August 2, 2016

Dax Lopez 2016 — GALEO’s anti-enforcement judge, DAX LOPEZ is on this list: Here’s Who’s Been Nominated For the Supreme Court of Georgia So Far

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Forgot who and what Dax Lopez is? Having been discarded by the U.S. Senate for a federal bench seat, now the state Republican establishment wants to put him on the Georgia Supreme Court!

A reminder below, and Governor Deal’s office number is 404-656-1776

NO! to an anti-enforcement judge from the illegal alien lobby for Georgia Supreme Court!

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Here’s Who’s Been Nominated For the Supreme Court of Georgia So Far

Jonathan Ringel,

Daily Report
August 2, 2016

The Judicial Nominating Commission had received nominations of 79 judges and lawyers for two seats on the Supreme Court of Georgia as of 11 a.m. Tuesday.

The commission, which will recommend to Gov. Nathan Deal a list of up to five nominees for each seat, will take nominations through Monday, Aug. 8. Nominees will then have to fill out an application to be considered for an interview by the commission. (Nominations may be sent to the commission by letter, addressed to Judicial Nominating Commission, c/o Dana McGuire, 600 Peachtree N.E., Suite 5200, Atlanta, GA 30308-2216; by fax to 404-962-6919; or by email c/o

Later this year, the commission will help the governor fill a third opening on the high court.
In 2015, more than 200 people were nominated for three open slots on the Court of Appeals of Georgia. Nearly half of those nominated did not complete applications, showing that being nominated does not necessarily mean a nominee is interested in the post.

Below is the list of Supreme Court nominees provided by the Judicial Nominating Commission at 11 a.m. Tuesday. The Daily Report alphabetized the list but did not check spelling of names. The Daily Report will publish updated lists periodically through Monday.

Gary Alembik
Michael G. Anderson
Nina Markette Baker
Kimberly Bandoh
Richard H. Bennett
Dennis Blackmon
Todd Boyce
Elizabeth Branch
M. Gino Brogdon, Sr.
Robert Broglia
Tamara Calder
Michael L. Chidester
Michael C. Clark
Verda M. Colvin
John Blake Cunningham
Stephen L.A. Dillard
David T. Emerson
Edgar W. Ennis, Jr.
Robert Brandon Faircloth
Vincent James Faucette
Christopher Freeman
Sarah Geraghty
Sarah Gerwig-Moore
David Michael Ginsburg
Ural D. Glanville
Frederick N. Gleaton
Stephen S. Goss
Reuben Greene
Thomas Greer
Karlise Grier
Adam Hames
Sheryl E. Harrison-Mercer
Bruce S. Harvey
Denorris Heard
Avis Hornsby
Asha F. Jackson
Brian Kammer
LaTain Kell
Scott Key
Gerard B. Kleinrock
Joyce Klemmer
Christine Koehler
Wesley Allen Lambertus
Robert Leonard
* Dax Lopez
D. Todd Markle…. Read the rest at the Daily Report site (paywall)