January 31, 2016

The Atlanta Jewish Times attacks Georgia Senator David Perdue and D.A. King after GALEO’s Dax Lopez loses bid for lifetime federal judge seat

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The editors seem none to happy with me either…

Atlanta Jewish Times
January 28, 2016

Our View: Perdue’s Betrayal

On Monday, Jan. 18, Georgia’s first-term U.S. senator, David Perdue, issued a brief statement honoring Martin Luther King Jr., whose “actions to advance justice continue to inspire us all to do better.” Two days later, Perdue stood in the way of justice and betrayed King’s ideals.

Perdue scuttled the U.S. District Court nomination of a fellow Republican, Dax Lopez, because of concerns about “his longstanding participation in a controversial organization.” That controversial organization isn’t the Communist Party or domestic terrorists ready to seize Fort McPherson, nor is Lopez tied to neo-Nazis or the Klan, neither of which would likely welcome the Jewish Latino from DeKalb County.

No, the dread organization is the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials. For Lopez, a Latino elected official as a state judge, being part of GALEO is about as radical as Congressman John Lewis being a member of the NAACP.

In fact, the NAACP, with its responses to issues of particular concern to the black community, such as police shootings and Confederate memorials, could be seen as every bit as controversial as GALEO, whose offense is activism on behalf of Hispanic immigrants, even those here illegally.

Standing up for fellow Latinos puts GALEO on the wrong side of an increasingly rabid group of activists for whom absolutism on immigration — no illegals, no amnesty, no reform, no exceptions — is the political litmus test of our time.

That group has the ear of Perdue, who gave far less time to Lopez than to people such as D.A. King, a rhetorical warrior against “the vast, corporate-funded illegal alien lobby.” To put King in perspective, he wants to oust Rep. Tom Price, one of the most conservative members of the House Republican leadership, for being too soft on immigration enforcement.

King threatened the political futures of Perdue and Sen. Johnny Isakson, who is running for re-election, if Lopez even got a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

By custom, the Senate does not consider judicial nominations without the go-ahead of the senators from the nominee’s state. Isakson told King in a public forum that Lopez deserved a hearing. Perdue, whose cousin Sonny Perdue as governor first put Lopez on the bench in 2010, disagreed.

We’re not sure which possibility is worse: that Perdue is scared of King or that he agrees with him… READ THE REST HERE

PRESS RELEASE: America First Latinos sends letter of gratitude to Georgia U.S. Senator David Perdue for standing up against GALEO’s Dax Lopez for federal judge in Georgia

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Letter sent to Senator Perdue HERE


From the America First Latinos website

America First Latinos is a coalition made up of proud American Latinos!

Our members take pride in being Latinos, but most importantly being Americans. We believe in The Constitution while embracing our culture. Our focus is on the issues impacting the Latin American community and our families. The vast majority of Latino citizens solidly support the U.S. Constitution and a secure border. We believe in the rule of law, hard work and the American Dream.

January 29, 2016

Charles Ezra Powley 1901 – 1996

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Charles Powley as a baby

Baby Mary Alice (?)




Charles and Eva (Tillipaugh) Powley

Detroit Police Academy, class of 1928



1896, 1903, 1961, 2013

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I post this because it is so sad. And true.



January 26, 2016

New Normal – “Border surge”: Obama is giving out work permits and SSNs to illegal aliens without even the pretense of vetting

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‘STOP THE RAIDS – NOT ONE MORE DEPORTATION!’ Protest in front of Atlanta immigration court, January 7, 2016

Obama is giving out work permits and SSNs to illegal aliens without even the pretense of vetting. 

(Note: In Georgia, as in other states, the ability to produce a federal EAD (work permit) and a valid SSN can be used to obtain a drivers license – the defacto national ID card.)

We have two separate news reports indicating that the Obama administration has been issuing work permits and Social Security Numbers to the illegal aliens who made up the 2014 “border surge” that was depicted by the media to be mostly “Central American children.”

We note the impossibility of vetting these people, whoever they are.


