August 28, 2019

Gwinnett Chairman Charlotte Nash 2017 apology letter to Rep John Lewis

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August 27, 2019

Fighting for Open Borders: Azadeh Shahshahani – From Tehran to Atlanta – to the National Lawyers Guild and the Project South Institute for the Elimination of Poverty and Genocide #SPLC

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Azadeh Shahshah leading an SPLC-sponsored anti-enforcement rally in Atlanta, Jan 2016. Image: DIS



Avowed enemy of ICE and immigration enforcement. Radical leftist with ties to the communist party through the NLG, which

  • Uses the law to promote “basic change in the structure of our political and capitalisteconomic system”
  • Has longstanding ties to the Communist Party and its front groups
  • Defends all manner of America-hating radicals
  • Has consistently opposed U.S. foreign policy while supporting America’s enemies across the globe
  • Has consistently opposed post-9/11 national security measures by the U.S. government

Read more about the national Lawyers Guild (NLG) here, from David Horowitz.

“Shahshahani was elected President of the National Lawyers Guild “The NLG has served as my political home. NLG members have been some of my strongest mentors, role models, and friends. There is no other organization like the NLG serving as a base for legal activists. It provides a space to do political legal work and be connected to other movement lawyers, legal workers, law students, and jailhouse lawyers” says Shahshahani. *From Tehran to Atlanta: Social Justice Lawyer Azadeh Shahshahani’s Fight for Human Rights.

Azadeh Shahshahani currently is Legal & Advocacy Director for the leftist ‘Project South The Institution For Elimination of Poverty and Genocide’ in Atlanta and is active in fighting enforcement of American immigration laws – and for “liberation.”

Mission statement from Project South:


Two million dollars in donations in 2017

“Project South” received more than $2 million in contributions in 2017 according to their IRS form 990. You can donate to Shahshahani here, OR you can donate to the pro-enforcement Dustin Inman Society here.

Shahshahani is a race-baiting former Director of the National Security/Immigrants’ Rights Project at the ACLU of Georgia. and Detention Watch, which is dedicated to open borders through the prohibition of confinement for illegal aliens.

August 26, 2019

Breitbart: Mark Zuckerburg’s group lobbies Georgia GOP for more cheap labor – – Sam Aguilar — FWDus

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Image: Twitter/Getty


Mark Zuckerberg’s Group Lobbies Georgia GOP for More Low-Wage Labor

Breitbart News

Mark Zuckerberg’s group of West Coast investors is lobbying the GOP to keep illegal cheap labor flowing into Georgia.

The group’s political progress was spotlighted Tuesday, August 6, when a state GOP politician urged state officials to ignore the huge population of illegal migrant workers and renters in the state, according to a report in the Georgia Recorder:

Speaking at a lunch at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art, state Sen. Chuck Payne (R-Dalton) touted the diverse makeup of the 54th District he represents. Payne estimated his district is 42% Latino. He said many of the Latinos living in the district immigrated 25 years ago and “simply want a better life not only for themselves, but for their children and their grandchildren.”

“The people that I represent are honest, they’re hard-working, seeking to realize the American dream,” said Payne.

Payne opposed state legislation that would have forced Georgia residents who are not American citizens to obtain driver’s licenses clearly stating that they are not citizens. The measure died in committee in part due to Payne’s vote against it.

Zuckerberg’s lobbying group quickly endorsed Payne’s praise of cheap illegal labor:

Immigrants continuously serve as the foundation of our nation’s growth & success. Thank you @Chuck_Payne for supporting @FWDus Georgia office’s two-year anniversary & recognizing the power that comes when immigrants are seen, heard, and able to contribute. … was created by West Coast billionaire investors — including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg — to preserve the annual inflow of roughly one million new legal immigrants. Investors value the migrants because they reduce the cost of workers and raise overall spending on housing, products, and services such as food delivery.

For example, the group is urging the Senate to pass the S.386 legislation, which would provide roughly 100,000 green cards to Indian graduates (and their families) who take white-collar jobs in the United States at low wages for long hours and are treated poorly. has also lobbied for cheap labor in New York and Colorado, as well as in universities.

Payne lauded’s hardline approach against enforcement, according to the Georgia Recorder: “The senator described his work with the group as “a moral imperative and a political obligation to my constituents and the health of our country and economy.”

Payne’s statement was also lauded by’s lobbyist in Georgia, Sam Aguilar:

We’re proud to help drive smart immigration policy changes in Georgia that make our streets safer, encourage entrepreneurship, and contribute to sustained economic growth across our state. This year, we’re deepening our commitment to bipartisanship by working across party lines in support of access to higher education, and by working with a strong business coalition to identify – and stop – anti-immigrant bills before they hurt Georgia’s economy and our families.

