August 21, 2019

Complaint served today: Gwinnett County Commissioner Marlene Fosque

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Exhibit B here.

Click on the page below to see all pages of complaint. Typo (Defendant/Plaintiff) in 29 (c) being corrected.

Gwinnett County Commissioner Marlene Fosque. Image Gwinnett County website

August 14, 2019

D.A. King in the AJC: Readers write: Enforcing immigration law is not anti-immigration

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Photo: AJC

Atlanta Journal Constitution

August 14, 2109

OPINION – Readers write

Enforcing immigration law is not anti-immigration

In coverage of a public panel discussion on the 287(g) program in Gwinnett County in which I participated, the AJC added that the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center has listed The Dustin Inman Society as an “anti-immigrant hate group.” This ridiculous smear from the far-left SPLC was laughable to immigrants who support our donation-driven effort to see American immigration laws enforced, including immigrants on our board – and my adopted sister.

The AJC didn’t note that the SPLC made this false categorization in the same time frame it began lobbying against legislation aimed at illegal immigration that we support in the Georgia Capitol. What a handy way to oppress political opposition.

The AJC also alluded to my writing against illegal immigration as “past anti-immigrant rhetoric” despite constant reminders that taking a pro-enforcement position on immigration is not “anti-immigrant”.

The AJC should do a much better job on immigration reporting.



August 13, 2019

Retired immigration agent sends a letter to Gwinnett County Commissioner, Marlene Fosque:

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The below letter was forwarded here today. We happily post it.

Ms. Fosque,

I am a retired Senior Special Agent of the former U.S. Immigration Service (USINS). I spent most of my adult life enforcing America’s immigration laws. I am very familiar with the 287g program and all of the benefits it has to offer. for a good number of years I was assigned to the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, where I was primarily assigned to work cases involving Latino drug gangs.

I first learned of D.A. King about a decade ago. I have spoken with him many times about immigration issues and especially about criminal aliens. D.A. King has a lot of knowledge about immigration enforcement issues. A lot can be learned from him, if people are willing to listen. Obviously you aren’t a good listener, or you only listen to things you agree with.

You probably know very little about the 287g program and even less about D.A. King. The program is a well thought out plan to try and reduce criminal aliens in America. There is no element of discrimination within the program. The program is not forced on communities, it is offered and for free. ICE provides all of the required training, which is quite extensive, and the access for those certified officers to ICE databases. There are various ways the program can be implemented within a community. It can be used solely in the county jail intake. Where trained officers can identify deportable alien criminals and begin the immigration court process. This eliminates or greatly reduces the criminal aliens from being released back in to the community, to wreak even more havoc.

Another feature about the ICE 287g program is it can be used as a tool by investigators working narcotics cases. As you may already know, many American communities, including Gwinnett County, are experiencing a drug epidemic. Most of the illicit drugs, like heroin and fentanyl are coming in from Mexico by the Mexican cartels. DEA has written numerous reports about how the cartels have spread their distribution network throughout America, including many Georgia cities and counties. Surely you are opposed to these cartels and their dangerous drugs.  The cartels employ Mexicans to smuggle, transport, and setup distribution. I can’t understand how you wouldn’t want your local police to have the tools to identify aliens involved in the drug trade and remove them from your county?

D.A. King has voluntarily taken on the enormous task of assisting all the people of Georgia in ridding us of criminal aliens. I wish you would put your American constituents first and protect them from criminal aliens.

(Robert Trent)

August 12, 2019

Marlene Fosque video, audio and transcripts

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Marlene Fosque. Image: Gwinnett County website

Audio taken from the official records of the Gwinnett County Commission meeting on August 6, 2019. The link is here , Fosque’s filthy smear starts at 13:27 of the ‘introduction’ segment. The video is here on Youtube.

Ms. Fosque:

Well, this afternoon, I would like to share some, remarks, and not so much as an announcement.

Good afternoon. Last Wednesday, I held my first community engagement discussion, where the topic was 8… the 287(g). The purpose of the discussion was to create an open space for dialogue between Gwinnett county residents and panelists, which focus on the benefits and impacts of the 287(g) program.

For those of you who don’t know, 287(g) is a federal immigration program the Gwinnett County Sheriff Department has, uh, has participated in for the last 10 years, yet no one brought these two opposing sides together to discuss facets of this program until now.

Now, I do not usually quote President Trump, but on Monday, the president stated, “In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. These sinister ideologies must be defeated. Hate has no place in America. Hatred warps the mind, it ravages the heart, and it devours the soul.”

