February 28, 2009

AG opinion HERE

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D.A. King and the Dustin Inman Society need 10 minutes of your help – ACTION NEEDED! PLEASE HELP US?

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Dear fellow Americans,

As crazy as it sounds to say, in 2005, we started a grassroots effort here in Georgia to pass legislation that would require the state of Georgia and all of the local governments in it ( 159 counties, 535 cities) to comply with federal immigration and employment law. Radical stuff, I know.

Authored by a very brave Georgia state Senator, Chip Rogers, who is now the Senate Majority Leader, in 2006 Georgia governor Sonny Perdue signed into law the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act (GSICA). Essentially, it mandates that the local governments in Georgia use federally provided data-bases ( E-Verify and SAVE) to be sure that taxpayer dollars do not go to hire illegal labor or to grant illegal aliens most “public benefits” – like welfare, public housing assistance or permission to open a business ( commercial licenses) here in Georgia.

Many of you helped us rally, write letters, make phone calls and plead with the Georgia legislature to pass this law that says we should obey the law.

Nearly three years later, there is nearly zero compliance by most of Georgia’s local governments who have granted their own sanctuary and a defacto amnesty for illegals here. Try ignoring the law as a citizen and see what happens.

I have written about it repeatedly, spoken to various groups explaining that fact and spent the last 2 years trying to convince the local elected officials to obey the law. So far…the big money is winnning, but we now have the attention of the lawmakers. Again.

I need help.

Pending Georgia legislation, HB 2, if approved by the Georgia House APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE on its way to becoming law, will impose financial penalties on non compliant local governments for ignoring the law. Most of us understand that illegal immigration is organized crime and all about the money. If it becomes law, HB 2 will force compliance and result in even more illegal aliens migrating out of Georgia. And more jobs and services for Americans.


I have extracted some of the e-mail address’ from the House Website of members and link them below. The entire list of members of the committee is HERE.

Some of the members are under pressure from powerful lobbying groups for local government to alter the law to make it easier for illegals to obtain the jobs and benefits that only legal residents of Georgia should have and THEN pass a bill that says we should obey the law that says we should obey the law.

This is unacceptable.

For a variety of reasons, the language of your e-mail should be very close to what I have below. These Georgia elected officials must get the polite and respectful message many times before Tuesday at 1PM Eastern.

Please help us? It took me less than 10 minutes to paste and send the e-mails. If they decline to pass out this bill, it is likely that the well funded illegal alien lobby will do what they could not do in 2006: Effectively defeat GSICA by making it null and void. Most local governments in Georgia have made their agenda clear: Defy federal and state law, reward illegals who escape apprehension by brave Border Patrol Agents with business licenses and benefits to satisfy the local illegal employers and the crazies in the radical ethnic lobby.

Imagine the outrage if it were the laws that benefit illegals like education, health care and translation that were being ignored!

Your opposition here will be surprising to some of you: the Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG), the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA), and MALDEF and GALEO and the ACLU…all on the same side against compliance for various reasons. ALL OF THESE GROUPS WILL HAVE LOBBYISTS AT THE COMMITTEE MEETING OPPOSING US. It is their busine$$!

This is going on all over the nation, not just here in Georgia.

Each one of your e-mails will make a difference…honest. Our newest DIS board member, Ms. Inger Eberhart, and I will be in committeee Tuesday to testify if they allow public comment. THANK YOU IF YOU CAN HELP US!!!!

Suggested language of your e-mail below. PLEASE – Just copy, paste and include your name – where you live is not the issue here as this will effect the entire nation.

“Dear Representative: I watch with great dismay as local governments ignore the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act (GSICA) designed to save jobs, businesses and benefits for citizens of Georgia. I vote and my friends and family vote. I am also watching to see that HB 2 is passed out of committee and passed into law.

In these desperate economic times when our services are being cut back and Americans are increasingly unemployed, I note that we are now considering a law that says we should obey the law passed in 2006 …which says we should obey federal immigration law.

I respectfully insist that the madness stop here and now. Please vote “YES – DO PASS” on simple language in HB 2 to penalize local governments who have been laughing at you and the law for three years now. The GSICA law is in place – there is no need to revise it at this time, but it MUST be enforced!”