Aguilar described the illegal migrants as Georgians, calling for an amnesty and continued high levels of legal immigration:

All Georgians deserve a government that treats immigrants with respect and dignity, and acknowledges their many financial contributions to our state’s economy and communities. Our long term goal is commonsense immigration reform that implements smart border security, protects and expands existing legal immigration avenues, and provides an earned pathway to citizenship for undocumented people. Expanding our work at the state level will help us to better achieve comprehensive reform, and we believe these policy goals will strengthen Georgia as we continue to demand the immigration changes our country needs.

Before working for, the Mexico-born Aguilar worked as a lobbyist for Galeo, an ethnic advocacy group that opposes state-level measures against illegal immigrants, such as state and local participation in the federal 287(g) program.

ICYMI: Last week, Georgia State Senator Chuck Payne joined renowned Atlanta artist @yehimicambron for a discussion of state and federal immigration legislation.

Check out more photos from the event here: #GApol
View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

See’s other Tweets

On August 7, D.A. King, who lobbies for enforcement of state immigration laws, shared’s tweeted endorsement of Payne, adding the comment, “This guy is w/o doubt the dimmest bulb in the legislature.”

In response, another lobbyist, Jaime Rangel, tweeted a message to King saying, “Stay classy prick.”

Rangel is an illegal immigrant. He got a work permit from President Barack Obama’s 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) administrative amnesty. In May 2019, while working for, Rangel wrote:

Recently, I joined the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and legislative and community leaders to review the recent state legislative session and strategize for the next. The event included both Republican and Democratic state representatives and members of the media and public. Together, we discussed how we might pass legislation that will grow our economy and revitalize our rural regions. Many of us shared the understanding that immigrants, especially Dreamers, are essential to our state’s success.

I used my spot at the table to suggest two legislative proposals that will increase Dreamers’ participation in the workforce and ensure they continue to contribute to our success. First, state lawmakers should pass a law allowing Dreamers who grew up in Georgia to pay in-state tuition at our public schools.

Second, lawmakers should not support legislation that will put Dreamers’ driver’s licenses at risk …

Payne declined to respond to questions from Breitbart News. Todd Schulte, the director of, also declined to answer questions.

The tacit alliance of business groups, ethnic lobbies, and Democrat politicians is also spotlighted by the debate over Georgia’s role in the 287(g) program, which allows state police to notify federal deportation agencies when illegals are arrested for local offenses.

The state’s Department of Public Safety is required by a 2011 state law to train officers in the 287(g) each year, but it is not on the federal list of trained agencies. Six other law enforcement agencies in Georgia are on the list, including Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office.

In July, Latino groups tried to exclude King from a public debate over the 287(g) program, which promotes cooperation between federal deportation agents and local police. Galeo opposes the 287(g) enforcement program. Read the rest here

Gwinnett Daily Post: D.A. King files ethics complaint against Marlene Fosque

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Gwinnett Daily Post

August 24, 2019

Isabelle Hughes

Gwinnett County Commissioner Marlene Fosque. Image Gwinnett County website

Two weeks after Gwinnett County Commissioner Marlene Fosque publicly accused Dustin Inman Society President D.A. King of “spewing hatred and bigotry and racism,” King has filed an ethics complaint requesting Fosque be verbally reprimanded for her comments.

In the complaint, which was filed Thursday, King asked that Fosque immediately apologize to him during a board meeting, requested that the Board of Commissioners “take out an advertisement in the legal organ of Gwinnett County” apologizing to him, asked that Fosque be fined an undetermined amount and requested that he be granted “any further relief deemed just under the circumstances.”

King has accused Fosque of violating six of the 16 ethical standards listed in the county’s ethics ordinance.

King’s complaint against Fosque is the latest in a series of back-and-forths between them, which began earlier this month after King was invited by the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office to speak about the benefits of the jail’s 287(g) immigration program at a July 31 community meeting hosted by Fosque.

While the meeting was intended as an information-sharing forum and an attempt to foster a dialogue between the program’s supporters and opponents, it veered off topic at times as demonstrators protested King and tensions ran high on both the pro- and anti-287(g) sides.

Fosque first addressed the meeting’s “negativity,” as she called it, at an Aug. 6 board of commissioners meeting, where she condemned the sheriff’s office for inviting King to serve as a panelist.

“I rebuke, denounce, deplore, and condemn the participation of Donald A. King, better known as D.A. King, of Cobb County, from being a panelist at my Gwinnett County community engagement discussion,” Fosque said. “This individual, as noted by an anti-defamation league director, has ties to the extreme elements of the anti-immigrant movement, spewing hatred and … (intimidating) advocacy groups. This man from Cobb County, he should have never been invited by Sheriff Butch Conway to participate in our local Gwinnett discussion.”

In her speech, Fosque also “republished defamatory statements about (King) made by politically interested third parties including the Southern Poverty Law Center, including the statement that (King) leads an, ‘anti-immigrant hate group,’” the complaint said, while also saying the Dustin Inman Society “belittles immigrants.”

