomacy, trade, commerce and to protect the rights of victims of crimes and defendants.

As an aside, it may be educational for readers to take a minute to consider the commonality of the goals and objections here to official English and support for drivers licenses to illegal aliens between the rabidly-liberal Better Georgia activists and many of the powerful business forces posing as “conservatives” who lobby in the state Capitol… READ THE REST HERE

June 8, 2016

Letter from U.S. Department of Justice to Billy Inman regarding his son’s killer the killer

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June 6, 2016

Even anti-enforcement immigration lawyer Charles Kuck supports taking illegal alien’s fingerprints on drivers licenses – says there are “bad people”

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“This makes America stronger, by identifying people who are in the United States,” Kuck said. “They’ll take their finger prints, they’ll have their IDs. They’ll know where they live and it will make it easier to catch the bad people.”


June 4, 2016

F*** you, La Raza network! –Illegal aliens and their supporters chase and tackle American youth for supporting Donald Trump?

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San Jose California, June, 2016. Trump supporter being chased by leftist crazies for being a Trump supporter.

I have never been to a Trump rally. I supported Ted Cruz and voted for him in the Georgia primary. I will now vote for Donald Trump over Hillary and pray that he actually does something to move toward immigration sanity and control.

If I have the opportunity, I now plan on attending a Trump rally. I will proudly carry the Stars and Stripes.

I double-dog dare the open borders/illegal alien thugs to try to intimidate me. Fuck you, La Raza.