March 30, 2007

Canadians not happy with SPP – “integration”. Me neither.

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News Release from Canada CNW GROUP ( read it here)

Attention News/Assignment Editors:

Organizations make election plans to oppose Security and Prosperity Partnership

OTTAWA, March 30 /CNW Telbec/ – Canadian civil society groups concerned
about the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) between Canada, the U.S.
and Mexico are holding a press conference today outlining key problems with
the current corporate push for so-called “deeper integration.”
The Council of Canadians, the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), the
Parkland Institute and the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations
(CAIR-CAN) are concerned that the SPP will have harmful effects on democracy,
job security, natural resources and the environment, and minority rights in
Canada and throughout North America.
In opposition to the SPP, the groups are demanding that the Canadian

< < - Abolish the North American Competitiveness Council, the corporate advisory body driving the SPP process - Develop a concrete plan to protect the environment, energy and water in Canada - Ensure that civil liberties and rights are not compromised under the pretext of the U.S.-led war on terror - Make job security and higher standards of living for workers in Canada a priority - Submit the SPP to legislative review and meaningful consultation with the public >>

The organizations say they will make the SPP an election issue. They will
be joining many others this weekend in Ottawa at the first civil society
gathering on the SPP- a weekend teach-in organized by the Council of
Canadians, the Canadian Labour Congress and the Canadian Centre for Policy
“The SPP has allowed large corporations to impose their agenda on the
rest of us,” says Maude Barlow, national chairperson of the Council of
Canadians. “Over the next few days, civil society groups, academics and
activists will gather in Ottawa to share our concerns and discuss strategies
to ensure that our voices are heard during the next election and at the next
SPP leaders’ summit that will bring U.S. President George Bush and Mexican
President Felipe Calderon to Canada in August.”

For further information: Meera Karunananthan, Media Officer, Council of
Canadians, (613) 233-4487 ext 234, (613) 795-8685,;; Press conference at 10:30 am in Charles Lynch room,
Parliament Hill, Ottawa.

About CNW

CNW Group is the nation’s number one resource for time-critical news and information from more than 10,000 sources coast to coast and around the world. Public companies, associations, unions, not-for-profits, municipal, provincial and federal governments all rely on CNW Group’s unique multi-media communication services and networks to effectively send their messages to newsrooms, the financial community and the public.

The CNW Group web site is the most frequently used and most widely accessed full-text news release site in Canada. CNW Group is also a national leader in audio/video webcasting, enabling thousands of communication professionals to broadcast their news and information in real-time around the world.
CNW Group’s communications technology goes well beyond electronic news distribution. CNW Group also assists its clients in achieving their goals by providing innovative services to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their communications, and to target their key audiences.

Established in 1960, CNW Group is a leading and legitimate part of Canada’s journalistic and financial reporting processes, recognized in all major newsrooms and financial institutions as a key element in the dissemination and receipt of timely information directly from source. CNW Group operates bureaus in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax. CNW Group’s wholly owned subsidiary CNW Telbec operates offices in Montreal and Quebec City.

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Understanding and serving the needs of all stakeholders and clients, CNW Group maintains active relationships with many associations representing media, communications, business and financial professionals. Among them:

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AJC: Contractors vexed about hiring legal labor – and an unpublished letter to the editor

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A letter to the AJC that did not see print on the “vexed” contractors who are whinning about complying with that pesky law. My unpublished letter was aimed at a recent AJC report which is outlined below.

Dear Editor/AJC

State’s new rules vex contractors? Golly, considering that SB 529 merely dictates that contractors comply with existing federal laws, it is more than a little difficult to find any sympathy for the “vexed” employers.

While it is likely extreme and unreasonable to require the contractors being paid with taxpayer dollars hire legal labor, most Georgians supplying those dollars – and the funds to pay for the medical care for the black market workers we all see everyday – kind of hope that those charged with enforcing the law find more enthusiasm.

The AJC reports that “there is no criminal penalty for not complying” with the law that requires the use of the free federal employee verification system. Wrong: False swearing that the Basic Pilot program is being used is…a crime.

One must ask: Why are tax dollars being spent on a Department of Labor public hearing on the draft rules? Is there still a chance that the contractors can convince the Labor Commissioner to ignore the law? Again?

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: State’s new rules vex contractors
By Mary Lou Pickel
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 03/28/07

Large contracting firms on public jobs soon will have to screen new hires through a federal online system and reject those not authorized to work in the United States. It’s part of Georgia’s new law to crack down on illegal immigration.

