June 26, 2019

The GALEO – John King affair still producing letters to Gov Kemp

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photo; Kingman Daily Miner


The below letter was copied here on June 22, 2019

Governor Kemp,

I am writing you to let you know that I am not supportive of your appointment of John King as Insurance Commissioner.

Mr. King has a background that does not support our Georgia values. His association with GALEO is dangerous. We do not need ANYONE in office that is sympathetic to illegal immigration.

I trust you will listen to your critics and STOP this appointment.

Kathy Statham

Grayson, GA 30017

June 19, 2019

A repeat letter writer to Gov Kemp on GALEO and John King: “My friends who are Hispanic and conservative already vote Republican. It looks like you are trying to change that fact. I wish I hadn’t voted for you”

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Left, Insurance Commissioner appointee John King with GALEO Executive director Jerry Gonzalez. Image: Facebook, GALEO.org

The below posted letter was sent here this AM. I understand many other conservatives have sent letters to Gov Kemp about this matter. I added a photo and a link and am happy to see that people use the info we post.

BTW: The email address for Gov Brian Kemp is brian.kemp@georgia.gov . His office phone is 404-656-1776.



June 19, 2019

Dear Governor Kemp,

John King, friend of GALEO, for constitutional office, really?

This is the second time in less than six weeks that I have felt it necessary to write a letter to you concerning the leftist GALEO group that fights against immigration enforcement and all things conservatives hold dear.

I had to read the news twice to fully soak up the fact that a Republican governor (you) who ran on “rounding up illegals” has actually appointed a man (John King) who helped GALEO raise funds to operate and who is a close friend of GALEO director, leftist Jerry Gonzalez.

Appointing someone to a high and powerful office because he was born in Mexico in a hope to produce more Hispanic votes is insanity. It is clear that the Kemp administration is operating on the “diversity at any cost” theory and has lost all commonsense. You may want to stop listening to the AJC’s liberal political insider and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce on immigration and policy – and you definitely need to at least appear to honor your campaign promises on illegal aliens.

I see vote records on D.A. King’s website that show even the gift of amnesty did not help the Republicans with Hispanic votes since 1986. If I can see it, why can’t you? I offer some help in the form of facts from the Dustin Inman Society website that your advisors may be hiding from you:

“After the “one time” Reagan amnesty of 1986, Hispanics rewarded Republican George H.W. Bush with 30% of their vote – Trump got 29% in 2016.

Clinton finished the San Diego border fence in 1994 and still got 72% of the Hispanic vote in 1996. It doesn’t look like capitulation pays off for Republicans or that enforcement costs Democrats.

Stats from LatinoVoteMatters.org :”If one hopes to analyze current trends and anticipate where we’re going, one must understand where we’ve been. Below, you’ll find the Hispanic voter breakdown for presidential elections from 1980 to present.”

1980 Jimmy Carter, 56% Ronald Reagan, 35% +21
1984 Walter Mondale, 61% Ronald Reagan, 37% +24
1988 Michael Dukakis, 69% George H.W. Bush, 30% +39
1992 Bill Clinton, 61% George H.W. Bush, 25% +36
1996 Bill Clinton, 72% Bob Dole, 21% +51
2000 Al Gore, 62% George W. Bush, 35% +27
2004 John Kerry, 58% George W. Bush, 40% +18
2008 Barack Obama, 67% John McCain, 31% +36
2012 Barack Obama, 71% Mitt Romney, 27% +44

*2016 Hillary Clinton, 65% Donald Trump, 29% +36

*According to widely accepted estimates in the liberal Atlanta Journal Constitution and the conservative National Review.

And doesn’t this mean that Amnesty-en-Espanol John McCain and “Build the Wall” Donald Trump had the same spread?


If the amnesty prize doesn’t change the Dem votes to Republican, your bizarre choice of John King isn’t going to either.

Governor Kemp, my friends who are Hispanic and conservative already vote Republican. It looks like you are trying to change that fact. I wish I hadn’t voted for you.

