December 29, 2014

We need help to continue

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Dear Friend,


There are only a few days left in 2014 to help The Dustin Inman Society fight the crime of illegal immigration in Georgia.

Since 2005, we have survived on donations and accomplished much.

The illegal alien lobby hates us. While the Georgia media makes a point of ignoring us, we have been featured as effective activists by national publications and TV networks as well as front-page coverage in the left-leaning, pro-amnesty New York Times .

Only a tiny portion of the people on this list contribute. If everyone reading this right now gave $25.00, our end-of-the-year fundraiser would be done within an hour.

Your donations can be tax deductible. Please click HERE for easy instructions on how to help.

Thank you if you are able and willing to help us stop another amnesty and illegal aliens from getting Georgia drivers licenses in 2015.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: If you want to see who finances the illegal alien lobby in Georgia and who we are fighting in our effort to see immigration laws enforced click HERE  . (hint: Coca Cola, Western Union and Cox Enterprises and some Republican politicians top the list)

In case you didn’t know, you and I also finance the illegal alien lobby with our tax dollars. See HERE

We will continue our effort to keep you educated on immigration as long as we are able.

Thank you so much for your help and please have a Happy New Year.

December 10, 2014

D.A. King in the Marietta Daily Journal: Establishment GOP’ers set on amnesty

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Marietta Daily Journal


D.A. King

Decemeber 9, 2014

Establishment House GOP’ers set on amnesty

Recently in this space, I included a view about the possibility of the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives passing a hybrid “Cromnibus” budget bill that would involve funding of the federal government until next October while still allowing Congress to defund Obama’s executive amnesty early next year.

Scratch that premise. I was very, very wrong.

The only immediate way to stop Obama — and Establishment Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner — is to send a short term “Continuing Resolution” funding bill to the Democrat–controlled Senate this week. The House should also send language attached to the bill that forbids use of any funds to go to any action that issues work permits, Social Security Numbers and quasi-legal presence to a single illegal alien.

Without a huge and immediate expression of vocal public outrage, the Republicans in the House who are in league with the Chamber-of-Commerce- controlled-Speaker have no intention of using their inherent power to stop Obama — or to preserve the Constitution.

How bad is it? When asked about the defunding, Boehner said he would not commit to bringing up a bill in 2015 to strip critical funding to the Department of Homeland Security when Republicans have control of both houses of Congress.

Little over a month since the election in which Republicans ran and won as pro-enforcement conservatives, the Republican chairman of the powerful House Rules committee, Pete Sessions of Texas, revealed last week that House Republican leaders intend to give permanent legal status to most illegal aliens in the country.

Sessions said that we may soon see GOP legislation ensuring that “not one person” who is in the country illegally and has not committed a violent crime is “thrown out.” Got that? No? Let me help: He means that immigration laws only apply to people who have already crossed our borders illegally or overstayed a visa and then killed, robbed or raped someone. Otherwise … “Y’all come. We have plenty of jobs and our schools, welfare systems and common language are doing just great. And we need more low-income Democrat voters!”

Thanks to Breitbart News, we know that Sessions also made it clear that House Republican leaders want to have a “well understood agreement about what the law should be and how we as communities, and farm communities, and tech communities, create circumstances where we can have people be in this country and work, and where not one person is quote ‘thrown out’ or ‘deported’ — where we do keep families together, but what we do is we do so under a rule of law of an understanding.”

The Republican leadership plan, according to Sessions: “even in our wildest dream, would not be to remove any person that might be here unless they were dangerous to this country and committed a crime … that was never even in a plan that I thought about.” Got it now?

On subverting the Constitution and starting the illegal executive amnesty ball rolling down a path to open borders, these Republican congressional leaders could easily be labeled “Obama-Republicans.” The vote on whether to fund Obama’s amnesty with a $1 trillion omnibus funding bill is going to happen this week. I am urging my Rep to vote “HELL NO.”

No matter their email alerts, recent posturing and their bombast, by close of business Friday, we will all know which side our own congressman is really on.

Something that must be repeated over and over until it is as important to and as well understood by the average American as ‘Dancing with the Stars:’ Once Obama issues a work permit and Social Security Number to an illegal alien, that process will likely never be undone. No “victim of borders” is ever going to see the process reversed. The Establishment Republicans and the liberal media would not allow it to happen. Honest.