Thank you,
A citizen who has had more than enough of illegal immigration, illegal employment and local government violation of the rule of law which I must obey.

I know that I am asking a lot, but we are working very hard here and it gets very tiring to testify in committee against the same well funded creatures who will say and do anything to defend illegal aliens.Please send the e-mail to all of the below legislators. If you have time, please call their offices as well. Start now, they have voice mail and will get the message Monday AM.

If you get tired, remember that Border Patrol Agents are on duty and risking their lives right now! Remember that Billy and Kathy Inman will never see their only son –Dustin -again.

We need your help…PLEASE.( for those with limited time, the names with the * asterisks are most important.) dak

* tom.rice@house.ga.gov Rep Tom Rice – Author, HB 2 THANK YOU!

* “ben.harbin@house.ga.gov Ben Harbin, Chairman Georgia House of Representatives Appropriations committee

bob.smith@house.ga.gov Bob Smith member

* butch.parrish@house.ga.gov Butch Parrish, Vice Chairman

* richard@smithforgeorgia.com Richard Smith, member

* carl.rogers@house.ga.gov Carl Rogers, Vice Chairman

* mark.burkhalter@house.ga.gov Mark Burkhalter

alanpowell23@hotmail.com Alan Powell

* Earl@ehrhart.4emm.com Earl Ehrhart

vance.smith@house.ga.gov Vance Smith

matt.dollar@house.ga.gov Matt Dollar

john.yates@house.ga.gov John Yates

* John.Lunsford@house.ga.gov Lunsford, John

repdon@donparsons.org Don Parsons

jim@votecole.com Jim Cole

quickrxdrg@aol.com Ron Stephens

bobby.reese@house.ga.gov Bobby Reese

donna.sheldon@house.ga.gov Donna Sheldon

pat@patgardner.org Pat Gardner

lwalker107@gmail.com Len Walker

jill.chambers@house.ga.gov Jill Chambers

bob.lane@house.ga.gov Bob Lane

roger.williams@house.ga.gov Roger Williams

* jan.jones@house.ga.gov Jan Jones

rich.golick@house.ga.gov Rich Golick

* wendell.willard@house.ga.gov Wendell Willard




























D.A. King

The Dustin Inman Society

February 27, 2009

Illegals targeted sheriff as gang initiation

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Washington Times

Illegals targeted sheriff as gang initiation

The attempted assassination of a South Carolina deputy sheriff was a gang initiation carried out by three illegal immigrants including a 15-year-old boy who was supposed to “kill a cop” in order to be admitted as a member, according to a confidential Department of Homeland Security advisory…

Lexington County, S.C., Deputy Sheriff Ted Xanthakis and his K-9 police dog, Arcos, were attacked by the three illegals armed with a 12-gauge shotgun during a Feb. 8 incident in West Columbia, S.C., shortly after 3 a.m. The deputy and his dog survived.

Two of the men were identified in a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) report as members of the Surenos gang, or SUR-13, a collection of Mexican-American street gangs with origins in the oldest barrios of Southern California.

Hundreds of SUR-13 gangs operate in California and have


Jerry Gonzalez of GALEO is reportedly emotionally unbalanced and furious with Cobb County Sheriff Neal Warren HERE for being the first sheriff in Georgia to use 287 g . BE CARFUL OUT THERE SHERIFF WARREN!

FIND A GANG – From Mexico, in your state or area

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Very interesting: click on the colored buttons. HERE

February 26, 2009

D.A. King – a face for radio on NPR . AUDIO

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Last month I recorded an interview with Stephen Goss in the studios of the local NPR affiliate, WABE radio (90.1FM Atlanta). It was part of a series on “The Changing Face of Atlanta” and aired this morning. Below is a link to the interview if you want to listen to the voice of the face for radio …on the radio.