It was pandering, weakness and political expediency that killed Dustin Inman. This appointment is a very good example of why I am a conservative who is not a Republican.

Shaking my head in anger and amazement,
Bill Buckler
Kennesaw, GA.

June 18, 2019

From Republican activist Chris Owen: Another letter to Gov Kemp on GALEO’s John King

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Another letter. And a note to Ms. Owen. Yes, Gov Kemp knows all about GALEO.


Dear Gov. Kemp:

Up to this point I have been very PLEASED with the decisions that you have made!

This one baffles me, however! WHAT IN THE WORLD POSESSED YOU TO CHOOSE JOHN KING TO TAKE JIM BECK’S PLACE? Do you really know WHO he is??? Do you KNOW WHAT GALEO IS? Did you really do your homework? WHY would you choose someone who is pro-amnesty, pro-illegal immigration…….. in ANY POSITION in the GA bureaucracy?

Needless to say, I am VERY disappointed! PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK THE NEXT TIME…..and thoroughly vet candidates such as this!

Chris Owen

February 15, 2009

On CNN, Rick Sanchez, the race-baiting SPLC /La Raza coalition, Wall St. and the coming corporate funded amnesty-again attempt: An open letter to CNN’s John King

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To: Mr. John King, CNN

I understand that you are doing a series of broadcasts on “Latinos” and “immigration”.

Some unsolicited insight:

“Immigrants” – like my adopted sister – by definition, join the American family lawfully, already enjoy a path to citizenship and do not require amnesty.

The same cannot be said for illegal aliens. This applies even to Hispanics.

We have nothing to apologize for when it comes to “immigration” as we as a nation take in more than one million immigrants a year from all over the world. More than any nation on the planet. Another two million or so “guest workers” many of whom scream “you can’t make me leave, I have an American born child and I like it here” !

Illegal immigration is slowing and illegals are leaving the U.S. because of increased enforcement, and the loss of job opportunities – exactly as those of us who fight that crime said would happen with the concept of “attrition through enforcement“.

We are proving that local enforcement works as a deterrent to illegal immigration – and the illegal alien lobby is howling.

The shameful presentation that Americans who demand secure borders and an equal application of the law are somehow “anti-Latino” or “anti-immigrant” is perpetuated by people who cannot find a reasonable argument for allowing everyone on the planet – or in Latin America – to come live in the USA. And because they have created a thriving business advocating for criminals.

The goal of the coaltion of the radical left and Wall St. is really open borders.

Here in the metro Atlanta area, we are nearly out of water, and there was talk three or four years ago of making I-75 twenty three lanes wide near my home. That will eventually happen. English has become an optional language in the American south and the flag of Mexico flies everywhere. Low skilled wages have been steadily declining for years.

Americans who cannot speak Spanish are being denied jobs for that reason in Georgia.

We are bailing out the banksters who illegally made mortgage loans to illegal aliens using Mexican ID.

We as a nation have the right to decide how many people we want to live in our republic and we certainly have the right to demand that our immigration and employment laws are enforced. Those of us who insist that criminal employers who draw the migrating wage-thieves here be punished are in the majority of the ever increasing number of aware and angry American people.

Sadly, the people with the courage to say exactly that are branded “racist” ( what race is illegal?) and “haters” by the race-baiting far left like MALDEF, La Raza, LULAC and that perpetual fund raising machine disguised as a law firm, the SPLC. That fact is either ignored or helped along and perpetuated by many in the MSM. The rocket scientist Rick Sanchez of CNN leaps to mind. I watched in November as he literally had an SPLC critter (Mark Potok) spew his usual hate mongering and name calling from a telephone on the air.

Sanchez literally had him phone it in!

My cat could easily defeat Sanchez (or Potok) in a debate. Having done many live CNN/FOX News hits, although I have a face for radio, I would happily paint the house belonging to any CNN producer who would get me on his show in place of my feline to expose his mindless open borders ethnic oriented agenda.

Mexico uses its military to try to secure its own borders and deports nearly as many people each year as we do….virtually all of whom are Hispanics.

