December 29, 2015

Gwinnett County Chair, Charlotte Nash, welcomes GALEO and their spring fundraiser

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Read the letter below to GALEO from Gwinnett County Chair, Charlotte Nash



December 28, 2015

Omnibus spin, 2015 – Georgia 06 Congressman Dr. Tom Price really doesn’t want to talk about immigration!

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I am a pro-enforcement immigration activist and conservative independent voter who lives in the 6th District of Georgia. Below is my congressman’s ( Dr. Tom Price ) most recent newsletter which arrived in my inbox today.

There is a link at the bottom to a Fox News interview he did yesterday.

I hope you read the newsletter and watch the short video interview, but let me eliminate any needless suspense: Price avoided the topic of immigration like measles and the interviewer went along with him. I would bring this up at his next town hall meeting, but he stopped doing in person town halls in 2013 during the last amnesty battle. Now, he sticks to “tele-townhalls” and “Facebook town halls.”

We started noting the “new” Tom Price several years ago when we also learned of his growing friendship with Paul Ryan. In an August interview in the local newspaper, Price got quite arrogant and “Ryan-ish” when the young reporter pressed questions on immigration. That very short interview is worth reading.

For the most part, the Georgia 6th is run by and for Establishment Republicans, as is the entire Georgia state government. But there is a growing group of voters who are paying attention activlely searching for a replacement for Rep.Tom Price. Count me in that group.

According to DHS, Georgia ranks number seven in the nation in our population of illegal aliens, with more victims of borders than Arizona. English is an optional language in the Peach State and the Chamber of Commerce cabal runs the state capitol. I have known Tom Price for more than a decade. I want new representation in Wasjhington D.C. . I didn’t leave my congressman. My congressman left me.

Below is the Price newsletter. The video interview is ten minutes.

“Looking Ahead to a New Year

Congress returns on January 5th with a fresh opportunity and obligation to put forward and seek to advance a bold agenda that addresses key economic, fiscal, and national security challenges facing our nation. Part of having a successful effort in the new year is restoring order to our budget and appropriations process. That would not have been possible had Congress not completed the appropriations process for this current fiscal year before adjourning earlier this month.

For all the issues that were unfortunately not addressed or included in the end-of-year spending bill Congress passed, there were several key victories that we were able to achieve. In an interview yesterday on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo,” I outlined a few of those items as part of a broader discussion about the work ahead for Congress:

“We didn’t get all that we wanted, and there’s no doubt about that. That’s what happens in divided government. But, again, what we did get were real, positive things. Keeping spending down to a level lower than 2008. That’s a big thing. Ending the oil export ban that’s been in place over 40 years. That’s a big thing. Putting the reins on the EPA and the IRS so that they can’t do some of the egregious things that they’ve been doing over the past couple of years. Those are big, big things. Now, that’s not the be all and the end all. We understand that. But the American people are going to see in 2016 a positive contrast. People who are interested in solving challenges, and who’s getting in the way. And that’s what the next year’s going to be all about.”

Indeed, 2016 will be about presenting real, positive solutions that speak to the American people’s priorities. As I discussed during Sunday’s interview, we were able to secure a much needed increase in funding for our national security in the recent appropriations bill, but there is more that must be done to ensure our military has the resources and flexibility to complete its missions, to protect the American people from the threat of terrorism while supporting America’s interests and allies abroad.

At the same time, there are incredible challenges here at home as well – particularly as it relates to health care:

“…the American people understand and appreciate that the health care system is moving in a direction that they don’t want or recognize. It’s lowering the quality of care. It’s decreasing access to care. It’s increasing the cost of care, decreasing choices. That’s not what the American people want. So we need a president that will assist us, help us to repeal and replace Obamacare and move in the direction of patient centered health care where patients and families and doctors are making medical decisions, not Washington, D.C.”

A busy year awaits, and, as Chairman of the House Budget Committee, I look forward to the balanced budget we will present to the American people being an important part of our efforts to advance real, positive solutions:

“At the Budget Committee, what we’re going to do is put forward a positive budget that solves the challenges that we face, that balances within a 10-year period of time, saves trillions of dollars, gets us on a path to paying off the debt and not raising taxes. That’s what the American people want. And in so doing, we’ll identify the large areas where we need to reform programs. So, saving and strengthening, securing Medicare and Social Security and Medicaid, putting in place an energy policy that makes us energy independent, and then recognizing the incredible importance of providing for the national defense. This is, again, a very dangerous world, and we’ve got to make certain that our men and women who stand in harm’s way have all of the resources and equipment that they need to be able to protect us.”

