February 27, 2012

ACTION NEEDED! – YES TO Georgia’s SB 458

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YES TO Georgia’s SB 458


Five minutes of your time today and tomorrow PLEASE!


Don’t let the ACLU and the illegal alien lobby run the Republican controlled Ga. legislature!

Please pass this on to your lists!

SB 458, aimed at preserving Georgia’s public funded college and Tech School classroom seats for U.S. citizens and real, legal immigrants has passed through its first committee in the Ga. Senate. Now it must go through the Senate Rules committee and then pass on the Senate floor to go to the House. This must happen before midnight on March 7 (day 30 of the 40 day session).

We need help to fight the ACLU-led illegal alien lobby which is right now flooding the Georgia Capitol with phone calls and emails demanding that SB 458 be killed. Tomorrow (Tuesday) the anti-enforcement crazies are having a rally in the Capitol and sending their mindless open borders minions all over the Capitol to try to bully the Senate Republicans into walking away from this important bill.

You can see what the illegal alien lobby has planned for tomorrow HERE.
We cannot allow the far-left and radical ACLU to be in charge of the Republican controlled Georgia legislature.

PLEASE make your citizen voice heard! Please call and email your own Georgia state Senator’s office, the office of the Senate Rules Chairman and the office of the Governor of Georgia now and again tomorrow!

“I am calling/writing in favor of SB 458. As a registered voter, I am calling to urge all Republicans in the Capitol to remain strong and resolute against the calls you are getting from the ACLU and Amnesty International regarding SB 458. Please do everything possible in this election year to protect our college seats for real legal immigrants and U.S. citizens. YES to SB 458! This bill will make Georgia much more secure by changing the way we accept foreign passports. Please tell your boss we are watching very carefully to see whose voice is regarded as most important on this critical matter.”

If you don’t know who your state Senator is, please see HERE and enter your zipcode.

First, please call and email Ga. state Senator Don Balfour’s office. He is Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee

Balfour, Don
District 9

City: Snellville, GA

E-mail: don.balfour@senate.ga.gov

Capitol Phone: (404) 656-0095

Capitol Fax: (404) 656-6581

Then call – and email – your own state Senator, then call Governor Deals office (404 656 1776). Governor Deal promised to use the power of his office to keep illegals out of our university system when he was candidate Deal. That has not yet happened.

February 25, 2012

VIDEO – CBS Atlanta (!) story on Georgia companies hiring cheaper foreign workers to save a buckortwo while Americans stand in unemployment lines….high on list of guilty employers: Emory University and Ga. Tech

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Obama budget’s backdoor amnesty – U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith

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U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith — Washington Times

Obama budget’s backdoor amnesty

President Obama’s fiscal 2013 budget came out this month and again includes the same spending, borrowing and taxing policies that have come to define his presidency. No surprise, this spending blueprint cuts several worthwhile immigration-enforcement and border-security programs. — The president’s budget continues his administration’s policies of ignoring laws requiring the removal of illegal immigrants…


February 24, 2012


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YES TO SB 458!




February 23, 2012

SB 458 PASSED out of Georgia’s Senate Judiciary committee about 6PM Wednesday evening, THANK YOU!

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AMERICANS WIN ONE IN AMERICA. SB 458 passes out of first Senate Committee!

The Dustin Inman Society
February 23, 2012

Dear D.A.,

SB 458 PASSED out of Georgia’s Senate Judiciary committee about 6PM Wednesday evening, THANK YOU!

The final vote was not even close and I am told by many Senate staffers that the “YES DO PASS” phone calls and emails from pro-enforcement Americans outnumbered the illegal alien lobby more than four to one.

Now, SB 458 goes to Senate Rules Committee then on to the Senate floor for a vote to send it over to the House to repeat the process.

The inside word at the Capitol – along with staffer telephone responses to citizen inquiries from that office – is that Governor Nathan Deal (404 656 1776) is opposed to finally preventing all illegal aliens from admission to all of Georgia’s public funded university and Tech School classroom seats.