Radical xenophobes and haters….si?

Most Americans don’t give a hoot about where a real immigrant comes from. But we do insist that they become assimilated and adopt to the American culture and language.

That ideal is not un-American.

We also understand that legalization – by any name – does not result in secured American borders, enforced employment laws or an end to illegal immigration. We proved that with the “one-time amnesty” of 1986. We will not forget the lesson.

Instead of the reported sixty “Latino leaders”, Obama would do well to schedule meetings with mainstream Americans who study immigration and the law. We know more about the issue than he does and we want what is best for the nation – not for special interest groups using ethnicity and skin color as victimhood and a basis for special treatment.

Obama would also do well to heed the advice of the late Barbara Jordan, the first black woman elected to congress and the Bill Clinton appointed head of his Commission on Immigration Reform from the 90’s. From Jordan in 1995: ” To gain credibility on immigration policy: “Those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave — deportation is crucial.”

On the criminal employers who lure illegals into our republic, Jordan recommended mandatory electronic verification of legal employment eligibility. “Employer sanctions can work,” she said.

Fortunately for Jordan, a 1994 Presidential Medal of Freedom award winner, 21st century ethnic hustlers, biased journalists with a clear agenda like Sanchez and Wall St. scammers in search of even more taxpayer subsidized “cheap labor’ weren’t there to attack her “extremism.” Si?

Heads up – the coming corporate funded attempt to repeat the amnesty of 1986 will be met with more defiant popular grass-roots resistance that the media – or the Congress – can ever imagine and the price of it passing would be a forever divided “new-America” that will simply become part of the envisioned “North American Community” dedicated to redistribution of the wealth, socialism and increased profit for those who are more equal in the disgusting barnyard of 21st century American politics.

Please pass this on to the suits at CNN HQ who may think they are fooling all of the people all of the time. And Sanchez.


D.A. King
Marietta, Ga.


sent to: stateoftheunion@CNN.COM

June 19, 2019

Georgia Governor Appoints Replacement Insurance Commissioner with Ties to Anti-enforcement Immigration Lobbying Group, GALEO * #BrianKemp #JohnKing

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Immigration Politics Georgia

June 13, 2019

Georgia Governor Appoints Replacement Insurance Commissioner with Ties to Anti-enforcement Immigration Lobbying Group, GALEO

D.A. King


Yesterday, Georgia Republican Governor, Brian Kemp, announced his appointment of a metro-Atlanta police chief, John King, to be the replacement for the now-suspended elected Insurance Commissioner, Jim Beck. In Georgia, Insurance Commissioner is a statewide, constitutional office.

Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director of the corporate-funded, anti-enforcement lobbyist group, GALEO, was quick to send out a media release praising the “historic” appointment and boasting that King had assisted the activist group as keynote speaker at a GALEO breakfast fundraiser several years ago.

“Congrats to Chief King, close friend of @GALEOorg !” was the much-repeated celebratory post on the GALEO Facebook page.

Kemp’s Insurance Commissioner appointee has no background or experience in the insurance industry.

Kemp’s appointment of the GALEO-connected police chief to Insurance Commissioner comes as a shock to many Republican voters in the state. Georgia’s conservative U.S. Senator David Perdue stopped the Obama nomination of a one-time GALEO board member, Dax Lopez, to a federal bench seat in 2016 because of his concern with the GALEO relationship.

DeKalb State Court Judge Dax Lopez. Image: Daily Signal

Perhaps unknown to most Republican voters, in addition to marching in the streets of Atlanta against enforcement of existing federal laws on immigration, GALEO and its director are well-known in the state Capitol for lobbying against state legislation aimed at reporting criminal aliens to federal authorities and establishing an official database of illegal aliens serving time in the state’s prison system.

GALEO lobbies against voter ID, official English and local jails honoring ICE detainers. Executive Director Gonzalez is known to verbally attack female legislators when he does not approve of speeches or positions on illegal immigration. In 2011, Gonzalez posted this angry explanation of being asked to leave the Georgia Capitol when he lashed out at state Senator Renee Unterman for a speech she made on the floor of the senate.

