August 31, 2015

Georgia Congressman (GA06) Dr. Tom Price almost speaks up against amnesty in Saturday’s Marietta Daily Journal

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Marietta Daily Journal

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rep. Price talks Iran deal, immigration
Ricky Leroux

ROSWELL — With Congress in its August recess, U.S. Rep. Tom Price, R-Roswell, sat down for an interview at his district office on Friday to discuss immigration, the Iran deal, federal spending and the Republican presidential primary.

Price, chairman of the House Budget Committee, represents much of northeast Cobb.

Q: It’s been suggested that one of the things that the country could do is to deport anyone who has entered the country illegally, people who have overstayed their visas and so on. As the budget chairman, do you think that is something that’s financially feasible to even look at?

A: Well, my position on immigration has been the same throughout my entire public career, and that is that the nation has lost complete trust in the federal government to fulfill the responsibility of keeping this country safe from an immigration standpoint.

It’s important that everybody know and understand that we are the most generous country on the face of the Earth when it comes to legal immigration. About a million individuals come to our shores legally every single year. No other nation even comes close to that. … However, in 1986, the federal government, through the Congress and the administration at that time, agreed that there was a problem with folks who were here illegally and that the problem needed to be addressed. And the way that they said it ought to be addressed is to provide a path to citizenship for those approximately 3 million folks who were here illegally at that time to end that problem and to control and secure the border and entry into the United States so that we never had this problem again.

What was not fulfilled after that agreement was the controlling and securing of entry into the United States and of the border. So the American people are rightly frustrated and angry about what their federal government has done, which tells me that the way to regain that trust is to do what we said we were going to do in 1986, nearly 30 years ago, and control and secure the border and entry into the United States. And once you do that, which is, I think, relatively easy from a logistics standpoint and I think relatively inexpensive if it’s done in a smart way, once you do that and have the political will behind it to continue that, then I think the conversation about what to do about the rest of the immigration problem becomes much more sober, realistic and compassionate.

Q: I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t answer the question. Do you think that deporting these reportedly 12 million is the right thing to do?

A: That wasn’t your question. Your question was, “As budget chair, is it affordable?” And I did answer that question, which was I think it’s relatively inexpensive to do that.

Q: Well, to control the border. Not necessarily to do a mass deportation.

A: That wasn’t your question. If that’s your question, I’ll answer that question.

Q: OK, is it financially feasible to deport up to 12 million people?

A: Well, I suspect you could do that from a financial standpoint, but the question is whether that’s the right thing to do. And my response to that is you’ve got to control and secure the border. If, for example, the federal government said, this administration said, “Everybody who’s here illegally must go home now,” and then brought that about, it wouldn’t make any difference until you control and secure the border. You’ve got to control and secure the border first. This is a stepwise process. Unless you control and secure the border, we can do anything we want and it doesn’t make any difference at all because the border is porous. You’ve got to solve this — that’s what frustrates people so much is that Washington gets hung up on things that are actually not the real problem. The real focus and the problem right now, one, is the trust that the American people don’t have in their federal government, and two is that the government hasn’t done what they said they were going to do: controlling entry to the United States. So, once we do that, again, I think the conversation gets much more reasonable and much more sobering.

Q: Would you support a pathway to citizenship of some kind?

A: I think that until the border is controlled and secured, then all those questions are moot because it doesn’t make any difference what you do.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Iran deal?…

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No blanket birthright citizenship – King letter to the editor published in Sunday’s AJC – no, really!

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No blanket birthright citizenship

It’s amusing to hear the concrete assurance from mass immigration advocates howling that “everyone born on American soil is an American citizen, and that settles it!” — and then, in the next breath, admit that we don’t grant that jackpot status to children of diplomats or any invading enemy. Such was the entertainment in immigration lawyer Arturo Corso’s column (“Leave kids’ citizenship alone,” Opinion, Aug. 27). Michigan’s Sen. Jacob Howard, author of the citizenship clause in the 14th Amendment, made the intent brilliantly clear: “This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States, but will include all other classes of persons.”

