January 28, 2015

VIDEO Media in Georgia: We should continue to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens because “children”

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We The Bubbas in the Daily Caller

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Daily Caller, before the House leadership removed the fake border bill from the vote schedule today.

“The bill is intended to help legislators reassure worried GOP voters prior to an amnesty sellout by the GOP leadership, said D.A. King, a Georgia-based anti-amnesty activist. ”It is a complete scam. … They’re treating us like ‘we the bubbas,’ not ‘we the people,’” he said, adding that the GOP legislators’ “contempt for their own base is astonishing and sickening.”

Several top GOP leaders have said they want to pass bills that would import hundreds of thousands of lower-wage workers for food-sector jobs, for blue-collar jobs and for jobs sought by young U.S. professionals, such as therapists, teachers, accountants and pharmacists. A senior GOP chairman, Rep. Pete Sessions, also said he hoped to enact an amnesty in 2015. Sessions is a close ally of House Speaker John Boehner.

In December, top Republican leaders ignored opposition from almost 90 percent of the GOP base and almost one-third of GOP legislators and pushed through a 2015 funding bill that funded Obama’s unilateral amnesty for 12 million illegals in the United States.

In January, public pressure forced Boehner to pass a bill blocking Obama’s amnesty and imposing major reforms on Obama’s border policy. But Republicans in the Senate say their 54-seat majority isn’t strong enough to overcome Democratic support for the amnesty. If the McCaul bill is passed by the House, it may be passed by the Senate GOP instead of the January reform bill, critics worry.

GOP leaders, including McCaul, say the border bill is just one of several bills intended to bolster security. The bill spends more on border protection, but doesn’t change immigration law because that’s a task for the House judiciary committee, he said.

“The Committee on Homeland Security does not have jurisdiction over interior enforcement. … House Republicans are taking a step-by-step approach and as such the ‘Secure Our Borders First’ bill deals solely with the problem at our southern, northern, and maritime borders,” said a Jan. 23 statement from his office.

The GOP legislators who have backed the bill include Texas Reps. McCaul, Lamar Smith, Will Hurd and John Ratcliffe, Pennsylvania’s Barletta, Tom Marino and Scott Perry, Michigan’s Mike Rogers and Candace Miller, New York’s Peter King and John Katko, Georgia’s Earl (Buddy) Carter and Barry Loudermilk, plus South Carolina’s Jeff Duncan, Mississippi’s Steven Palazzo, Florida’s Curtis Clawson, North Carolina’s Mark Walker and Arizona’s Martha McSally.”


January 27, 2015

GEORGIAFORNIA LISTS: Which Republican state Senators in Georgia have endorsed Senate Bill 6 to stop illegal aliens from obtaining a drivers license – and which ones have not signed on

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UPDATED LIST- Senator Judson Hill signed SB 6 on February 2, 2015. Updated Feb 13 – Senator Hunter Hill also signed on.

Illegal aliens cannot get a drivers license in Mexico.

Senate Bill 6 has been officially filed in Georgia and would end the practice of the Republican-controlled state issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens. The Georgia state Senate has a Republican super-majority. They have the ability to pass anything they choose.

Enemies of the bill:

Republican Governor Nathan Deal

Deal said in 2010 that Georgia spends about $2.4 billion every year on the crime of illegal immigration. He has remained mostly silent on the issue since. The Chamber of Commerce wants the politicians to raise our taxes to fund improvements in transportation.

Republican Lt. Governor and President of the Senate, Casey Cagle

Cagle wants to be governor in 2018.

* Leadership members in the Senate who want to advance and/or be governor or Lt. Governor in 2017 and are much more fearful of the business lobby than the voters they know will “forgit” in a month and who they consider to be “The Bubbas.”

* The entire Georgia business community, led by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Atlanta Metro-Area Chamber of Commerce. In 2014, these same lobbying groups that now control Georgia killed a similar bill on licensing illegals, a resolution that would have allowed Georgia voters to decide via the November 2014 ballot whether to amend the state constitution to make English the official language of government and a ‘Religious Freedom’ bill.

* Lazy and shy Republicans who will vote for nearly anyone with an ”R” near their name and then treat the public servant as master.

For the politically un-aware who are asking “why?” – the answer is profit. Money. The bottom line. They make more money by hiring black-market labor in place of Americans and they want to show they control the state when corporations look to relocate to save money on labor.

