July 30, 2013

In which Charles Kuck goes full, uncorrected fairy tale on immigration in the USA – to be continued

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The below is parked here for when we get time to expose the fairy-tales spun by amnesty-supporter and GALEO Chair Caharles Kuck. And ignored by both the Rome newspaper and the AJC PolitiFact.

Expert at forum: Immigration reform would impact entire nation

by Lauren Jones, staff writer Rn T.Com

Charles Kuck (left), managing partner of Immigration Experts LLC, explains topics on Immigration Reform while Gianncarlo Cifuentes, news director at WUVG Univision Atlanta, helps moderate an Immigration Reform forum at Heritage Hall on Saturday. (Lauren Jones / Rome News-Tribune)slideshow An immigration reform bill moving through Congress is a “massive rewrite on immigration laws” and will affect far more than the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S., an expert said.

An Immigration Forum — hosted by the Georgia Highlands College Political Science Club and the Floyd County Democratic Party — was held at the Center Stage at Heritage Hall on East Third Avenue.

Immigration expert Charles Kuck, of Kuck Immigration Partners LLC, outlined five key pillars of the bill that passed in the U.S. Senate last month in a 68-31 vote. Gianncarlo Cifuentes, news director of WUVG Univision Atlanta, moderated the free, bilingual event Saturday.

Kuck focused on the following:

•Securing the border
Kuck said that the country would spend about $4 billion more a year to “secure the border,” including adding 19,000 more border patrol agents. Currently, the U.S. employs about 19,000, and that number is nearly double what it was 15 years ago. To qualify as a border patrol agent, one must have a high school diploma, be able to speak Spanish and be willing to live in the middle of nowhere.

Kuck said there was a high corruption rate among the agents.

“When you hire a lot of people fast for jobs that are very difficult in places that nobody wants to live, you’re not getting the best employees, and yet they want to double that,” he said.

•Make E-Verify mandatory
Another aspect is that the bill would make E-Verify mandatory for every employer to use in the U.S. within a five-year period.

The database includes information about Social Security, proof of citizenship, names and photographs. The problem, Kuck said, is that nearly 15 million people in America change jobs annually.

“When you want to get a second job, you’ll get what’s called a ‘tentative confirmation’ that says somebody’s used this ID to work somewhere else,” he said. “So you have to have government permission to get a second job.”

•Addressing issues in the legal system
“Why do people come (to the U.S.) without papers?” Kuck asked, citing reasons like better life opportunities and fleeing persecution. “The real reason people come without papers is because it’s impossible for them to come with papers. What we need is a system in place that allows people to come in legally — we can substantially reduce illegal immigration. Why don’t these people get in line?… Most of them already are.”

A complicated issue, he said, was that there are about 10 different “lines” with various waiting times. Sometime it takes people a decade or longer to procure a work visa or a green card.

“What this bill does is increases the number of visas, green cards available in virtually every category for employment,” he said, adding that currently, the federal government only issues about 140,000 green cards a year.

•Employment problems
There are some jobs, such as lower paying agricultural jobs, that many Americans just won’t do, Kuck said, but under the immigration reform, a W-Visa would be created that would allow lower-skilled foreigners to work legally in the U.S.

Under the “W-Visa” program, which would start in April 2015, those with lesser skills would be able to apply for positions in the country. The program, based upon a system of registered employers, would allow them to hire a certain number of W-Visa category individuals each year.

•Legalization program
Under the new legalization program, Kuck said if someone came into the country before Jan. 1, 2012, and did not have a felony conviction or three misdemeanors, and have paid taxes throughout their time in the U.S. and pays a $500 fine, they’ll receive temporary status and a work permit. Ten years later, they could apply for a green card and then three years after that, for full citizenship.

A final House vote on the reform, Kuck said, could be expected some time in November, and if an agreement isn’t reached by then, they have until January 2015.

Kuck answered some questions after his speech, and a commonly asked question, he said, was whether a 21-year-old person could sponsor his or her parents. Kuck said that depends on whether or not the parents came to the U.S. with or without a visa.

“If you came in with a visa and just over-stayed … then, yes, your son can file for you. If you came illegally, he can’t, and you’re barred from having a green card.”

Another question was “What if I was deported and I came back? If this new law passes, will it help me?”

“It does,” Kuck answered. “Part of the law says if you were deported, but not because of criminal activity, simply because you didn’t have papers, and if it happens before a certain date, you will benefit from the legalization program.”

Another issue was that the Georgia Board of Regents does not currently give in-state tuition benefits to recipients under the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals Act, although the law clearly states they should, Kuck said.