Here (1:45 minute video) is the first whiff from a local TV news report just after the “raids” of early January that reportedly netted all of 121 victims of borders who had pending deportation orders. The reporter was handed a copy of a work permit that one of the illegals had been issued when she landed in Atlanta after crossing over from Mexico. I have spoken to the reporter and he is firm that the work permit was described and presented to him as having been issued to the recently deported.

Then, the Washington Post’s Pam Constable filed a (one-sided) story from Atlanta with the same claim: Another illegal alien, Rosa Vargas, who had been caught up in the same micro-sweep had apparently been issued a work permit soon after reaching the U.S. – the valid Social Security number comes along with that prize.

From the WaPo:

“The whole family agreed she would be better off leaving, that she should come here because she would be safe in America,” said Morales, 30, a carpenter with temporary legal status. He said Vargas was issued a work permit and a Social Security number when she was released from border detention in 2014 and found work cleaning houses in Atlanta after coming to live with him.”

“Give me my permiso!”

The “migrants” are getting a ” Notice to Appear ” – which they call ‘ permisos ’ – to show up in immigration court some time in the distant future to plead for asylum or refugee status. Most never appear in court and simply disappear into Obama’s transformed America. They are here to stay. That ‘permiso’ document allows them to claim to be ‘legally present’, pending a court’s decision to send them home – or not.  With this they can get work permits — and then drivers licenses unless and until another “raid” results in deportation, which is very unlikely.

It also appears from Constable’s report that the narrating alien (Morales) has been given some sort of “temporary legal status” – we think that means deferred action on deportation through the DACA program. If so, the temporary status is not “legal. ” According to DHS, deferred action recipients are still illegal aliens.

What Is DACA
On June 15, 2012, the Secretary of Homeland Security announced that certain people who came to the United States as children and meet several guidelines may request consideration of deferred action for a period of two years, subject to renewal. They are also eligible for work authorization. Deferred action is a use of prosecutorial discretion to defer removal action against an individual for a certain period of time. Deferred action does not provide lawful status (emphasis mine).

So, to sum up, with zero fanfare that we know of, Obama has apparently been giving at least some of ‘border surgers’ the ability to not only take American jobs, but to obtain a drivers license.

Here we note that the drivers license is used as ID blend into mainstream America, to register to vote, rent a car or truck, buy explosives and board an airplane. The organized rush on the border is the new normal.

In Georgia the drivers license issued to illegal aliens with deferred action is so similar to the ones issued to American citizens and non-citizens with legal status (like executives from Mercedes Benz) that the Department of Driver Services has taken to imprinting a large arrow on graphics of the license given to illegals directing the viewer to the slight addition noting “limited term.”

For the reader who may be asking: Yes, the deferred action illegal aliens are also being issued official state photo ID cards (“Georgia ID”) – and are eligible for a host of public benefits – including unemployment benefits.

Georgia is ruled by Republicans. Who ran as “conservatives.”

On the drivers license to illegal aliens, we think there is a better way.

January 23, 2016

A question from Stephen Vasil, who is a political consultant in Georgia with APACHE POLITICAL – “Why is it ok for legal immigrants to commit murder and not “illegal immigrants”

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Added 9 June, 2017: Apache Political, owned by Mike Hassinger, seems to have disappeared. 


You can reach Stephen Vasil and APACHE POLITICAL with this info :
• info@apachepolitical.com

A service for anyone looking for a political consultant and policy advisor who posts the question: “Why is it ok for legal immigrants to commit murder and not “illegal immigrants”

So, on a cloudy and ugly cold January Saturday with snow flurries here in Atlanta, I had more time than usual to check my Facebook page. After I posted a news piece from a local metro-Atlanta newspaper – “Murder suspect arrested in Norcross by immigration officials” (Gwinnett Daily Post ) with a headline note: “Illegal alien”– I got a reply post back on facebook from a character named Stephen Vasil who apparently lives in Griffin, Georgia.

Stephen Vasil’s witty Facebook reply post was in the form of a question: “Why is it ok for legal immigrants to commit murder and not “illegal immigrants” (no question mark, but note the quotation marks). Stephen Vasil then went on to bring up skin color (“tan”, “brown”) and seemed oblivious that the post was about murder, the human cost of illegal immigration and what looks to be an illegal alien now in ICE custody – for now anyway.

