November 18, 2015


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I must part with my grandparent’s 1950’s Ritts “Tropitan” rattan sunroom furniture. (Google ‘Ritts Tropitan’)

My grandmother bought this set about 1955-1956 (?). This is the good stuff.

Very high-end then and very sought-after now by people who collect mid-century, casual furniture. This is indoor furniture and has always been lovingly kept and used indoors. We put it all outside for 15 minutes in July for photographs only.

As you can see, the sofa and side chairs need to be recovered as they mildewed in storage at my home in Georgia where everything has been since it was moved out of my grandparent’s Florida home in 2009.

I grew up on this furniture in Michigan and it means something to me. While I must part with it because of space, we must get something for it. But, I plan on giving someone who would appreciate its style and the retro, mid-century chic a bargain buy.

Shirley Ritts – designer on Wiki   Shirley Ritts LA Times obit

Here is a photo of what almost identical furniture can look like with new cushions.

Our sofa & side chairs look like this. See link above for photos of our furniture

Info on “Bamboo” and “Rattan.”

Here is an identical chair to the two (not to be confused with the four dining table chairs) we have. It is advertised for sale at $ 2240.00

What we have for sale: 
1) A three-piece sofa – 6 ft long (wide)
2) 2 side chairs that match the sofa – 27 inches wide
3) 2 side tables
4) 1 coffee table
5) 1 dining table 35 inches square, with equal size extension/leaf
6) 4 dining chairs

All pieces are in very good condition, but need a good wipe-down, and new cushions.





November 12, 2015

This is happening in Europe right now – and it is coming here…

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UPDATE November 16, 2015: The Youtube version is back up, minus some of the copyright-contested music. So, now both links below will allow you to see the shocking video from Europe. This was posted well before the horrific events of Friday. inParis.


Listen when the Islamic radicals explain their plan for their European hosts…



The YouTube video was taken down, but is now back up – also, there is a NEW LINK HERE.

November 10, 2015

FAST FACT: 5th Circuit uses “illegal alien” to describe illegal aliens thirty-nine times (39)

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Thirty-nine times. 39.


November 9, 2015

Georgia Congressman Barry Loudermilk sends a letter of explanation on voting YES to TPA –

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Somebody is confused on the facts surrounding TPA and the difference between TPA and TPP.

Short game: Count facts in this letter…

The Dustin Inman Society and Inger Eberhart on NRO: The Southern Poverty Law Center, part Karl, part Groucho

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November 9, 2015  @MARKSKRIKORIAN

The Southern Poverty Law Center is rightly seen as a pernicious and loathsome racket. It warns that terrorists lurk among veterans and Tea Partiers; its labeling of the Family Research Council as a “hate group” inspired a gay activist to attempt a murderous attack on the FRC’s Washington offices; and it beat Politico to the smear by putting Ben Carson on a list of “extremists,” on par with David Duke and Fred Phelps (for which is was forced to apologize).

But sometimes the SPLC’s righteous fanaticism leads to comical errors. An example of that arose last month at a conference of immigration skeptics outside Washington. Heidi Beirich, one of the SPLC’s chief propagandists, wrote a blog post to help mainstream a posting from an even more extreme group than hers. The upshot was that Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (sometime National Review contributor) is evil because he spoke at a “white nationalist” conference. And her tactic succeeded; Beirich’s posting was the basis of an editorial last week by the Kansas City Star criticizing Kobach’s “despicable behavior” for hobnobbing with the wicked.

Here’s the funny part: Beirich’s posting was illustrated with a photo of Kobach speaking at the conference, the caption of which notes that it was taken from the Twitter feed of one @Hunter7Taylor. What do you find when you go to @hunter7taylor’s profile? This:

Inger Eberhart a 'white nationalist', according to the SPLC

Inger Eberhart a ‘white nationalist’, according to the SPLC

White nationalist? Turns out her name is Inger Eberhart. I was at the conference too and, though I don’t know her, the photo is definitely her.

So, the SPLC chose to illustrate a menacing warning about a “white nationalist” conference with a photo taken and tweeted by a black woman. And not a plant, but a participant who’s on the board of the Dustin Inman Society, Georgia’s immigration-control citizens’ group led by the indefatigable D.A. King.

