August 12, 2019

Letters in the Gwinnett Daily Post – Re; The great Gwinnett County 287(g) smear campaign GDP

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Image: Gwinnett Daily Post

*Note the below letters are in reaction to these two GDP news pieces that lack any balance. FYI: Most newspapers cover both sides of an issue and don’t run breathless stories about race-baiting and libelous “petitions” – complete with links to the petition. We are grateful the the newspaper ran the letters. SMH.

LETTERS: Paper off base in description of Dustin Inman Society that supports enforcement of immigration laws

August 6, 2019

Paper off base in description of Dustin Inman Society that supports enforcement of immigration laws

{child_byline}By D.a. King{/Child_byline}

DEAR EDITOR: In coverage of a public panel discussion on the 287(g) program in Gwinnett in which I participated “Sparks fly at meeting on Gwinnett jail immigration program) the Daily Post added in the fact that the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center has listed the Dustin Inman Society as an “anti-immigrant hate group.”

The Daily Post did not note that the SPLC made the decision for this false and hate-mongering categorization in the same time frame it began lobbying against legislation aimed at illegal immigration that we support in the Georgia Capitol, 15 years after we began our fight and after the SPLC told the Associated Press they disliked our activism in favor of that legislation. What a handy way to oppress political opposition.

For responsible news coverage, spreading the SPLC’s smears should come with information on their agenda and the fact that they are being sued by more than 60 groups for these false, but profitable, accusations of “hate.”

Georgia is home to more illegal aliens than green card holders and more than Arizona. Gwinnett County is the illegal home to about 72,000 victims of borders – about 8% of the total population.

We proudly support the 287(g) program, Sheriff Conway and the brave ICE Agents who risk their lives to fight the crime of illegal immigration. For people who cannot discern the difference between immigrants and illegal aliens, it is important to remember that real immigrants do not require amnesty and have no reason to fear enforcement.

D.A. King



Letters: Addressing the inaccuracies relayed during Gwinnett’s recent 287(g) meeting

By Sheriff Butch Conway Aug 10, 2019

The event was an opportunity to share our perspective about the 287(g) program, listen to the concerns of our community and dispel any misinformation residents of our community may have about this important program.

Our Public Information Officer represented our Office and a representative from I.C.E. spoke on their behalf. Commissioner Fosque required we provide a third panelist, so Mr. D.A. King was added to the discussion because of his thorough understanding and support of the 287(g) program, along with his experience in helping create immigration laws in Georgia. He participated as an independent subject matter expert, not an “official representative” of the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office.

Mr. King showed professionalism and restraint during the meeting, which sadly turned from the desired information-sharing forum to unfair and unwarranted name calling and misleading innuendo.

The loudest voices are heard until an educated voice speaks, so it’s imperative that we take every opportunity to fully explain the facts of this program to allow all Gwinnett residents to make an educated decision whether or not to support it.

Contrary to what you may have heard, this program has nothing to do with immigrants or checking immigrant status. It’s about criminals committing crimes in Gwinnett County. Our specially trained deputies can only screen arrestees for their immigration status after they are charged with a crime and brought to our jail.

It’s important to understand that law enforcement services are equally available to everyone in Gwinnett County, regardless of immigration status. Local law enforcement officers have no authority over anyone’s immigration status in our community, despite efforts by some to make law abiding people think otherwise. There is truly no reason for anyone to fear this program, unless they’re committing crimes in our community as illegal aliens.

I strongly believe the 287(g) program improves public safety by serving as a deterrent to criminal illegal aliens and ensuring they are not returned to our community when they’re released from jail or prison. It also saves taxpayer dollars by keeping our average daily jail population down. This program is not about politics. It’s about utilizing every tool at our disposal to serve the citizens of Gwinnett County, which I am sworn to do.

I’m disappointed we were unable to come together as a community to share differing opinions in a civil manner. The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office and every deputy under my command will continue to serve and protect everyone in this county professionally and within the constitution we are sworn to uphold.

— Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway


All Hispanics are not opposed to immigration enforcement

August 10, 2019

My name is Maria Silvia Montoya and I am a proud American Latina and board member of The Dustin Inman Society. I have recently returned to Texas from Georgia, but continue to monitor Georgia politics and immigration issues there.

D.A. King, a personal friend and founder of The Dustin Inman Society, has been committed for many years to fairness and helping people understand the truth about immigration and the law.

What makes people uncomfortable is that he correctly points out that Georgia has more illegal immigrants than Arizona; and more illegals than green card holders. I am outraged that, currently, speaking the truth and insisting that existing laws be enforced makes you a “racist” to some people.

I am also repulsed by the idea that news organizations continue to give credence to the SPLC as a reliable arbiter of extremism and “hate”. The Anti Defamation League has criticized the SPLC for faking a “hate group” crisis; and the SPLC has been reprimanded by the DOJ for “unprofessional and frivolous behavior in immigration court proceedings”.

A smear on The Dustin Inman Society is a smear on me and I take this very personally.

The Dustin Inman Society was formed to never forget Dustin Inman, a sixteen-year-old American boy killed by an illegal alien in a senseless traffic accident. Dustin’s parents, Kathy and Billy, were knocked unconscious and missed their only child’s funeral, and just recently, Billy Inman died. Kathy remains in a wheelchair. To this day Gonzalo Harrell-Gonzalez, the illegal alien who killed Dustin remains a fugitive and justice has not been served for this horrible family tragedy.

The Dustin Inman Society continues to fight for justice for victims of illegal immigration crime through legislation and the enforcement of existing laws. Like D.A. said, “nobody is anti-immigration at the Dustin Inman Society” and nobody is anti-Hispanic, including this proud Latina. I pray your coverage of this issue and the Dustin Inman Society is much more accurate and balanced in the future.

Maria Silvia Montoya


Sheriff Butch Conway deserves praise, not condemnation

Duluth Councilman Kirkland Carden recently condemned Sheriff Butch Conway for including D.A. King, president of the Dustin Society, as a panelist in a recent meeting regarding the Gwinnett County jail’s 287(g) program (“Duluth councilman calls for condemnation of sheriff,” Aug. 4, A1.)

This federal/county joint program simply identifies the immigration status of criminals already housed in the Gwinnett jail.

Carden called King “a bigot” simply because King opposes the massive illegal immigration abuses of our country. I have met Mr. King on several occasions in the past and consider him to be knowledgeable and concerned, but certainly not a bigot.

I find it ludicrous that this article claimed the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) lists the Dustin Inman Society as an “anti-immigration hate group.” The SPLC has received a grade of “F” from Charity Watch, has been de-listed by the FBI as a reliable information source and has been widely called “essentially a fraud.”

I applaud the efforts by Sheriff Butch Conway for having a diverse panel and applaud D.A. King for his valuable advice and information. I criticize Duluth councilman Kirkland Carden for his own bigotry, and would only wish that he would stop protecting criminal illegal aliens and put the legal residents and citizens before his narrow, selfish political goals.

— Ernest Wade,