November 1, 2020

What about Joe Biden, Warm Springs, FDR and “racism…?” – Letter to the AJC editor that didn’t see print

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Photo: Twitter

Dear editor,

After watching a summer of violent riots and destructive fires in American streets and the screams of “White Supremacist!” during the removal of what the far left regards as “racist” statues, we see Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden hold a campaign rally in Warm Springs, GA. “Biden delivered a message calling for bipartisanship at a time of turmoil, wrapping himself in the legacy of former President Franklin Roosevelt on a grassy mountaintop not far from where the New Deal Democrat once had his private retreat” wrote the AJC.

What we did not see was any reminder of Roosevelt’s trial-free round up of innocent Japanese Americans and their forced confinement in what are surely now labeled as “concentration camps” at the outset of WW ll.

We always assumed the program managers at BLM and Antifa are not independent history buffs, but what about AJC editors? Does this mean the “erase-our-history-now!” revolution is on hold? It’s very confusing.

D.A. King



Image: Twitter