July 27, 2017

This is Rich Pellegrino. He lives in Cobb County, Georgia. Georgia has more illegal aliens than Arizona. Rich is an anti-borders deep thinker. See Rich’s t-shirt for proof.

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Rich Pellegrino

July 9, 2016

Cobb County, Georgia’s village thinker Rich Pellegrino threatens “no justice, no peace” in letter to Marietta Daily Journal

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Rich Pellegrino, Cobb County’s anti-enforcement “Village thinker” and violence advocate Rich Pellegrino can be contacted at Pilgrim1@mindspring.com 

Marietta Daily Journal ( pay wall )

Letters to the editor

July 3, 2016

Writer threatens ‘no peace’ for Smyrna, Cobb County

In numerous articles during the past year since this police-involved fatal shooting, the MDJ reported that the GBI, Cobb Police and DOJ have investigated this case and determined the shooting was justified. That is totally inaccurate as all local agencies were charged with investigating the case and presenting the results of the investigation — the evidence — to the district attorney, without any determination of justification, or not. The district attorney’s office then also conducted its own investigation and all of this evidence — over 1,300 pages of it, including multiple videos and witness testimonies — were condensed into a 30-minute presentation by the district attorney to the grand jury — the only body in this chain charged to determine whether there should be a criminal indictment, and with that limited time and information presented to them, they made a determination not to indict. That was the only agency or body which made any determination.

Having reviewed that body of evidence, along with other concerned citizens, including attorneys, it is clear to this writer, to even a lay person, that there was no way anyone or any group of citizens, like those comprising the grand jury, could effectively evaluate the mountains of evidence in thirty minutes time in order to render a fair decision and determination. Of course, the district attorney knew this, so his impartiality must be questioned, and therefore there must be a new independent special prosecutor and a new grand jury empaneled.

Failing this solution, I, along with other concerned individuals and organizations in this community, will be forced to try this and related cases in the streets and courts of public opinion, which we will continue to do through many avenues, echoing the words of the millennial youth and civil rights movements, “No justice, No peace” — if there is no justice in this case, there will be no peace for Smyrna and Cobb. As a parent of sons and daughters like Nicholas Thomas, I will not have peace nor will I rest until Officer Owens is off our streets, and, as a citizen of this county, I will not have trust in our justice system until the cover up of his wrong doing is ended.

Rich Pellegrino

Mableton    HERE

May 30, 2012

Rich Pellegrino in a letter to the editor of the Marietta Daily Journal: Immigration, employment and public benefits enforcement bad for economy – illegal aliens should be welcomed

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I promise I did not make this up…Rich can be contacted at pilgrim1@mindspring.com and he craves attention.

Marietta Daily Journal

Letter to editor
May 30, 2012

‘Get tough’ stand to blame for poor economy

In learning of the Cobb Commission’s signing of the IMAGE agreement with the federal Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency, which supposedly will help the county prevent undocumented residents from applying for county jobs, one can only recall the folk song of the 1960s, “When will they ever learn?”

They say you are doing this to give the message that they are tough on illegal immigration. However, since the advent of their get-tough stance on immigrants in 2006, started by then Chairman Sam Olens and Sheriff Neil Warren and supported by present Chairman Tim Lee, with the signing of other enforcement agreements with ICE, such as 287(g), the county has experienced unprecedented budget deficits resulting in a rise in property taxes and a cut in services, most notably a cut in the police department’s budget producing furloughs and an inability, according to police officials’ reports, to recruit police officers.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the dots and show how getting tough on and attempting to drive out one segment of the society, who work hard and pays taxes here, has a ripple effect which results in the closing of businesses, the loss of jobs and revenue of citizens, a rise in crime, and the resulting budget deficits we are experiencing. (Yes, contrary to common the common belief, all independent audits, which I will be happy to provide, indicate that the undocumented immigrant population pays in substantially more in taxes than the services they receive, and they actually create jobs with their buying power.) The lessons learned from the politics of hate and exclusion directed toward one minority group in the past, especially here in the South, should have taught us that the whole community loses, becomes diminished and ends up paying for it — an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. “When will we ever learn?”

