February 26, 2006

MS-13 gangs vs U.S. Border Patrol…after that MS-13 vs U.S.

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For the many who have asked me for this link to the recent MSNBC video concerning the DHS documents revealing planned incursion and violence directed at our Border Patrol by the members MS-13 gang members who have not yet made it to your hometowns, please see here.

For those with high-speed internet connection, it loads in 20 seconds. It plays for about 10 minutes.

It is well worth the time.

Illegal alien assistance group to stalk Americans

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This is a must read. Honest.
From World Net Daily:

Illegals-advocate group
to stalk Minutemen kids

Day-labor center strikes back at border group,
plans to picket members’ homes, schools, jobs

A Maryland organization that runs four government-funded day-labor hiring centers is training volunteer “legal observers” to videotape members of the Minuteman border security group and to picket their homes, places of work and their children’s schools.

“We are going to target them in a specific way,” Gustavo Torres, executive director of Casa de Maryland told the Maryland Gazette, speaking of the Minutemen volunteers who have set up a surveillance site across the street to discreetly photograph contractors who pick up day laborers at the center.

Going out with their own cameras will only be the first step his group takes.

“Then we are going to picket their houses, and the schools of their kids, and go to their work,” Torres said. “If they are going to do this to us, we are going to respond in the same way, to let people know their neighbors are extremists, that they are anti-immigrant. They are going to hear from us.”

Wonder where your tax money is going and why we cannot seem to afford to secure our borders?

More from World Net Daily

The most recent annual report for Casa de Maryland, a non-profit, shows $2,771,615 in income for 2004-2005, of which 51 percent was provided by various government agencies.

It cannot happen here …right?

February 25, 2006

Georgia’s comprehensive illegal immigration bill to be heard in committee Monday, February 27

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Georgia state Senator Chip Rogers’ bill, The Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act [SB 529] will be discussed in the senate Homeland Security Committee Monday at 2:00 PM.

The committee is expected to vote on the legislationTuesday.

“>See here for info from state Senator Sam Zamarripa’s organization opposing any and all efforts to fight illegal immigration in Georgia. Please understand what he is asking his supporters to do.

If you support Georgia government taking action to prohibit illegal aliens from accessing taxpayer benefits not already federally mandated, stopping state contracts from going to anyone employing illegal labor, if you support requiring Georgia employers being required to use the available federal Basic Pilot program to verify Social Security numbers of job applicants, reporting illegal aliens to the federal government when they are jailed and stoppping human trafficking in Georgia….please use the information supplied by Zamarripa to make your opinion known to the committee members listed.

The committee hearing is open to the public.

If you can come to the meeting at the Capitol Monday @ 2:00 PM…please help Georgia, and its government, return to the rule of law. If you cannot be in attendence, you can watch the meeting here.

Rogers’ bill is the most comprehensive legislation of its kind in the nation, and will set a new standard in requiring states to do the job the federal government will not do – stop illegal immigration by taking away the magnet that draws illegal aliens to Georgia -American jobs and taxpayer benefits.

From the the AJC, the Georgia Security & Immigration Compliance Act explained:


• Requires local law enforcement agencies to determine the nationality of every person arrested, and if the person is a foreign national to then verify their lawful presence in the United States. If the person arrested is unlawfully in the U.S., local law enforcement must notify federal officials of the arrest. It is then up to federal authorities to determine if the person arrested is subject to deportation.

• Denies taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants older than 18.

• Requires that if an employer claims a worker’s salary as a state income tax write-off, that employer maintain copies of approved forms indicating the worker is in the country legally.

• Establishes tough new penalties for human trafficking.

• Requires public agencies, contractors and subcontractors to use a federal, electronic verification process for anyone getting a state contract.


• The bill does not require local law enforcement officials to arrest people for violating immigration laws. It does not apply to people pulled over for moving violations and issued citations — it only applies to people arrested and booked into jail.

• It does not deny taxpayer-funded benefits to children or to people in need of emergency medical care.

• It does not hold employers responsible if employees provide them with false documents to show they are legally in the country.

• It does not deny public education to the children of illegal immigrants — this is required by the courts.

• Institute any new major deportation effort by the state.