GALEO online poster opposing 2018 legislation to improve reporting of illegal aliens to federal authorities

In 2011, GALEO’s Gonzalez was escorted out of a Rome, Georgia luncheon that featured a panel discussion on immigration when he began yelling at diminutive state Rep Katie Dempsey as reported by the Rome News Tribune.

Read the rest here.

June 17, 2019

Retired Immigration Enforcement Agent Sends a Letter To Governor Brian Kemp On Appointing a GALEO Pal To State Office #JohnKing

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The below letter was copied here today. I added a link to more information. – dak


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp – photo, Facebook


June 17, 2019

Governor Kemp,

I am Robert M. Trent, Senior Special Agent, USINS (Ret.). My final assignment was at the U.S. Immigration Officers Academy, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, GA. . I served as the Assistant Director for Enforcement Training.

Having spent most of my life fighting for public safety through enforcement of our immigration laws, I am shocked and extremely disappointed to learn that in your recent appointment of John King to Insurance Commissioner, you have chosen to elevate a friend of the notorious GALEO organization to a position of power in our state government. John King has served as a valuable assistant in GALEO’s fundraising.

GALEO’s Executive Director, Jerry Gonzalez is giddy in his excitement over King’s appointment and boasting of the friendship and connection with your choice for an appointment to constitutional office. Like most conservatives, we expected to this happen only after the Democrats gained control of our state government.

I have also just learned that you have lent your own prestige to a GALEO fundraiser with your attendance in the past.

Left, Insurance Commissioner appointee John King with GALEO Executive director Jerry Gonzalez. Image: Facebook, GALEO.org

GALEO is shamelessly dedicated to stopping enforcement of the immigration laws I swore to uphold and has a verified history of opposition to literally every tenant of commonsense policy that conservatives elected you to implement. If you have even mentioned illegal immigration since you took office it hasn’t filtered down to our attention here in South Georgia.

Like many of my friends and colleagues, I am outraged beyond the words I send you today. This appointment and your association with GALEO is a memorable mistake on your part and it is obviously far away from your campaign promises on illegal immigration in Georgia.

GALEO is a clear enemy of enforcement. John King is an active friend of GALEO. My own opinion of you as governor has been greatly and permanently diminished.

Robert M. Trent
**** ***** **
Saint Mary’s, GA 31558

February 1, 2019

Letter to WSB-TV News from DIS board member, John Litland: You owe King and your trusting (audience) an apology. I no longer trust and will no longer watch WSB News

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Image: Wikipedia


“I will never look at WSB TV the same again.” – John Litland

Our friend and board member John Litland just copied us on a note he sent to WSB-TV News about the SPLC hate-for-profit smear this news outlet passed on. Great letter, John, thanks!

To the producers and management of WSB TV News,

You posted a story recently about the SPLC listing the Dustin Inman Society as a “hate group.” It is impossible to explain to you my outrage at this journalistic malpractice and lazy ignorance.

The SPLC headline is “The Dustin Inman Society, led by D.A. King, poses as an organization concerned about immigration issues, yet focuses on vilifying all immigrants.” This is a lie.

I am a member of the board of DIS and my wife is a proud immigrant. D.A. King has been a family friend for fifteen years. He has been attacked by the SPLC for about the same amount of time. It is incredible that WSB TV would pass on the hateful, for-profit smears from the integrity-free SPLC that most people paying attention recognize to be hate-mongers and frauds. The SPLC lobbies against immigration enforcement and rakes in millions of dollars each year doing so.

I will never look at WSB TV the same again. D.A. tells me that you never even contacted him before you posted this absurd smear. The Dustin Inman Society works with donations – including from our house – to educate people on illegal immigration and toward some semblance of sanity on our immigration system.

You owe King and your trusting (audience) an apology. I no longer trust and will no longer watch WSB News.


