December 8, 2019

Gwinnett County Daily Post POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Local Republican women’s group honors D.A. King with award

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Image: Gwinnett Daily Post

Gwinnett Daily Post

Political Notebook

Sunday, Dec. 8, 2019

Local Republican women’s group honors D.A. King with award

The Conservative Republican Women of North Atlanta recently honored Dustin Inman Society founder D.A. King with its “Civic Leader of the Year” award for wading into the 287(g) debate in Gwinnett.

King, who has been at the center of a controversy over his participation in a 287(g) forum hosted by Gwinnett County Commissioner Marlene Fosque in July, received the award Monday. The Republican women’s group cited his weighing in on the 287(g) topic — as well as the controversy surrounding it — in its announcement of the award.

“This award is given to someone the club feels has made a positive impact for good in our community or state. Mr. King is an expert on immigration law and enforcement,” the Conservative Republican Women of North Atlanta said in a statement. “Sheriff Butch Conway invited Mr. King to be part of a panel discussion on 287(g) hosted by Commissioner Marlene Fosque.

“The policy, which deputizes local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law, helps to keep our communities safe and saves money. Opponents of 287(g), including Commissioner Fosque, began a negative campaign to discredit Mr. King.”

Days after the forum was held, Fosque denounced King’s participation in the event — although the commissioner hosted the event, Sheriff Butch Conway picked the pro-287(g) panelists — which has led to King filing an ethics complaint against the commissioner. An ethics panel is set to take up the complaint this month.


November 3, 2019

Letter to the MDJ editor: Misconceptions about IMAGE, from John Litland

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Image: Pew Research Center

Marietta Daily Journal
Nov 3, 2019

Misconceptions about IMAGE


The MDJ recently ran a story on Commissioner Birrell’s intent to pass an ordinance to require Cobb’s contractors to apply to become IMAGE certified. Including the headline (“Birrell renews debate on making county contractors screen job applicants for immigration status”), much of the “news” was inaccurate in explaining IMAGE.

While it is true that IMAGE certification requires use of the no-cost E-Verify system to help insure a legal workforce, neither IMAGE or E-verify “screens job applicants.” E-Verify is used to verify the work eligibility of newly hired employees. Repeat, it is not a job-applicant-screening device. Neither is IMAGE.

Initiated in 2006, through audits, the IMAGE program detects prior use of stolen or fake ID used to by job applicants to get hired. Identity theft is a horrible and fast-growing crime that has long-lasting effects on the victim. The identity thief may also use your information to fraudulently apply for credit, file taxes or get medical services. These criminal acts can damage your credit status, and cost you time and money to restore your good name.

Cobb County directly employs a lot of people and because it is an employer, in 2012 the county saw fit to use the IMAGE certification process to be sure that our taxes aren’t being used to pay illegal alien workers who had stolen our ID. Birrell and Gambrill’s proposed ordinance is the same one that Commissioner Bob Ott put forward seven years ago as a logical and commonsense expansion of that concept.

Most Cobb County voters, including here at our house where my wife is an immigrant, don’t want to pay “undocumented” workers through the contractors that the county hires.

It is time to tell the contractors who are paid with the same tax dollars to begin the IMAGE certification process. Commissioner Bob Ott worked hard to see passage of this contractor ordinance in 2012, but lost the fight to the power of the donor-class special interests who will fight hard again to stop any audit of their past hiring practices.

Ott originally proposed the IMAGE idea to the board. He should be thanked and with his vote along with Gambrill and Birrell, this important ordinance will become ground-breaking reality. We hope the reporters and editors at the MDJ will be more careful in accuracy on IMAGE. Maybe ask immigration expert D.A. King, who wrote the 2012 proposal that should have passed.

John Litland



September 25, 2019

Amnesty, Big Ag, public education in multiple languages, borders and enforcement – Georgia’s retiring U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson on why he supports passage of “a bipartisan immigration bill”

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Senator Johnny Isakson photo,


The below is from WXIA-TV News

Sen. Isakson: Rapid health decline prompted early retirement

“It’s only a matter of days or months before I can’t do some of the things I’m supposed to do,” Sen. Isakson said in an interview with 11Alive.


