May 8, 2019

Retired Senior Agent, U.S. Immigration Service, Robert Trent, sends a letter to Governor Kemp against appointing GALEO’s Dax Lopez to DeKalb Superior Court

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The below letter was copied to us yesterday.


May 7, 2019

Dear Governor Kemp,

I was recently informed that Dax Lopez is being considered for a seat on the Georgia Supreme Court, if this is true, it is truly unfortunate for all Georgians. Mr. Lopez has served on the Board of GALEO, a radical activist organization that supports illegal immigration and strongly opposes immigration law enforcement. They also support open borders and illegal aliens.

GALEO currently supports the hiring of non-U.S. Citizens to be police officers, a dangerous and unnecessary thing to do during these trying times where we have global terrorism. We need to be tightening up on our security and safety, not providing the keys to the kingdom to those that haven’t taken an oath to serve, protect Americans, and defend our constitution.

Mr. Lopez with GALEO has:

-Organized and participated in marches in the streets of Atlanta demanding and end to any enforcement of American immigration laws;

-Lobbied against Georgia sheriffs cooperation with federal immigration law enforcement authorities and congratulated sheriffs for refusing to honor ICE detainers served on criminal deportable aliens;

-And lobbied against any state laws that inhibit the crimes of illegal
immigration and illegal employment.

Dax Lopez harbors these radical views, which would serve to influence his judicial decisions to the detriment of all Georgians. I hope the commission can find other nominees that don’t have an agenda such as the one displayed by Mr. Lopez.


Robert M. Trent
(St. Mary’s, Georgia)
Senior Special Agent (Ret.)
U.S. Immigration Service

CC: Judicial Nomination Commission