As she wrote, “I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia in the years immediately following the civil rights era. I would spot a real white nationalist a lot faster than you ever could.” Eberhart wasn’t the only improbable “white nationalist.” Maria Espinoza, daughter of a Mexican immigrant and past president of Houston Eagle Forum, heads the Remembrance Project, which honors Americans killed by illegal aliens.

Two other speakers were also Hispanic Americans. This gathering of “white nationalists” also featured a panel featuring me, Mike Gonzalez of the Heritage Foundation (a Cuban immigrant who spoke on promoting assimilation and fighting multiculturalism) and George Mason University economist Bryan Caplan (who made a forthright argument for open borders). As Caplan noted afterward on his blog, “the audience was polite, with little of the vitriol that so sullies cyberspace.”

Yes, yes, I know, I shouldn’t expect anything different from leftist goons. And I don’t really; Beirich is clearly an end-justifies-the-means Alinskyite. But I had expected a certain level of competence, which is apparently lacking. As the great Londo Mollari said, “Arrogance and stupidity all in the same package. How efficient.”

Read more at:

November 6, 2015

D.A. King in the Dalton Daily Citizen – No More Unrecorded Votes

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Dalton Daily Citizen


November 5, 2015

No more unrecorded votes.

As a Georgian seeking accountability and transparency in government, I send my gratitude for The Daily Citizen’s focus on the fact that the super-majority Republican Georgia state Senate has — and uses — a system of unrecorded votes.

Also, most Georgians are still unaware that Georgia has been issuing driver’s licenses, official state photo ID cards and public benefits — including unemployment compensation eligibility — to a group of illegal aliens since July of 2012.

Thirty-eight of the 56 members of the state senate are Republicans and they all ran as “conservatives.” State Sen. Josh McKoon, R-Columbus, introduced a bill (SB 6) last November to refine existing law intended to end the above lunacy, but it only drew 12 co-sponsors. When SB 6 was not allowed so much as an initial hearing by GOP leadership, McKoon’s floor amendment to stop rewarding illegals with a driver’s licenses was defeated 27-16 — with an unrecorded hand vote.

As this newspaper noted, only four co-sponsors supported McKoon’s motion for a machine-counted, permanently recorded vote. On the unrecorded vote, one co-sponsor of SB 6 actually voted against the floor amendment while I watched from the gallery.

In the state Capitol, it is correctly taken as a matter of course that most people don’t know how their government works. And that fact is wielded as a very effective tool. As a reluctant and self-funded denizen of the Gold Dome for more than a decade, this pro-enforcement immigration activist sadly reports that many legislators’ contempt level for constituents is at an all-time high.

It should also be noted that to get to a final vote on the nearly $1 billion transportation tax increase, senate leadership used the unrecorded vote rule. By contrast, Gov. Nathan Deal has told us illegal immigration costs the state $2.4 billion every year. Guess which side of these issues the Georgia Chamber of Commerce takes.

No Democrats supported a recorded vote on the McKoon amendment because they understood that because of the danger of voter memory, it would have likely resulted in Republican approval. We submit this can easily be called “bipartisanship.”

McKoon has pledged that no driver’s license–related bill from the House will go through the Senate without another floor amendment aimed at ending the practice of giving any illegal aliens a driver’s license. And he has made it clear that he will introduce a resolution to alter Senate rules to eliminate the unrecorded vote process.

There is no legislation in the GOP-majority state House to address illegal aliens being encouraged to remain in Georgia with the de facto national ID — a driver’s license.

Currently, unrecorded votes are winning, “We the People” are losing.

Voters should be asking which side their own legislators are on.

D.A. King


November 4, 2015

In which Inger Eberhart responds to the slime-ers at the SPLC and ‘Imagine 2050’ – Can a black, pro-enforcement immigration activist be a “white nationalist?”

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Proud pro-enforcement Americans at the massive BALA 2013 ‘DC March for Jobs’ in Washington DC, 2013



At her request, I posted the below for our dear friend Inger. Her original post is on her Facebook page… AND, (added November 9) NRO also hit this HERE.