The 14th amendment was created to protect American blacks, before the U.S. had many laws regulating immigration. There were no illegal aliens for mid-19th-century lawmakers to consider. The intent was not to create an ever-growing pool of anchor babies to encourage more illegal immigration and more Democrat voters.

Reminder: When in congress, current Georgia governor Nathan Deal took the same position as is Donald Trump on birthright citizenship.



August 30, 2015


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As a patriotic and proud citizen of the United States, I have a story to share that has not only impacted my family, hundreds of colleagues, but also current and future United States workers.

I used to have a dream career at one of Americas most iconic and admired companies. Twenty years of hard work, technical skill building, the fostering of relationships and a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology guided me to a coveted position as an Information Technology Engineer for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

On a sunny Monday morning in late October of 2014 I drove down the interstate toward the huge 40 square mile Disney Orlando, Florida property to my office. Ten days earlier Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, had just announced that the company’s earnings were up well over 20 percent for the quarter and this was just one among a long series of record breaking financial results for the company. About six months earlier, a new CIO, Tilak Mandadi, was appointed for the Parks and Resorts Division of Disney, which would result in huge changes to our lives. Little did I know what was about to happen that very same day to me and hundreds of other fellow Disney Information Technology Cast Members.

Days later, as I drove to work, I ran into a bit of slow traffic and so I was able to glance at my company issued iPhone I noticed an early morning meeting invite from a prominent Disney Executive. This really sparked my interest since it is not very often that I have heard from him and even rarer when I would actually see him in person. Despite the heavy traffic I estimated that I would be on time for the important meeting. As I continued down the road I wondered what the executive meeting could be all about.

About ten minutes later in my commute the phone rang and it was a fellow Disney “Cast Member” as employees were called. We worked together the prior week when we solved a major outage situation for the application that we both helped to support. He reminded me about another meeting that we had later that same day. Since I knew that he was just about the highest level on his team, was well respected and also that he was very well connected within the Disney Parks & Resorts Organization, I asked him if he knew anything about this last minute early morning meeting being hosted by the Disney Executive. He told me that he was not sure about the subject of the meeting. However, he told me that since I had such a great reputation as a problem solver, had just cleared up a major outage situation the week prior and since I recently received the very highest possible performance review by management, that the meeting must be one to recognize my recent contributions to the company with perhaps a promotion or at the very least a bonus.

After arriving at the Orlando office, I walked into the conference room where the early morning meeting was to be held. As I entered about two dozen people were crowded into the room. Some were from same team; others were from different teams. As I glanced around the room I noticed that the people were all very highly regarded as extremely knowledgeable, experienced and top performers in the roles that they held. Some of the attendees also had a Blue Disney name badge instead of the typical white one proudly displayed on the shirts they wore. The Blue badge indicated that they were recognized by a new program known as “Partners in Excellence.” This meant that they had been nominated by numerous people as consistently going above and beyond to assist other Cast Members. I could sense that something was not quite right. There was a chill in the air and yet, oddly enough, I was in a room surrounded by employees of excellence…   MORE HERE

August 28, 2015

Another letter to Georgia’s U.S. Senators against confirmation of Dax Lopez for federal judge – from Republican state Senator William Ligon

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August 26, 2015

No to Dax Lopez! Letters to Georgia U.S. senators from Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren

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Read both letters HERE.

Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren letters to Georgia’s U.S. senators opposing confirmation of GALEO’s Dax Lopez as federal judge identical letters were sent to each senator

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D.A. King in the Marietta Daily Journal today: Georgia senators should block Lopez path

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Marietta Daily Journal
August 26, 2015


D.A. King

Readers may have heard by now that President Barack Obama has nominated a DeKalb County State Court Judge, Dax Lopez, for the lifetime position as a federal judge in the Northern District of Georgia.

Pro-enforcement conservatives among our Republican friends should pay close attention to this process. They might even want to speak up against confirming Lopez. But, warning: Dax Lopez says he is a Republican, so there is that whole GOP “eleventh commandment” silliness to consider. And he is also originally from Puerto Rico, which of course creates the element of “Hispanic outreach,” “big tent,” “we don’t want to be called names” to deal with for those who may consider forming a committee to discuss future public objection to his confirmation.