Well, I want to change one of President Trump’s statements to say, “Hate has no place anywhere.” Hate definitely do not belong in Gwinnett county.

For whatever reason, still unbeknownst to me, Sheriff Butch Conway invited a man from Cobb county to participate as a panelist in our local discussion. Our, our Gwinnett county issue. I will mention this man’s name, probably two times only, and then I’m gonna refer to him as “the man from Cobb county.”

The Southern Poverty Law states, “the Dustin Inman Society is a Georgia-based, anti-immigrant hate group founded and led by activist, D.A. King.”

They list this group as an anti-immigrant hate group because it criticizes unfairly, it belittles, immigrants and it supports efforts to make the lives of immigrants so hard that they leave on their own, which is a tactic known as attrition through enforcement. The Southern Poverty Law Center also state that this man from Cobb county was comfortably working with, and accepting money from, some of the most hardcore elements of anti-immigrate- immigrant movement, including white nationalists.

I rebuke, denounce, deplore, and condemn the participation of Donald A. King, better known as D.A. King, of Cobb county, from being a panelist at my Gwinnett county community engagement discussion that was held on last Wednesday, July 31st. This individual, as noted by an anti-defamation league director, has ties to the extreme elements of the anti-immigrant movement. Spewing hatred and imitatin’-imitatin’, I’m sorry- intimidating advocate, advocacy groups.

This man from Cobb county, he should have never been invited by Sheriff Butch Conway, to participate in our local, Gwinnett discussion. Especially, representing our Gwinnett County Sheriff Department. This man from Cal, from Cobb county, he didn’t bring value to the discussion. Instead, he was more of a distraction. This man from Cobb county does not represent our Gwinnett standards, nor that Gwinnett County Sheriff Department, and he sure doesn’t speak on behalf of me, or any of our residents.

We do not want this type of hatred and distraction in our ever-growing, prosperous, and vibrant county. We include and embrace all individuals, but not their, for their hateful opinions.

To Sheriff Butch Conway, I’m very disappointed in your choice for the panelists and how you moved forward with allowing this man from Cobb county to participate, even after I offered you two replacement options. This was disheartening.

All the negativity, the petitions, the angry comments, whatever’s going on right now throughout Gwinnett, it didn’t have to happen, if you chose differently. Therefore, it is my opin, opinion that Sheriff Conway and the sheriff’s public information officer were wrong for allowing this man, from Cobb county, someone known for spewing hatred and bigotry and racism, to represent our Gwinnett County Sheriff Department in a public forum.

Never again should this happen in Gwinnett county, never again. Now I know, there are wonderful men and women employed with our sheriff department. In fact, I’ve met many of them. You see, Gwinnett county is a great place to live, to work, and to play, and to learn. We have award-winning parks and recreation, schools, and libraries. We have excellence in water production and wastewater treatment, and we maintain a competitive, viable, and sustainable economy, built with strong partnerships.

These are some of the Gwinnett attributes we want to be known from, and I got in a magazine just today, by the Gwinnett Chamber, here’s some other numbers: 95% of animals are saved at the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter. That’s what we want to be known for. 3,900 and 4,000 meals are served to seniors by our Health and Human Services division. That’s what we want to be known for. 2.78 million people have visited our Gwinnett county public library br- um, library branches. And then 733,000, the number of police calls dispatched, per the, to the, e, 9-1-1 center.

So lastly, as a leader in Gwinnett, I will continue to strive to create peaceful and respectful, open spaces in our communities, so that there’s times and opportunities to create dialogue among Gwinnett county residents. It does matter that all of our voices are heard, which was the whole premise of the whole community engagement discussion. Thank you.


GDP news from Sunday: Following political attacks, Gwinnett Sheriff, others speak out in support of D.A. King

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Image: Gwinnett Daily Post

Gwinnett Daily Post

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Following political attacks, Gwinnett Sheriff, others speak out in support of D.A. King

After a week of being attacked by several of Gwinnett’s elected officials, Dustin Inman Society President D.A. King is speaking out, alongside others who have defended the 67-year-old.

King, who founded the Dustin Inman Society in 2005, became the subject of local political attacks after the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office invited him to speak about the benefits of the jail’s 287(g) immigration program at a July 31 community meeting hosted by District 4 Commissioner Marlene Fosque.

While the meeting was intended as a forum to share information and differing perspectives about 287(g), the discussion turned into “unfair and unwarranted name-calling and misleading innuendo,” Gwinnett Sheriff Butch Conway wrote in a letter to the Daily Post.

