October 25, 2005

Zamarripa, Gonzalez head to Cobb County …so should you

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Sam Zamarripa – Photo: Ga General Assembly

Ever want to let the Illegal Alien Lobby-Open Borders /Amnesty Now! crowd know what you think?

Here is your chance.

State Senator Sam Zamarripa’s Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials [GALEO] and its sub-ministry of illegal immigration assistance, the Coalition for a New Georgia, [what to expect from the “New Georgia? Click here ]. has been holding what it euphemistically labels “Town Hall Meetings” around the Metro Atlanta area, with another coming to Cobb County on November 4, at 7PM.

A little of what to expect from GALEO and the MALDEF and national board member, Zamaripa, from the GALEO Website:

Recently, State Senate President Eric Johnson (R-Savannah) and Senator Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock) re- introduced SB-170 to deny access to all public benefits to undocumented immigrants, including access to higher education. As part of their rational and analysis of the situation in Georgia, the Senators based their information on a study conducted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

[how do you know when Zamarripa is lying? Either you see his lips move… or you read something his highly paid sidekick, Jerry Gonzalez writes…]

SB 170 is directed at benefits not already promised to the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in Georgia by the federal government.

Not all public benefits. Ahhh…truth, Zamarripa’s eternal enemy.

The U.S. government requires the states to provide education K-12 to all children of illegals, as well as guarantees free medical care to everyone in the U.S.

Regardless of immigration status.

None of the above would be effected by SB 170.

SB 170 does require that non-federally mandated services be offered to people who are in the U.S legally.

The Mexican matricula consular ID does not prove legal status.


We urge you to explore the GALEO Website.

[Extra points for the first person who e mails us that they have found the list of donors with that all-American Jane Fonda’s name in it!]

If you do, you will find that if you think that immigration into your children’s nation should be legal [ the horror] and that the law should be enforced, equally, for everyone, that you are “anti-immigrant” and that your rhetoric is “mean-spirited”.

Expect more of the same at the Cobb meeting.

As Zamarripa and Gonzalez have a lot of money riding on the outcome of the vote on several pending bills under the Gold Dome, they need to try to sway the majority public opinion.

To that end, they have arranged for the panel discussion to include a former Mexican Consul General for Atlanta, an immigration lawyer who makes his money from illegal immigration, Gonzalez himself and several others who will happily tell you that “the system is broken”.

What they will not tell you is that they make a bundle helping to break our immigration system as an occupation.

We admire State Senator Chip Rogers for having accepted the invitation to represent the rule of law and supply what will likely be the sole voice of reason here.

We urge you to attend and allow the media to see that Americans of every stripe demand that state government begin to make life more difficult for illegal aliens in Georgia and that Rogers’ other bills pointed at the criminal employers, SB 169 and SB 336 be passed… and enforced.

Please come early and stay late.

The event planned by Zamarripa is a perfect opportunity to make your voice heard and to show support for Senator Rogers’ bills.

See below for information.

Event Date: 2005-11-04
Event Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Contact Information
Contact Name: Jerry Gonzalez
Contact Telephone: 404.745.2580
Contact Email: jerry@galeo.org
Kennesaw State University
Science Building Auditorium, Room 109
1000 Chastain Road
Kennesaw, Georgia 30144

Kennesaw State University is located in Cobb County, 20 minutes north of Atlanta on I-75 one exit north of Town Center Mall. Take the Chastain Road Exit number 271 and turn west across the interstate. Go approximately three traffic lights and turn right on to Kennesaw State University Drive at the ball fields. Continue straight for about one tenth of a mile and park in the Welcome Center lot.



Off campus visitors must park in the Welcome Center Parking Lot to avoid being ticketed. Please see map above.
Event Description
The Center for Hispanic Studies at Kennesaw State University (http://www.kennesaw.edu/chs/), along with the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials and the Coalition for a New Georgia

October 23, 2005

What does the Border Patrol Union local in Arizona think of amnesty for illegal aliens?

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From the Border Patrol local 2544 in Tucson Arizona. [Ground zero]

McCain Pushes Amnesty, Declares Illegal Aliens Will “Parachute” into the U.S.

“I just know fundamentally that as long as there is a demand for workers there’s going to be a supply of workers,” McCain said. “They’ll either come across the Arizona border, or they’ll come across the Texas border, or California, or they’ll parachute in.
That’s why we need a guest-worker program, in combination with border enforcement.” Arizona Republic 09-23-05

Maybe the U.S. government can provide the planes, the parachutes, and the training. Then the smugglers and Mexican military (one in the same) can drop in and shoot at us like they do from their U.S. donated “military” Humvees. Looks like old Vicente has them all Foxed.


