June 30, 2008

Local governments in Georgia ignore the law…and their duty to comply – including Cobb County, where I live

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As happens so very often, the headline writer gives a false impression for the lazy reader. It is the large majority of the local governments in Georgia who are ignoring illegals…not the state.

Florida Times-Union — Jacksonville

Illegals mostly ignored in state

…Only nine governments or agencies in the state are using or have applied to use the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements program, known as SAVE, according to D.A. King, founder and president of the Marietta-based Dustin Inman Society, an anti-illegal immigration group. Six of those agencies were state departments.

The Irish illegals…

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RTÉ Commercial Enterprises Limited — Dublin, Ireland

Ireland schedules another meddling mission

Taoiseach Brian Cowen is to make his first official visit to the US next month. — Mr Cowen is expected to have discussions on the global economic situation, developing links between Ireland and the US as well as the situation of [illegal Irish aliens…. criminals].

[More foreign meddling] HERE

June 28, 2008

Gerardo E. ( Jerry) Gonzalez asks for volunteers to help register voters to get the next amnesty attempt passed…

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Volunteers needed to Register Voters at Gay Pride!
Written by GALEO
Posted on 2008-06-23

Georgia Vote Connection Center Seeking Voter Registration Volunteers for Atlanta Pride Festival ’08. The Georgia Vote Connection Center (GVCC) is seeking voter registration volunteers for a collaboration with Georgia Equality to conduct voter registration during the Atlanta Pride Festival “08 on Saturday, July 5th & Sunday ,July 6th between 11am and 7pm, at the Atlanta Civic Center ( Piedmont Ave & Ralph McGill Blvd ).GVCC is asking volunteers to provide a minimum 3 hours of service on the day of their choice. Volunteers will assist in staffing Georgia Equality’s Voter Registration booth, however volunteers will also canvass the event conducting Voter Registration. This is an indoor / outdoor event. It is suggested that volunteers use MARTA exit at the Civic Center MARTA Station 435 West Peachtree Street, NW http://www.itsmarta.com/getthere/stations/civiccenter.htm

If you are is interested in volunteering to conduct voter registration, please contact Rob Woods at 404.622.7778 (office), 404.454.4226 (cell) or email spin1woods@yahoo.com


“U.S. is stupid”…this is very common – and true

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Dave Gibson — American Chronicle — Beverly Hills, Calif.

“United States is stupid

“United States is stupid…I come back every time.” Those words were spoken by Mexican national Rolando Mota-Campos to an immigration agent after his 11th arrest in the United States. Incredibly, Mota-Campos has been deported three times and has vowed to return again after completing his prison term and yet another arguably meaningless deportation to Mexico.


June 27, 2008

VIDEO…my presntation to Cobb County Board of Commissioners, June 24 (TAB 5) regarding non-compliance with the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act

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Click HERE

See: “TV23 – Video On Demand

Board of Commissioners”

Click on 06/24/2008, then on “TAB 5” ….5 minutes. No laughing.

CNN: Mexico releases border agent’s murderer VIDEO HERE

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Lou Dobbs Tonight — CNN Video Report

Mexico releases border agent’s murderer

U.S. Border Patrol agent Luis Aguilar was killed in the line of duty this year while trying to lay down a spike strip to stop a car or illegal alien drug smugglers fleeing back to Mexico. The drive of the Hummer ran Aguilar down. That man was captured in Mexico, but now, just five months later, the Mexican government has set him free.


My letter to Sam Olens and Robert Quigley regarding Cobb County’s official response to my open records request

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27 June 2008

Mr. Robert Quigley, Director of Communications
Mr. Sam Olens, Chairman – Board of Commissioners
Cobb County Georgia

Re; your June 26 response to my OPEN RECORDS REQUEST of 23 June 2008

Mr. Quigley, Chairman Olens

Thank you for responding to my request in a timely manner.

I am deeply troubled – but not surprised – at your offices’ attempt to redefine your own terms and transparent attempts to obfuscate the issue of Cobb’s clear non-compliance with the letter and spirit of the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act regarding public benefits.

I hope to assure you that bringing Cobb into compliance with the law is now of utmost importance here and I regard it as my happy duty as a citizen paying attention. I want to assure you both that having tried my best to quietly inform you and to create as little attention as possible concerning this matter over the last eighteen months, because of your attitude and refusal to show good faith, I will now do all I can to make this as public as possible and pursue the issue to a just conclusion.

Further, I look forward – as do many Cobb and Georgia voters – to hearing your public justification for the Cobb taxpayer funds that will be spent litigating and defending your costly, illegal and indefensible course of action.

Thank you for admitting that you do not have the requested affidavits required by Georgia law. Having been through the process of obtaining a business license in Cobb only last week, I am now quite familiar with your system. You may want to reeducate the clerks in that office to conform to your current policy and position. They are still telling the truth.

I appreciate you informing me of the obvious – the Secretary of State’s office does indeed issue professional licenses – for the state of Georgia. But your response has no connection with my request.

Having been through the various bureaucratic mazes for more than five years created by government officials who try desperately to cover up their own errors, I give your rather humorous attempt a “2” on a 10 scale.