“What we’re trying to do is simply to prevent the hiring of undocumented workers in Georgia, and to prevent them from working for the public sector,” said Sam Hall, communications director for the Georgia Department of Labor.

The agency issued draft rules this week for how contractors must verify new hires. A public hearing is scheduled for May 3, and final rules will come out shortly after.

In a state considered to have one of the fastest-growing illegal immigrant populations in the country, the new rules have contractors worried.

“Finding quality craft tradespeople has been a challenge for many, many years, and anything that could potentially affect that number causes great concern,” said Bill Anderson, president of the Associated Builders and Contractors of Georgia.

The draft rule requires contractors and subcontractors with 500 employees or more to run new hires through the Department of Homeland Security’s Basic Pilot Program starting July 1. They and their subcontractors must sign an affidavit saying they have done so.

The requirement will eventually apply to all contractors and subs in 2009. It is a part of Senate Bill 529, the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act, which became law last year.

“Only time will tell how this will really affect our industry —- whether it will cost money or cause heartaches trying to find workers,” said Ray Rodriguez, human resources vice president for Marietta-based paving company C.W. Matthews Contracting Co., which has 1,500 employees.

The federal government’s Basic Pilot Program matches an employee’s name against the Social Security number and checks immigration status. In most cases it instantly zaps back an answer as to whether the information matches and an employee is allowed to work in the United States.

About 15,300 employers nationwide now use the Basic Pilot Program, which is voluntary.

In Georgia it will be mandatory for all public jobs, but not for private home building or other nonpublic work.

While some contractors say they anticipate no problems, others wonder how the screening program will affect the available work force.

If there’s a shortage of legal workers and labor prices rise, a contractor might have to eat into his profit to do a job, said Mike Hardin, president of Alpharetta-based Harcon Inc., a subcontractor that sets concrete forms for parking decks, high-rises and office buildings.

If the labor market gets really tight, it’s possible companies won’t bid on public contracts, Hardin said. “Right now, times are so good, you have such a huge selection of jobs you can take, why would you take those jobs?”

Georgia’s draft rule contains no penalties for failing to screen an employee, and the Georgia Department of Labor will only conduct random audits of companies once the state Legislature devotes money to pay for enforcement.

Cobb County adopted its own rules for contractors in January. Those who do business with Cobb could be charged with breach of contract for not using the Basic Pilot Program and could be found liable for damages if the county experiences delays on a project.

Cobb likewise is not planning aggressive enforcement and will at most respond to complaints.

“At this time we are not planning on riding around and checking paperwork,” Cobb County spokesman Robert Quigley said….READ more while the link is good.

March 29, 2007

Georgia state Senator Jim Whitehead is running to fill Congressman Charlie Norwood’s seat – WE THINK THAT IS A TERRIFIC IDEA!

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Dr. Charlie Norwood (GA 10th) was not only a great American, but a personal hero. God rest Charlie Norwood.

State Senator Jim Whitehead is a candidate for the now empty seat in Georgia’s 10th District.

Because I live in the 11th District, I cannot vote for Jim…but I would if I could.

The Dustin Inman Society is fully behind Jim Whitehead for Congress.

Please see here to learn why.


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Contact: Becky Ruby 202-225-2931

Gingrey co-sponsors legislation to make drunk driving grounds for expedited deportation of illegal immigrants

Washington, Mar 27 –

U.S. Congressman Phil Gingrey this week helped introduce legislation to ensure illegal immigrants are quickly deported after being convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI). H.R. 1355, the Scott Gardner Act, would close loopholes that allow illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S. after being convicted of drunk driving. The bill is named in memory of a North Carolina man who was killed by an illegal immigrant drunk driver with five prior DWI charges.

“The number of drunk driving deaths caused by illegal immigrants is growing,” said Gingrey. “This is an issue that hits very close to home, as several years ago a college student was killed by an illegal immigrant drunk driver at the intersection of Sandtown Road and Powder Springs Road in Smyrna. If illegal aliens are convicted of a crime, we should put them on a fast-track to deportation. Our immigration system is out of control, and we desperately need to get our federal, state and local law enforcement agencies working together to stop these criminals from harming our citizens.”

H.R. 1355 would:

Make DWIs grounds for mandatory detention and expedited deportation of illegal aliens;

Require the sharing of information on illegal immigrants among federal, state and local law enforcement agencies;

Improve the operation and compatibility of federal immigration and criminal databases;
Increase detention facility space.