It was the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that teamed up with the ACLU and the National Council of La Raza in an attempt to remove a 2008 Arizona E-Verify law designed to protect American jobs and wages from illegal labor.

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce also worked alongside the ACLU here in Georgia in 2011 in a failed attempt to stop Georgia’s E-Verify law.

There are many ways for Lt. Governor to kill thi sbill. But each time a phone rings in the state Capitol with calls from irate Georgians who want to know what in the world is going on when Republicans fight to reward illegal aliens with a drivers license (the ‘keys to the Kingdom”) it gets a little more difficult. You should know that the Chamber of Commerce lobbyists are everywhere, all day long under the Gold Dome. Like flies. While you are at work.

The more co-sponsors the bill has, the more difficult it is for the press to ignore it and for Casey Cagle to kill it – or let it rot in a committee until April of 2016 when the General assembly concludes.


Two lists. One shows which GOP Senators have signed on to like a 21st century John Hancock . The other who has not signed on.

There are 38 Senators in the Georgia Senate. 11 of them are working to deter illegal immigration in Georgia on SB 6.

Pro-enforcement Senators who have sponsored SB 6:

Senator Josh McKoon Senate Bill 6 Sponsor


Steve Gooch
William Ligon
Bill Heath
PK Martin
Greg Kirk
Bruce Thompson
Marty Harbin
Frank Ginn
Michael Williams
Mike Crane
Judson Hill
Hunter Hill

The below Republican state Senators have not yet signed on…and most of them have no intention of taking a chance on offending senate leadership or even worse for them, the Chamber of Commerce that donates money to their campaigns. Put a different way: They are siding with the Chamber and the ACLU on the illegal alien future Democrat voters who are taking jobs and lowering wages.

One more thing: Ask yourself the question: “Would any candidate have promised to give illegal aliens a drivers license in Georgia during the campaign just months ago? Would you have voted for them if they did?”

Senators who have NOT signed on to endorse/co-sponsor SB 6:

Albers, John (Republican)
Beach, Brandon (Republican)
Bethel, Charlie (Republican)
Black, Ellis (Republican)
Burke, Dean (Republican)
Cowsert, Bill (Republican)
Dugan, Mike (Republican)
Harper, Tyler (Republican)
Hill, Jack (Republican)
Hufstetler, Chuck (Republican)
Jackson, Bill (Republican)
Jeffares, Rick (Republican)
Jones, Burt (Republican)
Kennedy, John F. (Republican)
Millar, Fran (Republican)
Miller, Butch (Republican)
Mullis, Jeff (Republican)
Shafer, David (Republican)
Stone, Jesse (Republican)
Tippins, Lindsey (Republican)
Tolleson, Ross (Republican)
Unterman, Renee S (Republican)
Watson, Ben (Republican)
Wilkinson, John (Republican)
Williams, Tommie (Republican)


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Illegal aliens may enjoy a free pass on identity theft due to a new investigative policy at California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The policy, issued last year and effective as of Jan. 1, 2015, directs DMV investigators to overlook identity theft by applicants “who may have attempted to obtain or been issued a license or ID card previously through submission of false information.”

A DMV source who asked to remain anonymous provided Breitbart News exclusively with a copy of the newly-enacted internal policy memorandum. The document informs DMV investigative officers that past identity theft is acceptable when the illegally-acquired IDs were only used to obtain a driver license, and where the license or ID was not used to commit any other crime.

It is unclear how investigators are meant to determine whether a falsely obtained driver license or ID was used solely for driving, or also to commit other crimes, such as using a fraudulently-obtained driver license to open a bank account, to apply for a loan, or even to purchase alcohol.

The policy seems to expect applicants to admit voluntarily to using a fraudulent driver license or ID for purposes other than driving a motor vehicle, if they did so.

Typically, identity theft may be prosecuted as a felony in California. The new DMV policy may be an attempt to protect illegal aliens from prosecution and conviction for a felony that could lead to their deportation, and disqualify them from President Barack Obama’s new “executive amnesty” policy.

The source told Breitbart News: “My belief is that this policy came from the governor’s office.” The source added that a naturalized or natural born U.S. citizen who attempted to obtain a driver license fraudulently would not receive the same consideration, and would be prosecuted as a criminal.

“It’s unethical and it goes directly against the law enforcement code of ethics,” the anonymous source said of the new DMV policy.

