June 18, 2019

From Republican activist Chris Owen: Another letter to Gov Kemp on GALEO’s John King

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Another letter. And a note to Ms. Owen. Yes, Gov Kemp knows all about GALEO.


Dear Gov. Kemp:

Up to this point I have been very PLEASED with the decisions that you have made!

This one baffles me, however! WHAT IN THE WORLD POSESSED YOU TO CHOOSE JOHN KING TO TAKE JIM BECK’S PLACE? Do you really know WHO he is??? Do you KNOW WHAT GALEO IS? Did you really do your homework? WHY would you choose someone who is pro-amnesty, pro-illegal immigration…….. in ANY POSITION in the GA bureaucracy?

Needless to say, I am VERY disappointed! PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK THE NEXT TIME…..and thoroughly vet candidates such as this!

Chris Owen