On why he thinks the GOP and Democrats should work to pass a bipartisan immigration bill:

“The public is ready for the Dreamers, for that problem to get solved. The public is ready in south Georgia to have workers to work in the fields. The public is ready in public education to see to it we’re responding to multiple languages that are being spoken in our schools(Note from D.A. King: Metro Atlanta’s Dekalb County school system, for example, is blessed with about 140 foreign languages). And every day we put off solving those problems is a day we have another problem down the line. It’s time we did – and it’s time we enforced the law as well. What the president has done, and it’s made some people mad, but he’s actually enforced the laws that we passed – that we said we were going to (use to) enforce the law with a long time ago. We need to just tough it out and do it.

Get it done and appropriate the money that’s necessary to get it done and then move it forward to a better day where everybody is recognized for their legal status, the ethnicity is not a stop to them being a citizen of the United States or get a visa, and we get it done in an orderly fashion where we no longer have borders that leak. We have borders that are strong, and ways to get in that are legal and right. I doubt we’ll get anything done on immigration before the end of the year, but we should.”


August 26, 2019

Gwinnett Daily Post: D.A. King files ethics complaint against Marlene Fosque

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Gwinnett Daily Post

August 24, 2019

Isabelle Hughes

Gwinnett County Commissioner Marlene Fosque. Image Gwinnett County website

Two weeks after Gwinnett County Commissioner Marlene Fosque publicly accused Dustin Inman Society President D.A. King of “spewing hatred and bigotry and racism,” King has filed an ethics complaint requesting Fosque be verbally reprimanded for her comments.

In the complaint, which was filed Thursday, King asked that Fosque immediately apologize to him during a board meeting, requested that the Board of Commissioners “take out an advertisement in the legal organ of Gwinnett County” apologizing to him, asked that Fosque be fined an undetermined amount and requested that he be granted “any further relief deemed just under the circumstances.”

King has accused Fosque of violating six of the 16 ethical standards listed in the county’s ethics ordinance.

King’s complaint against Fosque is the latest in a series of back-and-forths between them, which began earlier this month after King was invited by the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office to speak about the benefits of the jail’s 287(g) immigration program at a July 31 community meeting hosted by Fosque.

While the meeting was intended as an information-sharing forum and an attempt to foster a dialogue between the program’s supporters and opponents, it veered off topic at times as demonstrators protested King and tensions ran high on both the pro- and anti-287(g) sides.

Fosque first addressed the meeting’s “negativity,” as she called it, at an Aug. 6 board of commissioners meeting, where she condemned the sheriff’s office for inviting King to serve as a panelist.

“I rebuke, denounce, deplore, and condemn the participation of Donald A. King, better known as D.A. King, of Cobb County, from being a panelist at my Gwinnett County community engagement discussion,” Fosque said. “This individual, as noted by an anti-defamation league director, has ties to the extreme elements of the anti-immigrant movement, spewing hatred and … (intimidating) advocacy groups. This man from Cobb County, he should have never been invited by Sheriff Butch Conway to participate in our local Gwinnett discussion.”

In her speech, Fosque also “republished defamatory statements about (King) made by politically interested third parties including the Southern Poverty Law Center, including the statement that (King) leads an, ‘anti-immigrant hate group,’” the complaint said, while also saying the Dustin Inman Society “belittles immigrants.”

In his complaint, King said Fosque broke the law by making those comments.

“Defendant has violated the Georgia law regarding defamation … by making charges against Plaintiff’s work with his non-profit organization the Dustin Inman Society and by uttering disparaging words causing special damages to Plaintiff,” the complaint said. “… the actions of the Defendant clearly demonstrate an occasion where she did not uphold the laws of the State of Georgia as required by the relevant portion of the Gwinnett Code of Ordinances.”

King’s complaint also alleges that Fosque “placed her own, anger, bias and loyalty to her political party above that to the highest moral principles and the county by defaming the Plaintiff with her inflammatory remarks,” thus violating the county’s code of ordinances.

“It is most unbecoming of the Defendant as a member of the Board of Commissioners to verbally assault the reputation of the Plaintiff, someone who merely responded to an invitation to participate in a public forum on a matter of public concern and who was not present or able to respond to false allegations,” King wrote in the complaint.