A spokesperson for the California DMV told Breitbart News that while the agency “can’t prove it if someone completely lied on their identity the first time,” the DMV is constantly searching for “inconsistent information,” and turns relevant cases in to the district attorney’s office for prosecution.

“There is a chance we could miss someone,” she cautioned, but assured Breitbart News that “investigators are constantly looking for cases” of identity theft. HERE
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News on SB 6 – the bill to end the practice of GOP-controlled Georgia rewarding illegal aliens with drivers licenses – like in California

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The below report is courtesy of the subscription website Insider Advantage Georgia.

Note: Senator Josh McKoon was detained with state business yesterday and was unable to file his bill before the Secretary of the Senate office closed for the day. He will formally file SB 6 today.FYI: Currently, 12 state Senators have shown their support for SB 6 by signing their names as co-sponsors. There are 38 Republican state Senators in the Georgia legislature. They all ran as conservatives. They must all run again in 2016.

We will post the names of the Senators who have not yet signed on to SB 6 as co-sponsors each week starting tomorrow.

Insider Advantage Georgia

McKoon drops bill to deny driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants
by Louis Mayeux | Jan 27, 2015

Sen. Joshua McKoon, R-Columbus, said Monday his proposed legislation to stop illegal immigrants from receiving Georgia driver’s licenses would restore a longtime prohibition in state law overturned by President Obama’s actions expanding “deferred action” on deportation.

McKoon told a press conference that the bill answers a series of actions by Obama, including an executive order in November. “The people of Georgia do not want to defer to this president’s judgment on who will be issued a Georgia’s driver’s license,” he said.

While opponents say the bill lacks compassion, he said, “what about compassion for a person who’s been out of work 12 months because the job is filled by someone who’s been in the country illegally? Why should we reward illegal conduct?”

He said the bill, which he “dropped” Monday, has about a dozen co-sponsors. “I’m very encouraged by the level of support that the bill has,” he said, adding that he’s “looking forward to a very robust debate” on the issue.

The legislation would prevent driver’s licenses from being issued to illegal immigrants, including those with “deferred action” status who have work permits and Social Security numbers. He said a total of 12,000 illegal immigrants have state driver’s licenses, with many more applying. Already-issued driver’s licenses would be invalid if the bill passes, with vehicle impoundment authorized for repeatedly driving without a license.

The bill gives the message to those in other countries that Georgia is not “going to roll out the red carpet” to illegal immigrants and brings fair treatment for those who follow the rules of legal immigration. “It’s no way meant to be mean-spirited,” he said. “It means to be affirmative of the legal immigration process.”

How you can help with SB 6 HERE.

January 26, 2015

O.C.G.A. § 16-9-126 Illegal aliens and illegal employers and using fake/stolen ID to obtain employment in Georgia – or “I love a parade”

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Copyright 2014 by The State of Georgia
All rights reserved.

*** Current Through the 2014 Regular Session ***


O.C.G.A. § 16-9-126 (2014)

§ 16-9-126. Penalty for violations

(a) A violation of this article, other than a violation of Code Section 16-9-121.1 or 16-9-122, shall be punishable by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than ten years or a fine not to exceed $100,000.00, or both. Any person who commits such a violation for the second or any subsequent offense shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than three nor more than 15 years, a fine not to exceed $250,000.00, or both.

(a.1) A violation of Code Section 16-9-121.1 shall be punishable by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than 15 years, a fine not to exceed $250,000.00, or both, and such sentence shall run consecutively to any other sentence which the person has received.

(b) A violation of this article which does not involve the intent to commit theft or appropriation of any property, resource, or other thing of value that is committed by a person who is less than 21 years of age shall be punishable by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than three years or a fine not to exceed $5,000.00, or both.

(c) Any person found guilty of a violation of this article may be ordered by the court to make restitution to any consumer victim or any business victim of such fraud.

(d) Each violation of this article shall constitute a separate offense.

(e) Upon a conviction of a violation of this article, the court may issue any order necessary to correct a public record that contains false information resulting from the actions which resulted in the conviction.

HISTORY: Code 1981, § 16-9-125, enacted by Ga. L. 1998, p. 865, § 2; Code 1981, § 16-9-126, as redesignated by Ga. L. 2002, p. 551, § 2; Ga. L. 2007, p. 450, § 6/SB 236; Ga. L. 2011, p. 794, § 5/HB 87.