King, who was the subject of that name-calling, has continued to come under attack in recent days — on Tuesday, Fosque accused him of “spewing hatred and bigotry and racism” — for his work related to the Dustin Inman Society, an organization named after 16-year-old Dustin Inman, who was killed in a car crash by a man who was in the country illegally. King describes the organization as “pro-enforcement on immigration.”

“The Dustin Inman Society is dedicated to educating the public and our elected officials on the consequences of illegal immigration, our unsecured borders and the breakdown of the rule of law in our Republic,” the organization’s website says. “Named for one of the thousands of Americans who have paid the ultimate price for those unsecured borders, The Dustin Inman Society is a non-partisan coalition of citizens of all ethnicities and from all walks of life who recognize that illegal immigration and homeland security are the most critical issues in America today.”

King said his intent at last week’s meeting was to talk about 287(g), and “lend (his) experienced knowledge on how to respond to the far-left race-baiting anti-enforcement lobby that is funded by corporate-America.”

While he says he did that — Conway said King “showed professionalism and restraint during the meeting” — King says others strayed, at times, from the topic at hand, focusing more on King and the Dustin Inman Society than 287(g).

“It should be noted that after being instructed to stick with the topic of 287(g), it was a campaigning (District 99 State Rep.) Brenda Lopez Romero who felt the need to present false ad hominem, personal attacks on me because she has no rational argument for not using every available tool to reduce crime in Gwinnett, including 287(g),” King told the Daily Post. “The goal (of) the illegal alien lobby, which includes the cowardly groups that dropped out and the three anti-enforcement substitute panelists, was never to argue on 287(g) — it was to marginalize anyone who supports the program.”

King said while he has received the brunt of that marginalization, the political attacks — and the Southern Poverty Law Center labeling the Dustin Inman Society as a “hate group” — have affected others, too.

“In its effort to fabricate and pass on ‘anti-immigrant hate’ smears aimed at the Dustin Inman Society, the discredited (Southern Poverty Law Center), congressional candidate Brenda Lopez Romero and Commissioner Marlene Fosque are not only attacking my character, but also smearing the reputations of immigrant, African-American and Hispanic (Dustin Inman Society) board members,” King said. “Kathy Inman, Dustin’s mom, is also a board member … The deliberate lies presented in the SPLC smear and passed on by Lopez Romero, Fosque and the anti-enforcement lobby also smear Kathy Inman.”

Dustin Inman Society board member Mary Grabar, who immigrated to the U.S. from Slovenia, said she was dismayed by the attacks on King and the Dustin Inman Society.

“The Dustin Inman Society’s sole purpose is to uphold the law; in our case, immigration law,” Grabar told the Daily Post. “As a legal immigrant … I have an especial appreciation for immigrants who come here legally. I saw what my parents and relatives had to do to get here and make a home.”

Grabar continued, calling King a “man of honor.”

“He is an indefatigable champion of the law and order that is necessary to preserve our precious freedoms,” Grabar said. “D.A. also regards all people according to the ‘content of their character’ and is someone who has not the slightest strain of racism or prejudice. Indeed, he has family members who are Hispanic and who are gay.”

Everett Robinson, who also serves as a board member for the Dustin Inman Society, echoed Grabar, saying he doesn’t know a man “less deserving of the hateful names (King) is being called” — which include being labeled in a petition by Duluth City Councilman Kirkland Carden last week as a “white nationalist and anti-immigration activist.”

“I watched as (King) spent a great deal of time and his own money in 2004 to organize the Dustin Inman Society and have also watched as his good work has resulted in laws in Georgia to address the crime of illegal immigration,” Robinson said. “Our neighborhood is home to many immigrants. D.A. doesn’t hate anyone and we both agree that confusing illegal aliens with real immigrants is an intentional injustice. As a black American who has experienced real racism, a proud founding member of the board of the Dustin Inman Society and devoted friend of D.A., I am and will remain disgusted with anyone who tries to smear us as somehow ‘anti-immigrant’ or ‘haters.’”

King said being labeled as “anti-immigrant” is a tool “the desperate and dishonest anti-borders crowd” uses to “confuse people, including lazy reporters and editors, about immigrants and illegal aliens.”

“While we hope that the immigration system is changed to insure that legal immigration benefits America and American workers, we are anti-illegal immigration — more easily framed as ‘pro-enforcement,’” King said. “Nobody at (Dustin Inman Society), including the immigrants, are ‘anti-immigrant.’”