After a few back and forth posts, I looked at Stephen Vasil’s Facebook page. Stephen Vasil of Griffin is a “political consultant” with something called “APACHE POLITICAL” here in Georgia. From their website, it looks like they are looking for political candidates to advise and counsel. They want to be accepted as serious, experienced and intelligent grown-ups.

“Apache Political is a full service communications firm that designs, builds and runs political campaigns. We help candidates develop their message, strategy, and implement their campaign advertising.”

APACHE POLITICAL, where Stephen Vasil works as a consultant says they do “candidate development” and “policy and issue training” too!

Among the many reply posts Stephen Vasil offered up on Facebook defending his question, he asked another question of an older American (older than me), Bill Millette, who jumped in to have a little fun with Stephen Vasil: “Do you hate all brown people?” asked Stephen Vasil, who is a political consultant with APACHE POLITICAL.

Now, Stephen Vasil, political consultant with APACHE POLITICAL seems to be very aggressive and outspoken, a “hard charger” that will no doubt create a lot of attention for his clients. Note: We think Stephen Vasil of APACHE POLITICAL may be a mindless race-baiter, but you can be the judge…

So, if anyone finds themselves in need of a political consultant for guidance on a successful campaign and policy and issue training, you may want to consider calling APACHE POLITICAL – ask for Stephen Vasil, and get him to repeat his question posted to me online: “ Why is it ok for legal immigrants to commit murder and not “illegal immigrants.”

When I posted that Stephen Vasil is part of APACHE POLITICAL, his sizzling retort was that I was “slinging mud…”

You can contact Stephen Vasil and APACHE POLITICAL with this info:
• info@apachepolitical.com

January 21, 2016

CBS Atlanta 46

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video TV
CBS46 News

NATIONAL SECURITY: Georgia Senator David Perdue speaks out on visa exit controls

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FAST FACT: 500,000 foreigners overstayed their visas last year.

The below is from Insider advantage Georgia today on Georgia’s Senator David Perdue. This is in addition to the fact that he stepped up to end consideration of GALEO’s Dax Lopez for federal judge!

Insider Advantage Georgia:

“In another Perdue-related development yesterday, Georgia’s junior senator spoke out forcefully on the state of the nation’s broken exit-entry visa system. He said:
“A visa entry-exit tracking system has been required by law for 20 years, yet it still does not exist. That is unacceptable. Today, (the Department of Homeland Security) cannot even tell us how many people in our country have overstayed their visas. One of the first inquiries I made of the DHS was about its progress in collecting data on this very issue. Nearly eight months later, DHS finally released a shocking report that shows more than half a million individuals unlawfully overstayed their visas in 2015. Equally as shocking, the federal government is only investigating roughly 3,000 of those individuals who are here illegally. This number of overstayed visas includes hundreds of people from countries with significant Islamic extremist movements and confirms that our immigration system is broken and presents a dire threat to our national security.” During a Senate Judiciary hearing in April 2015, Senator Perdue asked DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to provide the committee with data on visa overstays. This week DHS released its visa overstay report that showed nearly 527,127 people overstayed their visas which expired in 2015, including: 1,435 individuals from Pakistan; 681 from Iraq; 564 from Iran; 440 from Syria; and 219 from Yemen.”

Hooray for Senator Perdue! More, please!

January 20, 2016

It’s over – GALEO’s Dax Lopez will not become a federal judge: THANK YOU SENATOR DAVID PERDUE

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Atlanta Journal Constitution

Greg Bluestein

January 20, 2016


David Perdue blocks Latino judicial nominee

The nomination of Georgia’s first lifetime-appointed Latino federal judge was scuttled Wednesday after Republican Sen. David Perdue declined to back his appointment to the bench.
Perdue on Wednesday declined to provide a “blue slip” for Dax Lopez, a severe blow to his nomination. Both home-state senators customarily must approve of a nominee before he or she goes to the full Judiciary Committee by sending in the slip.

U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson last week said Lopez deserved a hearing, but he has yet to ask the committee for one. But Perdue’s seat on the Judiciary Committee essentially gives him veto power over Isakson if he decides to act.

