July 8, 2015

AJC Political Insider and fading pretense

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Jim Galloway. Photo: AJC

AJC Political Insider and fading pretense

Taking a break from the Confederate flag and redefinition-of-marriage marathon, the AJC’s Political Insider, Jim Galloway, turns his editorial keyboard to steering the public and legislators away from important – and potentially life-saving – state immigration legislation aimed at full cooperation with ICE by local law enforcement agencies. At least the pretense has faded to “barely there.”

Spinning hard, Galloway writes “Georgia has no “sanctuary cities” — but no matter. Josh McKoon doesn’t like the friendly way that Fulton, DeKalb and Clayton counties are looking at illegal immigrants” writes Galloway on McKoon’s addition to pending legislation. Note that Galloway hopes nobody notices that by near universal definition, the three metro-Atlanta counties he mentions as “friendly” have in place the same policies that make San Francisco a “sanctuary city.”

We say “to-may-to, to-mah-to.”

San Francisco does not honor federal requests to detain illegal aliens. Neither do Fulton, DeKalb or Clayton counties in Georgia. Most Americans call that “sanctuary.”

So to help Galloway out: Georgia has confirmed “sanctuary counties.”

Oh, and if it matters what Senator McKoon really said, we post it HERE.