“Defendant did not contact the Plaintiff before, during, or after the event to engage him to have any personal knowledge of his positions on the attitudes she ascribed to him in her later August speech explicitly condemning Plaintiff without any basis. She merely regurgitated a false narrative spoon-fed to her by some unknown third party. This behavior is disgraceful and most unbecoming of a Gwinnett County Commissioner.”

The specific ethical standards King accused Fosque of violating include her duty to:

♦ “Uphold the Constitution, laws, regulations and ordinances of the United States, the state and the county therein and never be a party to their evasion.”

♦ “Put loyalty to the highest moral principles and to the county above loyalty to persons, party, or a county government department.”

♦ “Possess a commitment to integrity, transparency and full disclosure before undertaking any official action.”

♦ “Give to the performance of his duties, his earnest effort and best thought.”

♦ “Never engage in conduct which is unbecoming to a member or which constitutes a breach of public trust.”

♦ “Uphold these principles, ever conscious that public office is a public trust and is an honor, not a right.”

Fosque told the Daily Post that she would not comment on the complaint, but Gwinnett County Communications Director Joe Sorenson confirmed the county has received it.

He said county attorneys “are taking the initial steps to process it.”

Under the ethics process in Gwinnett, a new ethics panel must be put together each time a complaint is filed against a county commissioner or county employee. Before a panel is assembled, however, a hearing officer must review the complaint to see if it merits sending it to an ethics panel for a hearing.

If it does go to a hearing, commissioners would appoint one person to sit on the panel, as would District Attorney Danny Porter, the Gwinnett Bar Association, the local government chairman of the State Bar of Georgia and Fosque herself.

After a hearing is held, the panel would make a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners, which would make the final decision on whether to sanction Fosque.

The ethics ordinance does not grant the ethics panel or the Board of Commissioners the authority to fine Fosque. The most that could be done to her is the issuing of a reprimand.

This is the second time a Gwinnett County commissioner has faced an ethics complaint since the county’s ethics ordinance was put into place in 2011.

A written reprimand was issued against Commissioner Tommy Hunter on the recommendation of an ethics panel in 2017 after an Atlanta resident filed a complaint against him for calling U.S. Rep. John Lewis a “racist pig” and referred to Democrats as “demonrats” and “libtards” on his personal Facebook page.

Hunter has been challenging his reprimand in local, state and federal courts ever since. His attorneys have argued Gwinnett’s ethics review process is unconstitutional and a $5 million lawsuit he currently has pending in federal court argues that sanctioning him for his comments was an unconstitutional attack on his right to free speech.

That stance carried over somewhat to how Hunter’s attorney, Dwight Thomas, viewed the situation involving Fosque and King.

“I do not agree with the castigation of Mr. King by (Fosque) because he has a different political ideology than the commissioner, but castigating and punishing her free speech is not the way to bridge dialog, debate policy and keep the 1st amendment safe from (government) control,” Thomas said.

“Ultimately this is not about any commissioner but about protecting free speech that does not encourage violence but sparks controversial debate. The ethics appointment process by private citizens still must clear the Georgia Supreme Court ruling in Delay v Sutton, which was handed down after the Tommy Hunter ethics process.” Here.

August 25, 2019

Democrat Congressman John Lewis To Illegal Aliens in 2011 Atlanta Street-Screamer Speech: “Sisters and Brothers…You must not give up. If any one of us is illegal, then we all are illegal”

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Rep John Lewis. Image: HuffPost

Transcript and video.

Georgia Congressman John Lewis, March 24, 2011 speaking at a rally in front of the Georgia state Capitol to a crowd estimated to be about 5000 screaming illegal aliens and their corporate-funded handlers. Much of the hours-long event was conducted in a foreign language.

The street scream was intended to intimidate Georgia state legislators so they would not pass HB 87, which included E-Verify for most private employers. Full contents of the bill which is no law here.

I wrote a newspaper column about this bill and this street scream in which I mentioned Lewis’ encouragement to the illegal aliens.

From column:

“Speaker after speaker boasted of being in the U.S. illegally and assured the fearless mob that there is a human and civil right to ignore American borders and immigration and employment laws. Having escaped capture at our borders, apparently they are now all oppressed victims suffering persecution in America … but entitled to U.S. citizenship. The defiant warning was repeated over and over again: “We will gain the right to vote and pay you back.”

