November 23, 2016

On Georgia Rep. Jones’ wire transfer bill and fake news from the AJC – Golden Isles News

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Below is my letter to the editor published today.

Golden Isles News

November 23, 2016

Wire transfer bill a wise move

The Golden Isles News’ recent report on state Rep Jeff Jones’ commonsense legislation to create a system by which the state can reap as much as $100 million a year from black market activity contained more than one concerning premise.

Jones’ refundable fee on out-of-state wire transfers idea would mimic an already proven-successful, six-year-old system that has brought in millions for Oklahoma. The refundable fee would apply only to individuals. It is important to restate: That means all individuals. Even drug dealers and illegally present ‘victims of borders.’

Your report says “…allegations have been made in the press and elsewhere that the proposed legislation targets undocumented workers sending money back to their families in their home countries…” “Allegations?” What if the bill really was only aimed at illegal aliens? Is that something to be ashamed of or to qualify as an “allegation?”

Given the incomplete and inaccurate media coverage of the organized crime of illegal immigration in Georgia and the U.S. over the last several decades, it is not difficult to understand some confusion on the part of people who only depend on the MSM for “news” – but “allegation?”

A recent report posted by the Atlanta Journal Constitution Political Insider blogger, Jim Galloway, told readers that the bill only applied to “foreigners.” That false premise went all over the state, as intended. This is what is known as “fake news” – designed to stop educated evaluation of this quite reasonable revenue bill. Galloway had never read the bill.

We cannot honor real immigrants or protect the tradition of immigration if we do not guard our borders and enforce our immigration laws.

According to the DHS, Georgia ranks number seven for states in the nation in its illegal population. We have more illegal aliens than Arizona. Estimates are that Georgia taxpayers are spending upwards of $2.4 billion a year on illegal immigration.

Mexico received about $25 billion last year sent back by its citizens living outside of that nation. In 2006, more than $1 billion was sent out of Georgia to Latin America. That is not an allegation, but a fact.

The “allegations” should come when we note any elected official – or journalist – who ignores the very real negative consequences of illegal immigration.

Further, using the unfounded, race-baiting, anti-enforcement smears from the discredited, Southern Poverty Law Center to attack the respected Center for Immigration Studies ignores the fact that the far-left defames any and all who speak up on sensible, legal immigration.

Opponents of Jones bill need to use real facts to explain why it is a bad idea to add $100 million a year to state coffers while we struggle to increase pay for our law enforcement officers.

D.A. King.
Marietta    HERE

D.A. King is president of the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society