For his part, Conway said the sheriff’s office asked King to serve as a panelist at the 287(g) meeting because of his “thorough understanding and support of the 287(g) program, along with his experience in helping create immigration laws in Georgia.”

“I’ve known D.A. King for years as a passionate advocate whose life’s work is raising awareness of the importance of immigration enforcement,” Conway said. “Mr. King has worked extensively with Georgia legislators over a period of many years to help create immigration laws in Georgia and has been featured in numerous mainstream media publications over the years, including a front-page profile in the New York Times. I consider D.A. King a personal friend and appreciate his support of the 287(g) program and his willingness to assist us in our efforts to educate the public about the importance of this program to our community.” Read the entire report here.

Letters in the Gwinnett Daily Post – Re; The great Gwinnett County 287(g) smear campaign GDP

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Image: Gwinnett Daily Post

*Note the below letters are in reaction to these two GDP news pieces that lack any balance. FYI: Most newspapers cover both sides of an issue and don’t run breathless stories about race-baiting and libelous “petitions” – complete with links to the petition. We are grateful the the newspaper ran the letters. SMH.

LETTERS: Paper off base in description of Dustin Inman Society that supports enforcement of immigration laws

August 6, 2019

Paper off base in description of Dustin Inman Society that supports enforcement of immigration laws

{child_byline}By D.a. King{/Child_byline}

DEAR EDITOR: In coverage of a public panel discussion on the 287(g) program in Gwinnett in which I participated “Sparks fly at meeting on Gwinnett jail immigration program) the Daily Post added in the fact that the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center has listed the Dustin Inman Society as an “anti-immigrant hate group.”

The Daily Post did not note that the SPLC made the decision for this false and hate-mongering categorization in the same time frame it began lobbying against legislation aimed at illegal immigration that we support in the Georgia Capitol, 15 years after we began our fight and after the SPLC told the Associated Press they disliked our activism in favor of that legislation. What a handy way to oppress political opposition.

For responsible news coverage, spreading the SPLC’s smears should come with information on their agenda and the fact that they are being sued by more than 60 groups for these false, but profitable, accusations of “hate.”

Georgia is home to more illegal aliens than green card holders and more than Arizona. Gwinnett County is the illegal home to about 72,000 victims of borders – about 8% of the total population.

We proudly support the 287(g) program, Sheriff Conway and the brave ICE Agents who risk their lives to fight the crime of illegal immigration. For people who cannot discern the difference between immigrants and illegal aliens, it is important to remember that real immigrants do not require amnesty and have no reason to fear enforcement.

D.A. King



Letters: Addressing the inaccuracies relayed during Gwinnett’s recent 287(g) meeting

By Sheriff Butch Conway Aug 10, 2019

The event was an opportunity to share our perspective about the 287(g) program, listen to the concerns of our community and dispel any misinformation residents of our community may have about this important program.

Our Public Information Officer represented our Office and a representative from I.C.E. spoke on their behalf. Commissioner Fosque required we provide a third panelist, so Mr. D.A. King was added to the discussion because of his thorough understanding and support of the 287(g) program, along with his experience in helping create immigration laws in Georgia. He participated as an independent subject matter expert, not an “official representative” of the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office.

Mr. King showed professionalism and restraint during the meeting, which sadly turned from the desired information-sharing forum to unfair and unwarranted name calling and misleading innuendo.

The loudest voices are heard until an educated voice speaks, so it’s imperative that we take every opportunity to fully explain the facts of this program to allow all Gwinnett residents to make an educated decision whether or not to support it.

Contrary to what you may have heard, this program has nothing to do with immigrants or checking immigrant status. It’s about criminals committing crimes in Gwinnett County. Our specially trained deputies can only screen arrestees for their immigration status after they are charged with a crime and brought to our jail.

It’s important to understand that law enforcement services are equally available to everyone in Gwinnett County, regardless of immigration status. Local law enforcement officers have no authority over anyone’s immigration status in our community, despite efforts by some to make law abiding people think otherwise. There is truly no reason for anyone to fear this program, unless they’re committing crimes in our community as illegal aliens.

I strongly believe the 287(g) program improves public safety by serving as a deterrent to criminal illegal aliens and ensuring they are not returned to our community when they’re released from jail or prison. It also saves taxpayer dollars by keeping our average daily jail population down. This program is not about politics. It’s about utilizing every tool at our disposal to serve the citizens of Gwinnett County, which I am sworn to do.