This new IMAGE agreement with ICE is just that — an image with no substance. It amounts to political pandering and not leadership — for how many undocumented residents do you really think apply for county jobs? Plus, if they did, the county already uses the E-Verify system so why waste time and taxpayer dollars for a redundant system?

The Cobb Immigrant Alliance will never support a “getting tough” stance on immigrants, whether they are documented or undocumented, as they are an integral and welcome part of our community who contribute to the quality of life here, and will remain so.

Rich Pellegrino
Cobb Immigrant Alliance


April 18, 2012

VIDEO – (Some fun in the) Wit and wisdom from Rich Pellegrino – 10 minutes of one of Georgia’s deepest open-borders thinkers: Oh Rich!

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VIDEO – Wit and wisdom from Rich Pellegrino – 10 minutes of one of Georgia’s deepest open-borders thinkers. This is a typical example of the level of feeling disguised as fact from a typical useful idiot enlisted in the amnesty-again movement here in Georgia and the nation.

YOUTUBE Comments are open. VIDEO HERE

Another quote from Rich in the local newspaper? ” What isn’t love is hate.”

I have no time to correct or note all of the fairy tales from Rich today…so have a blast yourselves.

Texas did indeed do a “study.” HERE

Actually, Georgia ranks differently on 287(g) than claimed by Rich

Cobb County’s 287(g) program is one of the busiest in the nation, prompting 6,779 removals since fiscal year 2007 — eighth among more than 60 programs nationwide. Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren credited his staff for doing “an outstanding job” with the program.

HERE …and from the AJC!

That is H1B visa Rich…not “HB1”

Oh, Rich!

January 4, 2012

Rebel without a clue: In which Rich Pellegrino struggles to find a new cause

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Marietta Daily Journal
January 4, 2012

Occupiers protest against Cobb foreclosure auction

MARIETTA —Members of Occupy Atlanta came to Cobb on Tuesday to protest the county’s monthly foreclosure auction. The roughly 10 protesters didn’t garner much support though, drawing little more than giggles as they chanted “Banks got bailed out — we got sold out.”

After being threatened with arrest after they tried to disrupt the sales by blowing miniature train whistles, protesters moved from the steps of the Cobb Justice Center to a nearby sidewalk.

“…Rich Pellegrino of the Cobb Immigrant Alliance said he is planning a march from the Cobb Civic Center to the Marietta Square for February, and he is seeking out support from groups ranging from the Cobb United for Change Coalition to the tea party.

“Cobb is changing quite a bit,” he said. “It’s almost equal white and minority, and the same with political ideology. Cobb is going into the 21st century, whether they like it or not.”

So far, Pellegrino said he and Martin Altamirano, who went on a hunger strike for 11 days last year to protest Georgia’s immigration law, are the only Occupy Cobb members…”

“A lot of immigrants are affected by the foreclosures that are occurring in Georgia and all over the United States,” said Altamirano, who stood on the sidewalk holding a protest sign. “We’re trying to make connections to people. We have to look for solutions in favor of the 99 percent.”

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – Occupiers protest against Cobb foreclosure auction

August 5, 2011

Rich Pellegrino caper. “As immigrants, we need to obey the laws that are good for us.” – MDJ today: The hunger strike is on, its over, it’s back on…but the grins continue

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“Back here on planet Earth, while holding my sides from laughter, all of this is making it very difficult to eat my chili dog,” King said. “As I suspect many others are, I have to ask if Zamora is really a non-eating, Kamikaze, anti-enforcement activist, or maybe has more in common with Pinocchio and is under the spell of the great thinker in local theatre, Rich Pellegrino…”

Marietta Daily Journal
August 05, 2011

Mableton man ends hunger strike protest

MABLETON — Only one of two immigrants remain on a hunger strike that began on July 1 to protest Georgia’s immigration law. Martin Altamirano stopped fasting on July 12 to help take care of Salvador Zamora, who became ill and is now eating yogurt under doctors’ advice.

