August 13, 2019

Retired immigration agent sends a letter to Gwinnett County Commissioner, Marlene Fosque:

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The below letter was forwarded here today. We happily post it.

Ms. Fosque,

I am a retired Senior Special Agent of the former U.S. Immigration Service (USINS). I spent most of my adult life enforcing America’s immigration laws. I am very familiar with the 287g program and all of the benefits it has to offer. for a good number of years I was assigned to the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, where I was primarily assigned to work cases involving Latino drug gangs.

I first learned of D.A. King about a decade ago. I have spoken with him many times about immigration issues and especially about criminal aliens. D.A. King has a lot of knowledge about immigration enforcement issues. A lot can be learned from him, if people are willing to listen. Obviously you aren’t a good listener, or you only listen to things you agree with.

You probably know very little about the 287g program and even less about D.A. King. The program is a well thought out plan to try and reduce criminal aliens in America. There is no element of discrimination within the program. The program is not forced on communities, it is offered and for free. ICE provides all of the required training, which is quite extensive, and the access for those certified officers to ICE databases. There are various ways the program can be implemented within a community. It can be used solely in the county jail intake. Where trained officers can identify deportable alien criminals and begin the immigration court process. This eliminates or greatly reduces the criminal aliens from being released back in to the community, to wreak even more havoc.

Another feature about the ICE 287g program is it can be used as a tool by investigators working narcotics cases. As you may already know, many American communities, including Gwinnett County, are experiencing a drug epidemic. Most of the illicit drugs, like heroin and fentanyl are coming in from Mexico by the Mexican cartels. DEA has written numerous reports about how the cartels have spread their distribution network throughout America, including many Georgia cities and counties. Surely you are opposed to these cartels and their dangerous drugs.  The cartels employ Mexicans to smuggle, transport, and setup distribution. I can’t understand how you wouldn’t want your local police to have the tools to identify aliens involved in the drug trade and remove them from your county?

D.A. King has voluntarily taken on the enormous task of assisting all the people of Georgia in ridding us of criminal aliens. I wish you would put your American constituents first and protect them from criminal aliens.

(Robert Trent)