( A note from D.A. -Thank you Congressman Gingrey!)

March 28, 2007

Press Release from the Dustin Inman Society – Rally at the White House April 22, 2007

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Media Release for the Dustin Inman Society NO PATH TO CITIZENSHIP FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS ! rally at the White House here.

Mexican kids going to school – in Arizona:A SHORT VIDEO

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Mexican kids going to school – in Arizona: A SHORT VIDEO here.

March 27, 2007

A note from my friend in what remains of Los Angeles – Dan Sheehy – and some video of a recent march for justice – by Americans in America

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IF you have not read Dan’s book, you are missing a very good book.

Citizens in the Los Angeles Area and Across America –

Two announcements:

This evening, March 27, during the 10 p.m. hour Pacific time, I will be a guest on “TalkRadio 790 KABC” in Los Angeles with host Rob Nelson. I will talk about the rally and march nearly 300 American patriots of different skin colors held this past Sunday, March 25, through downtown Los Angeles to City Hall. The march was held in an effort to make people aware of the impact the massive illegal-alien invasion has had on American black citizens.

I participated in the march and spoke on the steps of City Hall. I will share my observations, which are quite different from the story painted in the Los Angeles Times. I can tell you that marching through the streets of downtown Los Angeles was like walking through Tijuana. You would not know you’re in America. I can also tell you that scores of brave L.A. police officers dressed in riot gear marched with us and protected us from thousands of illegal aliens lining the streets who would have violently attacked us if given the chance. President Bush’s “good-hearted people” hate Americans, America, and our flag. Watch these dramatic videos from the rally and march to see what I’m talking about: Then tune in to KABC during the 10 p.m. hour Pacific time tonight. For those outside the Los Angeles area, go to the 790 KABC website to listen online.

Also, I will be a guest on the Thom Hartmann Show on the Air America Radio Network on Wednesday, April 24, at 11:06 a.m. Pacific time. Hartmann is a strong supporter and scholar of the U.S. Constitution and publicly opposes illegal immigration. He understands what massive illegal immigration is doing to wages and jobs in our country.

He specifically invited me on his nationally syndicated show to discuss the chapter in my book titled “Bush and Other Elites Merging the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.” Of course, this merger scheme is treason. It is the reason the Bush White House and many on Capitol Hill refuse to secure our borders and enforce U.S. immigration laws. The Bush administration is conspiring behind closed doors to overthrow the U.S. government and our Constitution. Isn’t it interesting that Hartmann, a liberal, will have me on his show to discuss this merger scheme, but Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity will not have me on their shows. I hope you’ll tune in to Hartmann’s show April 24. And ask O’Reilly and Hannity why they won’t have me on their shows. What are they afraid of ­ the truth?

Please go here for my complete media and speaking schedule:
Most Sincerely,

Dan Sheehy
Author of Fighting Immigration Anarchy: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation

American hospital sacrifices obstetrics care for Americans to provide emergency care for illegal aliens… MSNBC

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Border town hospitals straddle care and costs
Illegal immigrants part of the growing burden in health care
By Robert Bazell
Chief science and health correspondent
NBC News

“…But the care is expensive. Since May 2005 the Bush Administration has paid hospitals in border areas and large cities for caring for undocumented immigrants, but the payment amounts to only pennies on the dollar. Dickson says Copper Queen now puts out $3,000 to $4,000 a month in free care. That cost is one of the reasons the hospital had to close several of its services, including obstetrics, he says. As a result, some local residents must now travel 100 miles for prenatal care”.

Read the entire report here.

March 26, 2007

U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss: What NAU?

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Below is a response from one of Georgia’s U.S. Senators on the looming borderless continent.

Don’t you hate it when you are more tuned in than a U.S. Senator?

His reply comes to me as result of my sending a note with some language from the Senate’s 2006 amnesty-again attempt. That language below…and below that, Senator Saxby Chambliss’ reply to me.

His office can be contacted using the link at the bottom of the letter to me. He needs some e-mail and calls.

From S.2611, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006, crucial to constructing the North American Union and open borders. PLEASE go to S.2611 and SEC.113, (3), (E): Reference: “a common security perimeter.”

Last year’s attempt will be little different than this year’s. A borderless continent.