John Litland

June 16, 2017

June 16, 2017 8:59 AM – Karen Handel campaign radio ad, paid for by Karen Handel for Congress Inc. Johnny Isakson speaking. (listen carefully for mention of immigration)

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Photo: Patch



June 2, 2013

D.A. King blacklisted at his U.S. Senator’s office – Will Georgia’s Johnny Isakson vote with the Obama Dems on amnesty-again ? Wednesday JUNE 5 RALLY INFO!

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DIS billboard. One of six. Image: DIS

  • Added October 12, 2016: Establishment Republican/Chamber of Commerce takeover of Georgia almost complete.

Former Isakson Chief of staff, Chris Carr has been named Georgia Attorney General today.  

More background HERE.


D.A. King blacklisted at his U.S. Senator’s office – Will Georgia’s Johnny Isakson vote with the Obama Dems on amnesty-again ?

After Americans beat the 2007 amnesty, I won a blacklisting tournament at the Washington Post.

Now, Chris Carr, Chief of Staff to U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) has blacklisted yours truly!

Before a short explanation, let me express my gratitude to this arrogant hotshot for validating the hard anti-amnesty work we have been doing here in Georgia for the last decade. Thank you Chris Carr. And Johnny Isakson!

For months, various pro-enforcement Georgians have been trying without success to get a meeting with our Republican Senator, Johnny Isakson, concerning what is now the Schumer-Rubio amnesty scam in the Senate.

Our concern is that he will vote with the Obama Democrats to legalize 12-20 million illegal aliens who are currently living fearlessly in Obama’s new America.

We all know that Marco Rubio is providing fading political cover. And that the establishment GOP has set up PACS and funding to help bail out alleged “conservatives” who may want to satisfy the powerful business lobby with another legalization.

And that newly legalized low-wage workers would add millions to the Democrat voting rolls.

So does Johnny Isakson. He knew it in 2007 too.

When amnesty was last tried Isakson and Senator Saxby Chambliss were involved in writing the 2007 Kennedy-McCain amnesty. They dropped out only when it became clear that the American people were paying attention and could not be hood-winked on the empty promises of legalization now, security and enforcement later. Just like 1986.

It must be noted here that Chambliss is not running for re-election. And that at a recent press conference, every GOP candidate running to replace him expressed their firm opposition to amnesty-again.

Through the selfless and diligent efforts of my friend Ms. Jan Barton, we were able to set up a meeting with Senator Isakson. Then word came that the Senator would not be available, but we could meet with his Chief of Staff, Carr, limited to ten individuals.

Carr insisted that we send in a list of names of the people who would be in attendance, for a Monday, June 3 meeting @ 2:00PM at Isakson’s Atlanta office near Cumberland Mall.

After the list was sent to Carr, he replied with an email to Jan Barton that either D.A. King was excluded or the meeting would be cancelled. I insert that mail below for posterity. And for Primary season, 2016.

From: Jan Barton
Sent: Friday, May 31, 2013 10:01 PM
To: Carr, Chris (Isakson)
Subject: List for Monday’s meeting

Dear Chris,

This is the list for Monday per our conversation.
We look forward to seeing you then. Please let me
know if you have any questions.

1. Julianne Thompson
2. Dr. Geraldine Wade
3. Bob Ross
4. Harold Bost
5. Jack Staver
6. Conrad Quagliaroli
7. Michael Opitz
8. D.A. King
9. Jan Barton
10. Michael Fitzgerald

—– Original Message —–
From: Carr, Chris (Isakson)
To: ‘janbarton
Cc: Tate, Edward (Isakson) ; Kirchner, Joan (Isakson) ; Kilpatrick, Trey (Isakson) ; Brown, Toni (Isakson)
Sent: Friday, May 31, 2013 10:33 PM
Subject: Re: List for Monday’s meeting

Thanks, Mrs. Barton for the list.

I will not participate, however, in a meeting with D.A. This stems from interactions between he and I back in 2007. Therefore, I would provide the following options for proceeding forward:

1. I meet with you and the other 8 individuals without D.A. being present at the meeting, or
2. We cancel the meeting.

I will await your response.


