December 29, 2016

WSB TV’s Rikki Klaus, “professional journalist”

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This voice mail came from WSB’s Rikki Klaus at 7:30 PM, Wednesday, December 28, 2016. On a holiday vacay date night, my wife and I had just been served dinner at a favorite restaurant.


WSB’s reporter Klaus contacted me in early December for a story. This in itself is unusual, as I am not a fave person with staff and management at the deteriorating WSB TV News department. They have stories of illegal aliens as victims to tell and I am pro-enforcement. To the liberal reporters there, protecting the rule of law and the rights of legal immigrants and Americans in America is “anti-immigrant.” The news director, a Misti Turnbull, does not return repeated calls for corrections when I am slandered on air as “anti-immigration” or “anti-immigrant” and I have recently learned she has blocked me on Twitter. Which cracks me up.

Anyway, I returned reporter Klaus’ email early the day after it was sent with my name and cell number. A few days later, and after no contact from her I assumed she had been told I was blacklisted at her station. I called to find out and Klaus told me  “Oh, I was just about to call you!” she told me she was doing a story ( I don’t remember what the drift was) on illegals and had already gotten on camera interviews with two other people and needed “balance,” Could I send a statement? We made plans for her to contact me at 3:00 PM two days later for an interview. On my way to the gym at 4-ish the day she promised to call me, I called her to tell her I was no longer available for a camera hit. She had forgotten about her pledge to call me. “But I am on my way to breaking news and still want to interview you” she said. “I asked my producer and it is OK to interview you…”

The next time I heard from Rikki Klaus of WSB TV News was the voice mail above. I accidentally hit redial instead of voice mail playback and spoke to Klaus, who sounded rather frantic. Could I please send a text statement on her story? “Or, I have a camera man who can come to you right now”after I expressed my surprise at her call and request.

I carefully explained to Ms. Klaus that I would do neither. Ditto for any future request.

The standards at WSB TV News have been declining for quite some time. I will write up some gems to illustrate that fact as I get time. I have some beauties. Hello Steve Gehlbach

The agenda-driven liberal bias and ignorance of immigration at WSB and most other Atlanta TV stations is the reason we pretty much stopped watching “the news.”


December 6, 2016 at 10:20 PM

Inbox – D.A. King


Rikki Klaus <>


The following person contacted us at on December 06, 2016:

Rikki Klaus


Atlanta, GA 30309

Phone number:

Email address:
“Rikki Klaus” <>


Hello! I’m Rikki Klaus, a WSB-TV reporter doing an immigration story for Channel 2 Action News. Could you please call or email me as soon as you get the chance? I’d love to set up an interview.

Thank you,
Rikki Klaus
WSB-TV reporter
404-996-8703 (cell)

December 28, 2016

Fix Immigration. It’s What Voters Want.Tom Cotton is a Republican senator from Arkansas.

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New York Times
Opinion page
December 28, 2016

Fix Immigration. It’s What Voters Want
By U.S. Senator Tom Cotton

Donald J. Trump smashed many orthodoxies on his way to victory, but immigration was the defining issue separating him from his primary opponents and Hillary Clinton. President-elect Trump now has a clear mandate not only to stop illegal immigration, but also to finally cut the generation-long influx of low-skilled immigrants that undermines American workers.

Yet many powerful industries benefit from such immigration. They’re arguing that immigration controls are creating a low-skilled labor shortage.

“We’re pretty much begging for workers,” Tom Nassif, the chief executive of Western Growers, a trade organization that represents farmers, said on CNN. A fast-food chain founder warned, “Our industry can’t survive without Mexican workers.”

These same industries contend that stricter immigration enforcement will further shrink the pool of workers and raise their wages. They argue that closing our borders to inexpensive foreign labor will force employers to add benefits and improve workplace conditions to attract and keep workers already here.

I have an answer to these charges: Exactly.

Higher wages, better benefits and more security for American workers are features, not bugs, of sound immigration reform. For too long, our immigration policy has skewed toward the interests of the wealthy and powerful: Employers get cheaper labor, and professionals get cheaper personal services like housekeeping. We now need an immigration policy that focuses less on the most powerful and more on everyone else.
It’s been a quarter-century since Congress substantially reformed the immigration system. In that time, the population of people who are in this country illegally has nearly tripled, to more than 11 million. We’ve also accepted one million legal immigrants annually — and a vast majority are unskilled or low-skilled.