Ricardo Rivera, a 17-year-old who has college aspirations, said following the forum that issue particularly bothered him.

“Out-of-state tuition is crazy,” Rivera said.

Read more: RN-T.com – Expert at forum Immigration reform would impact entire nation

Tell the GOP: NO MORE AMNESTY- call Paul Ryan, one of the Rubio-like sell-outs of the U.S. House

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July 27, 2013

Please help us? Appeal for tax-deductable contributions to fight amnesty.

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The Dustin Inman Society
July 24, 2013

Dear Friends:

Appeal for tax-deductable contributions to fight amnesty.

It now appears that the amnesty fight in congress could continue well into the fall.

While the amnesty-again coalition is loaded with billion$ to buy another amnesty, the Dustin Inman Society needs financial help to continue. We are as broke as Detroit.

Believe it or not, the most repellent part of immigration crime-fighting is not having to deal with the race-baiting, open borders crazies on the left. And it is not having to fight the open borders wing of the Republican Party who are getting huge donations from Big Business. It is trying to find enough funding to continue our very effective opposition to another amnesty. And reminding people to remember 1986.

Besides general operating expenses incurred each month,

*We have a very generous offer from an outdoor advertising company for a sizeable discount on a large Atlanta-area billboard, but must be able to pay $1200.00 for set-up costs. This is very time sensitive. Our past billboards were very effective. One of them made its way to Fox News and the Drudge Report and was seen by millions online.

*We are unable to pay our very patient and effective Webmaster (THANK YOU FRED!).

*We need to pay Comcast to stay online.

*We need funds to pay the expenses for two lobbying trips to Washington DC in the last two months.

We are grateful to the few who have donated here over the years. October will mark ten years since I put down my own business and started the pro-enforcement fight full time. Seven days a week. We don’t have Coca-Cola, State Farm Ins. Co, Georgia Power et al and Jane Fonda supporting us as does the always angry tribalists in the Georgia open borders lobby.

*We need your assistance to continue. If you are able to contribute, whether it is $10 or $10,000, you can deduct the donation from your income taxes. Again, I am humiliated to ask, but if you are able, please consider helping us? We need to raise at least $5000.00 very soon.

Please see HERE for our Mission Statement. Please see HERE for our ‘How to Donate’ page.

Even if you are unable to contribute, please ask your friends and family to sign up on our email list so they can be informed and active?

We are fighting the far left and the open borders right. So far, we have been successful, but we must win every time, as legalization is forever. REMEMBER 1986!

If you are the leader of a group concerned about another amnesty passing congress (like 1986) and illegal immigration in Georgia, please forward this to your list and explain what we do here and how effective we have been over the years?

HEADS UP: Excellent commentary HERE on WHY some sell-out Republicans are pushing amnesty-again.

Thank you very much,

Be sure to check the DIS Blog for current updates, as well as the DIS Facebook page.

D.A. King

The Dustin Inman Society
Follow DIS:
Donate! See the Dustin Inman Society mission statement.

[Note: to forward this email to a friend, don’t forward your email. Instead, please click on the forward link below.]

July 11, 2013

Ways and Means Chair: Senate Immigration Bill Unconstitutional, Can’t be Considered in House

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Ways and Means Chair: Senate Immigration Bill Unconstitutional, Can’t be Considered in House

Thursday, July 11, 2013, 1:35 PM EDT – posted on NumbersUSA

S.744 – Schumer-Rubio-Obama Amnesty Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.), the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, said the Senate’s comprehensive amnesty bill (S. 744) is unconstitutional because only bills originating in the House can raise revenues. The Senate has not officially transmitted S. 744 to the House yet but Camp’s statement implies he will move to prevent the House from taking up the bill when that occurs.

The U.S. Constitution provides that “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.” To implement this provision, the House developed a procedure called a “Blue Slip” to kill any revenue-raising bill that originates in the Senate. The House can pass a resolution providing for a blue slip but, as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Camp has the ability to issue one himself. On July 10th the official House and Ways Means Committee Twitter account tweeted “Chairman Camp: Senate immigration bill a revenue bill; unconstitutional and cannot be taken up by the House.”

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Tex.) had been pushing House members to support a blue slip should the Senate transmit S. 744. In a “Dear Colleague” letter sent Members, Stockman noted that Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) had not sent the bill to the House and concluded that the reason was fear of a blue slip.

Stockman’s letter said, “Even Harry Reid now admits the Senate’s amnesty bill is unconstitutional and cannot become law…By creating their own amnesty taxes Senate Democrats broke the rules. Senate Democrats were so hell-bent on ramming through a gift to radical political activists they didn’t bother to check if it was even legal….They got caught trying to sneak an illegal bill past the Constitution’s borders.”