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UPDATE: January 27- because of our phone calls and emails, Republican House leadership pulled this bill from the vote schedule for the week.

PLEASE CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN! Tell him to vote NO on the fake border bill! Why?

Among the major shortcomings of the bill are the following:

1) The majority of the deadlines in the bill, and certainly the majority of those carrying any sort of penalty for noncompliance, fall outside the term of the current administration. The Obama Administration is thus largely free to continue systematically dismantling our border security and enforcement system. Even worse, the next administration will face penalties early in its first term (two years from enactment) for failing to meet deadlines, even though the current administration is actually to blame.
At a minimum, deadlines need to be set so that the current administration has an incentive to comply.

2) Seven years is far too long for our nation to wait for a biometric exit system that was first enacted in 1996. Moreover, since the deadlines for implementation, with the exception of a small pilot program, fall outside this administration’s term, President Obama has no incentive whatsoever to even begin rolling out the system before he leaves office.
At a minimum, the biometric exit system should be required at ALL airports, seaports and pedestrian crossings within two years, with a one year deadline for an exit system at 15 airports, 15 seaports, and 15 pedestrian crossings. An additional two to three years should be sufficient for the vehicular exit system.

3) Despite the talking points put out by the Homeland Security Committee, HR 399 does NOT satisfy the requirements of the Secure Fence Act of 2006. The Secure Fence Act required 700 miles of double-layered, reinforced fencing. Existing miles of vehicle barriers and single-layered fencing do not satisfy this requirement, and should not be counted as part of the mandated 700 miles. It is only by counting this less effective fencing that HR 399 can pretend to meet the requirements of the Secure Fence Act by adding only 48 miles of new double-layered fencing.
At a minimum, the bill should require the construction of the full 700 miles of reinforced, double-layered fencing Congress mandated in 2006.

4) The border simply cannot be secured as long as Border Patrol agents are forced to release the illegal aliens they apprehend, instead of rapidly removing them from the United States. Catch-and-release policies must end. Similarly, President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesties must be stopped.

January 25, 2015

Gold Dome bill would block licenses for all illegal aliens in Georgia

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Marietta Daily Journal

Gold Dome bill would block licenses for illegals
by Joe Kirby, Otis A. Brumby III and Lee B. Garrett, – Around Town Columnists

November 18, 2014 04:00 AM

REPUBLICAN leaders in Washington are mulling how best to respond to President Obama’s bare-knuckle threat to grant legal status to millions of illegal aliens in coming days. But in Georgia, a bill was pre-filed in the state Legislature on Monday that would prevent any of those newly amnestied from obtaining drivers’ licenses from the state.

“The Georgia Road Safety and Driver’s License Integrity Act,” now known as SB 6, was sponsored by state Sen. Josh McKoon (R-Columbus), with substantial input from MDJ immigration columnist D.A. King of east Cobb.

Back in June 2012, the Obama administration announced that illegals who were brought here before their 16th birthday and were under the age of 31 could request that their cases be deferred for two years, subject to renewal. He now is threatening to defer action on their cases and those of many others, which could result in millions (including several hundred thousand illegal aliens in Georgia) being rewarded with federal work permits and Social Security numbers. Under current law, that would make the “deferred action illegals” eligible for Georgia drivers’ licenses and other public benefits, even though they are still illegal aliens and would not have legal status.

“Previously, Georgia law restricted illegal aliens from getting a driver’s license,” said McKoon. “When the president created the ‘deferred action status’ class, he deliberately created a loophole to make millions of illegal aliens eligible for Georgia driver’s licenses and other public benefits. Senate Bill 6 will eliminate that loophole in Georgia.”

In addition, the bill would:

Require aliens applying for a temporary driver’s license to submit their fingerprints with the application;

Require aliens swear an affidavit that they are not the recipient of deferred deportation status, with a penalty of up to $1,000 for false swearing;

Would allow the impoundment for 60 days of any vehicle driven by an unlicensed driver (with exclusions for cases of expired licenses and drivers 15 years old or younger); and

Would require the state to take part in the federal E-Verify “Ride” Program, an enhancement to the E-Verify program that verifies the validity of driver’s license info by matching the data entered by employers against participating state motor vehicle department records.

Not surprisingly, considering he helped write it, King is upbeat on the bill.