In any case, the Governor has yet to fulfill his campaign promise to use the power of his office stop admissions of illegals into our universities and Tech Schools. PLEASE see below:

Illegal Immigration – the candidates sound off, by D.A. King, Marietta Daily Journal, August 1, 2010

ON WEDNESDAY I posed six questions on illegal immigration, via a column on the editorial pages of the Marietta Daily Journal, to our three remaining major candidates for governor: Roy Barnes, Nathan Deal and Karen Handel. I promised to include their answers in a follow-up column.

All three read that column, and here are their answers. (Note: All responses came after the preliminary injunction ruling in Arizona.)

More later.

Thanks to Senators Barry Loudermilk, Judson Hill, John Albers and Chip Rogers for sponsoring the legislation and all of the hard working American voters who called, emailed and came to the Georgia Capitol to help. Special thanks to the Carroll County Tea Party, the Georgia Tea Party and the assorted conservative Women’s groups who devoted their time to help.

This is the end of step one. The illegal alien lobby is furious. The Board of Regents admitted – again, in public – that illegals are admitted to our public college/Tech School system. And said clearly that it was OK.

All in all, a good day at the Capitol. Please keep your focus.

(Note: Nobody didn’t feel great sympathy for the youngsters whose lives were forever changed because they were brought here illegally as small children by their illegal alien parents whose effort was to gain amnesty for the entire family “for the children.”)

Georgia is moving to manage and protect our public benefits – including post secondary education – closer to the way it is done in…Mexico.


D.A. King

February 21, 2012

ACTION NEEDED: YES TO SB 458 : Help us protect Georgia’s public classroom seats for real immigrants and U.S. citizens! Demand Secure and Verifiable foreign passports!

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Demand Secure and Verifiable foreign passports! Help us protect Georgia’s public classroom seats for real immigrants and U.S. citizens!

Yes to SB 458!

Please take 6 minutes of your time to help us get a very important bill out of the Senate Judiciary Committee in Atlanta. The committee meets at 4:00 PM Wednesday. Please make six phone calls and send six e-mails…the illegal alien lobby is doing it many times each minute.

SB 458 will clarify the state laws aimed at illegal immigration and streamline the process of proving eligibility for accessing public benefits. It will increase national and state security regarding the acceptance of foreign passports and it will fulfill the intent of the 2006 law that protects our public funded college and Tech School classroom seats for real immigrants and US citizens.

We know that illegal aliens are displacing eligible students. Illegal aliens are not allowed to work in the USA – why is the Board of Regents fighting so hard to spend tax dollars on illegals?

You can read a short outline of SB 458 HERE

You can see how the frantic and well-funded illegal alien lobby is organizing support to oppose this common sense legislation HERE.

Don’t let the crazies run the GOP legislature. Note: You are fighting the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia – that body is strongly opposed to this simple bill. Including the new Chancellor appointed by Governor Deal.


Start the process by calling the GOP members (See below) of the Senate Judiciary Committee and urging them to vote YES, DO PASS on SB 458…AS IS, with no amendments or deletions. Please call and then send an email.

If you get voicemail, please leave a polite and short message: “Yes to SB 458 as introduced…I am a voting citizen, not an ACLU-led illegal alien.”

“I want the added security that SB 458 will provide. Please tell the senator I called and urged him to vote YES on SB 458, AS IS. Let’s get it out of committee and on to the senate floor. Like the huge majority of Georgians, I am outraged that illegal aliens are allowed to access our public benefits. The “NO” calls you are getting are coming from a far left fringe illegal alien lobby, including the ACLU. Please tell the Senator we don’t want to turn over the legislature to the ACLU. Thank you, I will be watching…”
Please be polite and respectful to the very hardworking staffer who takes your calls and emails.

The committee meets at 4:00 PM Wednesday, Feb. 22. (Room 450, Capitol) Please call and email until that time. The crazies call every 5 minutes. Don’t let the crazies run the Georgia government. That would be crazy. Please start calling and emailing…now. The illegal aliens are.

