May 6, 2019

UPDATED — ACTION NEEDED: Believe it or not: GALEO’s anti-enforcement judge, Dax Lopez, is again under consideration for higher court, this time by Republican Governor Brian Kemp

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Governor Kemp can be emailed at

The governor’s office phone number is 404-656-1776.

*They do not seem to have voicemail after business hours/weekends right now.

GALEO’s Dax Lopez was previously nominated by Barack Obama for a lifetime term on the federal District Court in Georgia, but because of his association with the radical, leftist GALEO, that confirmation was stopped by Georgia’s U.S. senators in 2016, with Sen. David Perdue taking the lead. You can read about that here and here.

Dax Lopez runs for office as a Republican but seems to have a lot of Democrat donors!

Here is a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee from Cobb County Sheriff, Neil Warren.

Then, later in 2016, Lopez – who has asked that state illegal immigration bills be vetoed – and helped GALEO with fundraising, was nominated for the Georgia Supreme Court. He withdrew when it was clear the public outrage had not been forgotten.

Both times, many state legislators and elected officials, including Georgia sheriffs, sent letters of opposition to Washington and the governor’s office. We at DIS were happy and proud to organize the fight both times. You can read all about it here and here.

Republican Governor Kemp needs to hear from Republican voters on promoting GALEO’s Dax Lopez. Do you want a former GALEO board member as a Superior Court judge in a state with more illegal aliens than Arizona?

After he was rejected by the U.S. Senate for federal court, will Gov. Kemp really promote GALEO’s Dax Lopez? Is this what Republicans elected Governor Brian Kemp to do concerning our courts? 

–> You can see the entire DIS blog archive on Dax Lopez here.

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Daily Report
May 2, 2019

Judicial Nominating Commission Sends Kemp 3 Shortlists

Nominees are now on Gov. Brian Kemp’s desk to fill vacancies in the Coweta, Macon and Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit Superior Courts. They could become some of the governor’s first judicial appointments since taking office in January…

For the Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit:

  • Dax E. Lopez, judge, State Court of DeKalb County
  • Stacey K. Hydrick, judge, State Court of DeKalb County
  • Shondeana Crews Morris, judge, State Court of DeKalb County, Traffic Division.    Here