I’m disappointed we were unable to come together as a community to share differing opinions in a civil manner. The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office and every deputy under my command will continue to serve and protect everyone in this county professionally and within the constitution we are sworn to uphold.

— Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway


All Hispanics are not opposed to immigration enforcement

August 10, 2019

My name is Maria Silvia Montoya and I am a proud American Latina and board member of The Dustin Inman Society. I have recently returned to Texas from Georgia, but continue to monitor Georgia politics and immigration issues there.

D.A. King, a personal friend and founder of The Dustin Inman Society, has been committed for many years to fairness and helping people understand the truth about immigration and the law.

What makes people uncomfortable is that he correctly points out that Georgia has more illegal immigrants than Arizona; and more illegals than green card holders. I am outraged that, currently, speaking the truth and insisting that existing laws be enforced makes you a “racist” to some people.

I am also repulsed by the idea that news organizations continue to give credence to the SPLC as a reliable arbiter of extremism and “hate”. The Anti Defamation League has criticized the SPLC for faking a “hate group” crisis; and the SPLC has been reprimanded by the DOJ for “unprofessional and frivolous behavior in immigration court proceedings”.

A smear on The Dustin Inman Society is a smear on me and I take this very personally.

The Dustin Inman Society was formed to never forget Dustin Inman, a sixteen-year-old American boy killed by an illegal alien in a senseless traffic accident. Dustin’s parents, Kathy and Billy, were knocked unconscious and missed their only child’s funeral, and just recently, Billy Inman died. Kathy remains in a wheelchair. To this day Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez, the illegal alien who killed Dustin remains a fugitive and justice has not been served for this horrible family tragedy.

The Dustin Inman Society continues to fight for justice for victims of illegal immigration crime through legislation and the enforcement of existing laws. Like D.A. said, “nobody is anti-immigration at the Dustin Inman Society” and nobody is anti-Hispanic, including this proud Latina. I pray your coverage of this issue and the Dustin Inman Society is much more accurate and balanced in the future.

Maria Silvia Montoya


Sheriff Butch Conway deserves praise, not condemnation

Duluth Councilman Kirkland Carden recently condemned Sheriff Butch Conway for including D.A. King, president of the Dustin Society, as a panelist in a recent meeting regarding the Gwinnett County jail’s 287(g) program (“Duluth councilman calls for condemnation of sheriff,” Aug. 4, A1.)

This federal/county joint program simply identifies the immigration status of criminals already housed in the Gwinnett jail.

Carden called King “a bigot” simply because King opposes the massive illegal immigration abuses of our country. I have met Mr. King on several occasions in the past and consider him to be knowledgeable and concerned, but certainly not a bigot.

I find it ludicrous that this article claimed the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) lists the Dustin Inman Society as an “anti-immigration hate group.” The SPLC has received a grade of “F” from Charity Watch, has been de-listed by the FBI as a reliable information source and has been widely called “essentially a fraud.”

I applaud the efforts by Sheriff Butch Conway for having a diverse panel and applaud D.A. King for his valuable advice and information. I criticize Duluth councilman Kirkland Carden for his own bigotry, and would only wish that he would stop protecting criminal illegal aliens and put the legal residents and citizens before his narrow, selfish political goals.

— Ernest Wade,







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Image: MSNBC

Frontpage Magazine


Daniel Greenfield
August 11, 2019

After the success of their ‘children in cages’ campaign, the pro-illegal Left has decided that all their campaigns need is a crying child out front.

Want to stop ICE raids on workplaces that are taking away jobs from Americans (and making their children cry), just air a photo or video of a crying child of one of the illegals. No illegal alien who has a real child or a fake child need ever worry about deportation or the law.

The weaponization of children has become the public face of the pro-illegal alien campaign.

But the crying children that the media won’t show are the children of the victims of illegal alien crime and illegal alien job theft.

And then there are the dead children it doesn’t like to talk about.

Marten Kudlis was separated from his parents while waiting for his mother to bring him his ice cream. The 3-year-old boy who had just been playing in the park never got his ice cream.

Instead Francis Hernandez, an illegal alien driving 81 miles an hour, slammed into a pickup truck, killing the two women inside, and smashing it through the glass wall of the Baskin Robbins.

Blood and broken glass covered the floor. Little Marten, who had just learned to ride a bike, died of a slashed jugular vein and was buried with a teddy bear.

Francis Hernandez had been arrested 16 times in 5 years without ever being turned over to immigration authorities. That failure to enforce immigration law separated a little boy from his family forever.

