March 31, 2011

$$$ The business wing of the anti-enforcement coalition offers help and advice on killing state bills to protect us from illegal immigration $$$

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D.A. King in the Marietta Daily Journal yesterday on the recent illegal alien rally aginst imigration enforcement: Final week’s goal should be passage of bill on illegals

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Added bonus: VIDEO of rally HERE and Ga. Rep Pedro Marin (D- Gwinnett) speaking to the mob HERE

D.A. King: Final week’s goal should be passage of bill on illegals
by D.A. King

The Marietta Daily Journal

March 30, 2011

Last week about 5,000 screaming, chanting, resentful illegal aliens and the remora-like subversives who support them took over Washington Street in front of the Georgia Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Many carried signs that said “UNDOCUMENTED AND UNAFRAID” and “WE WILL NOT LEAVE!” and “NO TO HB 87!” and “LEGALIZATION FOR ALL” and “WE WILL NOT COMPLY!” The Capitol grounds looked and sounded like the televised mass rallies that take place in chaotic Third World nations on the way to revolution.

The hated object of the angry, riotous protest was any enforcement of American immigration laws in general and HB 87, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011 authored by state Rep. Matt Ramsey, in particular. HB 87 is the most well written and most potentially effective state immigration enforcement bill in the nation.

The message, even though most of the day-long rally was conducted in a foreign language, was quite clear: “Your laws do not apply to us unless they benefit our presence in your country.”

Speaker after speaker boasted of being in the U.S. illegally and assured the fearless mob that there is a human and civil right to ignore American borders and immigration and employment laws. Having escaped capture at our borders, apparently they are now all oppressed victims suffering persecution in America … but entitled to U.S. citizenship. The defiant warning was repeated over and over again: “We will gain the right to vote and pay you back.”

The organizers of the event, a mix of socialists, anarchists, local ethnic hustlers and the ACLU (but I repeat myself) appointed some of their own to work crowd control. This long-time American watched as curious American citizen observers were refused access to certain sections of public property – Georgia Capitol grounds – by these radicals. Capitol Police and State Patrol officers warned Americans to obey those orders.

In speeches, some well-known Democrats – including U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Atlanta – urged the mob on and assured them they were right and would be victorious. And that help was on the way. The rally was originally scheduled for May Day – the traditional socialist workers holiday. The Democratic legislators who are also trying to kill immigration enforcement in Georgia convinced the organizers to move it up in hopes that it would help snuff the legislation before the looming end of the legislative session.

There were no arrests by the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, charged with enforcement of our immigration laws. That might have caused a scene.

The goal of the rally was to kill HB 87.

Meanwhile, at the exact time that the fugitive would-be “new Americans” were gathered outside the Georgia Capitol, a group of about 20 agriculture business owners were being squired around the Capitol interior by a South Georgia lawmaker to offices of the senior Georgia government leadership.

Their mission was to assure continued access to taxpayer subsidized black-market labor so as to avoid use of the available federal guest worker H2A visa program that allows them to hire the legal, but more costly, farm workers who enter the U.S. lawfully under that numerically unlimited program.

The goal was to kill HB 87.

Over the last months inside the Gold Dome, during hearings on HB 87 one could see lobbyists paid by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, the ACLU, the Farm Bureau, the Georgia Agribusiness Council, the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials Inc., the Asian American Legal Advocacy Center of Georgia” (“E-Verify is bad for Asian business”), and many other far-left anti-enforcement groups obfuscate, fabricate, race-bait and misquote official statistics and “facts” to legislative committee members about immigration, federal laws, visas, and E-Verify while constantly denigrating the American worker and carefully explaining that we should continue to ignore federal law because enforcement would be “racial profiling” and the legal workers are “too expensive.”

The goal was to kill HB 87.

A July 2010 Georgia Newspaper Partnership poll of Georgians showed that a large majority – 68 percent – supported an Arizona style immigration enforcement law here.

Right now, behind the scenes, it is the lieutenant governor of Georgia and the president pro tem of the Georgia Senate who are quietly standing between the people of Georgia and a Senate vote on HB 87.