Your contention that “occupational tax certificates” are somehow not licenses to do business in Cobb and pointing me to your own list of what you now call OTCs’ issued is remarkable in that my own recently acquired “Regular License” is included in that list – as are many others. In applying for that license, I was never asked for ID and never offered the required affidavit.

I have my business license proudly displayed in my office.

Oops, ehh?

Thank you,
D.A. King
President, the Dustin Inman Society

Marietta, Ga. 30066

Response from Cobb County to my open records request

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My original request HERE
(26 June 2008)

Hello Mr. King,

I am responding to your open records request sent via email on Monday June 23.

Cobb County does not have records of affidavits or SAVE inquires for the professions as listed in your open records request. The listed professional licenses are issued by the Secretary of State’s Office and you should contact them with your request. You should be able to locate contact information at http://sos.georgia.gov/

We do have numerous applications for Occupational Tax Certificates on file in our Business License Office. You can view a listing of these at http://comdev.cobbcountyga.gov/new-business/

The actual Occupational Tax Certificate form for each of the listed professions is available for your viewing, but will require some redaction. The county will need to remove social security numbers, dates of birth and revenue responses from each application prior to making the documents public. The first 15 minutes of time to redact exempted information will be done at no charge to you. After the initial 15 minutes there will be a charge of $9.07 dollars per hour to do the work plus $.25 cents per copy.

We do have completed affidavits for county issued business license applicants on file and you are welcome to visit our office to view these files in person. We do not maintain a separate file for completed affidavits, instead they are included in each business license applicant’s file. Please contact me to arrange a time to view these files with our staff.

Cobb County is not the custodian of affidavits for public benefits delivered as part of the Community Development Block Grant Program. You should contact Nick Autorina at 770-528-4600 to access these affidavits. I spoke with him by phone this week and he is expecting you call.

Please feel free to contact me directly if I can be of further assistance.

Thank you,

Robert J. Quigley

Director of Communications

Cobb County Government

100 Cherokee Street

Suite 130

Marietta, GA 30090

W 770.528.2485

F 770.528.2490



June 26, 2008

Definition of “BUSINESS LICENSE”

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Business License

Definition: A legal document that grants you the right to operate a business in your city. Depending on your business, there are other licenses that may also be required.

Although some business owners think that licensing and permit fees are ways for the government to wring even more money from the business sector, most of these programs are intended to protect the general public. In big cities, license bureaus are set up to control business locations–to keep people from operating an auto-repair business next door to a school, or to keep people from running certain types of businesses from their homes. For example, most states forbid certain things from being manufactured in the home, such as fireworks, drugs, poisons, explosives and medical products.

Failure to comply with the licensing and permit requirements for the type of business you plan to start in your jurisdictions could result in additional fees, penalty payments or operational restrictions until conditions specified by the regulating authority have been met. So no matter what you think of the licensing process, don’t neglect it!

Contact your city’s business license department to find out about getting a business license. When you file your license application, the city planning or zoning department will check to make sure your area is zoned for the purpose you want to use it for and that there are enough parking spaces to meet the codes. If you’re opening your business in a building that previously housed a similar business, you’re not likely to run into any problems.

Most small-business owners require only a local business license, which allows the business to operate within the city and county where it’s located. This business license is either a municipal license, if your business is located within a city, or a county license if you’re located in an unincorporated area of the county. If you intend to open multiple locations or conduct business in different cities or counties, you’ll need to apply for a license in each of those jurisdictions.

Some cities and counties don’t require a business to obtain a license, while others collect a business-licensing fee on an annual basis. In addition to the license fee, some cities receive a percentage of a business’ gross sales as well as sales taxes if the business is required to collect them.

Before visiting city hall or the county administrative building, call the licensing bureau of the city you plan to operate in or the county registrar’s or recorder’s office to find out about their licensing requirements and application procedure. This will save you time because you can have all the necessary materials ready prior to applying for your license.

Operating some types of businesses may require a state license or an occupational permit from the state agency that administers consumer affairs for people engaged in certain occupations. Licensing is commonly required for auto mechanics, plumbers, electricians, building contractors, collection agents, insurance agents, real-estate brokers and workers providing services to the human body (barbers, cosmetologists, doctors, nurses, funeral directors, and so on). Often, these people must pass state examinations before they can conduct business.

HERE….and here

“. . . any Republican who’s running for office and believes the immigration issue is dead should take another look and see what happened to Mr. Cannon…”

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“Cannon’s performance in primaries has always been a good thermometer of just how heated the immigration issue is for the Republicans – just how hot it is for the Republican base,” Wasserman said. “This year it was hotter than ever.”
Rep. Tom Tancredo, a Colorado Republican who is arguably the staunchest anti-illegal immigration member, said it was clear the immigration issue helped knock Cannon out of office….”

Salt Lake Tribune

Incumbent fear: Cannon loss sets off wave of worry

Staffers in Rep. Chris Cannon’s Washington office received hundreds of sympathy messages on Wednesday. National publications ran his photo as if it was an obituary. One of his Utah colleagues even referred to him in the past tense. — Cannon took to KSL Radio in the morning to tamp down premature reports of his demise.

Whiled I continue my happy dance…read the rest HERE.

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