15-year-old Genesis Cornejo-Alvarado was separated from her parents when two illegal alien MS-13 gang members killed her in a satanic ritual after previously raping her and a 14-year-old girl.

11-year-old Abigail Robinson and 6-year-old Anna Dieter-Eckerdt were separated from their parents while playing in a pile of leaves. Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, who ran them over, was an illegal alien and one of Obama’s DREAMERs. Despite killing the two girls, she was released from jail and allowed to apply for a Social Security number and a work permit.

Unlike the latest Illegalwood production of whichever crying child the media can find, American children don’t matter to the media.

Read the article here.

Liberal AJC correction (!) after we ran the truth

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Image: AJC August 7, 2019.

August 8, 2019

My friend and retired journalist Dave Gorak sends a letter to the liberal AJC’s Tyler Estep

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Received here August 1.

Dave Gorak Thu, Aug 1, 2019 at 10:39 AM

Thanks, Dave!

Anti-enforcement rally in Atlanta, Jan 2016 DIS

Mr. Estep:

I’ve known D.A. nearly 20 years and will gladly vouch for his commitment to the rule of law and protecting American sovereignty, both of which specious “immigrant rights” advocates want the rest of the country to believe are motivated by racism, bigotry, xenophobia or any other demonizing descriptor you can come up with.

The groups that chose not to participate in the panel discussion have but one agenda that reflects a determination to silence patriots like D.A. whose only goal is to demand respect for the principles on which this republic was founded. Unfortunately, far too many people entering this country in recent years have come with a sense of entitlement and a demand that we change our political system to accommodate them.

Attorney Antonio Molina says “this issue is about love vs. hate.” Nonsense. The issue is about those who have respect for the rule of law and those who do not. That is the source of “tension” in this country today.

Azadeh Shahshahani says she doesn’t want to give D.A. “legitimacy,” but he already has it based on the simple fact that for years he has demanded enforcement of immigration laws that were created to protect the American people and their jobs. When she – and others – attack D.A., she is assaulting the unalienable right of self-determination, i.e. the right of the American people to determine their own course and do it without meddling from an outside world that is rife with contempt for individual rights.

D.A. and I share a common bond – we both wore the uniform of the United States – and neither of us will stand still while certain “Americans” wipe their feet on what that uniform stands for.

By the way, I’m disappointed that you and so many of your media colleagues continue to give “legitimacy” to the Southern Poverty Law Center that long-ago abandoned its genuinely good work and now is known best for attacking anyone it disagrees with and amassing a huge fortune in the process.


Dave Gorak

Executive Director

Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration

La Valle, WI

Follow: @lessimmigration

Terry Fouchey sends a letter to AJC editor Kevin Riley: “When you became the editor of the AJC you were all over the airwaves promising a new, fair and unbiased publication”

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The below letter was copied here this morning.

Photo: AJC

Mr. Riley,

When you became the editor of the AJC you were all over the airwaves promising a new, fair and unbiased publication. After reading about your treatment of Mr. DA King in the recent article “Sheriff’s Panelist Choice Adds Tension to Gathering” it appears you are not living up to your promises. I’ve met Mr. King and can assure you that he is not “anti-immigrant”. Rather, he is a strong and vocal supporter of immigration enforcement and employment laws. It is fair to say he is “anti-illegal immigration” and pro-American worker. This is a reasonable position and one which most Americans agree with.

Kevin Riley. Image: Twitter

It is very disconcerting that you initially described him using the pejorative term “anti-immigrant”, then changed to the somewhat benign term “anti-undocumented immigrant” then back to the pejorative “controversial anti-immigration activist”. Besides the unseemly flip-flopping, these characterizations are grossly unfair, inaccurate and biased. You use favorable euphemisms such as “undocumented immigrant”, “immigrant rights activist” and “pro-immigrant” to describe the opposition. The fact is, they don’t represent immigrants, they represent aliens who are here in violation of the law and to be accurate you should call them what they are: “anti-enforcement”. To the extent that he is controversial, it is merely a reflection of the fact that his opponents know that he is on the side of law and order and they cannot abide that. In a sane world, the people promoting lawbreaking would be controversial, not the people defending the law and the media would know the difference.

Illegal aliens are backed by the mainstream media, the entire Democrat Party, many Republicans, the Chamber of Commerce, the Washington establishment and a myriad of powerful grievance groups. So, who stands up for the American citizen and all those who come to this country legally? People like DA King. Please treat him fairly.


Terry Fouchey

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