Obama has already rented taxpayer-funded offices in Virginia and started the hiring process for federal workers to process his amnesty.

The time to stop this pathway to eventually swelling the Democrat voting rolls and a one-party America is today.

I would write more, but I need to call my congressman’s office.

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December 5, 2014

ATTENTION JOHN “CHAMBER-BOY” BOEHNER: When you have lost the Cobb County Republican Women’s Club in Georgia…Legislative alert from the CCRWC in Marietta, Georgia

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Received here today: Legislative alert from the Cobb County Republican Women’s Club in Marietta, Georgia

“The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on fully funding through September 2015, President Barack Obama’s executive actions, including amnesty for five million illegals. While the U.S.House of Representatives cast a symbolic vote earlier this week to block Obama’s amnesty plan, the real action lies in refusing to fund his amnesty program. Reports from various news outlets and from inside the beltway in Washington D.C. are confirming that John Boehner, Speaker of the House, is once again capitulating to Democrats and ignoring conservatives within the Republican Party. Boehner and other GOP leaders are afraid of shutting down the government and insist on passing a budget that is fully funded through the fiscal year.

It is urgent that your U.S. representative is contacted along with Boehner imploring them to only pass a SHORT-TERM funding bill that would allow the next Congress to defund Obama’s amnesty. It is Congress – not the Executive branch of government – that has the power of the purse. Based on the recent election results, it should be Obama and the Democrats who should be forced to compromise.”

– Submitted by Felicity Diamond, CCRWC campaign outreach chair

Who We Are

“For almost 50 years now, the Cobb County Republican’s Women’s Club (CCRWC) has helped foster and encourage loyalty to the Republican Party and its principles, as well as promote and inform the electorate through education.

As an active member of the Georgia Federation of Republican Womenand National Federation of Republican Women, CCRWC is the largest federated women’s group in Georgia with more than 300 members. CCRWC consistently receives the coveted Diamond Award for excellence at the National Federation Convention, designating it as one of the nation’s finest organizations of Republican women.

Membership in our organization provides opportunities to network and volunteer with people with similar interests and beliefs. All women and men who support the Republican philosophy are encouraged to become members and associate members, respectively.

Activities that CCRWC supports include regular monthly luncheons with dynamic guest speakers, annual veteran’s day celebration, campaign training, candidate forums, and other community events. Through our charitable giving, we support a scholarship fund and our military. In addition, our Caring for America committee highlights various organizations at our monthly luncheons throughout the year and our generous members support their efforts with their individual donations.

By joining together, we have a greater influence on the issues facing our county, state, and nation. Together, we can and do make a positive difference.”

December 3, 2014

10 minutes ago on the radio: Middle Georgia farmer on illegal workers and profits…

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10 minutes ago on the radio as heard here in Atlanta.

A self-described middle-Georgia farmer is on the Laura Ingraham radio show lamenting that Georgia has “one of the toughest immigration laws in the country” (we tried, but it isn’t “tough” unless it is enforced, which isn’t the case) and he and his fellow growers are now hiring much more legal labor. “Wages are going up” he tell Ingraham, “but my profits aren’t.”

He went on to explain that he needs more illegal workers…because “they work, ya know…?”

He was clearly working from a list of points he had been given, which was illustrated with his last interjection to Ingraham: “I agree with you 99% of the time…but what do we do with the 11 million?”

As usual, radio-patriot Ingraham handled it all very well and explained that if we as a nation strive to “take care of the American worker”, the rest of it will take care of itself.

Conclusion? Enforcement works

December 1, 2014

D.A. King in the Sunday Marietta Daily Journal: GOP should listen to Price on amnesty

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Marietta Daily Journal
Sunday, November 30, 2014

GOP should listen to Price on amnesty

D.A. King

News for pro-enforcement conservatives: If you assumed that the Republican leadership in congress would have a courageous, unified and pro-enforcement ready-to-go response to stop Obama from further subverting the Constitution with his amnesty, there are a few things you should know.

Remember, Obama boasted of his coming amnesty command for months. The GOP wasn’t taken by surprise. It looks like the plan may be to see if Americans will be distracted enough by turkey, “Black Friday” and nightly “Ferguson R-Us” riots to not notice that GOP leadership has done little but unenthusiastically sputter.