3) VISA POLICY COORDINATION AND IMMIGRATION SECURITY– The progress made by Canada, Mexico, and the United States to enhance the security of North America by cooperating on visa policy and identifying best practices regarding immigration security, including the progress made–

(A) in enhancing consultation among officials who issue visas at the consulates or embassies of Canada, Mexico, or the United States throughout the world to share information, trends, and best practices on visa flows;

(B) in comparing the procedures and policies of Canada and the United States related to visitor visa processing, including–
(i) application process;
(ii) interview policy;
(iii) general screening procedures;
(iv) visa validity;
(v) quality control measures; and
(vi) access to appeal or review;

(C) in exploring methods for Canada, Mexico, and the United States to waive visa requirements for nationals and citizens of the same foreign countries;

(D) in providing technical assistance for the development and maintenance of a national database built upon identified best practices for biometrics associated with immigration violators;

(E) in developing and implementing an immigration security strategy for North America that works toward the development of a common security perimeter by enhancing technical assistance for programs and systems to support advance automated reporting and risk targeting of international passengers;

(F) in sharing information on lost and stolen passports on a real-time basis among immigration or law enforcement officials of Canada, Mexico, and the United States; and

(G) in collecting 10 fingerprints from each individual who applies for a visa.

(Note from D.A. – I don’t think Senator Chambliss has read this or this or watched this. Or heard of this Congressional Resolution

Senator Chambliss’ letter:

Dear Mr. King :

Thank you for contacting me with respect to the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and your concerns about a possible “North American Union.” It is good to hear from you.

The federal government has no plans to merge the United States with Mexico and Canada or form a “North American Union” nor would I support such an effort.

The SPP, however, was created in March 2005 to boost border security through information sharing between the United States , Mexico , and Canada . This partnership is also aimed at bolstering commerce through the integrating and coordinating of infrastructure and security procedures to provide increased border protection without impairing the movement of goods through North America . In addition, this partnership brings us together with our neighboring countries to develop coordinated plans to deal with such emergencies as a breakout of Avian Influenza.

I have always supported and will continue to support tight border security and will not support any measures that would threaten the protection of American citizens. It is important that we work with our bordering nations and trading partners to develop relationships that will promote our economic prosperity and keep our country safe from terrorists. You can rest assured that I will continue to follow any developments within the SPP and work to ensure the safety of Americans.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me. As always, I appreciate hearing from you. In the meantime, if you would like to receive timely email alerts regarding the latest congressional actions and my weekly e-newsletter, please sign up via my web site at: .

The Wait is Over – Guest Worker Amnesty Introduced in the House

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The STRIVE ACT: an outline from FAIR
The Wait is Over – Guest Worker Amnesty Introduced in the House

After long negotiations and in-fighting, Representatives Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) broke away from their Senate counterparts last Thursday to introduce a guest worker amnesty bill in the House of Representatives. H.R. 1645, or the STRIVE Act of 2007 (Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy), offers amnesty to the estimated 12-20 million illegal aliens and provides big business with a future flow of cheap foreign labor though a guest worker program with a path to citizenship. The bill also makes improvements to border security efforts and provides for an employment eligibility verification system.

The guest worker portion of the bill creates a new type of worker visa, called an H-2C visa, that allows illegal aliens to stay in the U.S. for up to 6 years so long as they can:

establish employment;
pass a background check;
pass a medical examination; and
pay a $500 fee.
The H-2C program also allows these “guest workers” and their dependents to apply for permanent residency status and eventual citizenship. The program has an annual cap of 400,000 guest workers with an automatic escalator that can inflate the number to as many as 600,000.

The amnesty portion of the bill allows illegal aliens to apply for “conditional nonimmigrant status” by establishing that he or she was present and employed in the U.S. since June 1, 2006. The alien must also submit fingerprints, undergo a background check, and pay a $500 fine. Once granted conditional nonimmigrant status, the alien may obtain permanent residence status after six years by:

establishing employment;
paying of taxes (but only taxes owed for legal work);
paying $2,000 in fees and fines;
passing a background check;
meeting the citizenship requirements under current law; and
touching the border (see below).

This last requirement, called a “touchback” provision, only requires that sometime during the six year period of conditional nonimmigrant status the alien go to the border and reenter as a conditional nonimmigrant—the status they already have. There is no requirement that the alien actually return to his or her home country, undergo any new scrutiny, obtain any new documentation, or spend any meaningful time outside of the U.S. Indeed, Congressman Gutierrez was quoted in CongressDaily as saying the touchback provision could be accomplished “in a day.” Spouses and dependents are excluded from the touchback requirement.

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