November 29, 2005

President Bush never gives up on amnesty for illegal aliens… America must

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Yawn…President Bush gave his speech on “immigration reform” and our un-secured borders yesterday.


“I have a solemn duty, and so do the members of the United States Congress, to protect our nation, our Constitution, and our laws.
We want to make it clear that when people violate immigration laws, they’re going to be sent home, and they need to stay at home

While we are happy to hear that the President has some memory of his oath of office, we are not aware of many Americans who believe allowing the millions who are already in our nation illegally to remain here will either secure America, or discourage millions more from coming.

It certainly didn’t in the amnesty of 1986…a fact that was ignored in the President’s address. He even went so far as to tell us that we cannot enforce our laws unless we reward those who have already violated them. Again.

Oh yeah….amnesty is not amnesty if he says it isn’t.

The President:

“… people in this debate must recognize that we will not be able to effectively enforce our immigration laws until we create a temporary worker program. The program that I proposed would not create an automatic path to citizenship, it wouldn’t provide for amnesty — I oppose amnesty. Rewarding those who have broken the law would encourage others to break the law and keep pressure on our border.”

The entire text of yesterday’s sales presentation for amnesty can be read here.

Contact the White House with your thoughts on another amnesty here.

November 27, 2005

Minute Men and Hollywood and…go back to Europe?

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Just in case there is anyone who missed the attempt from NBC several weeks ago to paint the Minute Man Project [MMP] as racist, un-educated and un-American extremeists, you can read about that shameful fact here, here and here.

Guess what? Several members of the MMP and their supporters staged a protest in front of the NBC studios in California yesterday.

See short narative and several photos posted on Americans for Legal Immigration here. Note the counter protesters across the street in the last few photos.

We leave it to the reader to decide who the “racists” are.


Amnesty and corporate welfare…Bush sales pitch on Monday?

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With the President scheduled to speak on amnesty and our intentionally un-secured borders Monday, we thought that some exposure to the truth beforehand would be advantageous for the reader.

There will be times that we post thing here that we wish we had written.

This is one of those times. We hope that you will read the entire piece – and listen to Bush on Monday.

Keep the terms “corporate welfare” and “taxpayer subsidized labor” in your mind. They are in the President’s.

W. James Antle III in The American Conservative magazine:
Border Bait and Switch
November 7, 2005

Promising immigration enforcement but delivering amnesty

But these days, supporters of mass immigration don’t often decree “there shall be open borders.” Instead they are talking about the need to get tough on border security—just as soon as we make our legal-immigration policy loose enough to accommodate the crackdown. They insist they are not opponents of immigration reform; they are just more realistic reformers.

November 14, 2005

Statistics on Georgia and “Hispanics” from La Raza and Atlanta Latino

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Statistics here from La Raza on “Hispanics” in Georgia.
[English tab top right]

November 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Marines!

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Today is Marine Corps birthday.

Happy birthday Marines!!

Life on the border – America’s Twilight Zone

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This excerpt from today’s Tucson Weekly Magazine, by Leo Banks.

Sometimes burreros–drug mules–show up at Sonny’s place after dropping their loads. They’ve walked 5, sometimes 10 miles, carrying 50- or 60-pound bales of marijuana on their backs, and they’re dog tired. It’s rough work, wrecking a nation.

In the old days, they’d walk back to Mexico. Now they call the Border Patrol for a ride. The agents drive them to Nogales for mug shots and a fingerprint check, and if all looks rosy–only border-busting arrests–they’re turned loose back across the line.

“The Border Patrol sees some of these guys 15 times.” Sonny shrugs. “Why would you walk back when you can get a ride?”

Twilight zone.

We hope that you will take the time to read the entire piece by clicking here.

More from Banks on life on the border here.

Contact Mr. Banks here.

Contact the President of the United States here.

Contact Governor Perdue to demand that he do all in his power to make Georgia less attractive to illegal immigration here: and here: 404 656 1776.

November 6, 2005

Zamarripa, coconuts, racism and American heroes

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While enduring a “Town Hall Meeting” Friday night that was staged – and I do mean staged – here in Cobb County by Georgia state senator Sam Zamarripa’s propaganda machine – the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials [GALEO] – I couldn’t help but think about a friend of ours in Idaho.

I listened to a former Atlanta Mexican Consul General who continues to find ways to profit from the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in Georgia tell the audience “most undocumented immigrants in the United States come from Canada.”

That explains why we see the Canadian flag so much on Buford Highway.

Like many in the worlds oldest profession, that Teodoro Maus fellow can be pretty entertaining.

Another recurring theme was that illegal aliens were really just “immigrants”
…and that illegally entering, residing and working in the U.S. was not really a crime if the illegals paid rent and sales taxes…I cannot make stuff like this up.

For those who were not there, you missed a classic performance by the wealthy illegal alien lobby in their robotic repetition of their limited talking points.

For those of us who have been hearing it for years…nothing new.

The recurring theme, as always, was that if you oppose illegal immigration and the invasion and colonization of America – you are a raging racist who is full of hate for human rights, children, Latinos and immigration in general.

Which brings us to our pal in Idaho.

In this photo taken last week, the man standing next to the big bald ugly guy is Robert Vasquez – a Canyon County [Idaho] Commissioner.

We are standing on the Arizona – Mexican border in Cochise County – on a border road between Douglas and Naco.

Please take a long careful look at the border security , and then remember that the President tells us that we must be “vigilant” while we are in our fourth year in a war on terror.

Robert, a Vietnam War veteran who left part of his right leg there, happens to be of Mexican descent.

He is running for Congress.

For his demand that America secure its borders and enforce its immigration and employment laws, he is called “coconut” [brown on the outside, white on the inside] by many other Latinos who vehemently oppose the concept of America securing its borders.

Racism and justice indeed.

Robert is as good a man as we know, and we are proud to call him friend.

It occurred to us that added together, MALDEF national board member and banker to the illegal aliens, Sam Zamarripa, and his sidekick mouth-piece, Jerry Gonzalez , wouldn’t amount to a fraction of the man, or the American, that Robert Vasquez represents.

We will be following the paths of all three here from time to time.

Idaho could do a lot worse than Vasquez….we in Georgia could, and should, do a lot better than Zamarripa Inc.

We pray for justice all around.

Good luck Robert…and welcome home.

Take this GOP Senatorial poll on illegal immigration!

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The National Republican Senatorial Committee is conducting a poll to gauge the level of public outrage at the fact that their party has refused to secure America’s borders and enforce many federal laws.

They are also trying to get a handle on to how many people they can hope to sell another amnesty for illegal aliens.

Total time out of your day: one minute…we hope that yopu will share you opinion by clicking here

November 5, 2005

Ummm…party or nation?

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First……look here…..
Then, please folks, think about which it is we are trying to save… a political party…or a nation and way of life.

Our views here…courtesy of

Try not to say “yada – yada” after reading this excerpt…I couldn’t resist it.

“Despite our substantial progress, we still face a substantial problem. The ability of individuals to enter our country outside legal channels is a threat to our homeland security. Flagrant violation of our borders undercuts the rule of law, undermines our security, and imposes particular economic strains on our border communities,” said Secretary Chertoff.

What would our grandfathers do?