September 27, 2019

Anti-287(g) event to be staged by the illegal alien lobby

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September 25, 2019

Amnesty, Big Ag, public education in multiple languages, borders and enforcement – Georgia’s retiring U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson on why he supports passage of “a bipartisan immigration bill”

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Senator Johnny Isakson photo,


The below is from WXIA-TV News

Sen. Isakson: Rapid health decline prompted early retirement

“It’s only a matter of days or months before I can’t do some of the things I’m supposed to do,” Sen. Isakson said in an interview with 11Alive.


On why he thinks the GOP and Democrats should work to pass a bipartisan immigration bill:

“The public is ready for the Dreamers, for that problem to get solved. The public is ready in south Georgia to have workers to work in the fields. The public is ready in public education to see to it we’re responding to multiple languages that are being spoken in our schools(Note from D.A. King: Metro Atlanta’s Dekalb County school system, for example, is blessed with about 140 foreign languages). And every day we put off solving those problems is a day we have another problem down the line. It’s time we did – and it’s time we enforced the law as well. What the president has done, and it’s made some people mad, but he’s actually enforced the laws that we passed – that we said we were going to (use to) enforce the law with a long time ago. We need to just tough it out and do it.

Get it done and appropriate the money that’s necessary to get it done and then move it forward to a better day where everybody is recognized for their legal status, the ethnicity is not a stop to them being a citizen of the United States or get a visa, and we get it done in an orderly fashion where we no longer have borders that leak. We have borders that are strong, and ways to get in that are legal and right. I doubt we’ll get anything done on immigration before the end of the year, but we should.”


September 24, 2019

D.A. King ethics complaint against Gwinnett Commissioner Marlene Fosque moves forward

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September 21, 2019

Fast Fact: FU! Laura Emiko Soltis says nation states ‘should not exist,’ citizenship is ‘completely arbitrary’

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Emiko Soltis – just to the right of the AJC’s immigration reporter, Jeremy Redmon. Image: Freedom University (FU) – location a secret

Nation states ‘should not exist,’ citizenship is ‘completely arbitrary’

Emiko Soltis

Is it just us, or does liberal AJC immigration reporter Jeremy Redmon seem pretty chummy with anti-borders Emiko Soltis of FU?

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There they are again. Image FU Twitter page. More on Emiko Soltis here.





Image: Freedom University (FU) – location a secret

Michelle Malkin on the Southern Poverty Law Center and the media stenographers #SPLC – video

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Open records request results – 287 (g), Marlene Fosque – GLAHR and Project South

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287(g) Immigration Program Being Hotly Debated, by Phil Kent

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Anti-enforcement candidate for congress, Brenda Lopez Romero. Image: Youtube


Insider Advantage Georgia

287(g) Immigration Program Being Hotly Debated
by Phil Kent | Sep 17, 2019

Two sheriffs of large Georgia counties just signed new agreements with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to participate in the 287(g) program, named for part of a 1996 federal law. Sheriffs Butch Conway of Gwinnett County and Neil Warren of Cobb County say the renewals enhance the ability their departments to assist ICE in locating and deporting those here in this country illegally. If illegal aliens are arrested for a serious crime and discovered, via 287(g), to be here illegally, they are given to ICE for deportation.

Conway’s decision has led to attacks on him, his department and Dustin Inman Society President D.A. King. The anti-illegal immigration activist was attacked after Conway invited him to speak about the benefits of the Gwinnett jail’s 287(g) immigration program at a community meeting hosted by Gwinnett District 4 Commissioner Marlene Fosque.

The idea of the community meeting was to air differing views about the public safety program but, in the words of Conway, it turned into “unfair and unwarranted name-calling and misleading innuendo.”

For example, Fosque accused King of “spewing hatred and bigotry and racism.” (King’s organization is named after 16-year-old Dustin Inman, who was killed in an Ellijay car crash by an illegal alien.)

King said his purpose was to inform the public about 287(g) and “lend (his) experienced knowledge on how to respond to the far-left race-baiting anti-enforcement lobby that is funded by corporate-America.” And Conway praised King, saying he “showed professionalism and restraint during the meeting.”

“It should be noted that after being instructed to stick with the topic of 287(g), it was a campaigning (District 99 State Rep.) Brenda Lopez Romero who felt the need to present false ad hominem, personal attacks on me because she has no rational argument for not using every available tool to reduce crime in Gwinnett, including 287(g),” King told the Gwinnett Daily Post. “The goal (of) the illegal alien lobby, which includes the cowardly groups that dropped out and the three anti-enforcement substitute panelists, was never to argue on 287(g) — it was to marginalize anyone who supports the program.”