Can a black, pro-enforcement immigration activist be a “white nationalist?”

A revealing look at the illegal alien lobby and their smears

Inger Eberhart

As a black American, I am outraged at the lengths the hate-mongering left goes to smear advocates for sanity and control regarding immigration.

A couple of weeks ago I attended the 2015 Writer’s Workshop conference sponsored by U.S. Inc. in Washington D.C. – and I plan on going again next year. Little did I know that my attendance at this year’s Workshop would give the pro-illegal alien Southern Poverty Law Center and its open border allies an opportunity to make fools of themselves yet again.

Here’s what unfolded. The conference audience consisted mostly of academics, writers, bloggers, and activists like myself from across the country who believe that our immigration laws should be enforced and that Americans of all races and backgrounds should not lose their jobs to cheaper illegal or imported foreign workers. Really radical ideas, right?

So, naturally, the SPLC hates the Writer’s Workshop and everything it stands for. While there, I snapped a photo of one of the speakers, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, and posted it on my Twitter feed. It seems that an SPLC ally named ‘Imagine 2050′ monitors my Twitter feed.

They took my picture without my permission, used it in a ridiculous smear piece and apparently passed it on to the SPLC.

The educational event obviously gave the SPLC a terrible case of the vapors. They proved it by demonstrating their hate for the Kansas Secretary of State for his outstanding legal work on behalf of enforcing our immigration laws. Someone named Heidi Bierich wrote a blog denouncing Secretary Kobach for speaking at a conference of “white nationalists.” White nationalists is one of those labels the SPLC uses in addition to “racists”, “nativists”, and “xenophobes” to demonize any group or individual who upholds our immigration laws.

That was amusing, to this African-American woman who, along with other black Americans, and Latino and Asian Americans found ourselves attending a “white nationalist conference” if you were to believe the Imagine 2050 and the SPLC.

Mind you this was a conference at which two Latinos made presentations and another Latino told the heartbreaking story of his brother’s murder at the hands of a twice-deported illegal alien.

Memo to Imagine 2050 and the SPLC: I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia in the years immediately following the civil rights era. I would spot a real white nationalist a lot faster than you ever could.

This entire smear campaign would be amusing if it wasn’t so sick.

The SPLC apparently assumes the revealing expose from their hometown newspaper, the Montgomery Advertiser has been forgotten. This proud Southerner has not forgotten:

“Outside the Southern Poverty Law Center, a stunning civil rights memorial honors those who died to give blacks more opportunities. Inside, no blacks have held top management positions in the center’s 23-year history, and some former employees say blacks are treated like second-class citizens.

“I would definitely say there was not a single black employee with whom I spoke who was happy to be working there,” said Christine Lee, a black graduate of Harvard Law School who interned at the Law Center in 1989.

Only one black has ever been among the top five wage-earners at the center, and he was one of only two black staff attorneys in the center’s history. Both said they left unhappy.

The Law Center’s ambitious new project, Teaching Tolerance, which is designed to promote racial and cultural justice throughout America’s schools, is produced by an eight-member all-white staff according to the Law Center.”

Stay tuned, it gets better. The shameless character assassins at IMAGINE 2050 also used a picture from the U.S. Inc. writers conference of Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach pictured with a Latina American, Ms. Maria Espinoza and at least two other Hispanics.

Ms. Espinoza is the founder of The Remembrance Project (@StolenLivesQlt) whose mission is to remember and honor the thousands of law abiding Americans of all descriptions who have been raped, brutalized and murdered at the hands of illegal alien criminals, to try and bring some comfort and support to the families devastated by their loss, and to raise public awareness of the human cost of our government’s failure to protect us.

Americans like Ms. Espinoza give away the lies from the SPLC and IMAGINE 2050 narrative. The truth is those organizations never shed a tear for the victims of illegal alien criminals and their families. They could care less that millions of unskilled, low income minority Americans are being displaced in jobs by unscrupulous employers who hire and exploit illegal aliens.

So if you subscribe to the SPLC and IMAGINE 2050 because you think they are fighting for minority Americans, you’ve been scammed, duped and used. They lie about anyone who doesn’t fall in line and with their anti-American ideology. Just as they lied about me, Ms. Espinoza, U.S. Inc. and everyone who attended the educational event in Washington.

