April 30, 2009

Illegal labor at Georgia Power’s Plant Bowen – American worker pays the ultimate price

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Illegal labor at Georgia Power’s Plant Bowen – American worker pays the ultimate price.

WSB-TV Atlanta two-part investigative report

WSB TV VIDEO Part 1 (April 23)

WSB TV VIDEO Part 2 (April 24)

CLICK HERE for a copy of lawsuit referred to in the WSB report

April 29, 2009

Border county sheriffs want Arizona schools to start asking students whether they are in this country legally

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East Valley Tribune — Phoenix

Sheriffs want to test immigration ruling

Some border county sheriffs want Arizona schools to start asking students whether they are in this country legally. Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, who originated the idea, said Arizona taxpayers are underwriting millions of dollars of costs of teaching English to children who have no legal right to be here.

He also said there is a link between illegal immigration and social problems and gang activity. HERE

April 27, 2009

UPS donates $750 K to The National Council of The Race

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Atlanta Business Chronicle
April 27, 2009

UPS makes $750K grant to National Council of La Raza

United Parcel Service Inc. gave $750,000 to Hispanic civil rights group National Council of La Raza (NCLR) to help that organization develop programs and services for Latino communities.

The grant will go to NCLR’s Campaign for Stronger American Communities to provide direct services or advocacy for millions of Latinos in education, health, home ownership and workforce development.

Atlanta-based UPS (NYSE: UPS) has worked with NCLR since 1982 and is the 2009 Title Sponsor of Latino Expo USA, which will be held at the NCLR 2009 Annual Conference, July 25–27 in Chicago.

“This grant is a natural extension of UPS’ commitment to serving the communities where our employees live and work,” said Ken Sternad, president of The UPS Foundation, in a news release. “We have seen over the years NCLR’s shared commitment to those communities, and we are delighted to help ensure that their important work continues.”


Bush didn’t secure American borders after the horror of 9/11 and Obama will not secure american borders even with killer Mexican flu…NEWS

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Canadian Press
Canada tightens screening of incoming Mexican workers Ottawa —

Canada has tightened the screening process for incoming Mexican workers in an effort to limit the spread of swine flu, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced in an interview Monday. — All Mexican workers need to have a fever-check by two doctors, fill out a questionnaire, and undergo a physical before entering Canada…


North County Times — Escondido, Calif.

Hunter calls for border restrictions as response to swine flu

U.S. Rep. Duncan D. Hunter, R-El Cajon, called Monday for a restriction on travel from Mexico into the United States to combat spread of the swine flu, now confirmed at 40 cases from New York to San Diego. — Hunter said he was urging President Barack Obama to “consider restricting cross-border traffic entering the U.S. from Mexico.”


San Antonio Express-News

Swine Flu Watch: SCUCISD closes all schools

As the number of suspected or confirmed local cases of swine flu climbed to 12, the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District said Sunday it will close all its schools for at least one week. — The district also canceled today’s planned public meeting at Steele High School in Cibolo…

London Telegraph

Swine flu: Every passenger arriving in Britain from Mexico screened

Two travellers were admitted to a hospital in Scotland when they complained of flu-like symptoms after returning from holiday in the country. — Alan Johnson, the Health Secretary, said Britain was on “constant alert” after the previously unknown influenza spread from Mexico to America….

Thai News Agency — Bangkok

Thai airports install thermal scanners for swine flu

Thailand’s international airports have increased surveillance to quarantine arriving passengers from Mexico and the United States, where a new strain of deadly swine flu virus has been detected and the virus has killed 103 people in Mexico…


Associated Press

9 suspected invaders from Mexico arrested

Bella Vista, Ark. — Sheriff’s deputies say they arrested nine suspected illegal [aliens] all heading to western Arkansas from Phoenix. — Sgt. Brandon Rogers of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office told the Morning News that all nine were Mexican nationals. Rogers says they were found when a deputy stopped a sport-utility vehicle Thursday night on U.S. 71.


April 24, 2009

” Unfortunately, low-skill immigrants don’t pay enough taxes to cover the cost of the benefits they receive” : Paul Krugman, the liberal economist and Nobel Laureate. Info from NumbersUSA.com AND ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS ILLEGAL! ( note to Janet Napolitano: it’s a crime)

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From www.NumbersUSA.com
Presenting Our New Taxpayer Burden Page

By Charles Breiterman, Friday, April 24, 2009, 9:08 AM

NumbersUSA staff has developed a taxpayer burden page. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the information on it so you can make the point to your friends that amnesty costs up to 70 times more than enforcement. The cost of amnesty to the taxpayer will be $999 billion, while the cost of the October bank bailout (TARP) was a mere $700 billion. The blog that follows may be somewhat taxing on your mind, but it is nothing compared to the taxes on your money that you will be shelling out to the government if amnesty is passed!

Eighty percent of illegal aliens are low-skilled.1 Paul Krugman, the liberal economist and Nobel Laureate has written, “Unfortunately, low-skill immigrants don’t pay enough taxes to cover the cost of the benefits they receive.”2 That means American taxpayers must subsidize the costs of services to people who have illegally entered our nation.