Some people contend that low-skilled immigration doesn’t depress wages. In his final State of the Union address, President Obama argued that immigrants aren’t the “principal reason wages haven’t gone up; those decisions are made in the boardrooms that too often put quarterly earnings over long-term returns.” Yet those decisions are possible only in the context of a labor surplus caused by low-skilled immigration. In a tight labor market, bosses cannot set low wages and still attract workers.

After all, the law of supply and demand is not magically suspended in the labor market. As immigrant labor has flooded the country, working-class wages have collapsed. Wages for Americans with only high school diplomas have declined by 2 percent since the late 1970s, and for those who didn’t finish high school, they have declined by nearly 20 percent, according to Economic Policy Institute figures.

No doubt automation and globalization have also affected wages, but mass immigration accelerates these trends with surplus labor, which of course decreases wages. Little wonder, then, that these Americans voted for the candidate who promised higher wages and less immigration instead of all the candidates — Republicans and Democrats alike — who promised essentially more of the same on immigration.

America has always offered a basic deal: If you’re willing to work hard and play by the rules, you can make a better life for yourself and your kids. But without good wages, this deal seems impossible, which is one reason so many Americans think their children will be worse off than they are. These Americans see cheap immigrant labor as a way to enrich the wealthy while creating a near permanent underclass for whom the American dream is always just out of reach… We hope you will read the rest HERE

December 27, 2016

DAK USMC June-ish, 1971

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June-ish, 1971. We lived at San Onofre, on Camp Pendleton.

Big trip to Palm Springs!

Driver and owner of the beauty 1956 Chevy convertible: Bill Puckett AKA “The Worm” (RIP) from Atlanta. Shotgun, E.C. (Ed) Payne, Attleboro, MA and D.A. King from Madison Heights, MI in the back seat.

The two-night trip was a hoot.

No arrests.



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DAK, Camp Pendleton, 1970


December 26, 2016

Open records request – Initial response (click to read) Re; Adult education at Dekalb’s Cross Keys High School $32.00

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Request HERE




Open records request: Reply from DeKalb Schools Re; Susan Petre – click on visible image to see entire response, scroll down

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Open records request: Reply from DeKalb Schools Re; Diane Clark – click on visible image to see entire response, scroll down

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December 21, 2016

Open records request #3 to DeKalb Board of Education regarding AJC claim of “anti-immigration” statements from now former Cross Keys High School teachers

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Sent December 21, 2016
10:56 AM

Open records request
Ms Qualls,

Please send me copies of any/all documents/emails regarding the Atlanta Journal Constitution open records request mentioned in the news article from that newspaper linked below.

Including a printout of the actual open records request from the AJC itself and the information that your office sent in response.

The AJC reports: “The files, obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution through open records requests, show multiple instances of anti-immigration sentiment from both teachers, according to student statements.” I am looking for the same files.

AJC article

Thank you,
D.A. King

December 15, 2016

Coca Cola

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Coca Cola



REQUEST FOR OPEN RECORDS, SAVE affidavit: Adult Education at Cross Keys High School, DeKalb County School District

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The below open records request was sent to DeKalb School District today. Dollars to donuts they are as clueless about the state law as most other districts. Advice: Make ready the Kleenex…


REQUEST FOR OPEN RECORDS Adult Education – SAVE affidavit
Re; OCGA 50-36-1

Please send me copies of the required affidavits collected from parents of students at Cross Keys High School that have been attending Adult Education classes on English language for calendar year 2016 and 2015. Also please send me copies of documents that illustrate the number of classes held, adults instructed and dates of these classes as described in the AJC news report linked below. And, please send me copies of the Secure and Verifiable documents demonstrating eligibility (lawful presence) of the adult education students described above.

*Help: Adult Education is a Public Benefit under federal and state law.

AJC story on Adult Education at Cross Keys High School

Sent to DeKalb County School district, from Dekalb Schools website 3:14 PM – Thursday, Dec 16, 2016.

I received confirmation that my request has been submitted successfully:

“Your request has been submitted successfully – thanks!”

Here is another AJC story that is relevant.  This is the second headline. They changed the first one, but I have a screen shot.

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