November 18, 2020

Quoting the far-left Media Matters, the editors at the liberal AJC do not want you to read Georgia Star News

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Photo: AJC

The liberal and often wildly inaccurate AJC crew do not want you to read a coming new conservative website. And they are willing to prove it.

While we know nothing about something called ‘Georgia Star’ (update, Jan 16, 2021 Georgia Star News here) it is apparently heavy on the Atlanta Journal Constitution editor’s minds. They have run two separate hits warning readers against what the AJC calls “really fake news.”

The editors also rely on the fellow travelers at far-left SPLC-like Media Matters to “prove” their allegation of wrong thought and the admonition to dismiss what ever you may read in a news outlet that isn’t even open yet. “So before you “like,” “subscribe,” or “forward,” a story you just can’t believe, consider the source” say the keepers of the new truth at the AJC.

The first warning we noted came in the daily “Jolt” section of the AJC’s Political Insider gossip column/blog.

Known for inaccurate, outlandish and false claims on pending state legislation and pro-enforcement immigration activists (that go without correction) the liberal AJC explains that “we fully expect outlandish claims, false accusations, and dirty tricks between now and January 5th.” You can see that here from November 10, 2020 (scroll down.)

*Bonus: Partial collection of fake AJC news on legislation herehere,  here, here , here , here, here and here.

Kevin Riley, Editor in Chief, AJC.

The AJC gang must really be worried. There is yet another item on Georgia Star – again leaning on the rabid lefties at Media matters – in the Sunday, Nov. 15 edition under a heading called “Follow up.” This page complied by a Jim Denery. I didn’t take the time to find it online, but here is a photo of copy.

Photo of AJC blurb from DIS.

Remember, the AJC editors do not want you to read Georgia Star News.