Before getting into figures, let me try to illustrate why it is impossible for low-skilled illegal aliens to pay their own way in a 21st century society that offers hundreds of government benefits and services. Below is a table of some of the benefits that people who are currently illegal aliens will be entitled to if they become legal U.S. citizens. Some illegal aliens manage to obtain some of these benefits now. For example, President Obama’s Aunt Zeitouni was exposed as an illegal alien living in taxpayer subsidized housing in Boston. However, participation will rise dramatically if there is a mass legalization because people will be lawfully qualified for these benefits:

TANF- Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Taxpayer Subsidized Housing
WIC- Women, Infants and Children Nutrition Program Social Security
AFDC- Aid to Families with Dependent Children Help with utility bills
SSI- Supplemental Security Income Unemployment insurance
EITC- Earned Income Tax Credit Medicaid
ACTC- Additional Child Tax Credit Medicare
SNAP- Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Social worker services

PLEASE read the rest HERE and use these facts in your letters to the editor.

April 23, 2009

Worldwide recession worst since Depression : AMNESTY PUSH STILL ON

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Marietta Daily Journal

Worldwide recession worst since Depression

WASHINGTON – The global economy is expected to lurch into reverse this year for the first time since World War II with appalling consequences for nations large and small – trillions of dollars in lost business, millions of people thrust into hunger and homelessness and crime on the rise. READ HERE AND ASK YOURSELF: DO WE NEED MORE LABOR?

April 21, 2009

Illegal alien handlers to help illustrate true agenda with amnesty rallies: GRACIAS for the help open borders nuts!

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Capital Times — Madison, Wisconsin

Reconquistas debate whether pro-amnesty rallies are wise now

Energized by a renewed prospect of success, Latinos in Dane County and across the country are planning to go to the streets again on May 1 to hold President Barack Obama to his assurances that immigration reform is on the way…

Meanwhile, organizers with the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, which is staging marches in cities across the country, are framing their message to say “humane” immigration reform will benefit all workers and not just immigrants. “A pro-worker immigration reform bill will benefit both native and foreign workers who are more vulnerable in this weak economy to abuse by bad employers,” said Christine Neumann-Ortiz of Milwaukee-based Voces de la Frontera.

That political tack is aimed at defusing political backlash like the kind that came after massive nationwide rallies in 2006 put a spotlight on immigration reform. And it is that potential that has led some advocates for immigrant rights to advise tempering the rhetoric this season.

Peter Munoz, executive director of Centro Hispano, Dane County’s premier agency serving Latinos, warned that the heady marches that brought out hundreds of thousands three years ago in support of immigration reform eroded popular and political support and unleashed workplace raids that led to the detention and deportation of workers and the separation of immigrant families…


Georgia’s open border goons plan one here too:



Illegal aliens led by Jerry Gonzalez and Mexican citizen ( and former Mexican Consul General) Teodoro Maus to hold an amnesty rally at the Georgia Capitol: ( see photo of what to expect)
Event Date: 2009-05-02
Event Time: 10:00 AM

Contact Information
Contact Name: GLAHRContact Telephone: 770-457 5232
Contact Email: infoglahr@gmail.com


Capitol Bldg
Washington St
Atlanta, Ga

Event Description


Joins US at the CAPITOL

MAY 2nd 2009


WHERE: Capitol Bldg

Washington St Atlanta, Ga


Saturday, MAY 2nd






For more information: 770-457 5232

Take MARTA and exit at the Underground Station

Alterna, Atlantas Building Leadership Empowerment (ABLE), Canton Initiative for the Education of Latinos Organization (CIELO), Coalicion de Lideres Latinos (CLILA), Comite Civico Ecuatoriano, Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO), Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR), Latino Unidos en Carroll County (LUCC) and more.

Another American community headed for security and less crime through 287 (g) – open borders goons angry as usual

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Burlington (NC) News Times

Commissioners approve pro-287(g) resolution

Four county commissioners brushed aside board member Ann Vaughan’s concerns and voted in favor of a resolution supporting Sheriff Terry Johnson’s 287(g) illegal immigration enforcement program. — Monday’s 4-1 vote in favor of Commissioner Tim Sutton’s resolution came after Vaughan brought forward her resolution…


April 20, 2009

Illegal Aliens are 3 times more likely…” TAX WELFARE”

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Fox News — Dallas

Illegal Aliens are 3 times more likely…

Illegal Aliens are 3X more likely to receive Earned Income Tax Credit than Natural Born Citizens. This should make everyone mad enough to get up from your keyboards and march on your nearest government offices an protest and take back what is being stolen from you….


April 19, 2009

FAST FACT: No other country in the world has as many total immigrants from all countries as the United States has immigrants from Mexico alone- Washington Times, Pew

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Washington Times

Mexicans total 32% of “immigrants”

President Obama arrived in Mexico for a visit Thursday but he could have stayed home if he was looking for a Mexican audience. — A record 12.7 million Mexican immigrants lived in the U.S. in 2008, a 17-fold increase since 1970, according to a study released Thursday by the Pew Hispanic Center…

No other country in the world has as many total immigrants from all countries as the United States has immigrants from Mexico alone. Other than the United States, the country that hosts the largest number of immigrants is Russia, with 12 million foreign born,” the study said.

The majority of Mexican citizens in the U.S. – 55 percent – are here illegally. And Mexicans comprise a majority (59 percent) of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants now within our borders.


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