At the end of the day, a balanced budget, an orderly appropriations process, and a set of specific solutions to the myriad of challenges facing our nation will have the added benefit of reasserting Congress’ proper role in the governing of our nation so that we fight back against the Executive Branch’s attempts to usurp authority:

“We need to have balanced branches of government. And so for the Congress, what we need to do is claw back some of that responsibility, rightful responsibility, constitutional responsibility, and that happens in the area of budgeting and that happens in the area of appropriations. And we need a president that recognizes that and recognizes that the two branches are distinct and that they need to work together.”

To watch my full interview on Fox News, click here.

December 27, 2015

GOOD NEWS FOR PRO-ENFORCEMENT AMERICANS! And…we need assistance to continue, please help us if you are able?

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Dustin Inman Society end of year alert – We need your help, please consider a contribution if you are able

As we all take time to reflect on the past year, we offer our sincere wishes for a happy and healthy new year, 2016 for you and your family!

Please consider an end-of-year donation. We will put your tax-deductible gift to good use in 2016. You can click HERE to see how to help us stay active for another year – if you are able. Instructions on how to donate also HERE and (scroll to bottom) HERE.

While 2015 was a rough year for Americans who take a pro-enforcement position on immigration and border security, we are happy and proud to let you know of an apparent and very important victory.

Since the day Barack Obama nominated the anti-borders GALEO’s Dax Lopez for a lifetime seat in Georgia as a federal judge, we have been fighting to educate the public and both of our U.S. Senators on the many reasons that Dax Lopez’s position on the board of directors of GALEO should disqualify him from any consideration to become a federal judge.

We have been in constant contact with our U.S. Senators, as they both have the power to stop the confirmation process. I have personally travelled to Washington DC and spoken with several very earnest and helpful senior staffers for Senator David Perdue both in Washington and here in Atlanta. Please see our “The Illegal Alien Lobby: A Beginners Guide to GALEO” that we shared with both U.S. Senator’s offices and the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. HERE

Thank you to all of you who helped us by contacting our U.S. Senators offices with a “NO TO DAX LOPEZ!” message!

We are proud to announce that it appears we have won. Inside sources and several news outlets – including the AJC – are confirming the same impressions we have from our contact with senate offices: it looks like GALEO’s Dax Lopez will not be confirmed as a federal judge. This is a direct result of Americans like you speaking up with constant pressure! THANK YOU! We have been doing the happy dance for weeks! The illegal alien lobby is furious!

Our projects for 2016 are to provide a continuous education on the efforts here in Georgia to stop the practice of rewarding illegal aliens with a drivers license that looks almost exactly like what you use to vote, to insure that information on criminal aliens released onto the streets of Georgia by the federal government is made public (SB 6), to stop the Georgia state senate practice of unrecorded votes (SR674) and to allow Georgians the ability to vote on amending our state constitution to make English the official language of government in Georgia (SR675).

December 26, 2015

GALEO’s Angry Jerry Gonzalez goes all Pinocchio on Dax Lopez to an AJC reporter – again

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The AJC recently did a story on the apparent dead end to the Obama nomination of GALEO’s Dax Lopez for federal judge. Jerry Gonzalez, the GALEO Executive Director – and former MALDEF stooge – didn’t let anyone down. We post a small part of the AJC story (paywall) below along with some educated insight.

Georgia Latino’s court nomination appears in peril over immigration 

Thursday, Dec. 24, 2015

By Daniel Malloy – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Five months after President Barack Obama picked Dax Lopez to be Georgia’s first lifetime-appointed Latino federal judge, his nomination is on the ropes because of the thorny politics of immigration.

Georgia Republican U.S. Sens. David Perdue and Johnny Isakson have yet to sign off on the DeKalb County State Court judge to move forward in the Senate, as Lopez has been under attack from conservative activists for his membership in a Georgia advocacy group that has fought immigration restrictions.

