March 31, 2006

Borders, from an illegal alien

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The border crossed us!
From CBS NEWS on illegal aliens outlook on the U.S.

Georgia Congressman Tom Price on amnesty

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Just so that you will know that the entire Congress has not abandoned common sense and duty, please read this from Georgia Congressman Tom Price [R-6th].

From Human Events online:

Amnesty Is the Last Thing U.S. Needs
Humna Events March 30, 2006

As a result of years of benign neglect, our immigration polices have become laughable and the burden placed on our social services remains immense. We spend billions of dollars on our hospitals, schools, and other government programs supporting illegal aliens. This is unsustainable and it is a misuse of taxpayer dollars.

Read the entire article here.

I am proud that Dr. Price is my congressman.

AJC correction on immigration vs ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION…..again

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The AJC has a difficult time reporting the difference between the crime of illegal immigration… and legal immigration. Here is a correction that paper ran recently concerning us.

From March 31, 2006.

An article in Monday’s Metro section about activist D.A. King should have said that The Dustin Inman Society is an anti-illegal immigration group. The organization is not opposed to legal immigration.

The Dustin Inman Society is proud to include many real legal immigrants, and members of all races and ethnecities as supporters. We tell you that here, because the AJC refuses to do so. Hmmm…

Read other AJC corrections on reporting on illegal immigration and legislation here.

March 26, 2006

National Day of protest April 17…enough!

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A day without Americans – April 17, 2006!

In response to the recent mass national rallies fearlessly staged by the illegal alien lobby, The Dustin Inman Society is suggesting that Americans nationwide stay home from work and not spend any money on April 17. 2006 – income tax day.

The country and its government needs to witness a day without Americans.

It is not an overstatement to observe that the federal government has abandoned the American people and we teeter on the brink of national suicide.

The well-funded illegal alien lobby has been successful in galvanizing the millions of illegal aliens in the nation to march in American streets demanding no less than open borders, continued selective law enforcement and amnesty for people who should be in fear of apprehension and deportation.

It has also galvanized many Americans who are seeing for the first time the true nature and result of our intentionally unsecured borders.


The message to the U. S. government and the world is that another amnesty for illegals is tantamount to erasing any pretense of a nation of secure borders, rule of law and a common language. Amnesty – by any name – does not stop illegal immigration.

We have reached the point in our national history at which we as a nation must choose whether to resist …or to wave the white flag of surrender.

We are suggesting that Americans who do not work in medical, law enforcement or emergency capacities stay home from work on April 17 and that we, as a united people, reply to the government that has refused to protect us by refraining from spending any money. Those who have nothing to fear from violating any law that is not beneficial to them are not the only group with power in these United States.

We are demanding that the American government offer the same protection in the United States that the Mexican government provides its people.

This is our country. We dishonor our grandfathers if we do not try to protect the republic that was lovingly passed on to us.

A national day of public opposition to illegal immigration April 17, 2006 !

Study: Illegals land jobs, others pay.

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Probably “extreme” to note this report…but here it is anyway.

Study: Illegals land jobs, others pay
More American-born workers are unemployed
By Lilly Rockwell Cox News Service

WASHINGTON – As Congress grapples with the question of how to design a guest-worker program for millions of illegal immigrants in the United States, a study shows that the number of illegal immigrants working is rising as more American-born workers are becoming unemployed.
Based on government labor statistics over the last five years, a report by the Center for Immigration Studies, which favors less immigration, found that employment of illegal immigrants with a high school diploma or less has grown as employment of Americans with the same credentials has dropped.

Steve Camarota, the author of the report, said illegal immigrants are gaining jobs in a competitive low-skilled labor market that Americans aren’t.

“The people taking it on the chin are the people at the bottom,” Camarota said.

As the number of immigrants in the U.S. work force grew by 3percent, or 1.5 million, the number of Americans who were unemployed or not in the labor force increased by 4 percent, or 2.6 million.

According to the report, states such as California, Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee have received the largest influx of immigrant workers over the last five years, while at the same time charting the largest increases in the unemployment rates of American-born workers.

Georgia’s working immigrant population doubled between 2000 and 2005, while the number of Americans working dropped by 5 percent, or 103,000 workers.

The report uses statistics compiled by the Department of Labor and the U.S. Census Bureau between 2000 and 2005. It looks at American-born workers and illegal and legal immigrants between the ages of 18 and 64

I wonder how many Americans would have to march to convince the President to secure our borders and enforce the laws for everyone…even illegal aliens and camapign donating employers and bankers?

March 25, 2006

Today’s America – yesterday’s science fiction?

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More than the nation of laws, secure borders and common language that our grandfathers devotedly passed on to us, the United States now more closely resembles a fictional location set in an episode from Rod Serling’s 1960’s Twilight Zone TV series.
Atlanta newspapers write about a third generation Atlanta area building contractor who acknowledges that illegal immigration has lowered the wages of that trade to levels that are nearly impossible for him to be legally competitive – but he hesitates to resist in fear of being labeled “racist”.

There are “jobs Americans will not do”, we are constantly told. English is an optional language in Georgia.

American veterans are held up to a means test to qualify for promised free medical care.

In their final years, members of America’s “greatest generation” are required to choose between losing access to Medicaid funds to remain in nursing homes – or forfeiting their homes. Meanwhile, the corporate-funded, ethnic-based lobby shepherding millions of illegal aliens has demanded, and obtained, no questions asked taxpayer-funded free medical care and education for people with no legal right to be in the United States. No means test needed – in any language.