Republican Georgia state Senators, Judiciary members, to call

Hamrick, Bill – Chairman – Republican, Carrollton

Phone: (404) 656-0036

Fax: (404) 651-6767



Cowsert, Bill Vice Chairman –

District 46

Phone: (404) 463-1383

Fax: (404) 651-6768



Crosby, John Secretary – Republican, TIFTON

District 13

Phone: (404) 463-5258

Fax: (404) 657-0459



Bethel, Charlie Member – Republican, DALTON

District 54 From Dalton

Phone: (404) 656-6436

Fax: (404) 656-6484



McKoon, Joshua Member – Republican, COLUMBUS

District 29

Phone: (404) 463-3931

Fax: (404) 657-3217



Stone, Jesse Member – Republican, WAYNESBORO

District 23

Phone: (404) 463-1314

Fax: (404) 463-1388


Please help us. The college seat you save may be for a family member or friend.

February 20, 2012

Georgia’s SB 458 – OUTLINE

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Outline: SB 458

Mainly aimed at helping ACCG/GMA and the SOS office with streamlining the administration of public benefits, this bill is housekeeping and clarification for important illegal immigration enforcement legislation from 2006, 2009 and last year’s HB 87. It also corrects a security oversight in existing code aimed at secure and verifiable ID and will better protect our benefits programs – including post secondary education – for eligible immigrants and citizens.

Section 1 SB 458

Clarifies that legislative intent of the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act regarding post secondary education was to exclude alien applicants who are in violation of immigration laws by adding the term “post secondary education” to the official list of state public benefits and including that benefit in the requirement for federal eligibility verification using the federal SAVE system already in place. Like hundreds of other state and local agencies, The Regents/USG are already using SAVE as a matter of policy, this merely codifies use of that system into law.

The language also clarifies legislative intent from HB 2 in 2009 regarding the AG’s authority to add public benefits to the legislated list created by legislation. The current language inserted by ACCG in 2009 apparently puts the AG’s office in a legally gray area in which it could in theory eliminate the list of state public benefits entirely.

The bill restates the intent that USG be in compliance with federal law regarding instate tuition for illegal aliens. (8 USC1623)

With the purpose of eliminating a rush at application deadline time, and at the request of ACCG/GMA and the SOS office, this bill greatly expands the time period during which applicants for public benefits can apply and eliminates the requirement that U.S. citizens demonstrate that status more than once in the same administering agency. Put differently, after producing proof of U.S. citizenship one time, individuals will not again be required to do so again. ONLY for benefits administered in the same agency…you cannot prove citizenship in a Savannah welfare office and expect to not be required to do so again in a Cobb County business license office. Because non-citizens legal immigration status can change or expire, aliens will continue to be required to present affidavits and documents each time they access public benefits, in all offices. We are told this change will cut administration time by nearly 90%. All immigration documents presented must have expiration date beyond the expiration date of the license or benefit applied for.

It also clarifies the 2011 intent of HB 87 that copies of secure and verifiable documents can be submitted in person, by mail or electronically.

Section 2 To increase state and national security, the current language regarding acceptance of foreign passports as secure and verifiable ID is changed to add the need for those passports to include federal immigration documents (such as I-94 and I-94A…) showing date of legal entry and date of departure for non-permanent aliens. This is a badly needed common sense cleanup measure that puts Georgia more in line with other state’s agencies accepting foreign passports for benefits eligibility.

It is also more like the way it is done in Mexico and other nations.

Currently, right here in Atlanta, foreign governments are issuing passports to citizens of their countries who have made it to Georgia after having escaped capture while crossing American borders in violation of our immigration laws. Illegal aliens are getting passports.

Again, this is a desperately needed improvement for a variety of reasons, including state and national security.


February 14, 2012

VIDEO report on illegal aliens STILL being hired by public works contractors in Georgia while Americans stand in unemployment lines

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VIDEO report on illegal aliens STILL being hired by public works contractors in Georgia while Americans stand in unemployment lines

I-Team: Illegal Workers
Updated: Monday, 13 Feb 2012, 11:34 PM EST
Published : Monday, 13 Feb 2012, 10:54 PM EST

ATLANTA – Critics say last year’s tough anti-illegal immigration bill made it harder for Georgia farmers to attract migrant labor. But there’s one industry for illegal workers that seems unaffected by the new law: the construction industry

I-Team: Illegal Workers: MyFoxATLANTA.com

February 9, 2012

The below statement is sent from the office of Georgia’s GOP Chair, and our friend, Sue Everhart regarding Angry Jerry Gonzalez over at the illegal alien lobby group, GALEO

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The below statement is sent from the office of Georgia’s GOP Chair, and our friend, Sue Everhart regarding Angry Jerry Gonzalez over at the illegal alien lobby group, GALEO.