The organizers of the event, a mix of socialists, anarchists, local ethnic hustlers and the ACLU (but I repeat myself) appointed some of their own to work crowd control. This long-time American watched as curious American citizen observers were refused access to certain sections of public property – Georgia Capitol grounds – by these radicals. Capitol Police and State Patrol officers warned Americans to obey those orders.

In speeches, some well-known Democrats – including U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Atlanta – urged the mob on and assured them they were right and would be victorious. And that help was on the way. The rally was originally scheduled for May Day – the traditional socialist workers holiday. The Democratic legislators who are also trying to kill immigration enforcement in Georgia convinced the organizers to move it up in hopes that it would help snuff the legislation before the looming end of the legislative session.

There were no arrests by the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, charged with enforcement of our immigration laws. That might have caused a scene.”

The goal of the rally was to kill HB 87.

Entire column here.


Video of the Lewis speech here.


The below transcript is from .

“Good afternoon.

My, uh… sisters and brothers.

(Crowd cheers.)

Thank you to every one of you for being here. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said on one occasion, “There is not anything more powerful than the commitment and the delegation of a determined people.” You are determined.

(Crowd cheers.)

You… You must not give up. You must not give in. Continue to do everything possible to keep this bill from passing [crosstalk 00:00:18]. Use [crosstalk 00:00:18] Use everything… [crosstalk 00:00:18].

(Crowd cheers.)

Many, many years ago, when I had all of my hair and few pounds lighter,[crosstalk 00:00:18] and I was involved constantly in the civil rights movement, I got arrested a few times… 40 times.

(Crowd cheers.)

I was beaten, left bloody, but I didn’t give up. And, you must not give up, until the [crosstalk 00:01:13].

(Crowd cheers. claps.)

This issue of immigration is not a state issue, it is a not a county issue, it is not a city issue, it’s an issue of the national government, and not the government of the State of Georgia.

(Crowd cheers.)

As a matter of fact, we all are brothers and sisters. It doesn’t matter whether we are Black, White, Latino, Asian American, Native American, we are one people. We are one family. We are one [crosstalk 00:01:58].

(Crowd cheers.)

We have all lived in the same house. If anyone of us is illegal then we are all illegal!

(Crowd cheers.)

There’s no illegal human being. Say it over and over again, all across America. We must say out to the State of Georgia and to other states, that we do not want Arizona type legislation here in the State of Georgia.

(Crowd cheers.)

So keep it up. If any get arrested and go to jail, I’m prepared to get arrested and go to jail with you.

(Crowd cheers.)

If one of us are arrested… if one of us are put in jail, then you all should be put in jail.

(Crowd cheers.)

The jails of Georgia, the jails of America are not large enough to hold all of us.

(Crowd cheers.)

So, get out there. Get out there. Make some noise, work hard, and we will get justice here in the State of Georgia and all around America. Organize. Organize. Speak out. Speak out. Keep the faith and keep America [inaudible 00:03:36].

(Crowd cheers.)

July 22, 2019

Message from Dan Stein, President of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) On the Passing of Dr. John Tanton (July 17, 2019)

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Message from Dan Stein, President of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

On the Passing of Dr. John Tanton (July 17, 2019)

When I first met John Tanton nearly 40 years ago, he and his lovely wife MaryLou had come to Washington, D.C., to lobby Congress for important changes to U.S. immigration law.
Dr. Tanton had taken time off from his busy medical practice – as an eye surgeon he dramatically changed people’s lives for the better every day – in order to change the country’s future for the better ever after. The so-called Simpson-Mazzoli bill was up for congressional consideration.

That was Dr. Tanton (we’ll call him John), a selfless giver of his time and talents in the interests of a better tomorrow. This remarkable giant of a man that passed away this past Tuesday quietly in his home town of Petoskey, Michigan.
Those who knew him recognized a unique personality: A person with extraordinary persistence in promoting ideas based on a careful analysis of how today’s decisions affect the future. I have stated that John was a Renaissance man, and that was true. He was interested in so many different topics and areas that no one person could see the entire picture.