Bush Administration Unveils Massive Amnesty Plan….newest sellout plan is approved by our local Checkpoint Administrator, Jim “What can I do to make Border Patrol Agents more miserable?” Kolbe. Meanwhile folks, it’s real important that you stop all these illegal aliens from coming in, but we’re going to go ahead and legalize everyone you don’t catch, and we’re going to make anything touched by Katrina an illegal alien hands-off zone, and we’re going to keep trying to bust your Union, and we’re going to detail you off indefinitely far away from home on 24 hours notice, and….well, you get the picture. Read an article on the amnesty sellout plan here. 09-16-05


A must read book by Dan Sheehy

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For anyone involved in the ongoing fight to save our nation from our un-secured borders and the resulting illegal immigration crisis, there can be no higher praise than that of Mr. George Putnam.

More so if it that praise comes as a result of spending two years writing a book on the crisis.

“Fighting Immigration Anarchy: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation”, Dan Sheehy’s recently released book is getting well deserved rave reviews from all over the nation, including from Putnam.

It is a must read, and Mr. Putnam’s observation that it is a “modern day “Pofiles in Courage”” is right on the money.

President John F. Kennedy respected and admired acts of political courage. At the close of his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Profiles in Courage, he wrote:

“In whatever arena of life one may meet the challenge of courage, whatever may be the sacrifices he faces if he follows his conscience – the loss of his friends, his fortune, his contentment, even the esteem of his fellow men – each man must decide for himself the course he will follow. The stories of past courage can define that ingredient – they can teach, they can offer hope, they can provide inspiration. But they cannot supply courage itself. For this, each man must look into his own soul.”

Telling it like it is, while detailing the efforts of American patriots Congressman Tom Tancredo, Roy Beck, Terry Anderson, Joe Guzzardi, Glen Spencer and Barbara Coe, Sheehy has put down words that will forever note the tenacity of the American people who are refusing to allow politicians and corporate America to hand over our republic to those who see us as an easy target for coloniztion.

Dan Sheehy, of California, is a respected freind here. Reading his book will only improve and sharpen the readers knowledge and understanding of what is happening all around us here in Georgia.

The must read book can be bought here:

We highly recommend it.

October 22, 2005

Jobs Americans will do…in an election year

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A day [ OK, five years] late and more than a few dollars short.

President Bush has found that he can no longer ignore the rapidly growing resistance to his refusal to secure American borders and enforce American immigration and employment laws.

His answer?

Make ’em legal! Sound familiar?

He is back to using the mindless myth that there are jobs Americans refuse to do. There aren’t.

Only wages for which Americans cannot live with dignity in their own country.

” If an employer has a job that no American is willing to take, we need to find a way to fill that demand,” the president said. “

In a radio speech to the nation yesterday, he trotted out the tired argument that willing employers should be allowed to continue to set the wages for the taxpayer subsidized labor to which they have become addicted… Oh, and maybe we should begin to do something to secure our borders.

What a concept.

While the President and the employers have been working together to lower the American wage level to more closely match that of Mexico, it seems that elected officials of state and local governments all over the nation have long since given up on any responsible action from Washington and taken to actually crafting laws that will serve to protect their own.

This from Ohio:

Cracking down on illegal aliens

By Mari Lolli
Hamilton JournalNews

HAMILTON – Less than 24 hours after President Bush announced a national initiative to reduce the numbers of illegal aliens living in the U.S., Butler County officials launched their own initiative Friday to rid the county of undocumented, foreign-born residents.

In a joint press conference, Sheriff Richard K. Jones, county Commissioner Michael Fox and state Rep. Courtney Combs, R-Hamilton, announced a multi-tiered program they said is the first of its kind in the country.

For starters, beginning on Monday Jones will require a declaration of citizenship from all booked into the county jail.

Meanwhile, Combs is drafting new state legislation that will make it a state offense for illegal aliens to cross Ohio’s borders.

And Fox is working on initiatives to discourage employers from hiring illegal aliens.

From here in Marietta, we tip our hat to the brave and resourceful pols in Ohio.

We love this idea:

Other options being considered include giving misdemeanor offenders the option of serving out their sentence while INS processes their deportation papers, or allowing them to forego their sentence if they voluntarily leave the county on a one-way plane ticket the county buys.