“I was feeling weak and dizzy, it’s weird to describe,” said 45-year-old Altamirano, who told the Journal last month he was willing to continue his hunger strike until death, if necessary. “Now that Salvador is healthy and better, I would like to start back (on the hunger strike) around (Aug. 15).”

Cobb Immigrant Alliance Director Rick Pellegrino organized a press conference for the pair on July 12, the day Altamirano quit the fast.

Doctors told Zamora to take his vitamins with yogurt, Altamirano said.

“I feel weak,” Zamora said. “Sometimes it’s very hard for me to get up and walk, and sometimes I’m sleepy.”

Zamora, who walked from California to Washington, D.C., in support of immigration reform, said fasting was “easier in some ways, but harder on me mentally.”

Pellegrino said that while Zamora and Altamirano initially started the hunger strike with a list of goals, now the two just want to meet with Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal.

“With our support, Salvador will be delivering a letter to request a meeting with the governor and some representatives about our concerns and the impact of HB 87,” Pellegrino said. “The letter is not complete. We are going to draft it over the weekend and will try to deliver it on Tuesday.”

Zamora said that he plans to fast as long as it takes.

“I hope that they can come through … get Governor Deal to talk to us,” Zamora said “I’m very positive that we can get it. I just hope it’s not another two months.”

Zamora said that if they do meet with Gov. Deal, he would like to discuss what he calls the “inhumanity” of HB 87.

“It’s not necessary to put fear in our people,” he said.

Zamora said the community has responded positively to the hunger strike.

“At first, about 70 or 80 percent were against it, but now more people show that they are not against us,” Zamora said. “We do not resent against the people who are against us, we just want them to think very clearly. I think that many of them, they are also misinformed.”

“About the kids, there is some misinformation,” Altamirano said. “American people believe that the kids are receiving a free ride (by attending American schools) … but the families are renting their house, paying a mortgage and taxes from that are paying for the education.”

“I understand, since the beginning of coming here, that I needed to learn the language,” Zamora said. “We need to teach our people, so that (American-born citizens) don’t see us as different.”

“I am also aware that in order for us to do good and have our rights respected, we need to do good and contribute to this nation,” Zamora said. “As immigrants, we need to obey the laws that are good for us.”

Altamirano moved to the United States about 18 years ago and is in the U.S. Temporary Protected Status program. Zamora moved to the U.S. on his own at 16 from Mexico and is a U.S. citizen.

On July 12, both men said while they have no desire to die, they will strike until they see change, even if that means death.

“It’s a very common question from people about this situation,” Altamirano said at the time. “The thing is, Christianity is based on a carpenter that died for the brothers. I don’t know why people don’t get used to the idea that someone sacrificed for the will of others. I’m willing to do that.”

Immigration activist D.A. King questioned Zamora’s motivations.

“Back here on planet Earth, while holding my sides from laughter, all of this is making it very difficult to eat my chili dog,” King said. “As I suspect many others are, I have to ask if Zamora is really a non-eating, Kamikaze, anti-enforcement activist, or maybe has more in common with Pinocchio and is under the spell of the great thinker in local theatre, Rich Pellegrino. I wish them all happy landings, but urge more fact-checking on their script. Not many are fooled about this character’s latest meal but most of us look forward with a yawn to see what’s next from Pellegrino and both of his followers. Can we assume this is at least an admission that angrily marching in the streets is not going to stop enforcement of American immigration laws?”

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – Mableton man ends hunger strike protest

August 3, 2011

Another one from the “How crazy are they?” dept. Rich Pellegrino and his two followers – Hunger Strike In Protest to HB87 Reaches Critical Stage with New Demand for Governor

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Kind of makes you want a chili dog, doesn’t it?