He was interested in history and the future, in population policy and its related ecological considerations; he was concerned about environmental preservation, and culture and family planning, and assimilation and the collective culture that makes a nation successful over time…the list goes on and on. And he made those ideas move with incredible success over time.

What made John the way he was is simple: Educating himself daily, he set out in the constant quest for powerful ideas. He sought to find these ideas through a process of trial and error. John persistently drafted papers, thoughts, ideas – they appeared every day on scraps of paper, torn sheets out of books, the backsides of business memos – in a never-ending stream of trial balloons. His papers show a busy intellect, a restless mind covering the full gamut of ideas that pertain to the human enterprise. He reached out to all manner of persons in the all sorts of fields to obtain feedback on his non-stop idea machine. This brought him into contact with many formidable public opinion leaders and figures of historic importance.

John was not a politician. He was not made for the public spotlight. He was a creative intellect who sought to develop ideas and send them up as trial balloons for feedback. He was stubborn and he was persistent. But simply because he wrote an argument down did not mean he agreed with it or even supported it; often it was merely the process of generating discussion around it. As he learned the hard way, promoting informal ideas – even where they were uniformly dismissed immediately by others – could cause unethical advocates who disagreed with you to ascribe to you policy positions that you yourself never adopted. This nasty sleight of hand was used repeatedly against John, especially in cases where he was floating an idea out as an intellectual exercise.

In so many ways, John exemplified what it means to be a citizen of a free country. The relentless need to inquire, to understand, to shape and guide – all in the service of the greater public good. He always used to say, “a good deal of life is trying to figure out what to do until the undertaker comes.”

Perhaps John never appreciated fully at the outset how public would be the recognition of his work, nor how unfairly those who feared him would seek to destroy his legacy. He was a victim of his unanticipated success. He never accepted these harsh statements about him – his mind wasn’t built to understand the unprincipled, the self-interested and the unethical.

Of course for John, the big reward was to see a number of the organizations he helped conceive grow into tall oaks – guiding and shaping the public discourse in history-changing ways. Looking back on John’s life today, I see a remarkable man whose legacy is barely recognizable in the social media battlegrounds that make up today’s public policy discussions.

John was a gentle soul who merely wanted to ensure we had the vital conversations that would allow future generations to judge that we acted properly at the time when it mattered most. He deserves an honest assessment by those seeking an honest history. He was a gift to the nation and he will be sorely missed.

July 20, 2019

Obituary: Dr John Tanton

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Obituary for our friend, Dr. John Tanton

On July 16, 2019, John Hamilton Tanton passed from this life, a life fully lived with concern for the well-being of his family, community, country and the world. He passed peacefully at Villa at the Bay after a 16-year battle with Parkinson’s disease.

John was born on February 23, 1934 to John Fitzgerald “Jack” and Hannah (Koch) Tanton at Harper Hospital in Detroit,Michigan. At age 10, John moved with his family to his mother’s family farm in the Thumb of Michigan, where he workedalongside his father and grandfather, learning the importance of being a good steward of our earth and its inhabitants. John’schildhood on the family farm instilled an appreciation for nature’s fragility.

Upon graduation from High School in Sebewaing, Michigan, John moved to East Lansing to pursue his undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Michigan State University. In 1956, he served as President of Delta Upsilon fraternity at MSU. Dr. Tanton earned his medical degree at the University of Michigan and interned at Denver General Hospital in Colorado. He completed his residency in ophthalmology at the University of Michigan.

John’s formal advocacy for nature started in 1958 when, as secretary of the Michigan Natural Areas Council, he organizedletter-writing campaigns and offered supportive testimony for the Wilderness Act. He filed the first suits under Michigan’sEnvironmental Protection Act to conserve land. In the late 1960s, Dr. Tanton joined Zero Population Growth (ZPG), eventually becoming its National Chair. In 1979, he launched the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), soon thereafter taking a one-year sabbatical in Washington, DC to guide its efforts.

Dr. Tanton always took the “long view”—thinking ahead to future generations and what could be done to protect our planet for them. From this perspective came the motivation to help create a myriad of charitable organizations, including Little Traverse Conservancy, Northern Michigan Planned Parenthood, Petoskey Regional Audubon Society, Recycle North, Top of Michigan Trails Council, ProEnglish (advancing understanding through the bond of a common language), as well as a Great Books discussion group.