Officials said the cost of an airline ticket is cheaper than housing a prisoner for a week or more.

Viva repatriation!

Imagine that, state and county elected offials working together to do the job the President will not do.

What a concept.

Hola! Georgia politicians….there is an election next year here too!

October 12, 2005

Illegal aliens killed in south Georgia – MALDEF: it is society’s fault

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In a tragic act of savagery, six people were killed and several others injured in recent home-invasion robberies in South Georgia, all were described by the press as Hispanic “immigrants”.

An interesting thing about today’s media – while is repeated many times in every report that the victims of the monstrous crimes are ‘Hispanic”, “Mexican” and Latino” – and obligingly referred to as “immigrants” [most, if not all, were illegal aliens, not “immigrants”], throughout the report – the race, ethnicity or nationality of those who have been arrested and charged with the killings remains a mystery to even the most attentive reader.

Tisha Tallman, the Regional Counsel of the local chapter of that all-American outfit, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund [MALDEF] was granted space in yesterday’s Atlanta Journal Constitution to comment on the killings.

For those who are relatively new to what some call the “national debate” [should we secure our borders and enforce our laws – or illegally leave our borders virtually open and have an amnesty program for the millions of resulting illegal aliens and those who employ them every twenty years or so?] on American immigration, we offer a bit of insight into Tallman’s observations on the failings of our immigration system .

Comrade Tallman:

“Has our society gotten to the point that labels such as “illegal” connote “otherness” to such a degree that our immigrant brothers and sisters are beaten to death as a matter of course?”


Most if not all of the victims of the crimes in Tifton were criminals themselves, but correctly labeling them as “illegal” is not only somehow immoral – Tallman wants us to further believe it to be the reason that the murderous thugs attacked them.

It wasn’t.

“Now, the blood is on all our hands”

We all beat and shot these poor people through our insistence on retaining some semblance of the rule of law that we were given to govern our own country.

It becomes a mathematical impossibility for our immigrant brothers and sisters to do something about their status. But this is not the focus of our public debate.

Having crossed our borders illegally, there is no system by which these criminals can be made “legal”. [ [Amnesty]

Nor will there be.

It is time to educate ourselves and become aware of the larger context, one in which we all play a part. We must demand change and that the violence stop.

Here, we agree with Tallman. We do need to educate ourselves on the perils to the American way of life, rule of law and standard of living that illegal immigration presents.

And yes, the violence must stop.

The change that we must all demand?

We must find and elect leaders who will insure that our borders be secured, the illegal aliens presently in our republic are sent home, and that those who employ them are punished, as existing laws demand.

Press one for assimilation

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My bank’s phone system announced the all-too-common phrase “press one for English”. Upon complaining to the young woman who eventually answered, I was told harshly “it’s a free country” and “English isn’t the native language of America – Indians had their own language.”

I responded that the Founding Fathers decided to retain English as the language of our nation, even though many at the time wanted to adopt German, as we were at war with England. It fell on deaf ears. I told her that mass immigration was driving US population to double within the lifetimes of children born today. Her young mind was already made up – already immune to new facts.

She’s not totally to blame. She undoubtedly has been indoctrinated in high school and college that all cultures are equal – except, of course, our American culture. She probably never read more than four pages about the Founding Fathers of our great nation in all of her history books.

She is the ideal employee of the corporate interests who reap immense profits from the presence of illegal aliens in our nation. Step-by-step, sovereign Americans are being conditioned to “press one for assimilation.”

October 10, 2005

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service exposed in Congress, feel safer?

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Probably, in a War on Terror, Al Qaida will never figure out that it can send who ever they want into our nation.


The rule of law…discrimination?

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We have no comment on this article from Virginia…

Except this:

We must all ask ourselves how many more Americans lives must be lost and how many American familes must suffer so that corporate America can see a larger profit – and El Presidente Vicente Fox can continue to prop up his corrupt narco-governemnt with the millions of U.S. dollars in “Remittances” sent home each year.

The Virginian Pilot October 10, 2005
Hampton Roads, Virginia
Bill Burke

Harvest of Death

“Since 2002, more than 90 people have been injured and 18 killed on the Eastern Shore in accidents involving Hispanic workers driving rogue vehicles.”

“The state of Tennessee appears to be an enabler for many of the illegal drivers.”

More… but please take the time to read the entire story. Scenes like this occur all over America, every week.