The good news is that there are groups like the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society (where I am a proud member of the board of advisors), U.S. Inc, NumbersUSA and others that are there to educate and arm you with the knowledge to challenge the SPLC’s ugly lies.

Inger Eberhart
MBA, MA (2015)
Advisory Board member: The Dustin Inman Society
Writer: The Social Contract Press, Californians for Population Stabilization

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“If you want to walk on water; you’ve got to get out of the boat
God is bigger than our greatest challenges”

November 3, 2015

Leaving no record – The Dustin Inman Society in the Dalton Daily Citizen on unrecorded votes and Georgia drivers licenses for illegal aliens

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Note, the below posted news article was followed up by an editorial: Our view: Voters deserve to know – The Daily Citizen: Opinion.

Leaving no record

Charles Oliver

The Dalton Daily Citizen

October 21, 2015

Republicans have a supermajority in the state Senate, with 38 of 56 seats.

But that doesn’t mean that conservatives have a supermajority, says D.A. King, president of the Dustin Inman Society, which opposes illegal immigration.

King, who spoke to a meeting of the Dalton Tea Party Tuesday night, pointed to a bill introduced earlier this year by Sen. Josh McKoon, R-Columbus, which would have denied Georgia driver’s licenses to any illegal alien with a deportation waiver.

King noted that President Barack Obama’s executive order providing temporary protection from deportation for illegal aliens who entered the United States before their 16th birthday and before June 2007 provided them with Social Security numbers and work permits, which in turn allows them to get Georgia driver’s licenses or state IDs.

King said some 20,000 illegal aliens are eligible for Georgia licenses and that number would have increased by 170,000 if a federal court had not put a second administration deportation waiver on hold.
McKoon’s bill “was not allowed even a single committee hearing in the Republican supermajority Senate,” King told those attending the meeting.

McKoon then offered his bill as a floor amendment to a bill that had been passed by the state House of Representatives dealing with a separate driver’s license issue. McKoon called for a roll call vote on his amendment, which would put all votes on the record.

“He needed five other senators to support him. Only four did,” King said. “His amendment was then defeated by an unrecorded vote. There’s no record of how any senator voted.”

State Sen. Charlie Bethel, R-Dalton, said in an interview on Wednesday he does not recall McKoon telling anyone in the Republican caucus meeting he would be offering the amendment.

“Generally, in our caucus meetings someone will announce ‘I have an amendment’ and talk about it. That didn’t happen or if it did I wasn’t there, and I’m usually there for caucus meetings,” he said. “I knew what bills we would be voting for, but I wasn’t aware that any amendment would be offered.”

Consequently, Bethel was not on the floor of the Senate when McKoon offered the amendment.

“That was the day that we had the vote on the autism bill (which mandated that insurance companies provide some coverage to children with autism), which I was the lead sponsor of. There were a number of media inquiries, so I stepped out to talk to reporters,” Bethel said.

Bethel said when he stepped back into the chamber the vote on McKoon’s amendment had already been taken.
“But what I heard from my colleagues and others is the same story (King told),” he said. “It apparently wasn’t a long debate because I only did a couple of interviews.”
Bethel said he generally supports recorded votes.

“Josh has always been good to me, and if he’d asked for a recorded vote on his issue, I expect I would have supported him,” Bethel said. “I didn’t run (for office) not to vote. It doesn’t bother me to have a recorded vote. But others may disagree. They may not want a record of their vote. But there could be other reasons. They may just want to keep things moving. They may believe the sponsor of the amendment or other issue has done something procedurally improper and they don’t want to reward that person. I’m not saying any of that happened because I wasn’t there.”

King said even those who aren’t passionate about immigration issues should be concerned that the Senate regularly conducts business through such unrecorded votes.

Dalton Tea Party member Ed Painter said only the threat of being replaced will motivate elected officials to do what voters want.

“Sometimes, it isn’t about who is the better person or better candidate. It’s about what this person has done or hasn’t done in office,” he said. “We need to be prepared to oppose someone who has been in there and hasn’t done what we wanted. That’s the only way we’ll send a message.”  HERE