Senator Chip Rogers on illegal immigration. Again, from the AJC:

• “The problem has not been a lack of laws. The problem has been a complete lack of [federal] enforcement. I’m firmly convinced the problem could be addressed with the laws we have today if we would only enforce those laws.”
• “When there’s no enforcement, the negative impact of illegal immigration falls on the states. So it’s appropriate that the state looks at the situation and tries to deal with it.”
• “To think that any one bill will solve all the problems is wishful thinking. That’s simply not going to happen. This will be a multiyear process. Illegal immigration is really a problem that has been building in this nation for 25 years. We won’t solve it in one year. My bill is just a first step in the process.”
• “The way it stands now, you have certain employers willing to violate the law who are being rewarded by the marketplace. You have others who are not violating the law and the marketplace punishes them. We want a system that has clear bright lines of what an employer can do and what they can expect.”
• “When we begin to say that illegal actions are now legal just because they turn a profit, we have stepped over a very important line. While the numbers are important, of paramount importance is the rule of law and making sure everyone in Georgia realizes what the rules are and that they have to play by them.”
• “We can make up laws all day long that tell governments they can’t give things to illegal aliens. But if the government or employer is given a fake piece of identification we really haven’t achieved much. I’m still looking for the magic bullet to solve this problem. But I don’t know if it exists.”

The Dustin Inman Society supports all legislation that discourages illegal immigration.

If only the Governor of Georgia shared our view.


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Please post this information on your refrigerator for easy access:

TO REPORT AN ILLEGAL ALIEN OR CRIMINAL ALIEN RESIDENT contact the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division of the Department of Homeland Security In Atlanta @ 770 994 4200 or by calling (866) DHS-2ICE to “report suspicious activity” (866) 347-2423.

You can also make a report with the DHS/ICE Investigations division in a city near you through the telephone numbers listed on the ICE web site­ http://www.ice.gov/graphics/investigations/contact.htm — for Special Agent-in-Charge (SAC) Offices, and their subordinate field offices called Resident Agent-in-Charge (RAC) and Resident Agent Offices (RAOs).

February 22, 2006

Letter to Georgia voter from Georgia Governor on illegal immigration

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Maybe you haven’t heard. Sonny Perdue can mention illegal immigration!

Click here to read his response to a friend who wrote in December asking that he address the crisis we all see here in Georgia each day.

Then repeat along with him ” its not my job…”

The phone number for the Governor’s office in Atlanta is 404 656 1776.


Arizona Governor extends state of emergency at Mexican border

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You kind of have to ask yourself why the Dem governor of Arizona has extended the state of emergency there.

If illegal aliens are such a positive addition to our economy, culture and well-being, why have a state of emergency at all? Why have a border?

From the Pheonix Arizona Business Journal:

Gov. Janet Napolitano has extended a state of emergency order at the Mexican border allowing local government more time to spend $1.5 million in state emergency funds on law enforcement and other immigration matters…The Democratic governor also has put forward a $100 million immigration and border security package in her budget and favors state fines against employers who hire illegals as well as a guest worker program

I have said it before and I’ll say it again…because of the President’s refusal to secure our borders and enforce our laws – we all live in border states now.

Memo to the Georgia governor: IT’S THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION…SONNY!

February 17, 2006

Thanks to all who came out for our rally, let’s do it again! March 18, noon – Georgia Capitol

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Many thanks to the 75 or so Americans who came out on a very cold and sometimes snowy Sunday [Feb. 12] to show their support!

We were successful in having our voices heard on NO AMNESTY! for illegal aliens or their employers. [See here.]

See photos of the rally here.

Because we know the U.S. Congress is now paying attention, and the Senate will be considering a Guest Worker plan in March, we have arranged to hold another rally on the Capitol steps March 18, 2006 [ NOON, rain or shine].

Please come help us stand up for the rule of law. Any plan that does not punish criminal employers and bankers -and require all illegal aliens to go home is amnesty.

Amnesty does not stop illegal immigration.

February 10, 2006

D.A. King letter to Secretary of Georgia Senate regarding state Senator Sam Zamarripa’s possible conflict of interest

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[Editor’s note: hard copy of below letter was hand delivered to the Secretary of the Georgia senate office Thursday, Feb. 9, 2006 – hyperlinks added to online version to educate the reader]

February 9, 2006

D.A. King
The Dustin Inman Society
3595 Canton Rd. A-9/337
Marietta, Georgia 30066

Mr. Bob Ewing [ Bob.Ewing@senate.ga.gov ]
Interim Secretary of the Georgia Senate
353 State Capitol
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Dear Mr. Ewing,

I write on a matter of senate business, but first want to extend my sincere sympathy for the loss of Mr. Frank Eldridge. Mr. Eldridge and his positive contributions to government in the state of Georgia will be missed by many.