In his complaint, King said Fosque broke the law by making those comments.

“Defendant has violated the Georgia law regarding defamation … by making charges against Plaintiff’s work with his non-profit organization the Dustin Inman Society and by uttering disparaging words causing special damages to Plaintiff,” the complaint said. “… the actions of the Defendant clearly demonstrate an occasion where she did not uphold the laws of the State of Georgia as required by the relevant portion of the Gwinnett Code of Ordinances.”

King’s complaint also alleges that Fosque “placed her own, anger, bias and loyalty to her political party above that to the highest moral principles and the county by defaming the Plaintiff with her inflammatory remarks,” thus violating the county’s code of ordinances.

“It is most unbecoming of the Defendant as a member of the Board of Commissioners to verbally assault the reputation of the Plaintiff, someone who merely responded to an invitation to participate in a public forum on a matter of public concern and who was not present or able to respond to false allegations,” King wrote in the complaint.

“Defendant did not contact the Plaintiff before, during, or after the event to engage him to have any personal knowledge of his positions on the attitudes she ascribed to him in her later August speech explicitly condemning Plaintiff without any basis. She merely regurgitated a false narrative spoon-fed to her by some unknown third party. This behavior is disgraceful and most unbecoming of a Gwinnett County Commissioner.”

The specific ethical standards King accused Fosque of violating include her duty to:

♦ “Uphold the Constitution, laws, regulations and ordinances of the United States, the state and the county therein and never be a party to their evasion.”

♦ “Put loyalty to the highest moral principles and to the county above loyalty to persons, party, or a county government department.”

♦ “Possess a commitment to integrity, transparency and full disclosure before undertaking any official action.”

♦ “Give to the performance of his duties, his earnest effort and best thought.”

♦ “Never engage in conduct which is unbecoming to a member or which constitutes a breach of public trust.”

♦ “Uphold these principles, ever conscious that public office is a public trust and is an honor, not a right.”

Fosque told the Daily Post that she would not comment on the complaint, but Gwinnett County Communications Director Joe Sorenson confirmed the county has received it.

He said county attorneys “are taking the initial steps to process it.”

Under the ethics process in Gwinnett, a new ethics panel must be put together each time a complaint is filed against a county commissioner or county employee. Before a panel is assembled, however, a hearing officer must review the complaint to see if it merits sending it to an ethics panel for a hearing.

If it does go to a hearing, commissioners would appoint one person to sit on the panel, as would District Attorney Danny Porter, the Gwinnett Bar Association, the local government chairman of the State Bar of Georgia and Fosque herself.

After a hearing is held, the panel would make a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners, which would make the final decision on whether to sanction Fosque.

The ethics ordinance does not grant the ethics panel or the Board of Commissioners the authority to fine Fosque. The most that could be done to her is the issuing of a reprimand.

This is the second time a Gwinnett County commissioner has faced an ethics complaint since the county’s ethics ordinance was put into place in 2011.

A written reprimand was issued against Commissioner Tommy Hunter on the recommendation of an ethics panel in 2017 after an Atlanta resident filed a complaint against him for calling U.S. Rep. John Lewis a “racist pig” and referred to Democrats as “demonrats” and “libtards” on his personal Facebook page.

Hunter has been challenging his reprimand in local, state and federal courts ever since. His attorneys have argued Gwinnett’s ethics review process is unconstitutional and a $5 million lawsuit he currently has pending in federal court argues that sanctioning him for his comments was an unconstitutional attack on his right to free speech.

That stance carried over somewhat to how Hunter’s attorney, Dwight Thomas, viewed the situation involving Fosque and King.

“I do not agree with the castigation of Mr. King by (Fosque) because he has a different political ideology than the commissioner, but castigating and punishing her free speech is not the way to bridge dialog, debate policy and keep the 1st amendment safe from (government) control,” Thomas said.

“Ultimately this is not about any commissioner but about protecting free speech that does not encourage violence but sparks controversial debate. The ethics appointment process by private citizens still must clear the Georgia Supreme Court ruling in Delay v Sutton, which was handed down after the Tommy Hunter ethics process.” Here.

August 25, 2019

Democrat Congressman John Lewis To Illegal Aliens in 2011 Atlanta Street-Screamer Speech: “Sisters and Brothers…You must not give up. If any one of us is illegal, then we all are illegal”

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Rep John Lewis. Image: HuffPost

Transcript and video.

Georgia Congressman John Lewis, March 24, 2011 speaking at a rally in front of the Georgia state Capitol to a crowd estimated to be about 5000 screaming illegal aliens and their corporate-funded handlers. Much of the hours-long event was conducted in a foreign language.

The street scream was intended to intimidate Georgia state legislators so they would not pass HB 87, which included E-Verify for most private employers. Full contents of the bill which is no law here.