Dr. Tanton’s family, friends and colleagues will remember him for his love of nature, his intimate familiarity with botany, biology, wildlife, beekeeping, gardening, stewardship, nature preserves, history, quotations and for the Mondays he consistently surrendered from his medical practice for charitable pursuits. His naturalist cohorts will recall backpacking and camping in North America, Europe, and Australia and climbing the Matterhorn, Mt. Rainer, and Grand Tetons. His patients will remember him for the excellent eye care he provided as an ophthalmologist at Burns Clinic in Petoskey, Michigan.

Dr. Tanton is survived by his wife and loyal companion of 61 years, Mary Lou, and their two daughters, Laura and Jane. Daughter Laura de Olazarra, married to John, resides in Florida with their son John Xavier; their daughter Olivia Jane is attending the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. Daughter Jane Thomson, married to Hugh, resides in Ann Arbor. John is also survived by his sister Liz Faupel, sister-in-law Christine Crotty Brown, nieces and nephews Tom Faupel, Ron Faupel, Vern Brown, Elizabeth Brown Britz, Dwight Brown and their families. He was preceded in death by his parents, brother Tom Tanton and brothers-in-law Ken Faupel and Keith Brown. John’s family is forever grateful for the care provided by thestaff of Angel Heart and Villa at the Bay, whose support and attention were tireless and constant.

A quote by Margaret Mead exemplifies the credo by which Dr. Tanton lived: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

A celebration of life is being planned for August 17, 2019. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations to Little Traverse Conservancy, 3264 Powell Road, Harbor Springs, MI 49740 ( / 231-347-0991) and encourages all to explore the splendor of nature on the preserves and trails protected by the Conservancy.

May 31, 2019

Terrific letter to the editor, MDJ columnist Kevin Foley looking up and talking down to Cobb sheriff on anti-enforcement GALEO Also update on #DaxLopez

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Image: DIS

NOTE: Dax Lopez does not get appointment!

This excerpt from the AJC Political Insider blog, the Jolt today:

“Gov. Brian Kemp announced four new Superior Court judgeships Friday – but the list was just as notable for a potential jurist who was passed over for a promotion.

That would be DeKalb State Court Judge Dax Lopez,a Latino Jewish Republican who was seeking a superior court seat.

Lopez was blocked by U.S. Sen. David Perdue from a federal judgeship after anti-illegal immigration activists in Georgia objected to his leadership in a group that opposed local government participation in 287(g) programs.

Some of those same forces oppose his bid for the new county post.

Kemp tapped another state court judge, Shondeana C. Morris, for the post.

A former Fulton County prosecutor and assistant Atlanta solicitor, Kemp said she “offers the ideal set of legal expertise and leadership skills for this critically important position.”

The Dustin Inman Society worked very hard to organize resistance to GALEO’s Dax Lopez (now a state court judge) being appointed to superior court by Governor Kemp. The announcement that Lopez did not get the promotion came this morning. We are grateful to all who took time to write, call, email, and tweet Gov. Brian Kemp urging him to pass over GALEO’s anti-enforcement judge for advancement. Thank you, Gov. Kemp!

Letter to the editor today in the MDJ. I don’t subscribe and cannot read it through the pay wall, so thanks to Sue for sending it along.

Marietta Daily Journal


May 31, 2019



Kevin Foley giving Sheriff Warren advice on the subversive and race-baiting GALEO Corporation is another example of the uninformed leftist writer looking up and talking down. GALEO, led by the perpetually angry and professional-victim Jerry Gonzalez, is yet another corporate-funded anti-borders group that has a widely known reputation in political circles for smearing political enemies.

Maybe Foley was among the past crowds that GALEO has led in marches in the streets of Atlanta protesting any immigration enforcement. GALEO particularly hates 287(g) because it detects and reports illegal aliens already captured for other crimes.

Foley’s advice to the sheriff to “engage” rather than “condemn” illustrates that Foley writes from a jerking knee and not any basis in knowledge or experience.

