December 3, 2014

10 minutes ago on the radio: Middle Georgia farmer on illegal workers and profits…

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10 minutes ago on the radio as heard here in Atlanta.

A self-described middle-Georgia farmer is on the Laura Ingraham radio show lamenting that Georgia has “one of the toughest immigration laws in the country” (we tried, but it isn’t “tough” unless it is enforced, which isn’t the case) and he and his fellow growers are now hiring much more legal labor. “Wages are going up” he tell Ingraham, “but my profits aren’t.”

He went on to explain that he needs more illegal workers…because “they work, ya know…?”

He was clearly working from a list of points he had been given, which was illustrated with his last interjection to Ingraham: “I agree with you 99% of the time…but what do we do with the 11 million?”

As usual, radio-patriot Ingraham handled it all very well and explained that if we as a nation strive to “take care of the American worker”, the rest of it will take care of itself.

Conclusion? Enforcement works