October 19, 2009

Rich Pellegrino of the Cobb County, Georgia open borders Pellegrinos: CLOSE TIES TO BILL AYERS- of the Weather Underground terrorists

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Rich Pellegrino and Bill Ayers.

“On that well-worn stage will stand a variety of speakers, the headliner being author, teacher and former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers (see interview on facing page), who became a political lightning rod during the high-stakes final stretch of last year’s presidential campaign. The preceding day’s featured speakers will be Constance Curry and Bob Zellner, both authors and activists regarded as “Civil Rights pioneers” by festival spokesman and Banner-Herald columnist Ed Tant. Zellner, the son and grandson of Klansmen, participated in political organizing with African Americans during the Civil Rights era, an especially dangerous undertaking in the South.

The youth program, with music by children of all ages and backgrounds, will kick off the festival on Saturday. (An entire kids’ area, with children’s arts and crafts, sand play, face painting, drumming, llamas, magic and more will be available 10 a.m.–7 p.m. on Saturday and 2–7 p.m. on Sunday.) Later in the evening on Saturday will be Athens’ first Festival of Immigrant Rights, featuring, among others, two politically charged Latino punk bands from Atlanta and a speech by Richard Pellegrino, an Italian-American immigrant rights activist whom Atlanta Latino magazine recently named “Person of the Year.”


Rich, Rich, Rich: race-baiting with the ACLU, an open borders agenda, Socialist Jerry Gonzalez, a coalition with the Nation of Islam, international drug dealing and Bill Ayers?