I wrote a newspaper column about this bill and this street scream in which I mentioned Lewis’ encouragement to the illegal aliens.

From column:

“Speaker after speaker boasted of being in the U.S. illegally and assured the fearless mob that there is a human and civil right to ignore American borders and immigration and employment laws. Having escaped capture at our borders, apparently they are now all oppressed victims suffering persecution in America … but entitled to U.S. citizenship. The defiant warning was repeated over and over again: “We will gain the right to vote and pay you back.”

The organizers of the event, a mix of socialists, anarchists, local ethnic hustlers and the ACLU (but I repeat myself) appointed some of their own to work crowd control. This long-time American watched as curious American citizen observers were refused access to certain sections of public property – Georgia Capitol grounds – by these radicals. Capitol Police and State Patrol officers warned Americans to obey those orders.

In speeches, some well-known Democrats – including U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Atlanta – urged the mob on and assured them they were right and would be victorious. And that help was on the way. The rally was originally scheduled for May Day – the traditional socialist workers holiday. The Democratic legislators who are also trying to kill immigration enforcement in Georgia convinced the organizers to move it up in hopes that it would help snuff the legislation before the looming end of the legislative session.

There were no arrests by the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, charged with enforcement of our immigration laws. That might have caused a scene.”

The goal of the rally was to kill HB 87.

Entire column here.


Video of the Lewis speech here.


The below transcript is from .

“Good afternoon.

My, uh… sisters and brothers.

(Crowd cheers.)

Thank you to every one of you for being here. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said on one occasion, “There is not anything more powerful than the commitment and the delegation of a determined people.” You are determined.

(Crowd cheers.)

You… You must not give up. You must not give in. Continue to do everything possible to keep this bill from passing [crosstalk 00:00:18]. Use [crosstalk 00:00:18] Use everything… [crosstalk 00:00:18].

(Crowd cheers.)

Many, many years ago, when I had all of my hair and few pounds lighter,[crosstalk 00:00:18] and I was involved constantly in the civil rights movement, I got arrested a few times… 40 times.

(Crowd cheers.)

I was beaten, left bloody, but I didn’t give up. And, you must not give up, until the [crosstalk 00:01:13].

(Crowd cheers. claps.)

This issue of immigration is not a state issue, it is a not a county issue, it is not a city issue, it’s an issue of the national government, and not the government of the State of Georgia.

(Crowd cheers.)

As a matter of fact, we all are brothers and sisters. It doesn’t matter whether we are Black, White, Latino, Asian American, Native American, we are one people. We are one family. We are one [crosstalk 00:01:58].

(Crowd cheers.)

We have all lived in the same house. If anyone of us is illegal then we are all illegal!

(Crowd cheers.)

There’s no illegal human being. Say it over and over again, all across America. We must say out to the State of Georgia and to other states, that we do not want Arizona type legislation here in the State of Georgia.

(Crowd cheers.)

So keep it up. If any get arrested and go to jail, I’m prepared to get arrested and go to jail with you.

(Crowd cheers.)

If one of us are arrested… if one of us are put in jail, then you all should be put in jail.

(Crowd cheers.)

The jails of Georgia, the jails of America are not large enough to hold all of us.

(Crowd cheers.)

So, get out there. Get out there. Make some noise, work hard, and we will get justice here in the State of Georgia and all around America. Organize. Organize. Speak out. Speak out. Keep the faith and keep America [inaudible 00:03:36].

(Crowd cheers.)

August 24, 2019

Nash apology letter to John Lewis – image from Gwinnett County Commission

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Delivered – complaint Marlene Fosque

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August 23, 2019

SPLC screenshot: What is a “hate group?”

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Image: SPLC Twitter page

August 22, 2019

Amended compliant first page Marlene Fosque

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D.A. King, )
Plaintiff, ) Case No.:
v. ) _____________________
Marlene Fosque, )
Defendant. )



Donald Arthur King is a resident of Cobb County, Georgia.


Marlene Fosque is a Gwinnett County Commissioner and may be served with process at the following address: 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046.


Jurisdiction and venue are proper before this body.


Section 54-24 of the Gwinnett County Code of Ordinances provides for “Ethical Standards in Government Service” and states in pertinent part that:

All county commissioners, county officials and employees shall:

(1) Uphold the Constitution, laws, regulations and ordinances of the United States, the state and the county therein and never be a party to their evasion.

Amended complaint – Marlene Fosque

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The below cover sheet and amended/corrected complaint was delivered/served today in the Gwinnett County Justice and Admin Center

Copy to county attorney delivered to Julie Mims at 1:30 PM

Copy to Marlene Fosque delivered to Exec Assistant, Vicki Harrod at 1:50 PM

Copy also sent with tracking to Fosque’s address on her campaign site. All copies notarized.

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