March 31, 2010

Christian Science Monitor on the dangers to the USA from the crimes of illegal immigration – DO NOT READ THIS!

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Illegal Hispanic immigration is undermining American values
Illegal immigration is causing an influx of Hispanics who don’t embrace American values.


By Walter Rodgers
posted March 30, 2010

Santa Barbara, Calif. —
Walking the sandy beachfront in this ultra-affluent city, I chanced upon two Hispanic men rummaging through the trash. Startled at the sight, I stared momentarily. One of them yelled at me, “You look now, but in 50 years we will own all this!” Given the tsunami of illegal immigration and the prolific Hispanic birthrate, I responded, “I believe you will.”

US Census statistics suggest the scavenging man was right. California, now about 37 percent Latino, is expected to be majority Hispanic by 2042. A quarter of all Americans will probably be Latino in 40 years.

This trend has worrisome aspects. Imagine a huge, growing Hispanic underclass in America with a grudge, a burning sense of having been victimized by the “gringos.”

I witnessed this grudge up close a few years ago at Texas A&M International University in Laredo. Hispanic students challenged me, claiming any restriction of illegal immigration across the US southern border with Mexico is a violation of Latinos’ human rights.

Me: “Would you try to reenter Spain without a passport?

Students: “Of course not.”

Me: “What about France, or Britain?”

Students: “No.”

Yet many of these illegal Latino immigrants suffer the illusion they are divinely entitled to colonize the US – and not just the states bordering Mexico, but Chicago and the East Coast as well.

Some Hispanics talk openly of a reconquista, an effort to reclaim the American Southwest that once belonged to Mexico.

Historically, this concept is wide of the mark. Most Hispanic ancestors of immigrants owned no land. Their forebears were serfs of the Roman Catholic Church, once the largest landholder in Latin America and the world. Other ancestors labored as landless peons for Spanish colonial landlords who were later relieved of their lands by 19th-century Anglo-Americans.

Historical entitlement is but one of the myths surrounding illegal Hispanic immigration. Gringos have their own fables, such as ultimate assimilation into a greater English-speaking society.

Professor Lawrence Harrison of Tufts University in Medford, Mass., notes that “In California, fourth- and fifth-generation Mexican immigrants are still speaking only Spanish and resisting assimilation.” He says there are serious cultural barriers to the old melting-pot concept. “Words like compromise and dissent, crucial concepts to American democracy, have radically different meanings in Spanish.” Dissent, for example, translates into “heresy.”

Most alarming, today’s influx of poor Latin American immigrants comes from countries less than congenial to democracy, a law-based society, or public education. Many experts look with alarm on the fact that, unlike earlier European and Asian immigrants, the tsunami from the south too often undervalues educating children because many Hispanic parents resent the idea that their children will have more education than they have. In 2000, only 25 percent of working-age male Mexican immigrants had graduated high school, a sad fact that contributes to an increasingly volatile underclass.

Limited legal Latino immigration greatly enriches the United States. I’ve personally seen how Hispanic Americans bring tremendous loyalty and leadership qualities to our armed forces

But it is morally shameful to expect taxpayers to fund free education and medical care for lawbreakers so that the wealthiest Americans – restaurant owners, ranchers, agribusiness owners, and construction companies – can hire cheap labor regardless of the national consequences.

It is ever the wealthy sticking it to the poor. With so many Americans losing their homes and unable to find jobs, it is outrageous to say Hispanics still take jobs no one else will do.

Congress, which generally represents the wealthy, should begin by imposing huge fines on affluent Americans who hire illegals. Start with the millionaires in my neighborhood, who don’t mow their own lawns or baby-sit their children and instead hire immigrants who are almost certainly illegal.

Businessmen are bonkers if they think opening US borders to allow the free flow of uneducated labor will make America competitive with a burgeoning Chinese economy.

Naive American liberals need to stop trilling over Emma Lazarus’s “Give me your tired, your poor,/ Your huddled masses….” World population was 1.5 billion when she penned those lines. It now approaches 7 billion. America is not a dumping ground for the rest of the world’s surplus population.

