August 8, 2019

Terry Fouchey sends a letter to AJC editor Kevin Riley: “When you became the editor of the AJC you were all over the airwaves promising a new, fair and unbiased publication”

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The below letter was copied here this morning.

Photo: AJC

Mr. Riley,

When you became the editor of the AJC you were all over the airwaves promising a new, fair and unbiased publication. After reading about your treatment of Mr. DA King in the recent article “Sheriff’s Panelist Choice Adds Tension to Gathering” it appears you are not living up to your promises. I’ve met Mr. King and can assure you that he is not “anti-immigrant”. Rather, he is a strong and vocal supporter of immigration enforcement and employment laws. It is fair to say he is “anti-illegal immigration” and pro-American worker. This is a reasonable position and one which most Americans agree with.

Kevin Riley. Image: Twitter

It is very disconcerting that you initially described him using the pejorative term “anti-immigrant”, then changed to the somewhat benign term “anti-undocumented immigrant” then back to the pejorative “controversial anti-immigration activist”. Besides the unseemly flip-flopping, these characterizations are grossly unfair, inaccurate and biased. You use favorable euphemisms such as “undocumented immigrant”, “immigrant rights activist” and “pro-immigrant” to describe the opposition. The fact is, they don’t represent immigrants, they represent aliens who are here in violation of the law and to be accurate you should call them what they are: “anti-enforcement”. To the extent that he is controversial, it is merely a reflection of the fact that his opponents know that he is on the side of law and order and they cannot abide that. In a sane world, the people promoting lawbreaking would be controversial, not the people defending the law and the media would know the difference.

Illegal aliens are backed by the mainstream media, the entire Democrat Party, many Republicans, the Chamber of Commerce, the Washington establishment and a myriad of powerful grievance groups. So, who stands up for the American citizen and all those who come to this country legally? People like DA King. Please treat him fairly.


Terry Fouchey