“It will save a lot of lives if it is put into law and then actually enforced,” he said. “We should be more like Mexico, where illegal aliens cannot get a driver’s license.”

U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) declined to comment on the particulars of the bill, but said he supports its goal.

“All you have to look at is what happened in Oregon last week in the election,” he said after his Gold Dome press conference Monday, at which he announced his candidacy for a third term. “Oregon voted 2-to-1 not to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. I think that’s the sentiment of the American people.”

Oregonians voted 66-34 against the proposal (roughly the same margin by which Cobb voters rejected the TSPLOST in 2012, for what it’s worth), even though pro-illegals groups outspent opponents by a 10-to-1 margin. The measure failed in every county there but one.

Echoing Isakson on the question was Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, D.C.

“Whenever the public gets that sort of clear-cut, black-and-white issue for tougher controls — even in Oregon, when they’re legalizing dope — they support them,” Krikorian said. “It really highlights how this issue is not a Republican-liberal issue like, say, taxes and abortion, but an up-down issue, elites versus the public.”


Retired Lt. Col. and Marietta Rotary Club former president Joe DeSantis hosted a private “Salute to Veterans” dinner for nearly 100 military academy graduates, and military service veterans at the Marietta Conference Center on Veterans’ Day evening. Guest speaker was Gen. Steve Richie, the only Air Force fighter pilot to earn “ace” status during the Vietnam war by shooting down five enemy aircraft.

Among the crowd were former Cobb School Superintendent Lt. Gen. Joe Redden and retired Maj. Stuart Fleming, who serves on the Marietta City Council. DeSantis, Richie, Redden and Fleming are U. S. Air Force Academy graduates.

Others seen at the dinner included West Point grad and Blackhawk pilot Col. Bob Shaw (now of Lockheed Martin), West Point grad and former F-15 pilot Col. William Fletcher, Dr. (and retired Col.) Harlan Crimm, retired president of Chattahoochee Tech, and Dr. Jim Fleming, former president of the Georgia Air Force Academy Parents Club and of the Kennesaw State University Foundation. …

This year’s recipient of the USO Award at the annual Atlanta Regional Military Affairs Council luncheon at the Galleria on Monday was Home Depot CEO Frank Blake of Cobb.

MORE POLITICS: Isakson’s decision to go ahead and announce his plans Monday to seek a third term in the Senate was a smart one. Waiting would have fueled speculation that the east Cobb Republican, who turns 70 next month, might be considering retirement. A delay also might have fueled speculation that a tea party challenger running to his right could be successful.

Rumors had been circulating tea party favorite Allen West, the former one-term congressman from Florida who spoke recently at Roswell Street Baptist Church, was considering a move to his native Georgia to run against Isakson. Seasoned politicos here say that would have amounted to a kamikaze mission for West — and he apparently got the message, announcing last week he was moving to Texas instead to head a little-known conservative think tank.

U.S. Rep. Tom Price (R-east Cobb) could be on the inside track to chair the powerful House Budget Committee. Price has been serving as vice chair under Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who is the favorite to become chair of the even more powerful House Ways and Means Committee. … U.S. Sen.-elect Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) is a former east Cobb resident and with his wife hosted the first neighborhood coffee for Mitchell Kaye’s successful race for state Legislature in 1992, Kaye reminds AT.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – Gold Dome bill would block licenses for illegals http://mdjonline.com/view/full_story/26117005/article-Gold-Dome-bill-would-block-licenses-for-illegals?&sp-tk=2CD817364B843E30D030FDB03F0557C37947EBB9E5DF154E78B1C677DBE327C3E783EAFC51EF58DD98C033A001FA8ACAD6E1A8B6CED1B4D9CD24BFA148C4C9229D4B95A4E81C1329C66BAD9A65E1B4743A83DE069D6E9EEACB5143F607C3742E61CF0BBD8EC27DCA178D3798012C6FA13C90136C2A2042EBC875C396EA55242820521B09401E6BABE4175AEDA213DF9F498C614890071C3A1DDED4CEB7EB6C79450DD63F

January 21, 2015

We The Bubbas’ and the “Empty Green Suit” border bill in the U.S. House

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We The Bubbas’ and the “Empty Green Suit” border bill in the U.S. House

D.A. King

House Homeland Security Committee chairman Mike McCaul (R) of Texas has introduced a border-security bill (HR 399)…” Remember that, because it will be a big deal in “the news” soon. Experts agree – the McCaul bill is “an empty green suit.”Which reminded me: Just after the election in November, I remember grimacing while listening to a radio interview with newly elected Georgia Congressman Rick Allen (R) who said in an answer to a question on immigration that “we should not do anything on immigration until we agree to secure the border.” (the italics are mine)

Note for the “I still can’t tell when I am being treated like a dumb Bubba” voter. Rick Allen didn’t say we shouldn’t do anything about immigration until we secure the border. But kudos to Rep. Rick Allen for being such a quick study in the deceit of immigration politics.

