June 26, 2008

“. . . any Republican who’s running for office and believes the immigration issue is dead should take another look and see what happened to Mr. Cannon…”

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“Cannon’s performance in primaries has always been a good thermometer of just how heated the immigration issue is for the Republicans – just how hot it is for the Republican base,” Wasserman said. “This year it was hotter than ever.”
Rep. Tom Tancredo, a Colorado Republican who is arguably the staunchest anti-illegal immigration member, said it was clear the immigration issue helped knock Cannon out of office….”

Salt Lake Tribune

Incumbent fear: Cannon loss sets off wave of worry

Staffers in Rep. Chris Cannon’s Washington office received hundreds of sympathy messages on Wednesday. National publications ran his photo as if it was an obituary. One of his Utah colleagues even referred to him in the past tense. — Cannon took to KSL Radio in the morning to tamp down premature reports of his demise.

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