Perdue said in a statement he became “uncomfortable” with Lopez’s participation with the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials after a review of his professional and judicial record.

“I am particularly concerned with his continued participation with this organization and his public comments after he became a state judge,” said Perdue. “Unfortunately, our personal meeting, while cordial and informative, did not fully alleviate my concerns.”

Lopez, a DeKalb County State Court judge, is a Jewish Republican who is a member of the conservative Federalist Society. He was appointed to the Georgia bench by Perdue’s cousin, former Gov. Sonny Perdue. And the counsel for Perdue’s Senate campaign, Josh Belinfante, served on the panel convened by the senators that sent Lopez’s name to the White House.

When he was tapped for the seat in July by President Barack Obama it seemed to many to be a foregone conclusion. State Republican Party counsel Anne Lewis, former state House Majority Whip Ed Lindsey and a slew of other prominent GOP attorneys signed a letter to the senators in support of Lopez in September.

But a groundswell of conservative blowback quickly slowed the momentum. The attacks center on his past membership on the board of GALEO, which supports a path to citizenship for people here illegally and fought tougher state laws on immigration.

Immigration is a hot-button issue for the GOP base now, with Donald Trump – who called for mass deportations and the magnificent Mexican border wall – leading the presidential primary in Georgia and nationally. Perdue, meanwhile, campaigned for his first-term win in 2014 opposing any sort of “amnesty” for immigrants here illegally.

“There would be a political price to pay for either conservative United States senator, one of them running for re-election, letting it go to the committee process with everything that’s been revealed about GALEO,” D.A. King, an activist who has led the charge against Lopez, said in December.

Other conservatives rallied to Lopez’s side in recent weeks. Among them was Erick Erickson, the conservative WSB Radio provocateur, who said he was the “most free-market” of all the judicial picks nationwide. He called Lopez the “best pick you could hope for from the president of the United States for Georgia.”

But it wasn’t enough to surmount concerns from the GOP’s right flank. And Perdue hinted some of his Republican colleagues would have had the same fears.

“I believe similar concerns would be raised by many of my colleagues, making Judge Lopez’s final confirmation unattainable,” he said.

David Perdue blocks Latino judicial nominee

Video: Illegal aliens protest immigration enforcement in Atlanta, January, 2016 – with translation #SPLC

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For those of you who have not seen the corporate-funded illegal alien lobby in action.

VIDEO below

Illegal alien street screamers in front of the federal immigration court in Atlanta, January 7, 2016.
Video shot by D.A. King.

At the end of this one hour event with about 60 people, I watched as a man in his twenties strolled over to a group of federal and Atlanta police officers and screamed obscenities at them (in English) about law enforcement directed at “immigrants” and finished by telling them to “get a real job…”

You can see the NPR affiliate WABE-News report here. Let me know if you see anything resembling a mention of the police being verbally attacked and provoked. Personal, educated and experienced observation. WABE News is among the most agenda-driven and biased news outlets in Georgia. And that is a big statement. They have, at last and at least, dropped any pretense of “journalism.”

* The organizer of this indicator of Obama’s new America was GLAHR (more on these socialists/communists — HERE) with participation of speakers from the SPLC and the ACLU.

For me, the shake-my-head part of the day was when they attacked Barack Obama as “oppressive.”

For those readers who do not get it yet: They despise America and Americans who don’t help them. The goal is open borders and these crazies will not stop unless/until they make America into as poor and as miserable a place to live as the third-world nations these angry leftists came from. They still cling to their home-nation flags.

Translation of the bullhorn chants:

Se ve, se ciente – We see, we feel!
El publo esta presente – we are here!

Se olle, Se escucha – We hear, we listen!
El pueblo esta en la lucha – we are in the fight!

Las calles son del pueblo – the streets belong to us!
El pueblo donde esta – we belong here!
El pueblo esta en la calle – we are in these streets!
Exigiendo la justicia – demanding justice!

Que pedimos? – justicia – We ask for justice!
La legalizion – no deportacion – Legalization, not deportation!

VIDEO – 43 seconds. I have much more…

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