At 12:23 a.m., an officer flagged a Nissan pickup with Alabama tags and a black crouching tiger painted on the driver’s-side door. Two Hispanic men wearing white T-shirts got out. The driver had no license or ID.”

The men became agitated as they milled around. When a tow truck arrived to haul away the pickup, one of the men began shouting “Discrimination! Discrimination!”

Discrimination indeed.

The people who hired the illegals in this sad story will only hire more tomorrow.

Perdue to Georgia citizens: “illegal immigration is not my job”!

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For those who are wondering where the Governor of Georgia stands on the illegal immigration crisis that has – among many other things – made English an optional language here, be advised that Perdue has detached himself from the problem by saying, essentially, that dealing with the problem “ is not my job ”.

“Immigration battle brews”
AJC, Dan Chapman, February 19, 2005

“We recognize that there are serious concerns about illegal immigration, but the governor believes this is primarily a federal issue,” Heather Hedrick, Perdue’s spokeswoman, said Friday

From here in Marietta, we note, with envy, the recent actions of the governors of Arizona and New Mexico to do something to address the issue in their states and to protect the citizens they have sworn to protect and serve.

We wonder out loud why the $952 million Georgia tax dollars spent last year [scroll down] to educate illegal aliens and the children of illegal aliens doesn’t make it a Georgia issue.

October 8, 2005

GOP “revolt” on illegal immigration…is Governor Perdue next?

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Today’s news from San Antonio Texas gives an interesting view of the changing national skew on amnesty for illegal aliens…and criminal employers.

It seems that the president of the United States is facing what an increasing number of MSM reporters are labeling a GOP “revolt”…code for “they must soon run for re-election” …and Bush cannot.

The cry of “nation over political party” [ at least “re-election over political party”] is spreading like… well, like illegal “migration” from Mexico.

It is turning up all over the United States.

Having gotten the message from angry constituents in their districts, no longer are the soon to be [officially] campaigning politicians willing to spout the party line that the future of America depends on our continued abandonment of the rule of law, several million needy illegal aliens a year walking into our nation – and turning a blind eye to the illegal employment of the unemployed from the south.

“GOP reps want a hold put on guest worker plan”

Express News/KENS 5, San Antonio:

Gary Martin
Express-News Washington Bureau

“Republican lawmakers urged President Bush on Friday to abandon his push for a guest-worker program until the strict enforcement of immigration laws is achieved along the U.S.-Mexico border.”

What a concept…si ?

“Rep. Lamar Smith, R-San Antonio, said increased enforcement of immigration laws at the border is essential before Congress considers a guest-worker program.”
“We have lost control of our borders and endangered the lives of Americans by not enforcing immigration laws,” he said.

“Smith penned a letter to the White House signed by 82 Republican members of the House of Representatives who urged Bush to back off on his guest-worker proposal and concentrate on border enforcement.”

Good, but let’s be clear here.

American lives are not only “endangered”, they are being lost as a direct result of the President’s refusal to honor his oath of office.

Ask Kathy and Billy Inman.

Ask the family of Lisa AnnBourqaudez in Cobb County Georgia …ask any of the families of the lost on a far too long list of dead Americans.

It is tragedy enough that we watch as our children’s nation is changed into a lawless, low wage, bilingual image of the Third World, but the fact that the illegals are allowed to continue to “look for a better life” at the cost of American lives must not go un-noticed …or forgotten.

Even some Democrat politicians from the states hit the hardest by the mass influx of illegal aliens understand that the political winds are blowing at category three speeds and cannot be ignored.

More from Texas:

“Rep. Charlie Gonzalez, D-San Antonio, filed a bill Friday that would increase fines on businesses for hiring undocumented workers.”

“Gonzalez accused Congress of demagoguery in the debate over illegal immigration, while failing to penalize and prosecute employers and businesses that knowingly hire undocumented workers.”
“I am disturbed by the fact that many people appear to be more interested in gaining political advantage than doing anything to stem the flow of illegal immigration,” Gonzalez said.”

From here in Marietta, it is interesting to listen to the silence from Governor Sonny Perdue’s office on the growing discontent here in Georgia.

We look for Governor Perdue [ someone who is running for re-election] to re-think his public support of the President’s amnesty proposal – and to recognize that he must stop ignoring the power he has to make Georgia less attractive to illegal immigration.


But while you watch, call the Governor’s [ 404 656 1776] office and encourage him to re-check the winds.

Many Georgians who are registered to vote already are.

Category five by November?

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