Everett Robinson, an African-American board member of the Dustin Inman Society, also says he doesn’t know a man “less deserving of the hateful names (King) is being called.”

In neighboring Cobb County, Warren— who is running for-re-election next year– is also the target of criticism and heated rhetoric. “We’re living under such a hostile political environment against immigrants in general,” says Carlos Garcia of the Pro-Immigrant Alliance of Cobb County.” Garcia claims the program “racially profiles,” a charge the sheriff denies. And Warren cites statistics that 287(g) is protecting citizens by removing dangerous criminals and that it is effectively addressing gang crime.

September 16, 2019

D.A. King responds to petition by Duluth councilman Kirkland Carden with petition of his own

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D.A. King     Image: DIS

Gwinnett Daily Post
15 Sept 2019
Curt Yeomans

D.A. King responds to petition by Duluth councilman Kirkland Carden with petition of his own

In the latest turn in an ongoing battle between Dustin Inman Society founder D.A. King and a pair of local Democrats, the controversial immigration enforcement advocate has launched a petition calling for the condemnation of Duluth Councilman Kirkland Carden — for starting a petition calling on county leaders to condemn Gwinnett Sheriff Butch Conway.

Carden started his petition shortly after Conway invited King to speak at a 287(g) forum hosted by county Commissioner Marlene Fosque in late July. His petition, which was presented to county commissioners late last month, calls for the condemnation for inviting King to participate in the forum.

Democrats were quick to condemn the invitation, citing the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is labeled King’s organization as an anti-immigrant hate group. King and his supporters, however, have argued that the SPLC is a discredited organization which has mischaracterized the Dustin Inman Society.

“The main goal of the shameful effort from Kirkland Carden is to attack Gwinnett’s Sheriff Conway for standing against the leftist open borders mob that will do or say anything to end immigration enforcement in Gwinnett, Georgia and the U.S.A.,” King wrote in the petition.

“We hope you will send a message by signing this petition asking the Gwinnett Commissioners and the Duluth City Council to condemn Kirkland Carden.”

King wants both the county commission and the Duluth City Council to take action to condemn Carden for circulating his petition against Conway. King’s petition is also listed on, with a photo taken from Carden’s campaign website.

Carden, who is running for the county commission District 1 seat in 2020, said he is not deterred by King’s petition and reaffirmed his stance that he views comments made by King about immigrants as racist.

“Despite his attempt to distract people with his defense of 287(g), my decision to start the petition was based on his racist and bigoted statements,” Carden told the Daily Post Friday.

Since the 287(g) forum, there have been ongoing rounds of verbal and written shots being taken back and forth over whether King should have been invited to participate in the forum.

In addition to Carden’s petition against Conway — and now King’s petition against Carden — Fosque has denounced Conway for inviting the Dustin Inman Society founder to participate in the forum. King responded to that by filing an ethics complaint against Fosque last month.

In his petition against Carden, King accuses Carden of spreading “hate-mongering smears from the anti-enforcement race-baiters.”

“Carden hopes that Gwinnett voters will not see the truth about the SPLC, that D.A. King has the support of a wide array of diverse Americans and has been favorably profiled on the front page of the New York Times,” King wrote.

“Even that liberal newspaper makes it clear that King (and the Dustin Inman Society) is opposed to the crime of illegal immigration and is not “anti-immigration.”

A link to the petition, which can be viewed at, was also circulated on the Gwinnett-based United Tea Party of Georgia’s Facebook page. The Daily Post is listing a link to the petition since it included a link to Carden’s petition in an article about that effort in early August.

But Carden said the petition defamed him and another man, named George Chidi, who King accused of advising Carden.

“I have consistently made the point that my issue was with D.A. King representing our sheriff and the sheriff’s department at a public event and his close relationship with Sheriff Conway that the Sheriff has defended,” Carden said.

“To put it simply, I welcome this discussion and will not be intimidated by the critics.”   Here.

September 14, 2019

We need help. Two things you can do right now to help fight illegal immigration in Georgia

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We need help.

Georgia is home to more illegal aliens than green card holders. And more than Arizona. And if you are still waiting for Gov Kemp and his “Big Truck” to help – we hope you aren’t holding your breath.

The illegal alien lobby is financed by corporate-Georgia and Marxists like George Soros. We operate on donations from normal Americans.

Two things you can do right now:

1) Please sign this petition aimed at exposing the race-hustlers against immigration enforcement in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

2) IF you are able, please consider helping us with the expense incurred from doing this since 2003 – IF you can afford a contribution, please see the GoFundMe page our friend Kathy Ramey Statham has set up here.

Some recent news here and here.


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