How to make it look like we all “agree?” Pass a bill with the words “border security” in its title and tell people “It is the toughest border security bill ever before Congress, with real penalties for the administration for not doing their job,” as McCaul said Friday in a statement announcing his new trick…I mean legislation.

So, for the GOP-bots who still trust the politicians we have sent to Washington from Georgia on the immigration issue: “Agreeing” to secure the border is not securing the border. It isn’t most things that need to be done to secure America.

From a past MDJ column, a partial list of “agreements” that the politicians in Washington have passed as a way to placate “We The Bubbas”

1986 — Congress passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act amnesty, with the estimate that it would affect an estimated one million illegal aliens. While promising an end to illegal immigration, the law prohibited the employment of future illegal aliens. The enforcement never really happened. The number of illegals who were legalized was closer to three million. In 2004, only three employers in the entire nation were fined for hiring illegal aliens. The (very) low estimate is that 7 million to 8 million illegal aliens continue to hold American jobs.

1996 — In the wake of the first World Trade Center bombing, Congress passed another wide-ranging enforcement law, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act. Among its provisions was a requirement to develop an automated check-in/check-out visa system for foreign visitors, by which the feds could at least identify those who refused to leave as promised. Congress has mandated such a system five more times for all ports of entry/exit. No such system exists.

2001 — In line with the 9/11 commission recommendations, the USA Patriot Act expanded the mandated visa departure system requirements to include biometrics. No such system exists.
The recently passed Senate amnesty bill actually dismantles the never-enforced visa monitoring laws. Reasoning? “Too costly.”

2005 — The REAL ID Act required that state driver’s licenses meet certain minimum standards to be acceptable for federal purposes, such as boarding airplanes. The standards included requiring proof of legal presence in the United States before issuing a license. The driver’s license is essential to illegal aliens seeking to embed themselves in American society. The original deadline for state compliance was adjusted to 2008, later postponed to 2011, then 2013, and now 2017. It seems likely the deadline will be extended yet again, permitting more states to continue issuing licenses to illegal aliens. Terrorists notice and take advantage of these dangerous broken promises.

2006 — The Secure Fence Act of 2006 required “at least 2 layers of reinforced fencing” along roughly 650 miles of specifically designated stretches of the Mexican border. Less than 40 miles of such double-layered fencing have been built. The remainder is a mix of easily defeated single-layer “pedestrian” fencing and vehicle barriers.

It is my advice to listen to Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions on immigration. Here is what he says about the McCaul bill.

We The Bubbas should agree to not agree with any Georgia congressman who comes home peddling this “agreement” as an excuse for another amnesty and expanding legal immigration.


D.A. King is a nationally recognized authority on immigration and president of the Dustin Inman Society. Twitter: @DAKDIS

January 17, 2015

TWO PAGE MANUAL: How to see SB 6 pass out of the Georgia state Senate: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “TOO MUCH PRESSURE”

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The bill, SB 6, that would stop all illegal aliens from getting a Georgia drivers license will likely go to the Senate Public Safety Committee. SB 6 is sponsored by Senator Josh McKoon (R) THANK YOU SENATOR MCKOON!

The easiest way for the Chamber of Commerce/Lt. Governor to kill the bill is to have it stay in the first committee so that nobody has to vote on it. So, the only way a Senator can prove his “support” to us is to sign-on and co-sponsor the bill. Your GOP Senator ran as a conservative and works for you. We all must insist: “Please be a co-sponsor or explain why not…” —Then please email me the Senator’s response. So far, I have heard some doozies… Enough co-sponsors will get the bill out of committee.

We will have an online list of Georgia state Senators who are NOT signed soon as co-sponsors updated daily.

The Lt. Governor is also President of the Senate and decides which bills see a vote.

