May 8, 2019

Say “no” to Dax Lopez for Superior Court says Kennesaw small business owner Bill Buckler in a letter to Governor Kemp #GALEO

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Mr Buckler sent us the below copy of his letter to Governor Kemp


May 7, 2019

Dear Governor Kemp,

I have learned that Dax Lopez is a possible appointee to Superior Court in DeKalb County and that you have final say on that choice.

We urge you to reject Lopez for any promotion in the court system. As we hope you know, he spent more than a decade as a proud member of the board at the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO) while that far-left outfit lobbied under the Gold Dome against enforcement of our immigration laws.

Dax Lopez has already been rejected by both of our U.S. Senators for federal court. We hope for that same outcome in your consideration for his current and quite unbelievable nomination for the empty seat in DeKalb County.

Like lots of conservatives all over the state who voted for you, we are watching this very closely.

Thank you,

Bill Buckler…

Kennesaw, GA