Press Conference
DATE: Thursday, August 4

TIME: 10am

WHERE: Hunger Strike HQ, 6143 Mableton Parkway, Mableton, GA 30126 (Yellow House next to Shell Gas Station)
CONTACTS: Rich Pellegrino, Cobb Immigrant Alliance (CIA), 404-573-1199, pilgrim1@mindspring.com

Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR), 770 457 5232, anicholls@glahr.org

For Immediate Release:

Hunger Strike In Protest to HB87 Reaches Critical Stage with New Demand for Governor

Mableton, Georgia – August 3, 2011-

The hunger strike protest which began on July 1st, the day HB 87 took effect in Georgia, continues into its 35th day with Salvador Zamora fasting , and Martin Altamirano and others, who joined the fast for a period of time, caring for Salvador.

Rich Pellegrino, of the Cobb Immigrant Alliance, who, along with the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, and other organizations, are supporting the hunger strike , stated: “Salvador is determined to continue his hunger strike, risking even death , until Governor Deal agrees to meet with him and representatives of various organizations who are similarly concerned about the effects of HB87 on all the residents of GA.”

A letter is being prepared to deliver to the Governor with Salvador’s request for such a meeting. Salvador says he will deliver the letter next week even if he has to do so in a wheelchair or on a stretcher.

Salvador states: “With no alternative but to sacrifice my body, I fast believing that undocumented people are a SOCIAL issue not a fear filled political agenda.” He continues,

“I fast in grief for my Hispanic friends and other neighbors who are afraid to shop, to work, to be seen on the streets.

I fast to raise awareness about undocumented mothers and fathers fleeing in fear from homes where their American children played, were nurtured and grew.

I fast to demonstrate all people deserve dignity.

I fast to call attention to and halt what appears to be a swaggering glee among some local police, sheriff departments, legislators and others when raids, round-ups and road blocks net men, women and children who only want to live a simple, safe life.

I fast to challenge the enforcement only mentality of law enforcement, as well as the Georgia legislators and Governor Deal; all seem to support the mega-Corrections Corporation of America and its profitable legalized human trafficking/deportation business.

I fast because HB 87 is demeaning, not something to be proud of. It degrades you and me.”

May 6, 2011

I enjoy hearing Rich Pellegrino argue with himself…

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Activists urge Deal not to sign immigration bill

by Jon Gillooly

The Marietta Daily Journal

May 04, 2011

MARIETTA — Rich Pellegrino of the Cobb Immigrant Alliance urged Gov. Deal not to sign a controversial new immigration bill during a Glover Park news conference Wednesday morning.

That Deal hasn’t yet signed the bill shows he has doubts about it, Pellegrino said.

“I think he’s definitely having second thoughts and taking a good look at how this is going to make Georgia look,” Pellegrino said.

A spokeswoman for Deal said that is not correct.

“We’re still going through the bill review process, but as of now, the governor still intends to sign HB 87,” spokeswoman Stephanie Mayfield said.

Pellegrino was accompanied by such opponents of the bill as Larry Pellegrini, a policy analyst for the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights.

The activists argued that the proposed legislation would harm Georgia’s No. 1 industry, agriculture, in that farmers would not be able to find the needed workers to harvest their crops. The bill would also harm the state’s second-largest industry, tourism, in that groups and individuals would boycott the state in opposition to alleged racial profiling, they said.

Pellegrini said Arizona has already lost $140 million from cancelled tourism events as a result of its immigration law.

“We should not be following in Arizona’s footsteps and suffering like they have,” Pellegrini said.

Pellegrino said he was holding the news conference in Marietta because of Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren.

“This is ground zero for the whole immigration battle, because Sheriff Warren was one of the first in the nation to start the 287(g) program, which deputizes his deputies as immigration agents,” Pellegrino said. “They can start the process of deportation at the jail without (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). My objection is the same as Cobb County Police’s objection. The purpose of police is to build trust with everybody in the community. You can’t build trust if you’re seen as a deportation agent when you’re trying to solve crime.”

