December 1, 2014

Jorge Ramos comes out for open borders – delays discussion or defense of his position apparently until after another amnesty

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Univision/Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos quoted in the December 1/8 2014 issue of TIME magazine.

I sent him a Tweet challenging him to defend this position on his live TV venue. Don’t hold your breath. For the record: I like Ramos personally and hope for the opportunity to finally defeat him on his ping-pong table…

“Then what had he meant by comparing the southern border fence to the Berlin Wall? “The taboo issue of an open border should be tackled. Not now. Politically it is impossible even to discuss that,” he said. “But I don’t see why we can’t have in North America the same immigration system that they have within the European Union.” Was there a limit to how far a journalist should go in advocating for the interests of his audience? “The limit is, I am a registered independent. I would never say to whom I vote,” he said. He also tried to separate his various roles. He never offers the same sort of raw opinions on the nightly news that he gives on his weekly Fusion show or in appearances with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, another blue-eyed silver fox, who calls Ramos “my TV twin.”