As someone who has actively fought the vast, corporate-funded illegal alien lobby in Georgia for more than a decade, let me be as clear as possible: Dax Lopez should never become a federal judge because he has served on the board of directors of the anti-immigration enforcement and extremely liberal Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials  (GALEO) since 2004.

Obama’s first pick for the seat was a widely respected conservative south Georgia Democrat and former state legislator named Michael Boggs. It may serve as some encouragement to voicing objection to Lopez for loyal and obedient GOPers to know that the Democrats killed any chance of Boggs becoming a federal judge on the grounds that he was too conservative.

Boggs’ confirmation was blocked by fellow Democrats because of his views on homosexual marriage, the right-to-life battle and the Confederate battle flag.

“He’s a person who’s not, in my opinion, in the mainstream, and I don’t think he deserves to be a federal judge,” then U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said of Boggs last May.

Curious conservatives should also have this nugget of knowledge on how our government works from the liberal Talking Points Memo news website: “When a judge is nominated, the Judiciary Committee sends a ‘blue slip’ to home state senators seeking their approval. If they sign off, the committee moves forward with the nomination. If one or both of them disapproves or withholds the blue slip, the nomination tends to grind to a halt.”

For Obama-voter readers, this means that either or both of Georgia’s Republican U.S. Senators could end the consideration of pro-amnesty GALEO’s board member for federal judge tomorrow.

They could also remain silent on Lopez and his long-time, faithful affiliation with the open borders radicals led by Jerry Gonzalez, who boast of Jane Fonda being a “Founding Friend.” But wouldn’t it be refreshing to see Republicans actually take a stand and make it publicly clear that the time to stop anti-enforcement activist federal judges is before they are even considered for becoming federal judges?

When not viciously attacking local law enforcement for helping to enforce immigration laws and organizing massive bus trips from Georgia to Washington D.C. to lobby for another amnesty for undocumented Democrats, GALEO has proudly lobbied against local law enforcement honoring requests from federal immigration authorities to hold illegal aliens for investigation.

We hope that readers — and U.S. Senators — still remember Kate Steinle, one of the thousands of Americans killed because of this exact anti-enforcement policy. And we remind all concerned that transporting illegal aliens — including in buses to Washington — is a federal crime.

Imagine for a moment — because sadly, it is possible — that GALEO’s Lopez, age 40, were to be confirmed as a federal judge in Georgia for the rest of his life.

Look down the road to the possibility of a case referred to Lopez’s court against enforcement of immigration laws similar to the lawsuit against Georgia’s 2011 HB 87 from the ACLU and the SPLC on which GALEO acted as a “friend” by filing an “amicus brief.” Does Federal Judge Lopez recuse himself because of his affiliation with the anti-enforcement plaintiffs?

Does he recuse himself for all immigration enforcement cases? Does he resign from the board of GALEO? If so, when — then, or now, or as a condition of his confirmation?

We made it clear that Lopez says he is a Republican. When he ran for election in 2012, he was supported and endorsed by Democrats Jason Carter and Roy Barnes. He should be described as “a Jerry Gonzalez, Jason Carter, Roy Barnes Republican.”

Neither Lopez nor GALEO should be considered “in the mainstream” by our Republican senators and Dax Lopez does not deserve to be a federal judge.

D.A. King is president of the Dustin Inman Society and has assisted state legislators with passage of many Georgia laws aimed at illegal immigration. Info on the Lopez nomination can be seen on King’s MDJ blog.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – Georgia senators should block Lopez s path

Gwinnett County sheriff, Butch Conway, letter to Georgia Senators opposing GALEO’s Dax Lopez nomination to federal bench – an identical letter was sent to both U.S. senators

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Gwinnett County Sheriff, Butch Conway sends letters to Georgia Senators concerning Obama’s nominations of GALEO’s Dax Lopez for federal judge

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View these two letters here.

August 24, 2015

Illegal aliens and boxcars? Noble victims of borders on their way to cross illegally into the promised land via…boxcars. Liberal bloggers silent.

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Noble victims of borders on their way to cross illegally into the promised land via…boxcars. Liberal bloggers silent.

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