August 8, 2019

My friend and retired journalist Dave Gorak sends a letter to the liberal AJC’s Tyler Estep

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Received here August 1.

Dave Gorak Thu, Aug 1, 2019 at 10:39 AM

Thanks, Dave!

Anti-enforcement rally in Atlanta, Jan 2016 DIS

Mr. Estep:

I’ve known D.A. nearly 20 years and will gladly vouch for his commitment to the rule of law and protecting American sovereignty, both of which specious “immigrant rights” advocates want the rest of the country to believe are motivated by racism, bigotry, xenophobia or any other demonizing descriptor you can come up with.

The groups that chose not to participate in the panel discussion have but one agenda that reflects a determination to silence patriots like D.A. whose only goal is to demand respect for the principles on which this republic was founded. Unfortunately, far too many people entering this country in recent years have come with a sense of entitlement and a demand that we change our political system to accommodate them.

Attorney Antonio Molina says “this issue is about love vs. hate.” Nonsense. The issue is about those who have respect for the rule of law and those who do not. That is the source of “tension” in this country today.

Azadeh Shahshahani says she doesn’t want to give D.A. “legitimacy,” but he already has it based on the simple fact that for years he has demanded enforcement of immigration laws that were created to protect the American people and their jobs. When she – and others – attack D.A., she is assaulting the unalienable right of self-determination, i.e. the right of the American people to determine their own course and do it without meddling from an outside world that is rife with contempt for individual rights.

D.A. and I share a common bond – we both wore the uniform of the United States – and neither of us will stand still while certain “Americans” wipe their feet on what that uniform stands for.

By the way, I’m disappointed that you and so many of your media colleagues continue to give “legitimacy” to the Southern Poverty Law Center that long-ago abandoned its genuinely good work and now is known best for attacking anyone it disagrees with and amassing a huge fortune in the process.


Dave Gorak

Executive Director

Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration

La Valle, WI

Follow: @lessimmigration