Note: In the interview, I was asked for my estimate on how many illegal aliens I thought were in the Metro Atlanta area…I answered with my estimate for the entire state of Georgia…about 800,000. MY FAULT for misunderstanding the question. (Former state Senator Sam Zamarripa, a member of the national board of MALDEF, put the number of illegals in Georgia at one million in 2006 when he unsuccessfully opposed the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act. Besides being one of the pioneers in the illegal industry of making mortgage loans to illegal aliens, Zamarripaa is also the founder and Chairman of the Georgia Association of Latino Eltected Offials (GALEO) run by Jerry Gonzalez and supported by Jane Fonda.)

On behalf of the Dustin Inman Society, many thanks to Mr. Stephen Goss, WABE and NPR.

Link to WABE radio HERE – link directly to the interview below…about 6 minutes. NO LAUGHING!

From the WABE Website:

February 26, 2009 D.A. King, President of the Dustin Inman Society
The changing face of Atlanta has spurred a change in attitude toward many of the region’s newest residents as well. D.A. King has become the lightning rod for native and “legal” citizens concerned about the presence of ‘illegal aliens’ or ‘undocumented workers’ (depending on your attitude). Here King clarifies his group’s raison d’etre, and discusses the misconceptions attached to his organization, the Dustin Inman Society.

Listen here »

AJC: Amnesty rally to be held Saturday in Norcross

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Latino churches push for immigration reform

Rally to be held Saturday in Norcross

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eric Tabora burst into tears as he remembered his wife being hauled away by federal immigration officials.

The 33-year-old independent contractor said his wife was arrested when they returned to their home in Powder Springs Wednesday morning after driving their 11- and 7-year-old sons, both U.S. citizens, to school.

Eric Tabora (left), 33, of Powder Springs discusses his wife’s impending deportation with Rev. Miguel Rivera.Recent headlines:

Now it could be months or years before the boys see their mother again. She is being deported to Honduras for overstaying her visa.

“If she leaves, what are we going to do?” Tabora said, hunching over as he cried.

Pastors in the Latino community say stories of families torn apart by deportation are all too familiar among members of their church congregations. The Rev. Miguel Rivera of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders estimates 38 percent of those church members are undocumented.

People pushing for federal immigration reform will rally Saturday at a Gwinnett County church, Tabernaculo de Atlanta. Rivera estimated up to 3,000 people will attend.

Advocates for the Latino community who promoted the event Wednesday at Central Pentecostal Ministry in Norcross say comprehensive immigration reform – always a political hot potato – has lately been dwarfed by the spiraling economy and wars abroad.

They look to U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) and his 14-city “Family Unity Tour” as a chance to renew their calls for action. He will be at Tabernaculo de Atlanta at 6394 Buford Highway in Norcross at 1 p.m. Saturday.

A lack of federal immigration reform has led to a backlash against illegal immigrants on the local level, Rivera said.

Cobb, Hall and Whitfield counties already particpate in a federal program which allows local jailers to begin deportation proceedings for illegal immigrants.

Many in the Latino community oppose such programs. Others like D.A. King, founder of the Dustin Inman Society, praise those counties.

“We need to secure the border, enforce the law and watch illegal immigration numbers slowly go down instead of slowly go up,” King said.


February 25, 2009

SB 20 passes Georgia Senate! We may see local governments obey the law yet! Open borders subversives not happy. State bill would put teeth in immigration screening

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State bill would put teeth in immigration screening


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Local governments that take illegal immigration lightly could lose state money under a bill approved Tuesday by the state Senate.

Senate Bill 20 adds some teeth to a Georgia law passed two years ago that cracked down on illegal immigration.

That previous action requires public employers to use federal databases to screen immigrants when hiring, and to verify an applicant’s immigration status when giving welfare benefits. Senate Bill 20 says failure to do this could cost the local government state funds or state-administered federal funds.

The measure, approved 37 to 9, also prohibits local governments from declaring themselves “sanctuary cities” for illegal immigrants. It directs local governments to cooperate with federal agents in enforcing immigration laws.

Bill sponsor Sen. Chip Pearson (R-Dawsonville) said about 60 cities across the country — but none in Georgia — have declared themselves sanctuary cities.

The proposal could spur local governments to take seriously the state’s laws on illegal immigration, said Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock). He was the architect of a Georgia law passed two years ago cracking down on illegal immigration, but Rogers acknowledges there has been spotty compliance.