And a large part of the plan is to not to offend the liberal media with any wild pro-Constitution talk.

There was an angry, corporate-funded “deferred action for all!” protest rally in Atlanta less than 24 hours after the emperor made his announcement last Thursday. Reminder: The goal is open borders.

How bad is it?

Word is coming out of the U.S. House of Representatives that leadership has plans to allow Obama to carry on with his amnesty. From multiple news outlets: “Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) revealed that Republican leadership, led by Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio), has no intention of resisting President Obama’s executive amnesty.”

“They acted as though the amnesty issue wasn’t even an issue. They said that the President is going to do what he’s going to do, and we are not going to get down in the mud with him. We are not going to engage, and what we are going to do is to talk about our positive solutions on jobs, the economy, education and manufacturing,” Bachmann said.

By the way, many illegal aliens amnestied by Obama’s lawless decree would be eligible for earned income tax credits (massive welfare), Social Security, Medicare and other public benefits. But they would all still be illegal aliens. Four million amnestied illegal aliens would cost taxpayers about $2 trillion over their lifetime, reports Heritage Foundation expert Robert Rector.

It gets worse. Breitbart News reports that “House Speaker John Boehner requested that President Barack Obama avoid making a “very public push” on immigration during the midterm primaries, according to White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett.”

Breitbart continues: “Speaking to Chicago Sun Times Washington Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet, Jarrett claimed that the Speaker asked Obama to wait until after the primaries to publicly move with the immigration issue.

“As Sweet notes, the immigration issue during the primaries could have served to make fending off conservative challenges … more difficult.”

Got that?

For the “I don’t care about politics” readers: Every crisis has a solution. The congressional solution to a rogue Marxist president surrounded by like-minded advisors bent on transforming the America over which they took power is to cut off his funding using the lawful “power of the purse.”

The current federal funding to run the government runs out on Dec. 11. The funding contest is to see who backs up, Obama or the Republicans. Generally put, if the GOP-controlled House sends a spending bill over to the lame-duck Democrat-controlled Senate that fully funds the federal government until the end of the fiscal year, (Sept. 30, 2015) Obama will have all the taxpayer money he needs to easily operate his amnesty for the illegal alien, future Democrat voters.

If the Republican House stands its ground and passes only short term funding to take the government into 2015 — when they will have control of both the House and Senate — they can all work together to ensure that legislation is passed making it impossible for the president to do his amnesty. If he vetoes the bill, parts of the government would shut down.

U.S. Rep. Tom Price (R-Roswell) has come up with a very convincing combination of the two scenarios above. It is being called “the Price Plan.” Price is the incoming chairman of the powerful House Budget Committee. Speaker Boehner should listen to Price.

The Republican leadership assumption is that A) Americans are too stupid to see that the GOP has the power to stop the amnesty; and B) too stupid to realize if there were any kind of shut-down, it would be because Obama wants amnesty for millions of illegal aliens much more than he wants to keep the U.S. government running.

Republicans should defer action on Obama’s illegal amnesty and re-take power. And voters should speak up.

D.A. King of east Cobb is president of the Dustin Inman Society.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – GOP should listen to Price on amnesty

Jorge Ramos comes out for open borders – delays discussion or defense of his position apparently until after another amnesty

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Univision/Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos quoted in the December 1/8 2014 issue of TIME magazine.

I sent him a Tweet challenging him to defend this position on his live TV venue. Don’t hold your breath. For the record: I like Ramos personally and hope for the opportunity to finally defeat him on his ping-pong table…

“Then what had he meant by comparing the southern border fence to the Berlin Wall? “The taboo issue of an open border should be tackled. Not now. Politically it is impossible even to discuss that,” he said. “But I don’t see why we can’t have in North America the same immigration system that they have within the European Union.” Was there a limit to how far a journalist should go in advocating for the interests of his audience? “The limit is, I am a registered independent. I would never say to whom I vote,” he said. He also tried to separate his various roles. He never offers the same sort of raw opinions on the nightly news that he gives on his weekly Fusion show or in appearances with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, another blue-eyed silver fox, who calls Ramos “my TV twin.”