Gonzalez, the boss face of GALEO since its creation in 2003, has accused Warren of bias and prejudice for simply carrying out his sworn duty to protect all Cobb residents. Gonzalez has also falsely smeared pro-immigration enforcement legislators for legislation that would reduce the effects of the illegal aliens GALEO is dependent on to keep the corporate donations flowing. Gonzalez was thrown out of a Rome, Georgia, event by police several years ago for chasing and verbally attacking the diminutive state Rep Katie Dempsey. There is a long history of GALEO radicalism including lobbying against official English, voter ID, and E-Verify — while transporting illegal aliens to the state Capitol.

GALEO lobbied against jails honoring ICE detainers for criminal illegals.

In short, GALEO is a typical subversive and radical but innocuously named anti-borders activist corporation. While that may be right up Foley’s alley, he should at least have the facts before he offers advice to Sheriff Warren.

State Court Judge Dax Lopez served as a board member for eleven years while Jerry Gonzalez led GALEO in the above described activities. He was as silent as mouse, except when he personally wrote Gov. Deal to veto a bill against illegal aliens driving with no license.

In 2016, Dax Lopez was denied a federal court seat because of the courage of Georgia’s Sen. David Perdue, who investigated the facts brought to him by D.A. King on GALEO directly from the GALEO website, much of which has now been deleted. A long list of very respected legislators and other officials including Sheriff Warren wrote to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee advising against Dax Lopez.

Kevin Foley advising Neil Warren is comical.

John Litland



February 1, 2019

John Litland – Letter to the editor in the MDJ: Illegal immigration is problem No. 1 – UPDATED: See the wit and wisdom of a thinker on the left entered as a comment

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Image: Twitter

UPDATE: Comment on the MDJ letter (thanks to Rhonda for sending it):”If the immigration systems was streamlined, those who come here as undocumented would not be illegal. It takes years and thousands of dollars to get here legally, the wide majority don’t have the time or money.Charles Towne

Marietta Daily Journal
January 31, 2019

Letters to the editor

Illegal immigration is problem No. 1


I write to thank MDJ letter writer Bill Buckler for saying pretty much exactly what my wife and I have been saying about Georgia and Cobb County regarding illegal immigration. It is problem No. 1. I did not realize that Georgia is home to more illegal aliens than green card holders. My wife is a green card holder. This should be front-page news, but it is kept quiet except by patriot D.A. King.

The same stats show that Cobb County is the No. 3 county in the state for its high population of the “undocumented.”

And we agree with him that D.A. King is an expert on the issue and that the MDJ seems to have adopted a policy of using the uber-liberal Associated Press stories as a substitute for real coverage of what we can all see here in Cobb County: Illegal immigration affects every part of our lives, including our schools, health care, taxes and public safety. Our friends Billy and Kathy Inman lost their only child nearly 19 years ago because we don’t enforce our immigration laws. Kathy can be seen still in her wheelchair as a result of the actions of the illegal that killed her son.

Recently, a California police officer was murdered by an illegal alien who should never have been allowed to walk American streets. The cop was a proud, legal immigrant and naturalized American with a young family. Somebody gave the illegal alien a job.

The liberal news is all a-flutter with glee about Cobb “going purple.” If the Republicans who currently hold power on the Cobb Commission do not require the county contractors we pay for to use the same IMAGE system to weed out illegal employees, used by the county itself, they will have a very hard time getting re-elected.

The same goes for the Republicans who we elected to the Gold Dome. Most people don’t know that Georgia is giving the exact same driver’s license to illegal aliens who have won the Obama jackpot of delayed deportation as we give to legal immigrants. Giving them official Georgia documents serves to document the illegals. This is madness. If the new governor will not order that to be changed, the legislature should pass a law to do it.

Then, we voters can only sit back and hope it is one of those laws that is actually enforced.

John Litland



August 1, 2018

NPR audio – D.A. King on the amnesty defeat in 2007 – I am not allowed on NPR anymore.

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Immigration a Hot Issue for Grassroots

The Dustin Inman Society, an anti-illegal immigration group, advocates securing the borders and enforcing deportation in such a way that creates an inhospitable climate so that illegal immigrants will leave, and employers won’t hire them.

D.A. King, president of the group, spoke with John Ydstie.NPR    Here.



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