Citing section 1-4.3 of the Rules of the Georgia State Senate dealing with conflict of interest, I am hereby requesting that the senator from the 36th district, Sam Zamarripa, be prohibited from voting on any pending or future legislation regarding illegal immigration in the current legislative session.

It is a matter of public record that senator Zamarripa is a founding partner of a Georgia – based, federally chartered bank, United Americas Bank [aka Banco Unido], where he also holds the position of Director of Marketing.

It is also a matter of public record that United Americas Bank is currently active in soliciting and accepting business from, and making mortgage loans to, persons it and Senator Zamarrpia know to be present in the United States illegally.

United States Code, Title 8, section 1324 is clear on the fact that harboring or encouraging an illegal alien to remain in the U.S. is a federal crime. Further, the same federal code includes language that increases penalties for doing so with the intent to profit commercially.

I am sure that any reasonable person would agree that extending a mortgage loan to anyone represents encouragement to remain in our state and nation. “Harboring” includes any conduct that tends to substantially help an illegal alien to remain in the United States in violation of existing law. [ U.S. v Kim, 193 F.3d 567, 574, (2nd Cir. 1999); U.S. v Pong Sub Shin, No 98-1142,1999 U.S. App.LEXIS 902 (2d Cir. unpub. 1999) ]

The senator from the 36th has a vested financial interest in the operations and profits of United Americas Bank and because of its practice of doing business with known illegal aliens, a resulting financial interest in their continued presence in Georgia and the United States.

It is my contention that this association represents a conflict of interest regarding any and all legislation that may be considered in the Georgia Senate aimed at people who; employ or transport an illegal alien, have illegally overstayed an entry visa, entered our nation illegally, obtained employment here illegally, or been able to remain here illegally due to the unwillingness of our government to locate and remove them.

Criminal liability for harboring or sheltering an illegal alien could arise from acceptance of a Mexican matricula consular – which, presented without valid documentation of legal immigration status is prima facie evidence of illegal status. United Americas Bank accepts the Mexican matricula consular as valid photo ID when opening an account.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper has quoted the president of United Americas Bank, Mr. Jorge Forment, as confirming that he counts illegal aliens as a substantial part of that bank’s business.[ “Immigrants latch on to tax ID numbers – Undocumented workers able to obtain home loans” AJC 10/12/04 Rebecca McCarthy.]

It should be noted that by federal definition, “immigrants” enter our nation lawfully. The AJC story clearly refers to persons present in the U.S. in violation of existing law.

I include with this letter, copies of mortgage loan applications obtained from United Americas Bank. Also, a copy of the federal code cited above and the AJC report.

You will find that state Senator Zamarripa does not deny the practice of profiting from illegal immigration.

As legislation that will have an effect on the illegal aliens and those who employ and otherwise do business with that group is now pending in the senate, I respectfully request your timely consideration of my request and a reply as to your decision.

As someone who studies the illegal immigration crisis in our state and nation, I will be happy to answer any questions and to provide your office with references to additional information.

Again, it is my educated opinion that Senator Zamarripa’s close association with United Americas Bank represents a conflict of interest concerning his official action regarding pending legislation focused on illegal immigration – and that his impartial official judgment could be compromised.


D.A. King

February 7, 2006


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“I would have a very difficult time supporting any guest worker bills, because most guest worker programs are magnets for illegal immigration,”
Dianne Feinstein, Democrat Senator from California – December 2005


Sponsored by…state Senator Sam Zamarripa. and friends.



We will be protected by American police!


Secure American Borders! Enforce American Law!

At the same time she puts herself to the right of the President [and Governor Perdue] on the illegal immigration crisis in America, Senator Feinstein has accurately described the certain results of the latest attempt at repeating the 1986 amnesty of three million illegal aliens. There are now more than 20 million illegals in our republic !

There is no such thing as a “Temporary/Guest Worker”.

The current “Guest/Temporary Worker Plan” is in fact another amnesty.

Amnesties do not stop illegal immigration. Look around.

In March of 2003, speaking to the Georgia Senate, state Senator Sam Zamarripa
[ D- Atl.] put the number of illegal aliens nationwide at twenty million.

Because of his position as founding partner and Director of Marketing of United Americas Bank – a bank that is making mortgage loans to illegal aliens- Zamarripa has a vested financial interest in keeping our borders open and the illegals here.

Zamarripa is also founder and Chairman of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials [GALEO], a very aggressive non-profit advocate for illegal aliens, open borders and… amnesty.

GALEO “Founding Friend”? That all American luminary, Jane Fonda.