Warren’s program is ineffective, he said.

“There’s no less undocumented immigrants in Cobb County than there were at the beginning of that. If some leave, others replace them,” Pellegrino said.

The Austell resident blamed the program for causing the county’s budget problems.

“You were all at the commission meeting where they were going to close down libraries, where all of a sudden we have found ourselves in a deficit,” Pellegrino said. “It’s not rocket science to know businesses are closing, tax revenues are down when you chase out one group of people. I told the sheriff, he was worried about his budget being cut, I said, ‘It’s your fault. So called unintended consequences.’ Cobb County is an example of what will happen to the rest of Georgia. We’re going downhill. We have an underground crime problem that’s increasing.”

D.A. King, who founded the Dustin Inman Society, an anti-illegal immigration group, watched from the sidelines before rebutting his opponents.

“I’m very embarrassed that any of these people live in Cobb County. I think Rich Pellegrino has fulfilled all the expectations that most reasonable people have for him today,” King said. “The extortion effort aimed at our immigration laws here in Georgia is not fooling anyone. The race-baiting fringe that collected here on the Square today is an embarrassment to Cobb County and an insult to law enforcement in general with their constant accusations and predictions of racial profiling. We’ve had E-Verify in Georgia since 2006 — thank you, Chip Rogers. All we have done is expanded E-Verify to include all employers with more than 10 employees — thank you, Matt Ramsey. I’m very proud to be involved in getting the bill passed.”

Rogers, a Woodstock Republican, is the state Senate majority leader. Ramsey, a Republican state representative from Peachtree City, originated the legislation.
Copyright 2011 The Marietta Daily Journal. All rights reserved.

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – Activists urge Deal not to sign immigration bill

May 3, 2011

EVEN MORE ANTI-ENFORCEMENT HYSTERIA FROM THE MINDLESS OPEN BORDERS FAR-LEFT: Cobb’s Village Thinker Rich Pellegrino to remove all doubt – free entertainment from Crazyville

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Cobb’s Village Thinker Rich Pellegrino to remove all doubt – free entertainment from Crazyville

In the spirit of the crazies:

Rich Pellegrino, who we here in Cobb regard as a somewhat comical but pathetic, race-baiting open borders loon is going to hold another press conference in Marietta square tomorrow. This should remove all doubt about the true hate-filled rage and mindlessness with which this character regards borders, immigration laws and pro-enforcement Americans. But just to be sure, I will try to make it to the crazies’ event.

When he is not smearing our beloved sheriff, telling us in the local newspaper that what is not love is hate or renewing his ties to and speaking along with – Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers self boasting former drug international dealer Rich Pellegrino runs around the region with those lovable heroes from the Nation of Islam and constantly displays placards proclaiming that “WE WELCOME ALL IMMIGRANTS…” legal or otherwise.

So – if you get extremely bored tomorrow, come on down to Marietta Square and see the open borders nuts go on yet another race-baiting smear campaign in an effort to kill HB 87. Bring cameras- they love that. Admission is free.

Rich’s press release ( his second) on his press conference below IT IS 859 WORDS!. Apparently the King Center has refused Rich the permission he sought to be crazy at that site. Don’t be surprised to see Jerry Gonzalez make an appearance. More fun facts on Rich so Rich HERE.


PRESS ADVISORY for Press Conference

CONTACT: Rich Pellegrino, Director of the Cobb Immigrant Alliance (CIA)

ORGANIZATION: Cobb Immigrant Alliance

VOICE PHONE NUMBER: 404-573-1199

EMAIL ADDRESS: pilgrim1@mindspring.com

WEBSITE: www.laboroflovecampaign.org

PURPOSE: Requesting the Governor to Reconsider HB87 in light of information shared regarding its racially based motives and other compelling reasons why it is bad for GA.