For the majority of Georgia, the goal in the last full week of the legislative session should be to see HB 87 sent to Gov. Nathan Deal’s desk for signature.

We should apologize to our grandfathers if we fail.

D.A. King is president of the Cobb-based Dustin Inman Society. On the web:

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – D A King Final week s goal should be passage of bill on illegals

Terry Anderson at the Dustin Inman Society NO MORE AMNESTY! rally in front of the White House April 2007

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Terry always told the truth – here he tells congress what up on illegal immigration

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Illegal workers managed to spend months on a heavily secured military construction site in metro Atlanta. FOX FIVE ON ILLEGAL LABOR I-Team: Perez Brothers Masonry

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I-Team: Perez Brothers Masonry

By: RANDY TRAVIS/myfoxatlanta

ATLANTA – Illegal workers managed to spend months on a heavily secured military construction site in metro Atlanta. The FOX 5 I-Team has already uncovered several examples of illegal workers getting taxpayer funded construction jobs. But I-Team reporter Randy Travis says this one may be the most unsettling.

These undocumented immigrants are now coming forward because they claim they haven’t been paid for all the work they did on this project.

But their presence on a military site may not be the most surprising element of this story.

I-Team: Perez Brothers Masonry:

March 30, 2011

A look at the Hispanic population ala the Census in Georgia.

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GALEO is correct, the dramatic increase in Hispanic residents is changing the face of Georgia even the face of elections. However, the full implications of this change is any ones guess. In the Senate district where I live, there are 76,174 Hispanic residents, but less than 4,000 are registered to vote. In the 2010 general election less than 800 voted. The explanation for this is that the vast majority of the 76,174 are not in America legally.

When you have a society where the vast majority of an ethnic or social group does not participate politically, problems will arise. People will be disconnected from the social and cultural norms of the dominant society. In the case of Hispanics in my neighborhood, cultural attitudes to crime, to work, to education, and to national loyalties are different from those of the people who actively participate in American society. To put it another way, the Hispanics in Norcross are a sub-culture cut off for standard American. Only one symbol of this is their lack of political involvement.

GALEO would argue that the solution would be to grant amnesty and then have voter drives to incorporate the Hispanics into the American society. The problem with this is that these non-voting non-American citizens who are Hispanics are already a part of a culture. Total amnesty would not mean assimilation. It would mean the moved of the American culture toward those who are currently living in America illegally. These illegals are currently more connected to their home country than the USA. They are part of a politically and economically empowered group, but just not in America.

The solution would be find ways to encourage the return of Hispanic immigrants to the country where they are legally entitled to live and work. A reduction of a politically unconnected sub-class would be beneficial to the creation of a healthier society in American. While the Hispanics who willingly return to their lawful homeland, will have the chance to get back in line and wait their turn to immigrate legally. By that time they will have adopted a number of cultural traits valued in American including respect for the laws.

March 29, 2011

ALERT! Gubernatorial Candidate Nathan Deal Says He’ll Bring Arizona Law to Georgia

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Gubernatorial Candidate Nathan Deal Says He’ll Bring Arizona Law to Georgia

PRESS RELEASE: Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce Endorses Georgia’s HB 87, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcment Act of 2011

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011 11:52 AM
Subject: Arizona Senate President Pearce Supports Georgia’s HB 87

Arizona State Senate

1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85007

Pres. Russell Pearce, R-18
Senate President

Press Release

March 29, 2011


From the office of Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, President of the Senate

Georgia immigration enforcement bill endorsed by the President of the Arizona Senate –

“YES to HB 87, the Georgia Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011” says Senator Russell Pearce, author of Arizona’s SB 1070 and the toughest employer sanctions law in the nation.”

Authored by Georgia Representative Matt Ramsey, Georgia legislation poised to reduce illegal alien population, protect jobs for real immigrants and citizens and greatly benefit public safety in Georgia and the nation, not to mention jobs for Americans and lower crime rates.