“This month, I was invited to attend an event hosted by the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials. While I am steadfast in my support for our conservative Latino Elected Officials, I also have fundamental philosophical differences with Mr. Jerry Gonzalez, the Executive Director of GALEO. It is a shame that Mr. Gonzalez uses his position of influence in a non-partisan organization to advance a radically partisan agenda, and for that reason I will not be attending the event. Moving forward, I look forward to continuing my work with our honest, hard working Latino leaders across Georgia. “

We congratulate Ms. Everhart on her clear command of understatement and her constant demonstration of common sense and integrity. Sue is always the epitome of the perfect southern lady.

Unlike Jerry.

February 6, 2012

Do hopeful young citizens and real immigrant students a huge favor! Anti-enforcement Republican House Chairman in Georgia, Carl Rogers, blocks vote on bill to protect college seats for legal residents

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Republican House Chairman in Georgia, Carl Rogers, blocks vote on bill to protect college seats for legal residents

Conservative voters in the Gainesville area should pay close attention to Georgia’s pending House Bill 59 – a bill the illegal alien lobby is desperate to kill.

It is important 2011 produced legislation with wide General Assembly Republican backing that essentially says the legislative intent of the landmark 2006 Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act (SB 529) regarding public benefits to illegal aliens actually be obeyed. And enforced.

A bill that says we must obey the law. Again.

Voters should also lean in to learn about the N. Georgia Republican legislator who is blocking the path of the bill getting to the House floor where it has the GOP votes to easily pass.

The germane section of the 2006 state law says that the classroom seats in the entire public-funded post secondary education system in Georgia should only go to eligible admission applicants. Under federal law – which is part of the state law – “post secondary education” is a state and local public benefit for which illegal aliens are ineligible. Along with welfare, food assistance, assisted housing and unemployment benefits.

None of this is stopping the Board of Regents from continuing to admit illegals who are ineligible to work anywhere in the USA to all but five schools in the University System of Georgia – while real immigrants and American citizens, including active duty military personnel and veterans are denied classroom space due to finite capacity in the remaining public-funded institutions.

HB 59 would erase any wiggle room the USG bosses pretend exists to continue to defy the 2006 law and contains language that apparently is far too clear for the Chairman of the House Higher Education Committee who has “suspended” the bill for “two or three weeks”

The bill went through the same committee last year and passed by a wide margin. Because it was held back to focus on the now famously effective HB 87, it must again receive a majority committee “YEA” vote to move forward.

On January 31 and while conservative voters were at work or looking for a job, upon being confronted by a room full of hard-left and vocal opponents who were organized by the ACLU, Amnesty International and various anti-enforcement ethnic groups, the House Higher Education committee Chairman, former Democrat Carl Rogers, refused to allow a vote. This despite an obvious presence of enough Republican votes to pass.

Rogers actually polled the anti-enforcement audience for a show of hands on opposition to or support for the legislation. Ice cream was not served. There were no arrests, despite the self-described illegal aliens having affixed a red “U” – for undocumented – to their chests.

Any bill that does not clear one chamber or another by the end of day legislative-day thirty goes to the legislative graveyard, which apparently is the intent of the curiously reluctant committee boss. As I write, it is day fifteeen of the forty-day session.

In remarks to the press, Rogers claimed the year-old, extremely simple bill was “not ready” and said he “plans to meet with college leaders and others to look at adding flexibility to the bill.”

Flexible? Maybe we admit illegals and cheat legal residents out of an education opportunity every other week, every odd year… every new moon, what? How “flexible” does Rogers have in mind?

Did I mention HB 59 has already cleared the same committee once under a different Chairman?

“Sometimes government is the problem” was a quote from one committee attendee opposed to enforcement.


Readers would do hopeful young citizens and real immigrant students a huge favor if they take five minutes to call Republican Representative Carl Rogers insisting that members of his committee be allowed to vote on HB 59 and end the ongoing defacto amnesty for illegals in our university system.

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