Committing national suicide is not without precedent. The Dutch are rapidly losing their country. Before long, its largest cities will belong to Muslim immigrants. What then becomes of the liberal tradition of Erasmus and traditional Dutch tolerance?

Illegal immigration may ultimately be more threatening to the character and values of the US than any threat from radical Islamists. It’s not about tribe; it’s about the law.

Walter Rodgers, a former senior international correspondent for CNN, writes a biweekly column.


“They could be here, kill me, and be back in Mexico five minutes after I’m dead”

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Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald / Review — March 31

“They could be here, kill me, and be back in Mexico five minutes after I’m dead.”

– (Channel 12 News, Phoenix – 3/30/10 – Watch VIDEO HERE)

Many ranchers will be cautious

Bisbee — People who live and work along the U.S.-Mexican border in Cochise County plan to be more cautious as a result of the shooting death of a rancher near Douglas over the weekend. […]
Glenn Spencer, who owns property across the river from Odle, said he is “taking extra precautions.” He did not want to elaborate, except to say that “we are deploying some additional technology.” […]

Spencer, who is president of American Border Patrol, a nongovernmental organization, said when he heard the shooter might have acted alone, he figured it is possible that person went to pick up something when he crossed paths with Krentz. The group has video footage of people burying items, possibly drugs or money, on the Roger Barnett ranch, he added.

“It is my theory that the violence in Mexico is being precipitated by increased border enforcement and they are fighting each other over a diminishing pie. Each drug load or each stash of money becomes even more important,” said Spencer.

“Since they are killing each other over these things without hesitation, it isn’t surprising that if somebody’s load or something else is threatened that they have reached a point where there are going to drop the unwritten law about not killing gringos. If that is the case, then we have serious trouble,” he said.


March 30, 2010

The Dustin Inman Society – Insider Advantage Georgia: Senate Gives New Lease On Life To English-Only Driver Testing Bill

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Insider Advantage Georgia ( A subscription Website. The below is reposted here with permission. We thank Mr. Dick Pettys, editor, Insider Advantage HERE)

Senate Gives New Lease On Life To English-Only Driver Testing Bill

3/30/10) The English-only driver’s testing bill got a new lease on life in the Senate on Tuesday after languishing since last year in legislative limbo. This comes after what an anti-illegal immigration activist group says has otherwise been a disappointing session on immigration matters.

The measure originated in the Senate last year and picked up what senators called a problematic amendment on its journey through the House. It did not get final passage during 2009, but remained alive for 2010.

On Tuesday, Sen. Jack Murphy passed the bill again through the Senate, this time minus the House amendment, and it now goes back to the lower chamber. The Senate vote was 39-11.

The bill – SB67 – requires the driver’s exam to be given only in English to individuals who intend to be permanent residents of Georgia. There is an exemption for seasonal agricultural workers who may take the exam in any of the 13 languages in which it currently is given.

Democratic Sen. Nan Orrock argued that the bill sends the wrong message to the international community “that we’re pulling up the welcome mat.”

Murphy countered it’s a matter of public safety. Those who drive the state’s roads, he said. should be able to read directional and warning signs.

According to the Dustin Inman Society, which advocates against illegal immigration and monitors a broad array of legislative initiatives touching on the topic, efforts to strengthen immigration-related laws have not fared well this session.

Among the proposals it reported as being dead following last Friday’s crossover day:

* HB1259, which would have required use of the federal E-Verify program to insure that newly hired employees are not illegal aliens.

* HB1164, which would have provided punishment for local governments that fail to comply with existing law on the employment of illegal labor.

* SB460, also designed to provide sanctions against local governments and their contractors who ignore existing laws on illegal labor.

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U.S. Border Patrol agent ambushed

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KRGV-TV — Harlingen, Texas

Border Patrol agent ambushed

McAllen — A Border Patrol agent was injured last night after he was ambushed along the river. — It happened while he was patrolling the Hidalgo-McAllen area last night around 7 p.m. We’re told the agent saw some smugglers and chased them down to the river. That’s where the smugglers ambushed him…


Want to speak with your legislator? $320 please!