“If you have a county that’s not verifying legal residence before giving welfare benefits, they are squandering taxpayer money,” Rogers said. “So the state should assure they don’t get any more money to squander,” he said.

But Sen. Emanuel Jones (D-Decatur) characterized the bill as a solution looking for a problem. Sen. Nan Orrock (D-Atlanta) said it and similar legislation sends “increasingly hostile messages” to the state’s international community and will hurt the economy.

The bill now goes to the state House of Representatives for consideration.

So far, only a dozen municipalities and agencies statewide have signed up to use a federal database that lets them check immigrants’ legal status before giving welfare benefits. And many smaller cities have not signed up for the federal E-Verify program, which allows them to check the immigration status of new hires, even though it is required by state law.

http://www.ajc. com/metro/content/metro/ stories/2009/02/24/georgia_ immigration_bill.html

February 23, 2009

Pew Hispanic Center A rising Share: Hispanics and Federal Crime – illegal aliens represent 24% of all federal convictions, up from just 7% in 1991.

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A Rising Share: Hispanics and Federal Crime

by Mark Hugo Lopez, Associate Director, Pew Hispanic Center, and Michael T. Light, Pennsylvania State University

Complete Report HERE

Sharp growth in illegal immigration and increased enforcement of immigration laws have altered the ethnic composition of offenders sentenced in federal courts. In 2007, Latinos accounted for 40% of all sentenced federal offenders-more than triple their share (13%) of the total U.S. adult population. The share of all sentenced offenders who were Latino in 2007 was up from 24% in 1991, according to an analysis of data from the United States Sentencing Commission (USSC) by the Pew Hispanic Center, a project of the Pew Research Center. Moreover, by 2007, immigration offenses represented nearly one-quarter (24%) of all federal convictions, up from just 7% in 1991. Among those sentenced for immigration offenses in 2007, 80% were Hispanic.

This heightened focus on immigration enforcement has also changed the citizenship profile of federal offenders. In 2007, Latinos without U.S. citizenship represented 29% of all federal offenders. Among all Latino offenders, some 72% were not U.S. citizens, up from 61% in 1991. By contrast, a much smaller share of white offenders (8%) and black offenders (6%) who were sentenced in federal courts in 2007 were not U.S. citizens.

Among sentenced immigration offenders, most were convicted of unlawfully entering or remaining in the U.S. Fully 75% of Latino offenders sentenced for immigration crimes in 2007 were convicted of entering the U.S. unlawfully or residing in the country without authorization.

Hispanics who were convicted of any federal offense were more likely than non-Hispanics to be sentenced to prison. But among all federal offenders sentenced to prison, Hispanics were also more likely than blacks or whites to receive a shorter prison term.

This report examines the ethnic, racial and citizenship status of sentenced offenders in federal courts. It is important to note that the federal courts represent a relatively small share of the overall criminal justice system in the United States. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2004 only 6% of all offenders sentenced for a felony were sentenced in a federal court; the remainder were sentenced in a state court.

The data for this report are from the United States Sentencing Commission’s Monitoring of Federal Criminal Sentences data files for fiscal years 1991 through 2007.

These files contain information on all federal court cases in which an offender was sentenced.
More on Demography:

Latinos Account for Half of U.S. Population Growth Since 2000

Mexican drug gangs pose the biggest organized crime threat to the United States

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Paul E. Vallely — Canada Free Press — Toronto

Mexico — Closing in on chaos

A U.S. Department of Justice report by the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) says that Mexican drug gangs pose the biggest organized crime threat to the United States. The report, the annual National Drug Threat Assessment 2009, evaluates the threat posed by illegal drugs by examining availability, production…


Los Angeles – illegal immigration Capitol of the world: More than 2 million people on welfare or public aid

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2-million-plus Angelenos on welfare, public aid
More than two million people living in Los Angeles County — about 20 percent of the area’s population — receive welfare or other public aid and officials believe more will need help as the recession deepens. — The rising demand due to the nation’s sagging economy and a jobless rate that stands at 9.5 percent in Los Angeles County…


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