Today, I the President of the Arizona Senate, Russell Pearce, strongly express my support for pending immigration and employment law enforcement legislation in the state of Georgia and endorsed the Georgia bill, HB 87.

“I have read the very comprehensive bill from Georgia and commend Georgia Representative Matt Ramsey for one of the most well-written, well thought-out pieces of badly needed state enforcement legislation in the nation” said Pearce.

“This bill passed out of the Georgia House by a huge margin with bi-partisan support and is supported by the chairman of that body’s Agriculture Committee. Having seen the positive effects of enforcement here in Arizona, I can assure all concerned that HB 87 will serve to greatly reduce the illegal population in Georgia, save budget dollars and protect jobs for American workers in that great state.” Pearce added.

HB 87 is set for the committee process on this, the last full week of the 2011 Georgia General Assembly session. The new governor of Georgia, former Congressman Nathan Deal pledged to support an SB 1070 style law there during the recent campaign.

“I have no doubt that my good friend Governor Deal is anxious to sign Representative Ramsey’s bill into law and that the Georgia Senate is acting enthusiastically to get the widely supported legislation to his desk as soon as possible. It is easy to understand: enforcement works!

There are great savings to taxpayers here in Arizona from SB 1070, such as over $400 million in K-12. For the first time in state history we have a declining prison population from a historical growth of 70 to 140 inmates per month growth. Arizona’s violent crime rate has dropped over 3 times that of the national average. Media reports indicate 100,000 illegal aliens have left the state since SB 1070 went into effect. Arizona’s state motto of “attrition by enforcement” works. Jobs for Americans, lower crime rates, reduced cost to taxpayers and a respect for the rule of law will be noted in Georgia soon after the law goes into effect.

Georgia led the nation in enforcement with passage of the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act of 2006, authored by Georgia Senator Chip Rogers. This new legislation from Matt Ramsey builds on the original law and I am told Senator Rogers is guiding HB 87 through the Senate. Georgia is in very good hands.”


For more information contact:

Mike Philipsen, Communications Advisor

Arizona Senate Republican Caucus

Office: (602) 926-3972 Cell: (602) 904-2070

e-mail: mphilipsen@azleg.go v

March 28, 2011


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We are closer to getting a senate vote on our immigration bill! More action needed!

Several hundred people emailed me today asking what the “great news coming Monday” I mentioned Sunday was. Short explanation and a new message for your phone calls below.

As I pray everyone on this list understands, after months of work and research, the Georgia House passed the most well-written illegal immigration enforcement bills in the nation early this month. Written by Rep. Matt Ramsey, HB 87 will set a new standard for state immigration and employment enforcement nationwide.

The Georgia senate also passed a bill – SB 40 – from Senator Jack Murphy. One of the most poorly written pieces of legislation I have ever seen go to the senate floor. But I have only been going to the Gold Dome for eight years.

The senate has not allowed a committee hearing on HB 87.

Yesterday, in a very unusual and determined move, the House Judiciary (non-civil) committee took about five minutes to substitute the language of HB 87 into SB 40 and passed it out to the House Rules committee. This was a very bold move and should be remembered for years to come. It was the talk of the Capitol today. You can read about it HERE.

I was so excited to see it, I got up at 4:30 AM and was at the Capitol by 6:30 for the 8:45 hearing. The illegal alien lobby had a cow once they realized what happened (my morning grin).


Right now, both SB 40 and HB 87 have the same language, including the E-Verify requirement. When the full House votes to pass SB 40 and sends it back to the senate, the senate can simply vote yes and the legislation will go to the governor for his signature… IF THE LEGISLATION IS PASSED INTACT WITHOUT BEING REDUCED TO SOMETHING WORSE THAN SB 40 WAS BEFORE TODAY.

The problem is that the Farm Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce and the restaurant association and the hotel association and various other business lobbying groups are putting an unbelievable amount of pressure on Lt. Governor Cagle and Senator Williams to kill the bill (to make it easier, just always refer to it as “HB 87”), so they can keep using the black market labor and save money while the taxpayers pay for the illegals services. Legal labor costs more than the people who didn’t get arrested when they came over our borders illegally. These two elected officials – both Republicans – are going to decide if the senate will be allowed to pass the legislation and drive illegal aliens out of Georgia – which is exactly what will happen if we win.