Stockman pointed to Section 2102 of the bill, which “requires the payment of certain taxes and forgives the payment of other taxes as a condition of receiving amnesty and other benefits.” The Congressional Budget Office’s assessment of the bill also notes “enacting S. 744 would have a wide range of effects on federal revenues, including changes in collections of income and payroll taxes, certain visa fees that are classified as revenues, and various fines and penalties. Taken together, those effects would increase revenues by $459 billion over the 2014-2023 period, according to estimates by JCT and CBO.”

Read here for more information

July 9, 2013

VIDEO: Paul Ryan – the amnesty-again Marco Rubio of the House

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July 8, 2013

Georgia Immigration Enforcement Coalition letter as sent (electronically) this morning to all nine Georgia Republican congressmen

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Georgia Immigration Enforcement Coalition
Blackshear, Georgia
(Website under construction)
Founders: Kay Godwin, Pat Tippett, D.A. King
Contact coalition spokesman D.A. King


Dear Congressman

The founders of the coalition and leaders of the undersigned member groups submit the following:

Due to our experience with being repeatedly lied to on immigration enforcement and watching our conservative votes taken for granted, we, the undersigned Georgia voters, respectfully urge you to commit to the pledge below. Our jobs, language, our nation and entire way of life are at stake and the future we will leave generations to come will no longer be the America that we have known and loved with another amnesty.

We don’t need more immigration. We need more jobs! We are depending on you to stand up for America and real immigration enforcement. We are making our own pledge and promise:
Until at least ten years after real, visible and effective workplace, border and visa enforcement, we are making a commitment to find and support primary opponents for any and all GOP U.S. Senate and House members who vote in favor of any legislation or conference committee report that would allow any legalization of any illegal aliens. We will not tolerate legalization for future Democrat voters.

A partial reminder of broken immigration promises that Americans have endured from the U.S. Congress:

1986 – Congress passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act, which prohibited the employment of illegal aliens. The promised enforcement never really happened. In 2004, only 3 employers in the entire nation were fined for hiring illegal aliens. The low estimate is that 7- 8 million illegal immigrants continue to hold jobs. Today, the Wall St. Journal reports that “even if the rate of hiring doubled, it would take more than three years to get employment back to its prerecession level, after adjusting for population growth, according to estimates from the Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project.” (WSJ June 24, 2013)

1996 – In the wake of the first World Trade Center bombing, Congress passed another wide-ranging enforcement law, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act. Among its provisions was a requirement to develop an automated check-in/check-out system for foreign visitors, so the government could identify those who stayed past the time they were supposed to depart. Congress mandated such a system five more times, including after the horror of 9/11, in the USA Patriot Act, (which required a biometric system), in line with the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. No such system yet exists.

2005 – The REAL ID Act required that state driver’s licenses meet certain minimum standards to be acceptable for federal purposes, such as boarding airplanes. The standards included requiring proof of legal presence in the United States before issuing a license; this is an important immigration enforcement objective, because the driver’s license is essential to illegal aliens seeking to embed themselves in American society. The original deadline for state compliance was 2008, later postponed to 2011, then 2013, and now 2017. It seems likely the deadline will be extended yet again, permitting more states to continue issuing licenses to illegal aliens. Terrorists notice and take advantage of these broken promises.

2006 – The Secure Fence Act of 2006 required “at least 2 layers of reinforced fencing” along a total of roughly 650 miles of specifically designated stretches of the Mexican border. So far, less than 40 miles of such double-layered fencing have been built. The remainder is a mix of single-layer “pedestrian” fencing and vehicle barriers, which are low fences intended only to prevent trucks from driving across the border. Border Patrol Agents report that illegal crossings have tripled since the latest amnesty talks began.

We are urging you, the Republican members of the United States House of Representatives to sign the pledge below.

“I pledge that I will oppose and vote against any legislation or conference committee report that provides for any legalization of illegal aliens in the United States and I
also remember the broken promises of 1986.”