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The Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, David Ralston, introduced ethics reform legislation in response to a scandal involving the former Speaker Glenn Richardson. To make a very long story short, Richardson had an affair with an Atlanta Gas Light lobbyist in 2006 while the company was seeking approval to build a $300 million pipeline across the state. He denied the allegations and was re-elected Speaker of the House in 2007. Fast forward to 2008. The former Speaker’s ex-wife filed for divorce because of allegations of spousal abuse, mental illness and adultery. In November 2009, Richardson attempted suicide due to “depression.”

According to the current Speaker, this is why HB1473 was crafted. The bill expands the powers of the State Ethics Commission (& renames it), imposes burdensome fines, expands ethics investigations to all public officials, etc. The bill, at 38 pages, is much too lengthy to go into detail here, so I’ll highlight those things that may affect you immediately & directly:

Section 19 is the section that “sticks it to” those “evil” lobbyists:

* You cannot lobby your legislator unless you register as a lobbyist. So, if you would like to continually speak to your legislator about an issue of concern to you, you must be a registered lobbyist.

* To register as a lobbyist, you must pay $320 ($300 for the registration & $20 for the badge).
* If you file your lobbyist report late, there is the potential to be fined up to $10,000.
* Lobbyist reports must be filed every 15 days instead of every 30 days.
* If you, as a volunteer lobbyist, are successful in your lobbying endeavors, “no person, firm, corporation or association shall retain or employ you for compensation.”
* Lobbyists cannot “initiate contact with a Senator or Rep while the body is in session or attending a committee or subcommittee meeting.”

Speaker Ralston has kicked the “Regular Joe” out of the Capitol by charging $320 speaking fees on behalf of the legislators (btw, legislators can only charge $100 in speaking fees), enacted guidelines on when & how to communicate with those you elected to represent you and told business who they can and cannot hire.

Our Republican-controlled House leadership seems to be optioning a tactic from the Obama playbook of centralized government control and power.

Report on our bills in the 2010 Georgia Legislature so far….HB 1259, HB 1164, SB 460 – KILLED BY SPEAKER DAVID RALSTON AND LT. GOVERNOR CASEY CAGLE

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Our three bills that were pending in the Georgia legislature that would have provided language to help protect the American worker in Georgia are dead. The sound you may have heard late Friday night were the sighs of relief from Jerry Gonzalez, the ACLU and Georgia’s illegal alien-employing business community.

They were diluted and then killed by a coalition of the Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG), the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) HERE , the Georgia Department of Labor and the crazies in the ethnic-based illegal alien lobby.

But they were finally and most directly killed by the Speaker of the House, David Ralston and Georgia’s Lt. Governor, Casey Cagle.

Speaker David Ralston runs the Georgia House of Representatives. Lt. Governor Casey Cagle runs the Georgia Senate.

For all of my GOP friends…please note that Ralston and Cagle are Republicans and have clearly picked a side on the illegal immigration crisis. They went with the money and the black-market labor.

The out of work and beleaguered Georgia citizens be damned.

I wish I were making this up. It is all true. I would direct you to the AJC or other news reports on the fact, but in an effort to further their amnesty-again agenda, most media outlets understand the importance of keeping the existence of the bills a secret and to never mention the fact that they were killed by Ralston and Cagle.

House Bill 1259, The Georgia Employer and Worker Protection Act of 2010 (Rep. Bobby Reese) was a bill that would have required use of the no-cost federal E-Verify program to insure that newly hired employees are not illegal aliens. House leadership (David Ralston) made sure that it never saw a committee hearing. It died on day 30 “cross over day” of the session, which was Friday. HB 1259 would have protected jobs for Georgians and encouraged illegal aliens to leave Georgia.

House Bill 1164 (Rep. Rick Austin) began as a well written comprehensive fix to the 2006 Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act. It would have provided punishment for local governments that are even now ignoring Georgia laws on Public Benefits and employment of illegal labor. Also severe consequences for contractors working on the taxpayer funded Public Works projects who hire illegal labor as was recently proven in Cobb County.