Zamarripa should be considered the face of the illegal alien lobby here in Georgia. The current code word for allowing the more than 20 million illegal aliens to be “legalized” – and remain in the U.S. is “Comprehensive Reform”.

Zamarripa and the illegal alien lobby have chosen a Sunday for their protest to attract the maximum number of illegal aliens to the Georgia Capitol. In the past, as many as 1000 screaming illegals have brazenly boasted of their criminal status on the Capitol steps. Zamarripa and his well paid sidekick Jerry Gonzalez think that Americans will not come out and demand justice on a Sunday in their own country.

Please come to the Washington Street side of the Georgia Capitol Sunday, February 12, 2006 @ 1:00.

The media will be watching, as will Washington, our Congressional Represenatives… and our Senators, who are to begin consideration of a Guest Worker Amnesty soon.

There will be no better opportunity to demand secure borders and

Contact D.A. King with any questions.
See BLOG page @ www.TheDustinInmanSociety.org for updates.

Bring family and friends, the rule of law is a terrible thing to lose. Banners and placards will be provided, but if you want, bring a sign that says “NO MORE AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS…OR THEIR EMPLOYERS !

Are you still paying those pesky state income taxes? Illegal alien “day-laborers” aren’t!

February 6, 2006

Georgia Governor Perdue gets free pass from media on illegal immigration. Why?

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Much is made of the “disconnect” between the American people and the political and media elite on illegal immigration. Nowhere is that fact more evident than here in Georgia.

Sonny Perdue is a brilliant example of an elected official who enjoys a free pass from a willing media while choosing to ignore a problem with which citizens struggle with on a daily basis.

We can only wonder when Governor Perdue last had to “press one for English” in Georgia or watched as 100 illegal “day laborers”, who understand that borders, employment laws, – and state income taxes – are for suckers compete for 50 jobs offered by criminal employers who are allowed to openly violate several laws without fear of prosecution.

One does not need to be a seasoned veteran of Georgia politics to understand that a vigilant, crusading press corps would make a “big – business, politics as usual Republican” continuous front-page news if the governor had chosen to do absolutely nothing about any statewide criminal activity… except illegal immigration.

The AJC recently reported the results of a Zogby poll that showed more than 80% of Georgia voters want something done on the state level to fight illegal immigration.

At a recent Christian Coalition event at which a variety of state candidates and officials spoke, Perdue was the only speaker to have omitted the subject from his remarks. Georgia’s illegal immigration dilemma was not mentioned in his state of the state address.

Maybe the governor really doesn’t read the newspapers.

When pressed on the subject, Perdue will uneasily grumble, “illegal immigration is a federal problem”. His campaign mantra? “Education, education, education”.

Georgia suffers one of the largest and fastest growing populations of illegal aliens in the nation. The Federation of American Immigration Reform [FAIR] estimates that in 2004, Georgia spent more than $950 million educating illegal aliens and children of illegal aliens.

Georgia Congressman Charlie Norwood estimates that people with no legal right to be here likely bilk Georgia Medicaid out of $300 million annually.

The cost to the taxpayer of incarcerating illegal aliens is not discussed in polite company. Neither is the fact that working-class wages are going down in Georgia. A federal problem?

No one has yet measured the cost to Georgia of the undeniable fact that equal protection under the law is a vanishing concept.

The tragedy of American lives lost to illegal immigration is its own topic.

Most of us recognize illegal immigration to be a very real Georgia problem.

Absent the promised federal protection, Governors of other states are taking action.

Tim Pawlenty, the Republican governor of Minnesota – with a fraction of the illegal population as Georgia – has recently created a state illegal immigration enforcement team, remarking “you have to be really living under a rock to survey the country… and say that illegal immigration is not a legitimate issue,”


The Democrat governors of Arizona and New Mexico have declared states of emergency due to the costs of their own illegal immigration crisis.

The governor of Arizona, by executive order, has begun monitoring state contractors to insure that taxpayer dollars do not go to black market labor.

The governors of Alabama, Florida, Arizona, and the city leaders of Costa Mesa, California have taken advantage of a 1996 law that provides for federal training and authorization for state and local police to apprehend and detain those who violate immigration laws. Arkansas and Tennessee are among other states that are considering doing the same.

Maybe if a member of the media were to ask him, Perdue would explain why his office does not provide the same defense for Georgians.

For now, we can only envy from afar the security against the organized crime that is illegal immigration offered to citizens on a growing list of other states.

No news there. Si?

Hola Georgiafornia.


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