If we lose, our kids will inherit what I call Georgiafornia. A state that will fill up with even more illegals, and American workers will continue to watch resentful illegal aliens take our jobs and lower our wages. English will be the language of “old-Georgia.” The Georgia senate will decide.

ACTION NEEDED: make the Georgia senate pick the American side over the illegal employer/ illegal alien/ACLU side. We have very little time – a matter of days.This is the last full week of the 2011 General Assembly session. (Jerry Gonzalez, and the band of fringe open borders crazies will be in the Capitol all day tomorrow working to counter your phone calls and emails. HERE

Our job was made much easier yesterday. Now, we only need to contact two offices. Those of the Lt. Gov and the Senate President Pro Tem. (feel free to call Governor Deal to thank him for his promise to support an Arizona style enforcement bill like HB 87. 404 656 1776 – the crazies are calling him asking for a veto already)

Please call, email and fax these two Republican, conservative (?) elected officials and deliver your message – make your voice heard!

The message is simple: ” Please tell Lt. Governor Cagle/Senator Williams that the majority of Georgians want a vote in the senate on HB 87/SB 40 INTACT – we have long memories and a clear view of what is going on in the Capitol. I am one of millions of Georgians who have had enough of illegal immigration and vote in every election who wants a senate vote this week. We don’t want to live in Georgiafornia! We must all pick a side. I have…”

*Lt Governor Casey Cagle
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
240 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334
TEL: (404) 656-5030
FAX: (404) 656-6739
Email the Lieutenant Governor

*Senate President Pro Tem Tommie Williams
Tommie Williams
Phone: (404) 656-0089
Fax: (404) 463-5220

I will post more info and news HERE this week.

Thanks for all of your help and THANK YOU to the people who have sent in contributions the last several weeks – it is what is keeping us going.

March 27, 2011

YES TO ENFORCEMENT! YES TO HB 87! – Last full week to save Georgia and get HB 87 passed! ACTION NEEDED

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The below is being sent out to the people on the DIS alert list

This is the last full week of the 2011 General Assembly session.

HB 87 has not yet been heard in the Senate Judiciary committee. It must be heard and voted on, passed out, then sent to Senate Rules committee, voted on, passed, then sent to the Senate floor and passed. (There is a possible plan B, but we want a public recorded vote. There will be news coming out of the early Monday morning House Judiciary (non civil) meeting at the Capitol. For a hint at what to expect, read this)


Please call – and then e-mail (fax too, if you can)- these elected officials’ offices twice a day – all week – until HB 87 is passed.

Lt Governor Casey Cagle
Office of the Lieutenant Governor
240 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334
TEL: (404) 656-5030
FAX: (404) 656-6739
Email the Lieutenant Governor

Senate President Pro Tem Tommie Williams
Tommie Williams
Phone: (404) 656-0089
Fax: (404) 463-5220

Senate Judiciary Chairman Bill Hamrick
Bill Hamrick
Phone: (404) 656-0036
Fax: (404) 651-6767

Senate Rules Chairman Don Balfour
Don Balfour
Phone: (404) 656-0095
Fax: (404) 656-6581

Your own Republican state Senator (list and contact info HERE) – if yours is a Democrat, pls send the message to Senator Tommie Williams twice each time.

Please pass this on to the other groups who are now getting involved to help us.

Developments have made the most effective and needed message very simple:


The crazies will be in the Capitol pleading against passage tomorrow, but have big surprise coming. Along with the ACLU , the Chamber of Commerce and Farm Bureau lobbyists will be everywhere in the Capitol this week trying to beat you. For them, it is all about the money. For a complete list of what business lobbies are working with the illegal alien lobby, click HERE and scroll down.

If you don’t make the calls and send the emails, we can lose on HB 87 and lose Georgia to the same people who chanted in a foreign language in front of the Capitol last week.


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