After having been eviscerated by the ACCG/GMA in the House Judiciary Committee Chaired by Rep. Wendell Willard, what remained was rather weak language directed only at contractors…punishment language for the local governments was completely removed. Willard is the city attorney for Sandy Springs and no friend of working Georgians. ACCG/GMA can never be seen with the Chairman’s gavel, but the cozy relationship is clear. Think of the fox in charge of sentry duty at the hen house.

Senate Bill 460,The Georgia Public Works and Contractor Protection Act (Sen. Judson Hill) was designed to create clear, meaningful consequences for local governments and their contractors who ignore existing laws on illegal labor, use of E-Verify and giving Public Benefits to illegal aliens…including business licenses.

Having failed to completely kill HB 1164 and SB 460 in the committee process, the powers that really run Georgia and who are addicted to the endless supply of illegal labor right now streaming over our borders convinced Speaker Ralston and Lt. Governor Cagle to refuse to allow either bill to get out of the respective Rules committee to get a floor vote by the entire House and Senate.

This despite many hundreds of your phone calls and emails urging otherwise. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK. WE ARE AMERICA.

Thank you for you efforts. On these bills, we have been beat by the fact that the business community has bid higher than the Georgia voter. Ralston and Cagle have sold us out in a silent auction.

We have several Resolutions opposing another amnesty. We’ll see if these are allowed to go forward.

SB 385 and SB 136 are still alive as I type. These bills are aimed at the illegal aliens themselves and will likely pass. Watch for news on one more bill.

Bills aimed at forcing well-connected local governments and contractors/employers in Georgia to obey existing federal and state immigration and employment laws will never pass while we allow Ralston and Cagle to be in charge of our legislature


I was in the Capitol every day since they began session in January and until midnight Friday. I watched all of this unfold. So did the reporters who will likely never let you see this in “the news.”

Round up of bills HERE.



If we ever forget this or let these men excuse or fabricate their way out of this, we deserve what we get. I will never forget. Casey Cagle and David Ralston have granted amnesty to all criminal employers, corrupt local governments and illegal aliens in Georgia.

We have been betrayed by our government…again.

AUDIO – D.A. King on Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston and Lt. Governor Casey Cagle – Republicans for sale – on the air with the world famous Terry Anderson of the Terry Anderson radio show

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The entire show from Sunday and Terry Anderson’s Website HERE

VIDEO of my pal Terry Anderson HERE

Terry is absolutely correct: “IF YOU AIN’T MAD, YOU AIN”T PAYIN’ ATTENTION!”

CURRENT Contact info for Rep. David Ralston, Speaker of the Georgia House of Represntatives

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CURRENT Contact info for Rep. David Ralston, Speaker of the Georgia House of Represntatives

State Capitol Room 332

office phone: 404 656 5020
office fax: 656-5644

Best email: ( assistant)

March 29, 2010

Lupe Moreno to organize a protest in California

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The Mexican Government in the USA has plans to hold their Mexican Birthday party on Sept 11, 2010 instead of Sept 16, 2010.I am asking all of you to drop what you are doing and

PROTEST. If you know anyone in New York, ask them to come to 22 CIVIC CENTER PLAZA SANTA ANA, CA ON 4/5/2010 at 5:30 p.m.

I will be holding two protests this week in front of the Mexican Consulate, Tuesday 3/16/10 @7:00 8:15 a.m. and Thursday @7:00 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.

San Bernardino Mexican Consulate is holding their celebration with The City of Santa Ana, CA on Sept 11, 2010. The other Consulates will be celebrating in the county where stationed. YOU, need to hold protests in your area. They will be send governors and other elected Mexican officials to be in the parade.

I am asking all of you to send to your list, websites, Facebook and their forms of getting the word out.

We will be PROTESTING the city council on April 5, 2010 starting at 5:30 and then go in to make our voices heard during public speaking.

Santa Ana City Manager 714 647-5200 City information 714 647-6900

Lupe Moreno
California Coalition for Immigration Reform/member
Patriots Coalition/member
Original Minutewoman
Latino Americans for Immigration Reform/President

287 (G) ENFORCEMENT WORKS…latest ACLU proof: Smearing Gwinnett law enforcement

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