All committee Chair/member assignments are made with the approval of Lt. Governor Casey Cagle who wants to be governor in 2016. Because of his money ties to Big Business, He is as anti-enforcement on immigration as anyone possibly can be.

A drivers license to an illegal is state amnesty.

Lt. Governor Cagle has already made his mind up that SB 6 will not become law.

The only hope we have is to pressure him and the GOP members of the below committee to let this bill go to the Senate Rules committee, then on to the Senate floor. All of these legislators should be constantly contacted to endorse, co-sponsor and support SB 6.

Simply dismissing you with “I support it…” is not enough and is a dodge if they won’t co-sponsor the bill. Again: If the bill doesn’t come out of this committee, no one has to vote on it. Ever.

Mexico does not issue DLs to illegals!

If we convince all of the Public Safety committee members to co-sign, the bill will come out of committee. It is ridiculous and nearly impossible to vote “NO” in committee on a bill you co-sponsor.

*I cannot say it enough: The point here is to keep the these Senator’s office phones ringing constantly – because that is what the illegal alien lobby is doing and the Chamber of Commerce lobbyists are everywhere in the Capitol. Always. Like flies. You should call multiple times. Your friends too.

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle’s office phone in the state Capitol should also ring off the hook every day starting on Tuesday, January 20. “Protect our jobs and our budget! Let SB 6 see a floor vote”

When you get done calling, send an email to the Senate offices. Every day. Honest.
* Also call your own state Senator HERE “ Please co-sponsor SB 6, that is real support!”

Your message should be simple, short and respectful – but firm. Be nice to the assistants who answer the phones. They work hard and some of them are my friends.

“ I am calling to let the Senator/Lt. Governor know that we are outraged that Georgia is giving drivers license to illegal aliens YES ON SB 6* Obama’s illegal amnesty doesn’t change the fact that they are still illegals. Please convey our message that we are watching and expect to see SB 6 quickly pass the Republican Senate * This is a very important issue and one we will not forget. Are we are turning into California? What about our jobs? Please ask the Senator to co-sponsor SB 6/Please ask the Lt. Gov to allow a floor vote on SB 6. We will be watching and remember in 2016.”

We also need short letters to the editor of your local paper and the AJC. – Letters@AJC.com

LIST OF REPUBLICAN Senate Public Safety Committee Members – there are seven members total. I have omitted the two Democrat members of the committee because they are automatic “NO” votes. Do not waste your time on them. If SB 6 is assigned here as I suspect it will be and all of the members are at the meeting (which is unusual) we obviously need four YES votes to get it out of that committee. The Chairman will not allow a vote if the NOs are absent.

1) Senator Tyler Harper – Chairman (South Georgia, Agriculture industry-financed.Cagle servant)
Phone: (404) 463-5263
Fax: (404) 463-4161
Email: Tyler.Harper@senate.ga.gov

2) Senator John Albers – Vice Chairman – conservative.
Phone: (404) 463-8055
Fax: (404) 463-4161

3) Senator Mike Dugan – ran as conservative.
Phone: (404) 656-7454
Fax: (404) 651-5795

4) Senator Dr. Ben Watson Was in House for years, now in Senate, ran as conservative.
Phone: (404) 656-7880

5) Senator Michael Williams Freshman- ran as conservative.
Phone: (404) 656-7127

6) Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, President of the Senate – ran as conservative (HA!)
Phone: (404) 656-5030
Fax: (404) 656-6739

This bill will only pass if we work harder than the illegal alien lobby- because they have all the money. This bill will save lives and jobs if it passes because illegals will move out of Georgia to a state where they can get a drivers license. THE AJC NEWSPAPER WILL DO EVERYTHING IT CAN TO STOP SB 6!

*Georgia has more illegal aliens than Arizona. We rank # 7 in the nation in that illegal population. English is an optional language. Who should get our new jobs; Illegals, or Americans/legal immigrants? All Republicans now in Georgia office ran as pro-enforcement conservatives.

*Republican Governor Deal says we spend $2.4 billion each year on the crime of illegal immigration. He campaigned as pro-enforcement in 2010 but hasn’t made a peep about illegal immigration since 2011.

*Drivers licenses are used to register to vote. North Carolina discovered 145 illegal aliens who Obama had given deferred action amnesty on their voting rolls in November. They expect to find more.

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