Mrs. Kay Godwin
Mrs. Pat Tippett
Mr. D.A. King

Below is a list of groups that have signed on to this “NO to legalization” pledge letter as of Sunday, July 7, 2013

Georgia Conservatives in Action
The Dustin Inman Society
Calling All Moms
Capitol Coalition of Conservative Leaders
Atlanta Tea Party Patriots
Citizens Helping America Restore Government Ethics (C.H.A.R.G.E.)
Valdosta Tea Party
South Georgia Tea Party Alliance
North Georgia 912, Georgia State Director 9/12 Project
Vidalia Tea Party
Cherokee Tea Party Patriots
Carroll County Tea Party Association (CTTPA)
Conservative Republican Women of North Atlanta
The Gwinnett Tea Party
Society for American Sovereignty – Atlanta-
North Fulton & Friends TEA Party
Georgia Citizen Action Project
Canton T.E.A. Party
Bainbridge Tea Party Group, Inc.
State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC
Glynn County Republican Party
Dr. William Greene – President of RightMarch.com
Pickens County GA Tea Party
Northwest Georgia 912 Project
South Georgia Tea Party
Tea Party Immigration Coalition
Sabrina Smith- Chairman, Gwinnett Citizens for Responsible Government
Camden County Republican Party
Camden County Tea Party
Golden Isles Tea Party
Savannah Tea Party
Charlton County Republican Party
National Association of Former Border Control Officers – Robert Trent , Secretary
Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots, Co-Founder
John Gentry – Chair Founders Faith Patriots
Milledgeville Area Patriots
Dunwoody GA Tea Party
Liberty Group Tea Party
Forsyth County Tea Party
Georgia 400 Tea Party Patriots – Lumpkin County/Dahlonega, GA
Albany Area Tea Party Patriots
Coweta Republican Party Chairman
Ware County Republican Party
Dahlonega Tea Party
Senoia Tea Party
Bartow Tea Party
Fannin Tea Party
Pickens County GA Tea Party
Clayton County 9-12 Tea Party
Liberty Group Tea Party-Ellijay

When we get time, we will add the growing list of individual voters who have asked to have their names included on this letter.

July 7, 2013

MEDIA ADVISORY-Georgia Immigration Enforcement Coalition

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July 8, 2013

Georgia Immigration Enforcement Coalition
Blackshear, Georgia
(Website under construction)
Founders: Kay Godwin, Pat Tippett, D.A. King
Contact coalition spokesman D.A. King

Grassroots, pro-enforcement Georgia immigration coalition urges Georgia’s Republican U.S. House delegation to take the “NO to any legalization” pledge – vows to support primary candidates for conservative back-sliders on another amnesty.

Citing the “one-time” Republican-led illegal alien legalization of 1986 and the broken promises of that debacle, today the recently formed Georgia Immigration Enforcement Coalition is sending letters to the nine Georgia Republican U.S. Congressmen urging them to pledge a “no” vote on any legalization legislation that House leadership may attempt to send to the floor.

To date, more than fifty activist conservative groups from across Georgia have signed a letter to the U.S. House members which contains the pledge in question: “I pledge that I will oppose and vote against any legislation or conference committee report that provides for any legalization of illegal aliens in the United States and I also remember the broken promises of 1986.” Along with a list of the Georgia activist groups that have signed on, the contents of the letter can be read here. The list of coalition member groups is growing daily.

“For years, we have worked hard to send conservatives to Washington from Georgia. Repeating the amnesty of 1986 and legalizing millions of undocumented Democrats is not a conservative action and not what we sent our congressmen to Washington for. Like all conservative voters, we are watching closely. What we now demand is actual enforcement and security” said coalition co-founder Kay Godwin.

Asked about the course of action member groups would pursue, co-founder Pat Tippet explained the watchdog coalition’s promise: “Until at least ten years after real, visible and effective workplace, border and visa enforcement, we are making a commitment to find and support primary opponents for any and all GOP U.S. Senate and House members who vote in favor of any legislation or conference committee report that would allow any legalization of illegal aliens. We will not tolerate another legalization for future Democrat voters”, she said today.

“According to a new report by MapLight, a group that tracks money in politics. Federal legislators received donations worth $63.2 million from business and progressive groups in favor of another legalization” reports coalition co-founder D.A. King. “Americans, including the legal immigrants who obeyed our laws, can never hope to match the well-funded amnesty mob’s money, but we can still vote. The recent betrayal by Marco Rubio and the other Republicans in the U.S. Senate on amnesty has created an atmosphere of suspicion and anxiety for many of us. This letter and pledge request should not be necessary. While we assume the best of intentions, we are not seeing firm, unsolicited statements from many of the members of the Georgia GOP House delegation on legalization” he said.

King is also president of the Georgia-based. Dustin Inman Society. Godwin and Tippet are well-known activists and organizers of ‘Georgia Conservatives in Action.’

Moving forward, the growing coalition will be visible, active and engaged in Washington D.C. and Georgia on federal as well as state and local level immigration related matters. On solutions, the coalition advises that congress acknowledge and finally follow the 1997 recommendations on illegal immigration from the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform chaired by the late Barbara Jordan.