THEME: The ONENESS CAMPAIGN: “We are one people and together we can survive and advance in spite of the vested interests attempting to divide us.”

WHO: A diverse group of speakers representing the Asian, Black, Latino & White communities

WHERE: Glover Park, 50 Park Square, Marietta (Square) 30060

TIME: 10:00 AM

DATE: May 4, 2011 (Wednesday)

Talking Points for Press Conference

(Note: Please keep remarks 2-3 minutes as there are several speakers)

“We are one people and together we can survive and advance in spite of the vested interests attempting to divide us.”

There are vested interests who attempt to divide the community into racial and economic groups and pit them against one another in order to maintain the power of those vested interests. The national immigration debate, especially in the GA and some other states, is heavily influenced by these vested interests–two of which are the private-prison lobby and the white supremacist movement. Both have influenced and assisted GA legislators who drafted HB87–the so-called immigration reform bill.– with their monetary and other forms of support.
We know that regardless of our diverse races, cultures, faiths, immigration and economic status—that we are one people—and we will stand together regardless of any attempts to divide and conquer.
When one does not have truth on his side then he must create myths. Two of the most often spoken myths by the anti-immigrant legislators and crowd are :
1) The undocumented immigrants are draining our economy. The truth, which is revealed in all independent audits and studies conducted by think-tanks, government agencies and the state and federal level, and others–is that they are contributing millions more into our economy than they will ever receive in services. The fact is that the financial mismanagement and corrupt dealings of these same legislators, at both the state and national level, and of the financiers on Wall Street, are the cause of our economic problems and they are cowardly using immigrants as their scapegoats.

2) The state has to act and pass these bills (which have already been found unconstitutional in AZ) because the federal government has not done anything. While that has a shade of truth, which myths often have, it was largely these same politicians, including the Governor when he was in Congress, and their party, who blocked all attempts of both the Obama and Bush administrations to enact comprehensive immigration reform which would address all of these issues. (In fact, Bush supported the bi-partisan efforts of and bill introduced by McCain and Kennedy however they were all fought down by the conservative, right wing of their party–which interestingly are the same folk who are proposing these state bills.) This is utter hypocrisy.

Not since the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 was anyone in GA required to carry and show their papers proving their status–and under this bill (HB87) everyone, not just new immigrants, will have to do so! This is the biggest erosion of our civil and human rights since the abolition of Jim Crow in the south.
Most Georgians and Americans are uninformed and misinformed regarding these facts and that is why any polls regarding their feelings about immigration are completely skewed. We will be conducting ongoing events to properly inform them with the facts rather than fear-based myths. A list of these events will be posted on www.laboroflovecampaign.org

Arizona passed its similar bill SB1070 a year ago and it has lost millions in economic revenue , jobs lost, business closures, and in legal fees fighting lawsuits against the bill (the main provisions of which have been struck down by two Federal courts, as will HB 87). Who will foot the bill for all this in Georgia: taxpayers!
The main organizations helping GA legislators to draft these bills and mobilize support for them have been labeled as hate groups and are founded by Dr. Tanton who professed eugenics and white superiority used to justify genocide against other races. (His statements in this regard will be cited on the info sheet given to the press.)

We are not against anyone but are for oneness, justice and truth–and none of those standards were considered in this bill.

12 million undocumented immigrants did not sneak into this country–they were invited here for cheap and productive labor by every government and corporate entity–which means by every citizen who votes, owns stock, and buys food, clothing, and shelter–and that means every one of us invited them. It is inhuman, un-American, un-Christian, and unbelievable to even think of shipping them back after they have worked so hard for us, set down roots and have children and families here–just like our immigrant ancestors did (many of whom were also persecuted and considered “illegal” or worse by the vested interests of those times).

November 8, 2010

Rich Pellegrino: Mr. Mindless

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This is what they meant when it was said that a picture is worth a thousand words.


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