The meeting has been canceled.

Let me say it clearly: Chris Carr is a coward. But an intelligent coward. Carr knows that the ridiculous talking points and obfuscations he has been sent out with would not work too well if I was there to respond with the educated truth in front of the list of very active patriots.

I don’t think my most recent opinion column in Georgia newspapers has helped the Senators with their sales-pitch to voting Georgians. We don’t think this excellent citation for most of the lies in the Gang of Eight presentation has helped either.


The short version on the 2007 “interactions” to which Carr is referring? I listened in on a conference call Isakson and Chambliss set up then to try to sell the 2007 amnesty to our state legislators. It was a hoot. I hear Sen. Isakson was rather upset. To save space, you read about that enjoyable endeavor HERE.

Senator Isakson’s office is down the street from Senator Chambliss office . We have scheduled a one-hour lunch-time rally aimed at Isakson for Wednesday, June 5 @ NOON on the sidewalk on Akers Mill Rd. adjacent to Chambliss’ office. Like we did in 2007. (PHOTOS and AJC write-up HERE.)

More later. Please try to attend and show “Johnny” your “feelings.”

Johnny Isakson is running for re-election in 2016.

You can call his offices in Washington DC and in Atlanta ( please do!)

Atlanta Office
One Overton Park
3625 Cumberland Blvd, Suite 970
Atlanta, GA 30339
Tel: (770) 661-0999
Fax: (770) 661-0768
Washington D.C. Office
United States Senate
131 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Tel: (202) 224-3643
Fax: (202) 228-0724

August 5, 2020

A Pro-Enforcement Immigration Activist Remembers John Lewis: His Protest Speech Against Georgia’s “Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act” to 5000 Screaming Illegal Aliens and Their Handlers – March, 2011

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Photo: Billboard

“We all live in the same house, if any one of us is illegal then we all are illegal.”

Curiously omitted from the gushing praise from the media: Civil Rights icon John Lewis was anti-enforcement on immigration.

Below: John Lewis, Member of Congress to about 5000 illegal aliens and their handlers in front of the Georgia state Capitol, protesting possible passage of HB 87, the “Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011” – March 24, 2011.

Section by section explanation of the enforcement legislation here. 

My newspaper column at the time (before blacklisting) with a description of the street-screamers protest and a short explanation of the Republican Establishment politics involved in opposing passage here.

HB 87 passed and is Georgia state law. Enforcement is largely ignored.

Transcript from Rev.com. Three-minute video below that.

John Lewis:
“Good afternoon, my sisters and brothers. Thank you to every one of you for being here. As Martin Luther King Jr said on one occasion, “There’s not anything more powerful than the commitment and the dedication of a determined people.” You are determined.

You, you must not give up. You must not give in. Continue to do everything possible to keep this bill from passing [crosstalk 00:00:44]. Many, many years ago, when I had all of my hair and a few pounds lighter. When I was involved, counseling in the civil rights movement, I got arrested a few times, 40 times.

I was beaten, left bloodied but I didn’t give up, and you must not give up. [crosstalk 00:01:22] immigration, it’s not a state issue, it is not a county issue, it is not a city issue, it is the issue of the National Government and not the Government of the state of Georgia.

As a matter of fact, we all are brothers and sisters. It doesn’t matter whether we’re Black, White, Latino, Asian American, Native American we’re one people, we’re one family.

We all live in the same house, if any one of us is illegal then we all are illegal. There’s no illegal human being. I’ve said over and over again, all across America, we must say out to the state of Georgia and to other states that we do not want Arizona-type legislation here in the state of Georgia.

So, keep it up. If any of you get arrested and go to jail, I’m prepared to get arrested and go to jail with you. If one of us are arrested, if one of us are put in jail, we all should be put in jail. The jails in Georgia, the jails of America are not large enough to hold all of us.

Get out there. Get out there. Make some noise, work hard and we will get justice here in the state of Georgia and all around America. Organize. Organize. Speak up, speak out, keep the faith.”

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