December 10, 2014

D.A. King in the Marietta Daily Journal: Establishment GOP’ers set on amnesty

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Marietta Daily Journal


D.A. King

Decemeber 9, 2014

Establishment House GOP’ers set on amnesty

Recently in this space, I included a view about the possibility of the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives passing a hybrid “Cromnibus” budget bill that would involve funding of the federal government until next October while still allowing Congress to defund Obama’s executive amnesty early next year.

Scratch that premise. I was very, very wrong.

The only immediate way to stop Obama — and Establishment Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner — is to send a short term “Continuing Resolution” funding bill to the Democrat–controlled Senate this week. The House should also send language attached to the bill that forbids use of any funds to go to any action that issues work permits, Social Security Numbers and quasi-legal presence to a single illegal alien.

Without a huge and immediate expression of vocal public outrage, the Republicans in the House who are in league with the Chamber-of-Commerce- controlled-Speaker have no intention of using their inherent power to stop Obama — or to preserve the Constitution.

How bad is it? When asked about the defunding, Boehner said he would not commit to bringing up a bill in 2015 to strip critical funding to the Department of Homeland Security when Republicans have control of both houses of Congress.

Little over a month since the election in which Republicans ran and won as pro-enforcement conservatives, the Republican chairman of the powerful House Rules committee, Pete Sessions of Texas, revealed last week that House Republican leaders intend to give permanent legal status to most illegal aliens in the country.

Sessions said that we may soon see GOP legislation ensuring that “not one person” who is in the country illegally and has not committed a violent crime is “thrown out.” Got that? No? Let me help: He means that immigration laws only apply to people who have already crossed our borders illegally or overstayed a visa and then killed, robbed or raped someone. Otherwise … “Y’all come. We have plenty of jobs and our schools, welfare systems and common language are doing just great. And we need more low-income Democrat voters!”

Thanks to Breitbart News, we know that Sessions also made it clear that House Republican leaders want to have a “well understood agreement about what the law should be and how we as communities, and farm communities, and tech communities, create circumstances where we can have people be in this country and work, and where not one person is quote ‘thrown out’ or ‘deported’ — where we do keep families together, but what we do is we do so under a rule of law of an understanding.”

The Republican leadership plan, according to Sessions: “even in our wildest dream, would not be to remove any person that might be here unless they were dangerous to this country and committed a crime … that was never even in a plan that I thought about.” Got it now?

On subverting the Constitution and starting the illegal executive amnesty ball rolling down a path to open borders, these Republican congressional leaders could easily be labeled “Obama-Republicans.” The vote on whether to fund Obama’s amnesty with a $1 trillion omnibus funding bill is going to happen this week. I am urging my Rep to vote “HELL NO.”

No matter their email alerts, recent posturing and their bombast, by close of business Friday, we will all know which side our own congressman is really on.

Something that must be repeated over and over until it is as important to and as well understood by the average American as ‘Dancing with the Stars:’ Once Obama issues a work permit and Social Security Number to an illegal alien, that process will likely never be undone. No “victim of borders” is ever going to see the process reversed. The Establishment Republicans and the liberal media would not allow it to happen. Honest.

Obama has already rented taxpayer-funded offices in Virginia and started the hiring process for federal workers to process his amnesty.

The time to stop this pathway to eventually swelling the Democrat voting rolls and a one-party America is today.

I would write more, but I need to call my congressman’s office.

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