+Georgia Latino’s court nomination appears in peril over immigration photo
Dax E. Lopez, a DeKalb County State Court judge, has been nominated to the federal bench. But five months after the … Read More
Immigration is a powerful issue for the Republican base, particularly at a time when Donald Trump — he of the mass deportations and the magnificent Mexican border wall — is leading the presidential primary in Georgia and nationally. Perdue campaigned for his first-term win in 2014 opposing any sort of “amnesty” for immigrants here illegally, and Isakson is up for re-election in 2016.

Lopez, meanwhile, sat on the board of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, which supports a path to citizenship for people here illegally. It also has fought tougher state laws on immigration and praised local sheriffs who refused federal “hold” requests for immigrants.

“There would be a political price to pay for either conservative United States senator, one of them running for re-election, letting it go to the committee process with everything that’s been revealed about GALEO,” said D.A. King, an activist who has led the charge against Lopez.

But the price could come due either way.

“Latinos in Georgia are looking at this very closely,” said Jerry Gonzalez, the executive director of GALEO.

Caught up in Senate process

*After Lopez was appointed a judge in 2010 by Gov. Sonny Perdue, he abstained from GALEO’s policy votes and fundraising, Gonzalez said.”

Uh, uh. Nope. (We hope you read the rest of the report.)

Always loose with that inconvenient truth, GALEO’s Jerry Gonzalez has misled the AJC reporter, Daniel Malloy here.

As anyone (but likely not the AJC’s Politifact editors) will see, according to GALEO’s online invitation Dax Lopez was the keynote speaker at the May, 2011 8th annual GALEO “Power Breakfast” – which GALEO describes as “one of the principle fundraising events for GALEO & the GALEO Latino Community Development Fund.”

Lopez was appointed to state court in August, 2010.

May, 2011 is after August 2010. Keynote speakers serve as the draw for attendees (donors) to fundraisers and help the corporation increase attendance and thereby operating revenue.

Judge Dax Lopez helped anti-enforcement GALEO Inc. raise money well after he was on the bench. And Jerry Gonzalez is well aware of that fact when he spoke to the AJC’s Malloy.

Jerry Gonzalez. Pants on Fire.

December 22, 2015

Dr. Tom Price ( @RepTomPrice ), Member of Congress – elected 2004 as a conservative, district office phone: 770-998-0049

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December 21, 2015


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Conservative response to: D.A. King, Marietta @DAKDIS

December 16, 2015

D.A. King obtained two of the oh-so-secure Mexican illegal alien ID cards: Matricula consular

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D.A. King

Note name and address on “Al’s” matricula consular ID.

Feel safer?

Toward constitutional official English in the Peach State – Ask your state senators: Do they plan on co-sponsoring SR 675 ?

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Toward official English in the Peach State

Ask your state senator: Does he plan on co-sponsoring SR 675 ?

Readers should be asking their state Senators if they plan on co-sponsoring Senator Josh McKoon’s legislation aimed at allowing We The People to vote on amending the state constitution to make English the official language of government in the Peach State.

McKoon has filed his legislation, SR 675, to allow voters the opportunity to ratify an amendment to the state constitution making English the official language of government. Hooray Senator McKoon!

A Rosetta Stone poll from last week shows what most of us already know: A huge majority of us ( 76% ) favor English as our constitutional official language. See the poll question here.

McKoon’s press release is pretty self-explanatory. We hope you will read it.

Below, we post the proposed November, 2016 ballot question in SR 675.

“Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to provide that English is the official language of the State of Georgia?”
“( ) YES
( ) NO
All persons desiring to vote in favor of ratifying the proposed amendment shall vote “Yes.”
All persons desiring to vote against ratifying the proposed amendment shall vote “No.”

If such amendment shall be ratified as provided in said Paragraph of the Constitution, it shall become a part of the Constitution of this state.”

What must happen before voters see this ballot question when they vote for president in November? Here’s what: The Republican-controlled General Assembly must pass SR 675 by a two thirds majority in each chamber– which the Republican state Senate already has in place. Translation: The Georgia Senate has enough Republicans to pass this without any Democrat votes.

On the state House side, of 180 members, currently 118 members are Republicans, 61 are Democrats and there is one Independent with one seat vacant pending a special election in District 58. By my math, the needed two-thirds majority is 120 votes to pass SR 375 in the Republican controlled House…in an election year.

Before the anti-English lobby crazies get cranked up, let’s make it clear that it’s not “English only.” It’s English as official, amigos.

We can still say “Villa Rica” “arrivederchi” and “oy vey!”

