August 3, 2011

Another one from the “How crazy are they?” dept. Rich Pellegrino and his two followers – Hunger Strike In Protest to HB87 Reaches Critical Stage with New Demand for Governor

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Kind of makes you want a chili dog, doesn’t it?

Press Conference
DATE: Thursday, August 4

TIME: 10am

WHERE: Hunger Strike HQ, 6143 Mableton Parkway, Mableton, GA 30126 (Yellow House next to Shell Gas Station)
CONTACTS: Rich Pellegrino, Cobb Immigrant Alliance (CIA), 404-573-1199,

Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR), 770 457 5232,

For Immediate Release:

Hunger Strike In Protest to HB87 Reaches Critical Stage with New Demand for Governor

Mableton, Georgia – August 3, 2011-

The hunger strike protest which began on July 1st, the day HB 87 took effect in Georgia, continues into its 35th day with Salvador Zamora fasting , and Martin Altamirano and others, who joined the fast for a period of time, caring for Salvador.

Rich Pellegrino, of the Cobb Immigrant Alliance, who, along with the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, and other organizations, are supporting the hunger strike , stated: “Salvador is determined to continue his hunger strike, risking even death , until Governor Deal agrees to meet with him and representatives of various organizations who are similarly concerned about the effects of HB87 on all the residents of GA.”

A letter is being prepared to deliver to the Governor with Salvador’s request for such a meeting. Salvador says he will deliver the letter next week even if he has to do so in a wheelchair or on a stretcher.

Salvador states: “With no alternative but to sacrifice my body, I fast believing that undocumented people are a SOCIAL issue not a fear filled political agenda.” He continues,

“I fast in grief for my Hispanic friends and other neighbors who are afraid to shop, to work, to be seen on the streets.

I fast to raise awareness about undocumented mothers and fathers fleeing in fear from homes where their American children played, were nurtured and grew.

I fast to demonstrate all people deserve dignity.

I fast to call attention to and halt what appears to be a swaggering glee among some local police, sheriff departments, legislators and others when raids, round-ups and road blocks net men, women and children who only want to live a simple, safe life.

I fast to challenge the enforcement only mentality of law enforcement, as well as the Georgia legislators and Governor Deal; all seem to support the mega-Corrections Corporation of America and its profitable legalized human trafficking/deportation business.

I fast because HB 87 is demeaning, not something to be proud of. It degrades you and me.”