June 27, 2008

Response from Cobb County to my open records request

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My original request HERE
(26 June 2008)

Hello Mr. King,

I am responding to your open records request sent via email on Monday June 23.

Cobb County does not have records of affidavits or SAVE inquires for the professions as listed in your open records request. The listed professional licenses are issued by the Secretary of State’s Office and you should contact them with your request. You should be able to locate contact information at http://sos.georgia.gov/

We do have numerous applications for Occupational Tax Certificates on file in our Business License Office. You can view a listing of these at http://comdev.cobbcountyga.gov/new-business/

The actual Occupational Tax Certificate form for each of the listed professions is available for your viewing, but will require some redaction. The county will need to remove social security numbers, dates of birth and revenue responses from each application prior to making the documents public. The first 15 minutes of time to redact exempted information will be done at no charge to you. After the initial 15 minutes there will be a charge of $9.07 dollars per hour to do the work plus $.25 cents per copy.

We do have completed affidavits for county issued business license applicants on file and you are welcome to visit our office to view these files in person. We do not maintain a separate file for completed affidavits, instead they are included in each business license applicant’s file. Please contact me to arrange a time to view these files with our staff.

Cobb County is not the custodian of affidavits for public benefits delivered as part of the Community Development Block Grant Program. You should contact Nick Autorina at 770-528-4600 to access these affidavits. I spoke with him by phone this week and he is expecting you call.

Please feel free to contact me directly if I can be of further assistance.

Thank you,

Robert J. Quigley

Director of Communications

Cobb County Government

100 Cherokee Street

Suite 130

Marietta, GA 30090

W 770.528.2485

F 770.528.2490