For those with the temerity to ask, they are merely “civil-rights activists”. “Dignity” is the current buzz-word.

U.S. Senators consider waving a magic wand of legalization over the illegal aliens – and their bankers.

American college students pay out of state tuition if they choose a university outside their own state – but foreign students here illegally can, and do, access the far less costly in-state tuition. Because, we are lectured, “it is the right thing to do”.

In a war on terror, American borders are violated more often than at any time in our history. It’s just business.

Illegal aliens are regularly found to be employed at sensitive “secure” military bases and the nation’s airports. Turning over management of our ports to a suspect foreign government is regarded as somehow more suicidal than illegally importing un-inspected labor with access to American aircraft carriers – or airliners.

Here in Georgia, a state legislator with the courage to attempt to mirror existing – but ignored – federal laws governing illegal immigration and employment is regarded suspiciously. While those who have the most to lose if those laws are actually enforced fearlessly escort illegal aliens into the Georgia Senate Chamber in an effort to “frame the issue in human terms” – insisting that existing law continue to not be enforced.

In Georgia, illegal aliens are organized to threaten a boycott of American businesses. To demand… “justice’. Yawn.

No one asks about the possibility of Americans boycotting to demand equal protection under the law.

Angry cries of betrayal from citizens are regarded as less valid or reasonable than the wails of “injustice” from people with no legal right to be in the United States.

Having been told that the “one time amnesty” of 1986 for three million illegals would finally solve the border and illegal immigration crisis, Americans watch as campaign donors in American business attempt to coerce the federal government into granting another amnesty – with the same promise. “Guest workers” indeed.

Number of employers sanctioned for employing illegal labor in 2004? Three.
The same employers set the wage scale, knowing that there is always cheaper illegal labor on the way from across the border. Illegal immigration and taxes are up, but wages are down.

Bankers openly extend mortgage loans to people who by law should be more concerned about deportation than interest points.

We are told that “we must have illegal labor to keep up with growth”, but that we should get accustomed to I-75 becoming 23 lanes wide in Atlanta.

The 60’s TV viewer would likely regard this scenario as another entertaining science fiction tale.

To the 21st century American, it is the new “global reality” to be quietly accepted…under pain of being labeled somehow “un-American.”

Let’s change the channel. Let’s call our Senators. No “guest worker” amnesty.

The Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act [ SB 529] Measure penalizes businesses employing illegals

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Measure penalizes businesses employing illegals

By Daniel Yee
Associated Press Writer

ATLANTA – Jose Castro said there was something different about Buford Highway, well known for its many Hispanic and other ethnic businesses, as he stood at the bus stop Friday.

Missing was the familiar hustle and bustle that the Mexican immigrant is used to seeing.

Immigrant communities encouraged a one-day work stoppage to protest a bill passed by the Georgia House on Thursday that allows sweeping changes to the state’s policies on illegal immigrants. Teodoro Maus, one of the stoppage’s organizers, estimated that as many as 80,000 Hispanics did not show up for work Friday.

Now…if the illegals for whom Teodoro works so hard to obtain the rights of citizens and real, legal immigrants have earned, we have something!

Read the complete Marietta Daily Journal [ AP] article here.

Gracias Teo!…..Now, back to work for Cobb Schools!

The Dustin Inman Society board of advisors

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Board of Advisors

D.A. King (President)
Billy Inman
Kathy Inman
Fred Elbel
Francisco Jorge
Lupe Moreno
Everett Robinson

Attention all GOP voters: Illegal immigration is not just national suicide

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The Immigration Debate: GOP Commits Suicide

By Matthew A. Roberts
Mar 25, 2006

“In elections one earns political capital. Once spent, c’est tout. Consumed capital cannot be replenished by a cauterized constituency, and today the Republican base boils. “

We don’t know who Matthew A. Roberts is, but he notes that that granting another amnesty to illegal aliens is bad for the GOP. He writes that allowing illegal aliens to dictate American immigration policy may not only be bad for America, but the Republican party.

We sadly note that for some, the latter is more important than the former.

From the National Ledger:

I recently spoke to someone who volunteered for Bush’s 2004 campaign. I asked whether he would work for the GOP in 2008, and he bemoaned “no.” I asked why, and he replied, “It’s a sad day when Democrats like Dianne Feinstein are tougher on immigration than Republicans like Sam Brownback.”

The avalanche of support that has followed Republicans since 1994 we now see slowly evaporating over the issue of a guest-worker program. Impassioned Republicans four years ago now stand out of steam, feeling betrayed by a party leadership that would support a bill so at odds with conservative principles.

Today, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are demanding “justice”.

It is our fervent wish that they – and their employers – get exactly that. Soon.

Would someone please tell us how many illegal aliens are enough? … Not you Mr. President, we know what you think about paying American workers a living wage, borders and justice.

It is time to pick a side… political party…or the law and the future of our nation.

As someone who is not a member of any political party, I have.

Guest Worker Programs Have Flawed Past…uhh, yeah.

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Hooray! An Associated Press writer veers from the party line!

Guest Worker Programs Have Flawed Past
Associated Press Writer
March 25, 2006

WASHINGTON — Proponents of a guest worker program to address the chaos of illegal immigration have a hard sell in front of them. Similar programs in the past have been plagued by abuses and have done little to stem the influx of undocumented workers.

“These programs are seductive, and that is what is so troubling to us right now,” said Ana Avendano, associate general counsel of the AFL-CIO. The labor federation has been critical of guest worker programs in proposed immigration reform legislation that the Senate will debate next week.

Read the rest of the story here.

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