December 5, 2014

ATTENTION JOHN “CHAMBER-BOY” BOEHNER: When you have lost the Cobb County Republican Women’s Club in Georgia…Legislative alert from the CCRWC in Marietta, Georgia

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Received here today: Legislative alert from the Cobb County Republican Women’s Club in Marietta, Georgia

“The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on fully funding through September 2015, President Barack Obama’s executive actions, including amnesty for five million illegals. While the U.S.House of Representatives cast a symbolic vote earlier this week to block Obama’s amnesty plan, the real action lies in refusing to fund his amnesty program. Reports from various news outlets and from inside the beltway in Washington D.C. are confirming that John Boehner, Speaker of the House, is once again capitulating to Democrats and ignoring conservatives within the Republican Party. Boehner and other GOP leaders are afraid of shutting down the government and insist on passing a budget that is fully funded through the fiscal year.

It is urgent that your U.S. representative is contacted along with Boehner imploring them to only pass a SHORT-TERM funding bill that would allow the next Congress to defund Obama’s amnesty. It is Congress – not the Executive branch of government – that has the power of the purse. Based on the recent election results, it should be Obama and the Democrats who should be forced to compromise.”

– Submitted by Felicity Diamond, CCRWC campaign outreach chair

Who We Are

“For almost 50 years now, the Cobb County Republican’s Women’s Club (CCRWC) has helped foster and encourage loyalty to the Republican Party and its principles, as well as promote and inform the electorate through education.

As an active member of the Georgia Federation of Republican Womenand National Federation of Republican Women, CCRWC is the largest federated women’s group in Georgia with more than 300 members. CCRWC consistently receives the coveted Diamond Award for excellence at the National Federation Convention, designating it as one of the nation’s finest organizations of Republican women.

Membership in our organization provides opportunities to network and volunteer with people with similar interests and beliefs. All women and men who support the Republican philosophy are encouraged to become members and associate members, respectively.

Activities that CCRWC supports include regular monthly luncheons with dynamic guest speakers, annual veteran’s day celebration, campaign training, candidate forums, and other community events. Through our charitable giving, we support a scholarship fund and our military. In addition, our Caring for America committee highlights various organizations at our monthly luncheons throughout the year and our generous members support their efforts with their individual donations.

By joining together, we have a greater influence on the issues facing our county, state, and nation. Together, we can and do make a positive difference.”