But ratification by the voters would result in ending the loony practice of giving our written drivers license test in eleven languages.



December 15, 2015

Poll – 76% of Georgians support amending the state constitution to make English the official language of government

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Conducted by Atlanta-based Rosetta Stone Communications December, 2015

December 13, 2015

D.A. King in the Marietta Daily Journal today – Issues to watch: Illegal alien driver’s licenses, bureaucratic defiance and official English

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With added links, below is my MDJ column today. The same column also is in the Cherokee Tribune today. We thank all concerned for the educational space.

Marietta Daily Journal
December 13, 2015


Proposed driver privilege card – front

Proposed driver privilege card – back


D.A. King


Issues to watch: Illegal alien driver’s licenses, bureaucratic defiance and official English

While the national news frenzy is focused on terrorists in America and the varying degrees of determination of presidential candidates to address them, Georgians may want to take some time to pay attention to what happens in the coming General Assembly in Atlanta on immigration-related safety matters.

We have our own security problems here and the powers that dictate to government in our state have little interest in allowing pro-enforcement solutions.

Voters should treat the coming session as a carefully monitored, two-month campaign for re-election by our state legislators.

Republican-controlled Georgia is issuing drivers licenses, official state photo ID cards and public benefits — including unemployment benefits — to the illegal aliens President Obama has officially promised not to deport under his dubious “deferred action” on enforcement program. About 20,000 illegals in Georgia have benefited.

The powerful business lobby under the Gold Dome has ordered this reward practice to quietly continue. So it will. And much of the Republican base has apparently accepted the influence of these un-elected   rulers as normal and politics-as-usual.

But there is now a push to at least alter the actual driver’s document given to these “victims of borders” who lack legal immigration status so it doesn’t look almost exactly like the ones U.S. citizens are given and use as ID when they vote. Or board an airliner. Or rent a car. Or buy explosives.


Current drivers license issued to illegal aliens with Obama’s deferred action on deportation. These illegal aliens do not have legal status.

Senate Bill 6 — sponsored by state Sen. Josh McKoon, R-Columbus — was originally written to follow the intent of pre-Obama state law by excluding all illegal aliens from a Georgia driver’s license. It has been modified to try to safeguard our security and still get past the powerful Georgia Chamber of Commerce lobby.

In part, the 2016 version of SB 6 would change the appearance of the document given to illegals so there is no confusion on the status of the bearer. It would not be a “license” but a “driver privilege card” that is valid only for driving. And it would have fingerprints from the illegal alien bearer and be brightly marked “illegal alien” or “no legal status.”

As a yardstick on how far GOP Georgia has moved to the left, it is important to note the fact that illegal aliens cannot get any type of official document that allows them to drive in Mexico.

About here in my column, there should be a descriptive paragraph on the appearance of the official Georgia ID card issued to illegal aliens —but despite repeated requests from McKoon, the Department of Driver’s Services has declined to provide an image of that photo ID. DDS administers the Georgia ID program and issues the ID cards. Their office says they don’t have an image of the document they issue.

Don’t look for a scathing, breathless investigative news revelation on this refusal of a taxpayer-funded state office led by a politically-appointed bureaucrat defying a legitimate request from a state senator. This writer personally detailed the DDS refusal to forward the requested image to a room full of reporters at a July press conference in the Capitol and was met with yawns and the same glares all pro-enforcement Americans get from liberals.

This real-life scenario provides a glimpse into what goes on under the Gold Dome not only in politics, but in “journalism.”

As someone who has spent the last decade watching unreported legislative antics under the Gold Dome up-close and in person, this writer urges all voters to pay attention to this issue. Maybe get some solid, irreversible commitments from your legislators about whose side they are on. There is currently no bill in the House to address any part of this situation.

It is also important to note that the current written test for a Georgia driver’s license is administered in 11 languages in Georgia. Legislators will have the opportunity with just-filed Senate Resolution 675 to allow all Georgia voters to answer a ballot question when we vote for president in November 2016 on changing that fact and making English the official constitutional language of government in the Peach State.

Readers who hope for change in Republican-controlled Georgia should remember who works for whom and pay close attention to Republican state legislators in the coming election year.

D.A. King of Marietta is president of the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society and is a nationally recognized authority on immigration.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – Issues to watch Illegal alien driver s licenses bureaucratic defiance and official English

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